VGA Cable: The Best Guide That You Need To Read

We all have been using computers for a long time, and VGA cables and VGA connectors have been part of our electronics and computers since day one.

VGA stands for Video Graphic Array, and there are many ways to connect the video sources to monitor and display devices like LCD.

If you are looking for commercial VGA cable manufacturing or want to buy bulk products for your business, you must know the basics of VGA cables.

We will discuss every aspect of VGA cables for commercial and industrial use.

After reading this guide, you can decide the best manufacturing option for your business. 

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Chapter 1: What is a VGA Cable?

The standard VGA cable connects the video source to other displaying devices.

You might have seen a blue-colored cable that connects the CPU to the LED. This cable is the VGA connector that has three rows of 15 pins.

VGA cables are the oldest connection method; even in 2019, we can see these connectors in many devices and industries.

Mostly the computing sector uses VGA cables in display devices.

VGA tech pc input cable connector

Although the style and numbers of the pins have changed, the main working and model of VGA cables are still the same.

If you decide to buy a new bulk order of VGA cables for your industry or business, please contact CLOOM Tech.

At CLOOM Tech, we can design custom-made VGA cables for your business and devices.

CLOOM Tech is the industry leader in manufacturing customized cable harnesses and VGA cables.

Due to the increasing demand for VGA cable manufacturing in the computing sector, we provide cable assembly, cable harnesses, and other electrical services for small and multinational businesses.

We have decided to write a detailed post about the VGA cables and everything you need to know about these cables.

History of VGA Cables

VGA cables are not always the same in terms of size.

The traditional 15-pin VGA cables are used for general desktop computers, which is inappropriate for laptops and other mini devices.

Mini-VGA cables are used for small devices like the latest desktop PCs and laptops.

Still, in 2019, you cannot deny the importance of VGA cables in electronics.

The latest technologies and cables like HDMI and DVI replace traditional VGA cables. Most of devices have replaced these traditional VGA cables.

But you will need these cables if your system has some display devices as components.

Which Devices use VGA Cables?

If you think that only computers use VGA cableg.

Several other devices use VGA cables to connect display sources and display devices.

Here are some devices that we see in our surroundings daily that use VGA cables.

You can see these devices’ use of mini VGA cables and traditional normal-sized VGA cables.

  • Laptops
  • TV Screens
  • LED Displays
  • Video Cards
  • Video Devices

Chapter 2: How to Choose the Suitable VGA Cable?

There are many types of VGA cables, but there is no universal form.

The choice of VGA cable depends upon your requirements and the design of your device.

You need a different kind of VGA cable if you have a normal-sized computer.

And if you are into laptop manufacturing, you will need a mini VGA cable.

If you are developing a unique device that will use display devices, you need to choose the custom VGA cables.

If you feel that this VGA cable choice is not easy for you, let us help you make the right choice.

You can contact CLOOM Tech to manufacture VGA cables for your device and electronics.

Brass VGA to DVI cable

Choosing a suitable VGA cable is not rocket science if you know the basics of VGA cables.

First, you need to decide the type of device you want cables for.

If that device is already available in the market, you can easily buy VGA cables from the market or contact CLOOM Tech for bulk orders.

But if you are designing a new device for your business or client, you may not be able to find a suitable VGA cable for your device.

You can consult with experts at CLOOM Tech for custom-made VGA cables.

We have already worked with many top brands and developed customized wiring harnesses and assembly cables for several industries.

Things to Look for in a VGA Cable

If you are making the first purchase of VGA cables for your electronics, you must have a checklist to check before making the payment.

Here are some essential things that you need to consider:

· Quality of the VGA Cable

The quality and material used in manufacturing the VGA cables are paramount.

The quality of the connectors and the VGA cables are also essential for the device’s safety.

You should never compromise on the quality of the cables, as if something goes wrong with the VGA cables, the whole device and the system can face failure.

Although most of the VGA cables are not part of the internal circuits of the devices yet, if something goes wrong with VGA cables, you will lose the display.

There are no universal or international standards to define the exact quality of the VGA cables.

But in general, high-quality VGA cables use coaxial cables of high material, and the external coating is there for extra protection.

The protective coating of inexpensive cables makes the cables thicker and protects the wires from damage and cuts.

· Design of the VGA Cable

The design means what kind of VGA cables you are looking for.

