custom wiring harness with plastic connectors

The 5 FAQ for Wiring Harnesses for Projects in China

The Chinese electronics market is one of the fastest-growing markets in the world. Are you looking for a company to serve you with custom wiring harness services? Don’t you know what to ask about the services? Well, you are not

USB Y Cable

USB Y Cable: What You Need to Know About USB Y Cable

Although USB Y cable seem insignificant to most people, they do not realize that it comes in handy in many situations. It would be fair to say that some tasks would even be impossible without their presence. On the surface,

S-Video cable

S-Video Cable: All That You Need to Know in Cloom Tech

S-Video also called Y/C and separate video, is a signaling standard used for standard definition (SD) video, typically 576i or 480i. It is said to be more reliable and impressive than composite video as it can separate the black and

Mini SAS SATA serial ata convert

SAS Cable: All You Need To Know the Best Custom Cable

SAS cable is the new deal for anyone who wants to get a suitable storage device. The uniqueness of SAS cable is evident in how it performs quite several functions, including video editing and animation needs. The benefits are innumerable,

DMS-59 plug and socket

DMS-59 Cable: All That What You Need to Read

DMS-59 cable is not a standard cable type. Yet, it serves a lot of functions and suits varying needs in homes and public places. Interestingly, this cable type is also very efficient in working with DVI and VGA cables. But, to get

An image of PSU cables computer power supply

PSU Cable: What You Need to Know When Customize The Cable

Why is it essential to get a custom-made PSU cable? The importance of the custom-made PSU cable knows no bounds. It is overly important to use with your project or your systems.  When you build your PSU cable, you are most likely

The radio connector

RF Cable: All You Need to Know RF and HDMI cable?

Do you prefer the HDMI cable or RF cable for signal transmission? A lot of individuals do not even recognize the difference between both cable types. To avoid unpleasant circumstances ordinary with making poor cable choices, you must recognize the


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