Ribbon Cable Assembly

Ribbon Cable Assembly​

Cloom provides Ribbon/Flat Cable Assemblies.

Cloom is a top choice for high-quality ribbon cable assemblies, with more than 10 years of experience in the field.

Cloom standardizes design and spacing to make it easier to terminate cables through insulation displacement connectors (IDC) and make it possible to reduce the cost of ribbon cables.

Cloom also focuses on complex ribbon cables that need custom bends or folds from its nonstandard requirements.
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Round Conductor Flat Cable Series
  • Grey PVC insulation
  • 28 AWG stranded wire provides flexibility and extended product life
  • RoHS compliant
Color Coded Flat Cable Series/Rainbow ribbon cables
  • Color coded (ten color repeat) PVC insulation for wire identification
  • 28 AWG stranded wire provides flexibility and extended product life
  • RoHS compliant
Twisted Pair Flat Cable Series
  • Color coded (ten color repeat) PVC insulation for wire identification
  • 28 AWG stranded wire provides flexibility and extended product life
  • Twisted pair construction provides reduced crosstalk in balanced drive applications
  • RoHS compliant


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Production capacity

Our production capacity


Why choose to work with cloom to customize the cable

Production capacity:
  • UL 2651 certified gray cable 2-64 P: PH 1.27 mm, 1.0 mm, 0.635 mm;
  • IDC Connector Series 6-64P: 2.54 IDC, 2.0 IDC, 1.27 IDC
  • DIP Connector Series 6-64 P: 2.54 DIP, 2.0 DIP
  • IDC Gray Cable: Customize any length specification, sample production
  • Rainbow Flat Cable
  • Black Flat Cable
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  • DIC connector automatic device at both ends
  • IDC will enter the crimping device cable
  • Enter the second end crimping device
  • IDC cable production monitoring
  • 100% inspection of each cable
  • Fasten the folded cover for the IDC cable
  • IDC cable integral cable tie
  • IDC cable finished bag packaging
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    The high-quality and innovative custom cable assembly manufacturing standards include an array of quality control checks, such as:

    • UL product certification
    • DIN ISO 9001-2000
    • ISO 14001
    • ISO 13485
    • ISO/TS 16949

    Choose from a wide variety of flat ribbon cable connectors

    From industry standard Molex Picoflex or TE Micro Match sockets to the many varieties of IDC connector pitches, Cloom has you covered with a wide variety of cable connectors that will fit any flat ribbon cable assemblies between 0.635 and 2.45mm pitch! 

    A variety of configurations

    The cables from our company have a variety of lengths, connector orientations, and circuit sizes. With bulk cable or finished assemblies in multiple lengths available for purchase, there’s always something that will fit your needs perfectly!

    Available in a range of quantities

    Cloom’s manufacturing is the key to how we can offer all of those different quantities needed across your application types and throughout your product development cycle.  Wholly-owned manufacturing facilities in China  Our in-house team of engineers and designers has complete control over every aspect of your custom flat ribbon cable assembly from design to production. We are confident in our ability to make sure the custom cable assemblies function dependably, cycle after cycle without any interruption or error.
FAQs about IDC Ribbon Cable Assembly
Ribbon cables are named because of their resemblance to a ribbon. The finished product has many wires laid parallel and flat, so it can fit into tight spaces in electronic devices like your computer or tablet!
The biggest advantage of ribbon cables is that they allow mass termination to specially designed insulation-displacement connectors. IDC connectors are categorized by pin spacing, number of pins and rows which makes them a perfect choice for large projects involving many connections at once such as the assembly line in an electronics manufacturing plant.
The perfect d-sub connector can be tailored to suit any application with customized elements like strain relief and inserts.
Ribbon cables are simple, low-profile connectors used on many computer and electronic devices. They’re a relatively cheap option for manufacturers who want to save space in their products by minimizing the number of plugs needed–something that’s especially useful when developing small electronics like smartphones or tablet computers.
The wires in ribbon cables are usually stranded copper wire, coming in a variety of sizes from 18 AWG to 34 AWGs or finer. The spacing and number of the conductors can range.
We offer a wide variety of cable options, including the standard grey ribbon cable with wire for pin 1 marked red, the rainbow ribbon, and Twist ’N Flat, and shielded. We also have labeling in various styles for your assembly specifications!


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