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After ten years of powering subjects, we’ve fine-tuned the custom wiring loom services and are committed to helping you simplify your workflow, launch faster, and make your business boom.

Who we are​

If your project or your business needs to Custom Wiring Harness and Cable assembly, then Cloom will be your best choice to manufacture your Wiring and Cable.
Cloom is one of the leading Custom Wiring Harness and Cable assembly suppliers, and we will provide a competitive price based on your project.

Cloom will give you the best connect solution based on your project’s requirements with our professional technical team. If you are a Cable brand and need to find an OEM manufacturer, then Cloom will 100% support you on the wiring and cable development.

Drop us an email and send your detailed requirement now!

Customized high-quality harness and cable assemblies, that increased safety and reliability.

With Cloom, you can create and optimize dedicated wiring and cables that strict process management and high-quality parts procurement can help your business grow rapidly.

Make prototypes

According to your drawing or spec sheet;

Ensure The Quality

UL, ISO9001, 14001, 18001, IATF16949 System Management.


The better source of MOLEX, JST, TE, DUPONG, HIROSE.

Cable wire for computer

Deal With Your Cases

Skillful foreign trade staff to deal with your cases to save your energy.

Cross-Section Analysis

All the terminal crimping passed Cross-section analysis;

OQC Dept

100% Tested online and IEC spot testing at OQC Dept.

See the Difference wiring and cable Can Make

For over ten years of experience as a leading custom wiring harness manufacturer, we have been providing excellent custom products and services to our clients.

based on customer design and print requirements.

  • Electrical cable assemblies
  • Coaxial cable assemblies
  • Multi-conductor interface assemblies
  • Connector-to-board assemblies
  • Power transmission assemblies
    and more
cable assembly


Custom Wiring Harness Guide

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