Auto Wire Looms

Auto Wire Looms

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Automotive Wiring Loom Production

  • The wiring loom is the perfect go-to for the protection of Automotive and electronic applications.
  • Auto wire looms prevent your electronic applications from facing moisture, vibration, wear and tear.
  • Thus, you need to go for the best auto wire loom to enjoy longevity of your electronic applications.
  • Fortunately, Cloom provides more than 50 types of auto wire looms. And they range from the split loom, braided wire loom, and many others—which help keep all your applications secure.
  • With the various auto wire looms available, you can rest assured that you’ll be protecting all your applications. Also, multiple loom types are perfect for making your work look clean and professional. Plus, adding loom clamps will be the icing on the cake.

Auto Wiring Loom Products

The Features of Automotive Harness

There are few features a reliable automotive harness should possess. And they are as follows:

Solid Wire Protection Design

This feature is one you must consider when choosing an automotive harness. So, it’s essential to know if you desire threaded over wires/cables. Or perhaps, you want a simple wrap around the wires. In any case, the choice solely remains yours. The most fundamental thing to do is to ensure whatever you choose fits your demands.

The Perfect Size For Your Measurement

It’s always a rule of thumb to buy sleeving that perfectly fits your application. So, don’t get something that’s too large or too small. That’s why you need to measure your wire bundle diameter before choosing the wire loom you prefer. With that information, we can help you get something that best fits.

Heat Resistant material

You must always ensure the automotive harness you pick can withstand its surrounding temperature. We say this because few can’t resist certain temperatures. So, it’s ideal to opt for a harness with high temperature fiberglass sleeving and flame-retardant split feature to be on the safe side.

Protective Outer Covering Material

Once again, your environment has a significant role to play when it comes to the protective outer cover material of the harness. There are a ton of materials to pick from, and they provide various protection against different elements.

Different Types of Custom Automotive Wire Loom

There are about seven types of custom automotive wire loom and they are;

Colored Wire Loom

The colored wire loom is ideal for protecting electric wires, and at the same time, it gives your cables a fanciful look. But much more, it has a corrugated outer wall that delivers a higher degree of crush resistance and flexibility.

Flame Retardant Wire Loom

The flame retardant loom is one of the most premium custom grades. Hence, it survives entirely for applications that face high temperatures regularly. A great example is an engine compartment.

Asphalt Coated Fabric Loom

This fabric loom comes in different sizes. Hence, it's suitable for your engine compartments and exterior areas. Also, it has superior wire security and higher strength in too harsh situations.

Nylon Wire Loom Tubing (For Higher Temperatures)

This high-temperature wire loom is more durable and rugged than the regular wire loom. Also, this loom comprises nylon. Hence, it provides superb resistance, heat resistance, and super abrasion.

Black Slit Wire Loom

This wire loom is one of the most commonly used looms, and it's a pretty economical wire covering. Made from Polyethylene, this wire loom is also very sturdy. Plus, it's ideal for covering unappealing bundles of cables and wires.

Spiral Cut Wire Loom

The spiral loom comes in black and natural colors.

Expandable Wire Sleeving

This custom loom can expand and contract to meet the demands of your wire/cable bundle. Plus, it has exceptional wear resistance.

The Applications of Auto Wire Looming

You can liken the auto-wire looming to the blood vessels and nerves in a human.

So, auto wire loom is ideal for connecting electronic components and devices mounted in machines or automobiles. Also, it helps to convey information in copiers and fax machines.

Industry Quality Standard of Automotive Wire Loom



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