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7 Points to Help You Understand Ribbon Cable Assembly

Understanding ribbon cable assembly is no difficult task, so long as you have an eye for details. Information is power, and this is especially true as it concerns following instructions and doing the right thing. There are quite many factors that help you understand

Process of manufacturing the wiring harnesses for vehicle

7 Official Resource for Custom Wiring Harness Assembly

We have been providing Custom Wiring Harness Assembly to the local Chinese market and international clients. For the highest satisfaction rate, we have a dedicated team for every project at CLOOM Tech. No matter what is the size of your

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The 7 Differences Between Cable Assembly and Wire Harness

People often mistakenly use the terms cable assembly and wire harness for each other. That is because many think that these two terms refer to the same product. However, as it turns out, these two products are entirely different from

Cable assembly

12 Benefits of Opting for Custom Cable Assembly

Many businesses opt for custom cable assembly due to its many benefits. However, most businesses end up choosing the wrong company, and in the end, they do not get to enjoy all the benefits of opting for custom cable assembly.

wiring harness

7 Reasons You Need To Go For Custom Wire Harness Manufacturers

The wiring harness market is growing at a fast pace, especially in North America. As a business looking for a custom wire harness system, accuracy is the primary goal. For this, every little detail count. Choosing the right wire harness manufacturers is more important than

custom wiring harness with plastic connectors

The 5 FAQ for Wiring Harnesses for Projects in China

The Chinese electronics market is one of the fastest-growing markets in the world. Are you looking for a company to serve you with custom wiring harness services? Don’t you know what to ask about the services? Well, you are not


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