5 Points to Know about Custom Monitor Cables

Our experienced team has professional experience in custom cable manufacturing. From prototyping to delivering the full and final custom monitor cables for manufacturing units and businesses, CLOOM Tech has gained a reputation as a top manufacturer in China.

In the age of modern technologies and intelligent solutions, your business must stand out from the competitors. Having custom products and cables for your project can represent your business as a professional service provider.

We have encountered the needs and requirements of several national and international brands. If you are willing to invest in custom monitor cable manufacturing, here are 5 points that every custom monitor cable buyer must know about the products.

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Hand holding Mini Displayport and Displayport cables

What are the monitor cables?

Although laptops and smartphones have captured the current business sphere, the importance of monitors and LCDs is undeniable. Several cables can connect the computer systems with the monitors. Most of the time, these cables can also join the other components in the complex setups.

General monitors use VGA or HDMI cables for the connection between computers and monitors. These VGA or HDMI cables serve as monitor cables. The use of monitor cables is not limited to computer systems only. In heavy industries, several display screens use the same VGA cables or monitor cables for the connections. If your business needs a robust surveillance system, you need many monitor cables to connect the different screens with the CPU.

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VGA and DVI wire isolated

In general, monitor cables are a perfect source of connection between any video transmitting device and the display screens. For mega projects, typical monitor cables may not serve the purpose.

Standard monitor cables in the market come with thick shielding, and you cannot use them in small spaces. If you have a complicated setup where you need to connect many screens, custom monitor cables manufacturing companies can meet your specifications.

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1. Different Types of Monitor Cables

Several types of monitor cables are compatible with different devices according to their physical design and port types. Here are different types of monitor cables that you can use for display devices and screens.

The use of these different types of monitor cables depends upon the port type and the display screen technology. VGA cable is the most common type of monitor cable, and it is still in demand in the monitor cable industry. For some advanced display screens like LCDs and TFTs, HDMI cables are the best options. So, the type of monitor cable varies depending upon the type and technology of the display screen. Here are the five most common types of monitor cables that we generally manufacture for different industries and businesses

HDMI Cables

HDMI cables are the standard cables for high-quality video transmission. VGA cables and DVI cables send the video signals only from the system to the screen. HDMI cables support both video and audio signal transmissions, and HDMI cables can send both alerts simultaneously. Cables are readily available in the market, but the only newer device supports HDMI cables.

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HDMI cable isolated

In a modern entertainment system, HDMI cables are the most famous monitor cables. Almost every device these days supports HDMI cables. New monitors support both HDMI cables and standard VGA cables, so you get more options for connectivity with HDMI cables. The HDMI port is similar to the USB port, but the design differs from the VGA cables.

VGA Cables

When it comes to mainly used monitor cables, VGA cables stand in the first position. Many famous display device manufacturers are still using VGA cables as monitor lines. The video quality of VGA cables is still impressive compared to other options like Displayport cables and USB monitor cables.

In all CRT monitors and other old monitors, VGA cables were the only option for connectivity. You can check for the numbers of the pins in the connector to identify the VGA cables. There might be a bit of visual noise in some newer versions of the display devices in the video quality.

DVI Cables

The overall design of DVI cables is almost identical to the creation of VGA cables. If we compare the video quality of the DVI cables with VGA cables, there is no visual noise in DVI cables. The number of pins in DVI cables is greater than the standard VGA cables.

Custom Monitor Cables 4

DVI cable

Displayport cables

Apple has different connectors and ports for the connectivity of different devices. Most of the connectors and cables that are suitable for Apple devices may not support the other brands. Although Displayport lines are famous for Apple devices, other major brands are also using these monitor cables.

USB cables

When you need to connect secondary screens to the system, USB monitor cables will be the best option. USB monitor cables are readily available, and these are affordable monitor cables. The identification of a USB cable is more straightforward. The video quality of USB cables is comparatively lower than the VGA cables or HDMI cables. Still, USB cables are very famous and in demand for customized specifications.

2. Applications of Different Monitor Cables

Different monitor cables have other applications as per the specifications of the project. The older CRT monitors and LCDs had VGA cables support, and there were few options available for monitor cables. With the advancement of the display screens, monitor cable manufacturers started working on advanced solutions.

The monitor cables are not only for the display devices. Many home theater systems also use some monitor cables for the transmission of the audio signal. In the HD projectors and audio mixers, monitor cables can carry both audio and video signals.

Many complicated projects and systems have different display screens and display devices. Other monitor cables connect the various video components in complex systems. A monitor cable can be a better option for any device that needs to transmit video signals across the devices.

HDMI and VGA cables against a monitor with ports

HDMI and VGA cables against a monitor with ports

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3. How to Determine What Kind of Monitor Cables do you Need?

The choice of monitor cable depends upon many factors like the project specifications and the type of display devices. While choosing the suitable monitor cable for the project, you need to keep the budget in mind. If you feel that typical monitor cables are not ideal for the project specifications, you can get the custom monitor cables for your project.

The custom monitor cables can serve the project’s specific needs as per the custom design and customer needs. If you need high video resolutions, you can go for HDMI or VGA cables. If you want easy connectivity of the go components, USB monitor cables can be perfect options there.

Different USB Cables

Different USB Cables

4.Things to Notice in Choosing Monitor Cables

While choosing the monitor cables, make sure that the monitor cables are suitable for your project. While ordering the monitor cables, here are some essential points that you need to consider:

  • Length of the wire needed
  • Use case of the monitor cable
  • Port type of the screen or display device
  • Size and space in the projector system
  • Required video quality and resolution
  • Do you want to transmit video only or audio too?

These are only a few things that you need to focus on. But if you are working with CLOOM Tech engineers, we will take care of everything from design to the length of the cables assemblies. If you don’t know the exact specifications of your project, we can analyze your plan to come up with the same custom cables.

EEG monitor cable leads

EEG monitor cable leads

5. What are the Custom Monitor Cables?

In heavy industries, screens and display devices need the extra length of the monitor cables. Standard monitor cables in the market are available with limited size. If you want to monitor lines as per the specifications of your project, you can contact us for custom monitor cables. From choosing the custom colors for the monitor cables to the length of the monitor cables, CLOOM Tech engineers can manufacture custom cables for any project. The custom cables can be perfect solutions when standard products are not fulfilling your needs and project requirements.

EEG monitor cable leads

Micro HDMI to HDMI cable Isolated


CLOOM Tech has been manufacturing custom cable assemblies, and wiring harnesses for several heavy industries and projects. With the state of the art laboratories and experienced teams, we have been the top pick for custom cable manufacturing in China. If you need custom monitor cables for any project, having CLOOM Tech on board can give a boost to your productivity.

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Enjoy a free sample worth UP TO $100!
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