One Stop Wire Harness & Cable Assemblies Solution

Cloom focusing on Custom Wire Harness and Cable Assemblies.

One Stop Wire Harness & Cable Assemblies Solution

Who we are

Cloom is a daughter company of OurPCB Co. Ltd. and one amongst the excellent wire harness service companies, covering Electronics wiring harness, Power cable, Signal wiring harness, Automobile wiring harness. 
Its covers include the value-added business of Wire harness production, assembling, custom design and most efficient delivery route

What can we do

Wiring Harness

USB Cable

Cables Assembly

SAE Cable

Video/Audio Cable

SATA Cable

Coaxial Cable

Power Cable

IDC Ribbon Cable


Why choose us

High quality

We have experienced factory support and a stable supply chain system.You can contact us to request a free sample.

Competitive price

We have excellent cost control department, and effectively reduce the impact of component fluctuations on the price of your project.

Quick response

We offer a 24-hour proofing service and door-to-door delivery to ensure your project is efficient.


Cloom has no MOQ on standard products. However, some custom items may require material MOQs. Contact us for more information.
Most Cloom products ship from our office in Shijiazhuang,Hebei, China. We also can ship from Shenzhen that we utilize to better service our customers.
Yes, Cloom tests 100% of the cables we manufacture and ship.

Custom cable with equivalent connectors is 7-15 days.
Custom cable with original connectors is 20-25 days.

Fast express: TNT,DHL,FEDEX.
Slow express: special line.
For heavy bulk: by sea or by air.

paypal, bank transfer, western union, money gram.
Yes, there is no additional charge for an order blind-drop shipped.
Yes. Cloom can provide our cables connected to virtually any connector. In fact, over 90% of our shipments consist of complete cable assemblies for customers.
Yes, you can mix and match wire gauges, wire types, and even wires and tubing, in the same flat cable.


I'm glad that Shijiazhuang Cloom Tech reached out to my business offering high-quality custom wiring solutions. The service and quality provided continue to impress me.
Jasper Parker

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