Custom Radio Frequency Cable

Custom Radio Frequency Cable

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Special Featured Cables

Cloom’s 50GHz RF Cable Assembly

Cloom’s 50GHz RF Cable Assembly​

Cloom has a 50GHz coaxial cable assembly. Also, it comes with a low insertion loss, high performance, and superior VSRW. Plus, these features make it ideal for various applications. Hence, you can find it in telecoms,   RF/Microwave, test, CATV, and measurement fields.

So, we created the 50GHz cable to have high-end performance. And it’s based on triple-shielded fabrications, complimentary connectors, and low-density PTFE cores.

This 50GHZ cable comes in custom lengths. Plus, we manufactured it to pass the optimum quality industry standards.

Cloom’s Tactical Radio Adapter Cable (TRAC)

Cloom’s TRAC consents to an all-in-one shift. Plus, it works well between civilian vehicle intercommunication systems. So, a great example is the AN/VIC-3. There are also personal radios like AN/PRC-148, AN/PRC-117, etc. Also, there’s the Motorola XTS 5000, EF Johnson 5100 Series, and many others.

So, this device helps first responders to have continuous communication. At the same time, they can take full advantage of advanced headsets. A great example of such headsets is the Bose Improved Tactical Headset. Plus, they can also use headsets like the Bose TriPort Tactical Headset. After all, they are the ideal headset for vehicle intercommunication. 

Cloom’s Tactical Radio Adapter Cable (TRAC)

RF Cable Assembly for Tasking Communication

Cloom is an ISO 9001 certified firm. Plus, it’s a reliable producer and supplier of RF cables that are industry-leading.

So, if you need a vehicle radio, improved communications, or telecoms system, we can handle the task. Why? It’s because all our products meet industry standards.

But that’s not all.

Coaxial and TRAC cables aren’t the only products we build to standard. We also produce cable assembly manufacturing for your project, CLOOM Tech offers quality services. We have been serving the local and international markets with custom cable assembly solutions that can meet your needs.

High-Performance Coaxial Cables

Asides from TRAC RF cables, Cloom produces a high-quality solution for CATV, RF/Microwave, and Telcom services. So, with only a 65 GHz coaxial cable, you’ll gain reliable VSWR, minimal inertia loss, and high performance.

Also, we produce the 65 GHz coaxial cable assembly with quality and resilience in mind. Plus, we outfitted the cable with appropriate connectors, PTFE cores, and triple-shielded technology.

Radio Adapter Cables

TRAC delivers unrivalled volume control and voice intelligibility when it comes to intercommunication devices.

Plus,  personnel rely on TRAC cables to facilitate communications. And it’s ideal for various personal and vehicle radios. So, the examples are EF Johnson 5100 series, Motorola XTS 2500, Harris Falcon III, etc.

So, TRAC radio cables enable you to pair your personal and vehicle radios with premium headsets. Plus, it allows your communication to stay uninterrupted.

Product Review

Why Should You Buy It?

It has got lower capacitance
The attenuation is very low
Shielding efficiency is very high
It comes with an improved impedance of 50 Ohm
Reduced signal noise

Low Loss Low-Cost Coaxial Cables

Low loss low-cost coaxial cables have unique demands regarding the following. The cables have better VSWR, lower attenuation, and phase stability.

Also, these cables are relatively modern, sophisticated and different from the old model cables.

They come with a dielectric feature that makes them uniquely treated PTFE banding. So, a perfect example is the three-layer strip braid shielding. Therefore, it has two components that deliver at high demands and are suitable for certain electrical features.

Cryogenic Cables

Most engineers use the cryogenic cables in systems undergoing temperatures. And the range is usually from -55 °C to +150 °C. Also, this cable has got a stainless outer conductor. Cryogenic devices are quite sensitive to heat transfer in the Dewar chamber. Plus, the cable depends on ONLY low heat transfer features of certain stainless alloys.

Why Should You Buy It?

It has a relatively low weight
The cables are truly flexible
The cables are truly flexible
The cable has a reduced signal noise

The Sub Categories for Various RF
Cable Assemblies

In this section, we have listed six subcategories of RF cable assemblies. And they are as follows:

Low Loss Flexible Cable Assemblies

These SHF cables have an ultra-low loss performance. Plus, they offer one of the lowest insertion losses in the market.
Moreover, the SHF cables are most suitable for airborne applications and they are excellent for ground defence.
Furthermore, the cables feature mechanical robustness, phase stability, excellent return loss, etc.

Corrugated Cable Assemblies

What makes this cable corrugated is its outer conductor. And it consists of a corrugated tube. Also, the tube is a ringed or spiral winding.
The fabrication of the cable allows for perfect shielding. Also, the cable is pretty flexible with a large twisting radius.
Furthermore, the cable has a high-performance level. And this makes it ideal for outdoor long transmission lines.

