XLR Cable A semi-realistic vector illustration

9 Differences Between Custom XLR Cable And RCA Cables

The discovery of electricity has changed how we live-technology brought in speed and comfort. And audio had a great role to play in this. Be it a movie or song or important presentations, and the cables need to our needs.

Motorcycle wiring or motorcycle repair

11 Tips to Know Before Custom Motorcycle Wiring Harness

More than 200 million motorbikes, including motorized bicycles, motor scooters, and mopeds are in use around the world. That equals about 33 motorcycles per 100 individuals. Hence, it doesn’t come as a surprise that there are several companies offering services

USB and USB Type-C connector

11 Points to Know about USB Type-C vs. Lightning

When working on a project, deciding the many ports or cables to use for your devices can be a hassle. Over the past decade, the introduction of USB Type-C cables and Lightning cables has introduced newer and better speeds along

massive print head motion during custom

7 Industries that Require Custom Cable Manufacturing

Creating good wiring harness and cable services is important to suit various industries’ applications and produce optimum efficiency. Different sectors require specific specification of the wiring harness and cable services. There are seven common cabling industries. Cloom Tech is a

Wires from devices around the bedside in the ICU

10 Top Factors to Look for in Medical Cable Assembly Manufacturing

Medical systems need custom wiring solutions due to complex systems and instruments. CLOOM Tech has been providing the most advanced and sleek designs and custom cable assembly solutions to the international and Chinese markets.  With a complete range of custom medical

Ribbon cable with tweezers

9 Points to Know About IDC Ribbon Cable Assembly

When it comes to ribbon cable assemblies, most of the project managers ask what kind of cable assembly they should use for their project? Either they should go for IDC ribbon cable assembly or crimp cable assembly? There is no

Audio Cable Icon, Plug Wire

4 Points to Make You Understand Custom Audio Cables

The world of audio cables is a little confusing. With digital audio cables, analog audio cables, conductors, connectors, and different types of wiring, there is a lot to wrap your head around when trying to get custom audio cables for


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