Wire Harness for Robotic Industry

Robotic Industry Wiring Harness

  • CLOOM Tech supplies a wide range of top-quality wiring harnesses for the robotic industry.
  • Our technicians customize wire and cable designs to perform at the highest level.
  • Furthermore, we consider the tension and mechanical stress that cables must put up within the robotic industry.
  • This ensures that external factors, like extreme temperatures, do not affect the efficiency of our products.
  • With over ten years of wiring harness manufacturing experience, we have the right solutions for your robotic cable and wire needs.
  • We are always available to help you get the best cable products that fit your needs.

Our Wiring Harness Capacities

Whether you are searching for a prototype or a multi-wiring harness, we can meet your needs. Apart from the robotic industry, we also serve the military, aerospace, automobile, medical, communication, and other industries. Basically, we customize, manufacture, and test our products according to international manufacturing standards.

These are our technical and quality assurance capacities:

Technical CapacitiesTesting and Quality Assurance
Strip and crimp AWG50 to AWG12Pin assignment
Injection overmold capacitiesElectrical continuity
High flex cablesInsulation tests for high voltage cables
Continuous flex cablesCustom test requirements available on request.
Control and instrumentation cables
Wiring harness

Do you lack documentation? There is no need to worry!

Our experienced technicians are ready to work with anything- from sketches to blueprint samples.

Wiring Harness Applications in the Robotic Industry

Robotic systems have several sets of wires and cables extending from different components.

To effectively handle them, you need a wiring harness assembly in your robot. That alone makes these products an integral element of the robotic industry.

Our ISO 9001:2015 certification clearly demonstrates our commitment to quality wiring harness services and products. 

These are the uses of wiring harness in the robotic industry:

  • First, you can use a wiring harness to distribute power.
  • Secondly, you can use them to transmit data.
  • Thirdly, you can apply them in assembly line systems
  • Fourthly, you can use a wiring harness to connect servo motors.

The robotic standard wires and cables you can use to facilitate the above functions include:

  • Silicone Cables
  • Polyurethane Cables
  • Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Cables

Robot Cables and Custom Assemblies

The current robotic industry demands small and more compact components. Moreover, the wiring harnesses for such devices are challenging to produce manually.

Luckily, CLOOM Tech acknowledges the demand to have smaller devices while meeting dense electrical requirements. We have cutting-edge technology and skilled personnel to have your work done.

Besides, our customized flat and round cables manufactured in China are available in all assemblies.

Some of the customized services and products we offer include:

Note that CLOOM Tech wires and cables support up to 150 million flex cycles. Minimize your preventive maintenance expenses by sourcing your robotic wiring harness products from us. Importantly, we deliver customer orders within the shortest time possible!

We pride ourselves on diverse production capacities, verified processes, and skilled professionals. All these enable us to solve the needs of our robotic customers consistently.

More importantly, we make every wire and cable to the client’s precise specifications. In addition, we allow our customers to check and approve the initial instance of each part before we start bulk production. Apart from that, each part, assembly, and product undergoes complete testing and inspection.

We do this to guarantee the best quality that meets the ISO standards.CLOOM Tech has the right technology and skills to manufacture quality wiring harness products.

We will supply you with the best-connected products in line with your project’s requirements. Even in extreme conditions, our cables and wires function effectively. Please send us your wiring harness requirements today.

We are confident you will get the value of your money! Remember, we handle all orders regardless of the time frame.

How we Solve Wiring Harness Needs

Our experts can help you with customizing, sourcing, and assembling complicated Dresspack products.
CLOOM Tech manufactures dress pack assemblies from a quantity of 100 m.

Besides, as the leading supplier of wiring harness products, we have established our brand in the global market. We guarantee high flexibility and speed to our customers. Contact us today for all your special cable orders.

Bulk Cables

  • Stocked raw materials for bulk production.
  • Quick prototyping for hybrids orders.
  • 100% robotic component compatibility.
  • Cable Assemblies

  • House tooling for wiring harness development.
  • Experts in GigEvision and USB 3.0.
  • Features of a Quality Robotic

    For a cable to tolerate recurring torsional movement, it should have a unique design. That is to say; the transmitters must protect the structure. Additionally, cable jacket components should accommodate any significant modifications in bending load and radius. To achieve this, we use ‘soft” structural materials that absorb torsional forces.

    Below are the features of our robotic cables and wires:

    • Customized to tolerate extreme conditions, like severe vibrations
    • A long life span.
    • Built for harsh industrial environments, such as high temperatures and humidity.
    • They have good wear and abrasion resistance for all assemblies.
    • Manufactured to go beyond 1 million flex.
    • High electrical features.

    Robotic Cable Specifications

    For us to create a robotic wiring harness, you need to provide a detailed drawing including:

    • Manufacturer Part Numbers of the materials (accept alternatives or not)
    • Wiring diagram.
    • Any special requirements, if there are.

    Automation and Robotic Cable Assemblies

    • Circular and military-type power connections
    • Custom made with little minimums and quick turnarounds.
    • Free prototyping made by an experienced technical team
    • Stringent quality control and testing on each product
    • Made to customer requirements
    • Proficiency and support in cable harness.
    First sample of our automation and robotic assembly.
    Second sample of our automation and robotic assembly.
    Third sample of our automation and robotic assembly.
    Fourth sample of an automation and robotic sample from CLOOM Tech.

    CLOOM Tech: The Leading Robot Cable & Assembly Manufacturer

    At CLOOM Tech, we do not settle for less, and we go beyond the norm to meet our clients’ expectations and requirements. From the first product development stage and prototyping to final bulk production, CLOOM Tech is your number one partner.

    Remember, you can use our cable and wire products in industrial, warehouse, medical, and humanoid robotic applications.

    Contact us today for all your robotic cable needs.

    FQA about wire harness for robotic industry

    The use of wiring harnesses reduces the wear and tear on cables, wires, and other electrical components. This can lead to a lower need for maintenance costs as well as increased longevity in robotic systems.

    With Cloom’s skilled workers, you can get the best of both worlds. We offer a one-stop shop for all your robotic needs–not only will we help with wiring and cabling harnesses that are just right for your system, but also provide services to ensure quality production efficiency from start to finish!

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