Ribbon Cable Assembly

Ribbon Cable Assembly​

Cloom provides Ribbon/Flat Cable Assemblies.

Production capacity:
  • IDC, Custom ribbon cable, 1.0mm,1.27mm, 2.54mm pitch,
  • Compliant with ROHS
  • Commonly used for connections to PCBs and links either within equipment or externally,
  • Ribbon cables offer advantages of compactness and manageability.
  • In addition to our standard grey ribbon cabling, we can provide, color-coded (rainbow) Ribbon in laminated or edge boded form and specials such as twisted pair (twist-n-flat), round jacketed (round-n-flat) and screened ribbon cables. 
  • The range of connectors available to us is ever increasing, includes standard IDC sockets, D-types, half-pitch D-types, Centronics, Half-pitch Centronics, plus PCB Dual Inline, card-edge and transition connectors.