Rotary Encoders

Basics On The Rotary Encoder Pinout

Some, if most people are intrigued, by the workings of different equipment and machinery. If you fall into this category, then you are at the right place. In this piece, we will focus on some of the basics of the rotary encoder pinout. Let’s get started! Table of ContentsWhat Is A Rotary Encoder?Rotary Encoder Pin

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Voltage Imbalance

Voltage Imbalance: How to Deal With This Power System Fault

In industrial plants, electrical power issues are pretty common. Current harmonics, voltage unbalance, and current unbalance are some of them.  These issues lead to abnormal functioning of the electric power systems. All of them, the unbalanced condition of voltage is the most hazardous. Let’s get into details of voltage imbalance issues and how you can

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Electric Circuit Panel

Electrical Protective Device: You Need it More Than You Think You Do

In the installation of an electrical system, your main goal is to make it run without damage. It is not possible until you have chosen the correct type of protection. But, what is system protection? According to the IEEE, “System protection is the act of detecting the problem area in an electrical circuit. Furthermore, protection also requires

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Compliance testing of a circuit board

Electrical Compliance: Meet the Standards With a Certificate

To ensure that the workers and the public living around the system are safe, we have several laws to follow. These legislations make it necessary for electrical contractors to test electrical systems regularly. Certificates of electrical compliance confirm that the installations you have done recently meet the code of standard. For this purpose, hiring qualified

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lightning rod

Lightning Rod Test: Maintenance Of Lightning Protection Systems

Lightning flashes are common in bad weather with thunderstorms. To protect yourself from lightning, you generally move inside your home or business. But what if lightning strikes these buildings? When lightning strikes a building, it travels through these buildings to find a path to the ground. It will pass through the electrical wires and electronic

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copper grounding lightning protection system

Ground Test: A Safety Step for Effective Grounding Systems

As you know, grounding an electrical system makes the system safe from power surges. If you do not ground a conductive surface, it may become electrically energized. And when you touch such a system, current will pass through your body to the earth. As a result, you get a shock. A good grounding system ensures

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electrical relays, breakers, and ballasts

Relay Coordination: Importance In Power Systems

In all interconnected power systems, relay protection is the primary instrument. These systems isolate fIn all connected power systems, a relay protection device is a primary instrument. These systems separate fault locations with a healthier network. You can detect a fault by monitoring several changes. These are voltage dip, current changes, frequency, temperature, etc. However,

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Load Flow

Load Flow: Manage the Future Loads Efficiently

You require load flow analysis whenever you design a new project or plan to change the existing system. It is essential to conduct research beforehand to ensure that the current and voltage are within safe limits. Moreover, it checks for the additional services the equipment may require for maintenance. If you fail to conduct this

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An electrician checking an industrial machine

Live Testing: How to Do It While Avoiding any Health Risks and Problems

There are two things you want in your facility. First, you need the gear to deliver optimal and consistent performance. Additionally, the equipment shouldn’t cause any damages or accidents with injuries.  Live testing can help to maintain both goals. It involves checking if the gear works right while it’s operating.  But, there is something you

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Electrical Safety Tested: Enhance Equipment And Facility Safety

Have you ever seen any shock or fire from electrical devices? In general, most consumer electrical products run on batteries and operate at extra low voltages.  They generally do not offer electrical safety hazards to the consumer. However, when you plug the battery charger into the wall socket and connect it to the electrical device,

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A waveform illustration

Harmonic Study: The Guide to When, Why, and How to Do This Analysis

Harmonic currents and voltages can hHarmonic currents and voltages can have various strengths. Depending on the electrical setup, the system can handle those levels or not. A harmonic study helps you analyze this wave distortion, and it reveals info on whether its ranges are acceptable. That allows you to find potential issues and deal with

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A motor control center

Motor Control Center Testing: All Details EXPLAINED

A motor control center operates your electric motors. You can find a solid-state motor controller or overload relays to protect the engine. Furthermore, you’ll discover overload protection relays and a circuit breaker that offers short-circuit protection. Also, disconnecting control switches to isolate the motor circuit. Separate control transformers serve for the three-phase power to move

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Electrical Calibration

Electrical Calibration: Compare and test your devices

In case of excessive use of the device, there is a chance that the accuracy will decrease over time. The instrument will readily drift apart in a humid, hot environment. While working with AC-DC variable power supply, one cannot take risks. Hence, you have to opt for electrical calibration to omit wrong calculations. Electrical calibration

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Thermography Testing

Thermography Testing: All Questions Answered

While using an electrical panel for your home supply, there is a chance of equipment damage. Besides, the problem may lead to excess power usage or catastrophic equipment failure. Hence, the  Electricity at Work Regulation Act 1989. states guidelines to avoid it. Thermography testing,  detection of defects is becoming popular, as the thermal image can

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