Traditional electricity meter

12 Important Things to Know About your Electricity Meter

The electricity meter is an electronic device that determines the electricity costs consumed by the users. The efficiency of electricity meters is critical for both suppliers and end-users. Meter manufacturers and suppliers commonly found in conflicts with the users due to inadequate monitoring and performance of the meters. You need a professional harness manufacturing company

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Crimper with red handles

8 Precautions for Crimping Wires in Wiring Harness Manufacturing

Soldering wires in the wire harnesses are not only time consuming but costly method too. If you want to keep the project cost at minimal, then think of a smart solution. As wiring harness manufacturing is a more effective approach for wire management, crimping is also a better alternative for soldering. Crimper with red handles

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Wire gauge for thickness measurement

7 Points to Know About Wire Gauge for Wire Harness Manufacturing

Right measuring standards are critical for the custom wire harness manufacturing. If you are not sure what measuring standard is suitable for your project, don’t go for the hit and trial method. Measuring standard is not something that you can alter after the production of wire harnesses. For accurate and precise wire harness manufacturing, you

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cored wire wrapped in plastic

5 Common Types of Wire Insulation for Wiring Harnesses Manufacturing

Wiring harnesses an effective piece to combine several wires and conductors in order. Without proper wire insulation, the connection of different cables and strands within the wire harness can cause damage. You get to choose from different materials for wire insulation. The selection of the material depends upon the work environment and layout of the

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Wire Harness Connector

5 Common Issues About Connectors in Custom Wire Harness

A vital issue with low-quality wiring harnesses is the “push back” of wires of contact retention. There are different options available for connectors like insert-able contacts and crimp on. If you are facing power failure due to ongoing issues with connectors, you need to try custom wire harness. Wire Harness Connector For high standard custom

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Manufacturing Process of a Cable Assembly

10 Risks of Choosing Unsuited Custom Cable Assembly

While custom cables are the better option, creating a cable assembly without keeping the application in mind can also lead to a slew of problems. That said, in the worst-case scenario, the apparent issues of not creating an adequate cable for the application may surface in front of a customer. It may be an instrumental

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Colorful wire harness and connector housing

Custom Cable Assembly–8 Important Considerations Before Production

The custom cable assembly design process demands most of your attention. Identifying all the requirements and specifications at the very initial planning stage can lead to better scalability of the project. Are you looking for a bulk product of custom cable assemblies for your industrial project? Evaluating your requirements can be very helpful if you

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Electric circuit with cable assemblies

9 Outstanding Results To Your Project on Custom Cable Assembly

In the competitive market, you need exceptional strategies to scale your business. Every business owner wants to maximize productivity with the least investment. How are you supposed to increase the efficiency of your project? In the industrial project, teams feel restricted to make customization due to limitations posed by wiring solutions. If the engineering team

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Cable and wire testing

9 Points to Check During Custom Wire Harness Testing

When the smooth working of the project is the goal, malfunctioning of the custom wire harness can disrupt the power supply. Wires harness testing allows the project managers to detect and eliminate the problem before the installation. CLOOM Tech has in-house testing equipment for custom wire harnesses and custom cable assemblies. Hiring 3rd party testing

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Better Customization options

The Top 9 Benefits of Custom Molded Cable Assemblies

Organizations often neglect the importance of cable assemblies. Some pick up any of the several options available in the market. The catch, however, lies in the compatibility with your system and machinery. An incompatible cable may cause a large number of issues. Custom molded cable assemblies are the way to go- if you are looking

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9 Tips for Cutting Costs on Custom Cable Assemblies

The goal of any organization is to minimize costs and maximize efficiency. Custom cable assemblies do just that. You need to ensure that the assembly design adheres to the needs of your organization in mind. The resulting cable assembly will be cost-effective and productive. The process of customizing can also become cheaper in CLOOM Tech.

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Cables on top of patch distribution panel shelf

7 Factors to Consider before Mass Production of Custom Wiring Harness

Before ordering the mass production of the custom wiring harness, you need to consider all the possibilities. If you are outsourcing the Custom Wiring Harness production, which is a better decision, you need to be even more careful about the details and specifications. Cables on top of patch distribution panel shelf Expert engineers and designers

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Electrical power-armoured cable

5 Tips on Choosing Cable Conductors for Custom Cable Assemblies

Custom cable assemblies have become an integral part of industrial and commercial projects. Engineering teams prefer better quality cables and wires that meet the project specifications. The varying levels of current can damage your appliances and project productivity. So, choosing the right cable conductor for custom cable assemblies is essential. Electrical power-armoured cable Do you

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