Low Loss Flexible Cable Assemblies

These low loss flexible cables are high-performance custom cables. So, they are perfect for enhanced electrical and environmental needs.
Also, these cables are very affordable when compared to RG cables and they are the ideal substitute to meet your needs. More so, these cables are flame-retardant and halogen-free to certain precautions.

Get 100 USD Off for your order.

Get 100 USD Off for your order.

Standard Flexible Cable Assemblies

The standard flexible cable assembly is ideal for microwave applications and RF.
The standard cables are also very suitable for active applications and it's flexible for easy connection.

Hand-Formable and Semi-Rigid Cable Assemblies

These cables are a perfect combination of flexibility and performance. Plus, they use tin-dipped braid technology.
Also, they enable routing with ease during installation. Plus, you can run multiple repositions with these cables on site.
It also preserves high shielding and low loss. Plus, the cables are perfect alternatives to semi-rigid cables.

TestPro Cable Assemblies

The TestPro cable assemblies are perfect for measurement and test applications. Plus, it has high flexibility, high-quality precision, and phase loss stability. It also has an excellent bending ability.

Why Should You Choose Cloom Tech?


We have a trained staff that work with awesome meticulousness and calm hands. Plus, we go beyond the norm to create custom cables that will meet your specific requirements. So, whether you seek soldering, cutting, or crimping cables, we've got you covered.


We have long years of experience in the coaxial cabling industry. So, we've gathered a ton of knowledge in RF over the years. Also, we aren't limited to standard cables; we go the extra mile to deliver customized cables for our customers.


For us, good ISN’T enough. So, we always strive to stay beyond par when producing our cables. And it’s because we put our RF cable assemblies as number one priority. So, you can see this reflected in our excellent delivery. Also, we have ultra-modern machinery that helps to create reliable RF cables.

Customer Requests

One thing is sure—we always do our best to meet all our customer requests promptly. Also, we run our designs according to your specific criteria—meeting your number of orders. And we handle multiple cables merged with LF cables.

Top-Notch Inspection

We ensure all our cables get inspected and certified by industry standards.

Do You Need a Customized RF
Coaxial Cable?

Cable, Adapter, Connector Provider

We build cable assemblies that support up to 65 GHz.

Also, we have standard RG cables and many others that are conformable, flexible, armoured, and semi-rigid.

There are many customs and standard connectors available in stock. Also, we hold lengths to tight tolerances. Harnessing, phase matching, and custom labelling are available as well.
The best part is we inspect all our cable assemblies and electrically test them 100 per cent with a network analyzer.
But there’s more.
You can order a variety of standard or custom-made connectors.
Hence, our RF cable connectors have the following:
1.85mm, 2.92mm, 2.4mm, 10-32, 1mm, 7/16 DIN, F, MCX, BNC, 4.1/9.5 Mini DIN, Mini SMP, MMCX, QMA, N, Mini UHF, etc. We also produce SMA, SMP, SSMC, SSMB, SSMA, SMC, SMB, RCA, UMCX, UHF, U. FL, and TNC.
Besides, we also create female, male, plug, or jack RF cable assemblies with bulkhead. Also, right angle, straight, and many other options aren’t left out.

RPSMA Female-IPX Plug-8CM-1.13 Cable
The RPSMA Female coaxial cable is a cable assembly manufacturing for your project, CLOOM Tech offers quality services. We have been serving the local and international markets with custom cable assembly with an “L” and “R” connector. Plus, it has a cable length of 8cm as you can see in the above image.
RF Cable Application

The Capacities of Our RF Coax Cable Assembly

We can assemble a 0.8mm diameter RF cable, which is the smallest of all our cables.
You can also order a coaxial cable that is as short as 18mm.

If you need a long stripping RF cable for up to 300mm, it’s available.

For now, LMR500 with a 12.5mm diameter is the largest coaxial cable we can assemble.

If You Have Any Inquiry

Here’re the vital things to check before ordering your custom radio frequency cable:
  1. The Quantity of cable you need.
  2. Type of coax cable you want.
  3. What RF connector type do you need at both ends of the cable?
  4. The length of the coax cable
Additional Factors to check are:
  1. Check to confirm if you want a cable length shorter or longer than 150mm.
  2. Confirm the working frequency if it’s over 1 GHz for 75 Ohm or 3 GHz for 50 Ohm cable.
  3. Check the label location and label (Most times, the white label has an unscratched logo and black text).
  4. Confirm the adhesive type heat shrinking tube.

Quality Certifications

ISO 9001:2015

IPC/WHMA-A-620 manufacturer

So, feel free to reach us; we would love to work with you.


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