Computer Cable Types

Computer Cable Types – The Ultimate Guide You Need to Know

Have you ever walked into a store to purchase computer cables? These cables get very confusing when you have little knowledge of the computer cable types you fancy. But it doesn’t rule out the fact that these computer cables make homes, offices,

USB cable

USB Cable – Everything You Need To Know

Why do you think the USB cable is essential? USB cables are probably one of the simplest yet complex sets of cables. These cables differ according to their uses. They appear in various sizes and are used to transfer data,


FFC –Flexible flat cable Selection Guide

We usually tend to ignore the FFC. They are one of the essential parts of the electrical appliances we are so fond of in the current age of technology. We are about to find out exactly why these FFC are

Display Cable Assembly

Display Cable Assembly – What You Need to Know

Today, display cable assembly are more common than you would think in the technological industry. From laptop screens to smartphone LED backlights to the LCDs and LEDs, the display cable is visible everywhere. So, did you think about how you

DB Connectors

DB Connectors – Everything You Need To Know

Did you know that you still use DB connectors or D-subminiature connectors in different devices and applications? They come in various shapes, sizes, and PINs to suit various equipment. Do you know which type of DB connector you need for

Printer Cable

Printer Cable – All You Need To Know

Have you ever given a second thought to your printer cable? Printer cable may seem trivial, but they perform an essential function. Without printer cables, you will never be able to print your documents. Do you know there are different


Electrical connector — Everything You Need to Know

We usually never give electrical connector a second thought. They sit at the end of the product, and we mostly ignore their importance. Electronic equipment will not work without electrical connectors! You have to count in several factors while choosing

Audio Cable

Audio Cable – Everything You Need To Know

Audio cables are essential in our everyday activities. We see them every day in our homes and offices; they are virtually everywhere we go, yet we fail to recognise how vital these audio lines are. Without the aid of audio

Custom Wire Harness

Custom Wire Harness-The Complete Guide

A wire harness is imperative to equipment as it carries power and signal through it. A custom wire harness helps in connecting various components of a device. Otherwise, they will become useless. A collection of several wires packed in a