Custom Coaxial Cable​​ Service

Custom Coaxial Cable​​

A complete solution for RF cables and Order custom RF coaxial cable assemblies online!

Production capacity:

  • Custom made cables and networking products, flexible or semi-rigid,
  • Automatic cut and strip for coaxial cabling, compliant with ROHS
  • Coaxial cable assemblies catering for data, RF, and video applications can be supplied to your specifications. The range of coaxial connector in use is enormous; the more common types include IPEX、MMCX、MCX、SMB、SMA、FME、CRC9、F、N、TNC、BNC、SL16.
  • All commonly used coaxial cable types are available covering RG1.13、RG178、RG316、RG174、RG58、50-3/-5-7-9、LMR195、RG142


MCX Microax RF Coaxial Connectors

The series of MCX radio frequency joining device is that one kind is since pushed the lock type joining device small-scale; it has a small, light, characteristic with the compact structure. Small-scale electronic equipment or network system that can require volume, weight, and installation way.

MMCX Miniature Microax RF Coaxial Connectors

The series of MMCX radio frequency joining device is a kind of microminiaturized product smaller than MCX. It is small, light, joins convenient and reliable. Use for system volume, serious about having small-scale communication, network equipment that requires joining the coaxial cable of the radio frequency extensively.

SMA Sub Miniature RF Coaxial Connectors

Series of SMA products one application extensive small-scale coaxial person who joins that whorl join, it has a reliable characteristic with long life-span that the width, performance is excellent, high frequency. Suitable for the digital communication system's microwave equipment and body and join the body in the cable or the microstrip line frequently in the loop.

SMB Miniature RF Coaxial Connectors

The series of SMB products is that one kind push the locking type joining, it has small, light, electric performance is a fine characteristic easy to use. Suitable for joining the coaxial cable of the radio frequency to use in the radio equipment and radio frequency loop of the electron tube instrument.

N Series RF Coaxial Connectors

Power person who joins in what series of N products join by one whorl has the characteristic of reliable and strong anti-vibration nature, machinery, and electric performance finely. It is used in vibration and environment abominable radio equipment of terms and instruments, and the ground launch systems join the coaxial cable of the radio frequency extensively.

F Series RF Coaxial Connectors

F type joining devices use for 75 Ω cable assign system, especially CATV, broadcast television network, It can already be used for having the impedance to mate the occasion required, can be used in not mating the occasion too. It is joined, inserts helping jointly that its characteristic is whorl, the price is suitable. F type joining devices can exchange and use with the similar products in the world. FL10 products are M10X0.75 whorl, the structure, performance are the same as F type.

TNC Series RF Coaxial Connectors

The TNC series products are a kind of whorl join; it has work width frequently, joins reliable, such characteristics as anti-vibration performance are good, Suitable for radio equipment and instrument, and join the cable to use.

FME Series RF Coaxial Connectors

The FME series products join whorl as M8X0.75, have another name called SAP joining device, Suitable frequency does the signal, and is transmitted and joins the radio frequency's coaxial cable to use for the electron tube instrument, mobile communication, aerial system of 3GHz.

BNC Series RF Coaxial Connectors

BNC series are one kind of cards of thing the mouth join the radio frequency coaxial connection device. It joins rapidly, keeps in touch with the characteristic such as being reliable, applies to the radio equipment and electron tube instrument field, and joins the coaxial cable of the radio frequency extensively.

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