JST Cable

JST Cable

  • JST cable has a wide variety of wire-to-board and wire-to-wire style connectors for your battery connections.
  • However, years of misinformation make identifying the correct JST plug connector and JST connector kit to use extremely difficult. For example, JST is the acronym of a company rather than an industry specification.
  • Japan Solderless Terminals (JST) Manufacturing Company is the leader in electrical cable connectors worldwide. Such is their prowess that their initials are synonymous with any white electric compact connector.

Special Featured Cables

JST Cable Assemblies

As earlier mentioned, identifying the correct JST connector kit and JST plug connector can be tricky. For example, you will find the Molex PicoBlade connector selling as the 1.25mm JST GH series connector. There are plenty of service providers purporting to offer JST low-profile connector and side-entry connector cable solutions. However, you need to be vigilant of their legitimacy. Cloom is your reliable source for all information on inventory, pricing, and datasheets for every JST plug connector and JST connector kit you desire.

Regardless of your device, there is a JST cable connector ready to do the job. For example, the JST SM 2 pin connector works excellent for LED light strips. Cloom offers you various custom cable assembly and wire harness solutions to ensure you get it right the first time. You can find more information on our JST cable Assembly services below.

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Since 2007, Cloom has been at the forefront in offering the best in class cabling and wire harness solutions to clients worldwide. Working is with us guarantees you:

Production flexibility

You request a batch of AWG Silicone JST plugs, but your client now wants an urgent delivery of the 2-pin JST PH connector. What do you do? You can rely on Cloom to complement your client demands on the go.

Value-added solutions

Take the extra step. Cloom offers you the support to fulfill every aspect of your JST cable service delivery. Be it installation, maintenance, or after-sales service, and you can always trust us to help you beat the competition.

Innovative product development

The technology world is dynamic. You can rely on us to offer you the best products to give you an edge over your competition.

Quality Assurance

With premium machinery, skillful staff, and durable materials, you have a reliable partner to back you all the way.

Responsiveness to customer needs

How do you plug male to female wire connectors? Or, is this connector kit compatible? Find all your answers on the Cloom blog or reach us directly. Your satisfaction is our utmost priority.

Production engineering

Are you struggling with your design? Cloom is there for you. You will get all the help you need to make your next JST project a success. From concept to delivery, JST plug connector to JST Connector kit, Cloom is with you every step of the way.

Exact connector series of JST connectors

ACH Series

These disconnect-cable connectors are available in two or three circuit ranges of up to rating 2.0 amperes.

WPJ series

You can use the WPJ series for all your non-submersion and extreme moisture applications.

ZE Series

The ZE series is a wire-to-board crimp style connector that features a secure locking device to ensure connector-mating integrity.

ZPD series connectors

The wire-to-board, double row, crimp style connector incorporates secure locking devices that prevent accidental disconnects due to vibrations or wire routing.

ADH Series Wire-to-board connectors

The ADH series connectors allow for the placement of their header anywhere on your PCB. Consequently, you need not worry about any mating concerns.

PND Series connector

These connectors can accommodate wire sizes of 22 to 28 AWG with ratings of 3 amperes. You can avail of them from 8 to 40 positions on your PC board.

PNI Series Connector

You can use these crimp-style connectors for both wire-to-wire and wire-to-board applications with a 2 mm pitch.

KR Series Wire-to-Board IDC connector

You can use these connectors for your entire Blu Ray disc, game consoles, and communication equipment. They are compatible with the PH series SMT and through-hole connectors.

PH series wire-to-board Crimp style connectors

With the PH series, you have an easy way to assemble the friction-lock system. It is ideal for a variety of applications, including radio control battery pack connections.

KRD Series wire-to-board IDC daisy-chain connectors.

These low-profile, stain-resistant connectors work well in areas that require a small pitch daisy chain connection.

JWPF Series Waterproof Connectors

These wire-to-board and wire-to-wire connectors feature tin-plated contacts with a rating of up to 3 amperes.

VL Connector series

You can use these crimp-style connectors for all your wire-to-board or wire-to-wire connections.

SFH wire-to-board connectors

The SFH series of connectors are best for wire-to-board installations that require low voltage and low current conditions.

Connector Soldering

Although most of the JST connectors cannot withstand the high temperatures of soldering, you can still use wave soldering to secure them in place. 

Some JST surface mount headers can withstand the high temperatures of reflow soldering.

Connector confusion on the Internet

When looking for a connector, it is advisable to use the J.S.T Co. website to check for the specifications and authenticity of the connector you desire. For example, you will find most 2.50mm connectors selling as 2.54 mm with a different manufacturer name.

How to distinguish Male JST Connector vs. Female JST Connector

A female pin header connector has one or more holes within a recess. The connector plug male has appendages with exposed conductors that can insert into the female connector.

Product Offering

JST PH 2-pin cable female connector

These are available at 5.5’’ and can accommodate wires of up to 26 AWG.

JST Extension cable

Get this color-coded cable of up to 500 mm for all your JST PH-compatible sockets.

Anderson to JST VH cable, 12 cm

Expansion Hub 2-pin JST VH Connections: These cable connectors are ideal with REV robotics expansion hubs. You can also use the Anderson power pole crimper to create your own Anderson to JST VH cable.

JST 2 pin Cable

JST Purchase this cable for your battery-powered motors.

6-Pin Single-Ended Female JST SH-Style cable 30 cm

Get this 30 cm cable with six 28 AWG wires. You can also match the wire to your application, given that the ends are unterminated.

3-pin JST PH Cable Pack

Expansion Hub 3-pin JST PH Connections: The cable comes with a key and locking mechanism to improve the reliability of your connection. You can also attach an XT30 extension cable if you need to connect a REV Robotics Expansion Hub.

3 pin JST Cable

You can purchase this plastic connector cable in lengths of 30, 50, or 100 centimeters.

JST PH 3-Pin communication cable

Expansion Hub 3-pin JST PH Connections: With this, you get a daisy-chain communication plug for all your secondary expansion hubs.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can always use the Knipex set of crimping tools to attach your JST connectors. They come in a variety of sizes allowing you to use all types of wires. Additionally, it works for both plug connectors male and female.

Tinning your wires will make it easier to attach the connector. You can use tweezers to handle the wire while soldering.

You do not need a crimping tool for the JST SM connector. Furthermore, it features a high contact pressure and secure lock mechanism that does not require you to use any tools to secure the contacts. Additionally, they are part of the JST series of disconnectable connectors.

The PH series of JST connectors go by different names depending on the retailer. Here is an explanation on the naming of JST-PH2 connectors:

  • JST is the manufacturer’s name.
  •  PH refers to one of the connector series that the manufacturer makes.
  • The number 2  is in reference to the pitch at which it connects to a PCB.

No. JST also manufactures a series of memory connectors for computers, media, and telecommunications devices. For example, the SCZW series is what allows you to use a Nano SIM in your smartphone.

Top-entry connectors and side-entry connectors are the two types of vacuum connections. The top entry connector is a connection that goes on top like how you would think it should, while the bottom one has to be inverted so as not to interfere with your hose’s suction when pulling out dust or debris from cracks around baseboards for example.  Side entries come in handy if there isn’t enough space at either end of an opening because they can go along any edge and get into tight spaces without having to disassemble anything first!


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