Micro HDMI Cable

Micro HDMI Cable: What You Need To Know Why You Need One

We have talked about HDMI and its many uses in the past. Shortened for High Definition Multimedia Interface, HDMI is an accessible technology that allows users to enjoy high-quality audio and video. HDMI cables are easy and reliable as they can transfer data at high speeds. Plus, they are affordable and can be a safe

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MIDI Cable: An Excellent Guide to Choose the Cable You Need

MIDI’s development has changed how we listen to electronic music today. Earlier, a musician could not plug two instruments of different brands to make music. But with MIDI, you can connect several of them to create music. From notes to vibrato, the cables can carry all kinds of messages. So, how can we use MIDI

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Injection Test

Injection Test: What are Primary and Secondary Injection Tests?

Every circuit breaker has a trip unit to protect the device upon detecting overcurrent. Trip units allow accommodation of load circuit and use field interchangeable rating plugs. However, these units may become faulty, and overcurrent protective devices may fail. To maintain the reliability and safety of such systems, you must execute well-planned injection tests in these air circuit

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USB Cables

Micro USB Cable – The Ultimate Guide On How To Choose

If you are using a cable to connect or charge mobile and compact gadgets like mp3 players, smartphones, cameras, printers, or GPS devices, then most probably, you are using a micro USB cable. Micro USB cables can be of different types. With the many choices out there, it’s common to get confused with many things

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Technicians fixing on an aircraft’s electrical system

Kapton Wire: If it’s Safe to Use

The use of Kapton as electrical wire insulation dates back to 1970. Since then, DuPont has continued to supply Kapton wire to Airplane manufacturers globally. However, an event almost led to the collapse of this partnership. On September 2, 1998, an MD-11, Swissair Flight 111, crashed into the Atlantic Ocean, killing all 229 on board.

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radiator cooling fan

Fan Relay Wiring: Your 5-minute Why and How-to Guide

It is midday in summer, your car cooling fan is blowing, and then everything comes to a grinding halt. What do you think might have happened?  In most cases, the fault is terrible fan relay wiring. Reading along, you will learn all about your vehicle’s cooling system. In particular, you will find how necessary the

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Car starter solenoid

How to Wire a Starter Solenoid: Automobile Guides

Are your mechanic bills spiraling out of control? Chances are you are paying for a repair job you could do yourself. Unfortunately, many modern vehicle owners lack the basic knowledge of how a car functions. For example, do you know where your car’s starter solenoid is? Or Are you aware of how to wire a

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Manufacturing circuit board

PCB FCT test: A Comprehensive Guide

What is the FCT test? This is a question that you may have if you are new to PCBs. In this comprehensive guide, we will introduce you to the FCT test and explain what you can use it. FCT test is a key component of quality control in the PCB manufacturing process.  And it is

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DMS-59 Cable

DMS-59 Cable: All That What You Need to Read

DMS-59 cable is not a standard cable type. Yet, it serves many functions and suits varying needs in homes and public places. Interestingly, this cable type is also very efficient in working with DVI and VGA cables. But, to get the best use of this cable, you must understand how to use it alongside other cable types.

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Blue ethernet cables

Ethernet Cable Colors: How Much Do They Matter?

Buying an ethernet cable is not as easy as it seems. It has many varieties based on its types, lengths, and colors. This article will discuss ethernet cable colors and what matters while picking an ethernet cable. Understanding Ethernet Cable Colors  Ethernet cables come in different colors, like all other cables. Commonly, you will see

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Din Connector

DIN Connector – Everything You Need to Know

Looking for circular connectors that can connect plug-in connectors? Or circular connectors that you can use for computer data and video? You are looking for DIN connectors, an electrical connector used in personal computers. It connects routers or switches. DIN connectors have usage in various applications ranging from audio and video to power, serial and

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Printed circuit board and microchip

Black PCB: Everything You Need to Know

If you’re in the market for a black PCB, you may be wondering what all the fuss is about. After all, any old PCB will do, right? Wrong! Black pcb are becoming increasingly popular due to their many benefits. In this blog post, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about black PCBs so that

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6 AWG wire: One Wire Size Fits Many Applications

Numerous criteria influence the pricing of wire. Gauge is the most crucial aspect of this discussion. Simply put, it’s the diameter of a wire measured. Moreover, this measurement is often done using the AWG standard. So, if you look at the gauge scale, smaller numbers indicate thinner wires. Wire sizing is critical because it affects

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BNC Connectors

BNC Cable- The Ultimate Guide You Need To Know

Choosing the proper BNC connector to suit the cable for your project usually comes with a price. The price typically needs to be an appropriate assessment of the intended line. A significant issue plaguing most corporate organizations and teams is choosing the suitable cable. BNC cables remain one of the most used cable types across

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A car with a wiring system shown

Chassis Wiring: The Sensible Solution to All Your Automotive Wiring Needs

About Chassis Wiring, all vehicles in the automotive industry use wiring harness setups. If you are riding a motorcycle or another two or three-wheeler, it will have this assembly. Furthermore, it’s standard in cars, RVs, and other commercial and utility vehicles.  Automotive wiring should fit the electrical specifics of your car. That’s why sometimes people

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Do Coax Cables Go Bad: Common Reasons Why Coax Cables Go Bad

If you are new to the world of the internet, phone, and electric management, you probably ask yourself a question. The question is, “do coax cables go bad?” Ask any electrician, and they will tell you that coax cables go bad. This article will teach many things regarding coax cables, from common coax cable damages

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