If you are looking for traditional VGA cables for your electronics, you can quickly get the cables from any quality manufacturer like CLOOM Tech.

But if you are looking for unique wires with exceptional pins, consult your design with the experts.

So they can design custom VGA cables for your electronics.

While buying VGA connectors, you must see that the design follows the safety standards and that the wires fulfill the quality standards.

The internal design of VGA cables can vary depending on the size.

The quality cables are generally thicker in size due to the protective layer of insulation.

At CLOOM Tech, our R&D team always works on making the design according to the latest electronic demands and standards.

We pay attention to the design of the VGA cables, and the quality is also important to our team.

Price of average VGA Cable

VGA cables’ cost depends upon the cord’s length and quality.

Looking for top VGA cables on Amazon, you will see that regular VGA cables range from $7 to $15. The price can vary if you want to buy lengthy wire for a specific purpose.

If you want a customized VGA cable for your business or electronics, you can consult our CLOOM Tech team to get a quote.

We provide the best quality wiring harnesses and cable assembly at a reasonable price for industries and businesses.

The price of the VGA cable can vary from brand to brand. We have analyzed this price from top online stores.

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Chapter 3: VGA Cable for Business-Level Use

Many businesses and services require bulk VGA cables for professional use.

Just imagine that you are setting up a new office in a new location.

You will probably need hundreds of VGA cables for your monitors, LED screens, and other devices.

Buying these cables from any typical store will cost you a fortune.

VGA Cable Business

Due to the increasing demand for these connectors and cables, you can choose the business of VGA cable selling.

You can set up an online or physical store in your local town.

If you want to place a bulk order for VGA cables, you can contact us at CLOOM Tech.

We will deliver the most advanced cable assembly in the market.

How to get customized VGA Cables?

CLOOM Tech is one of the top brands for cable assembly, wiring harnesses, and automobile wiring.

Generally, usual stores and sites don’t offer customized VGA cable manufacturing.

You must contact a manufacturer that can design custom wires and cables for your devices.

But before making the final deal, don’t forget to do a quality check on the company you choose for your transaction.

You can see testimonials of our top clients on several review sites, and you will find us the top pick of all businesses.

Our designed cable assemblies and wiring harnesses are part of many top mega projects.

We deal with heavy industry needs, but you can get wiring harnesses and cable assembly services for the automobile and computing field.

Types of Computer Cables

Many types of computer cables connect the different components of the computer.

Here are some of the most important types of computer cables that you must know.

You will see that many devices use these cables in different styles and designs.

Some cables transfer data from one component to another, and some transfer energy from the source to the components.

Cable wire for computer
  • VGA cables
  • DVI cables
  • HDMI cables
  • Ethernet cables
  • USB cables
  • Power cords
  • Display ports

Chapter 4: Where to buy VGA Cables?

Buying a quality VGA cable is not hard, as these are readily available in the market.

You can buy VGA cables from any physical hardware store and purchase these cables from any online store too.

You can find VGA cables for different purposes on Amazon, eBay, and any other online store.

If you want to buy bulk cables, you can contact any wholesale dealer or contact us at CLOOM Tech.

We will provide the best quality VGA cables at the most reasonable price.

If you are not sure about your requirements, you can consult us for your needs.

Our expert professionals will guide you on each step, and we always put your business as our priority at CLOOM Tech.

Chapter 5: Where to get Customized VGA Cables?

At CLOOM Tech.Ltd, We deal in all kinds of VGA cables and wiring harnesses, including power cables, signal cables, automobile harnessing cables, and heavy-duty industries.

Our team and R&D department always adopt new trends and technologies, so our customers always get the best solutions for their VGA cable needs.

Contact our team if you are looking for an experienced team to develop VGA cables for your project. We will analyze the project to offer the best solution for your projects.

VGA and HDMI cable manufactured


VGA cables by CLOOM Tech deliver the best results, but our technology is always focused on providing futuristic results for your electronic needs.

In this article, we have covered almost everything that you should know about VGA cables.

If you have any queries, please get in touch with our team at CLOOM Tech, and we will be more than happy to assist you.,

CLOOM Tech offers wiring harness and cable assembly services for all sectors of industries.

Our team of experts is always focused on delivering customized solutions for wiring harnesses, cable assembly, and custom electronic designs.

Do you have a custom electronic system design and want customized wiring solutions for your project?

CLOOM Tech provides fully customized integrated design solutions from scratch. 

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