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  • Cloom has over ten years of experience in building custom cable assembly and wiring harness
  • We ensure always to give our customers a five-star service


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Cloom is a subsidiary of OurPCB Co. Ltd. We’re also one of China’s best cable assembly and wire harness companies. So, we handle electronic wiring harness, signal wiring harness, automobile wiring harness, power cables, and many others. We don’t only run wire harness production; we also assemble, design custom wiring, and provide an efficient delivery route.

We also supply and distribute custom cable assembling and wire harness that turns your tailored design into a workable harness that meets your customers’ demands. So, we ensure to meet your specific needs—whether you’re a contract manufacturer, integrator, reseller, or installer in any industry.


We’re willing to partner with you to deliver bespoke wire cable assemblies and wire harness services like;
  • Custom Tooling
  • Offshore manufacturing
  • Domestic Moulding
  • Large and Small Volume Fabrication
  • Original or Equivalent Parts
  • We accept all types of orders—whether it is in small or big quantities. So, you can count on us for blanket orders with projected delivery dates. We also deliver prototype products or other sensitive orders with a quick turnaround delivery.
  • If you need a quality customer quote with original parts based on your requirements, we can handle that with your specs sheet like Hirose, Molex, Tyco, Switchcraft, JAE, AMP, etc. Or we can even use equivalent parts—which saves you more money and time.
  • We offer other specialty services such as fully molded locally built cables and custom tooling capabilities for specialized molding requirements. Our documented in-house procedural requirements ensure that all custom assembly orders are completed accurately and timely.
  • We can deliver specific services like custom tooling capabilities with your specific molding requirements. Plus, we offer bespoke services for fully molded, locally built cables. Also, there’s an in-house procedural requirement document that helps to manage all your custom assembly orders. That’s our double-checking that all your custom orders are entirely precise and delivered promptly.
  • Our over ten years of experience have taught us how to provide cable services for virtually any industry.


At Cloom Cable, we invest an ABSOLUTE commitment to deliver the best value for the market space’s most affordable price.


We run quality checks for every wiring harness, system, and wiring component to meet our customers’ demands before shipping.

Our Certificates:

ISO9001:2015 Certified; IATF16949: 2016 Certified



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