Third-Party Electrical Inspection: Unbiased testing with its own difficulties

You might work with installing systems at a construction site, which can lead to issues in the service of electrical systems soon. In that case, you must ensure safe wiring across the entire facility. For this purpose, you may want to perform additional inspections. A third-party electrical inspection agency will give you an independent overview of the condition with a complete report. So, by getting the reviews, there is less chance of potential problems.

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Electrical Testing Industry

In the past few years, the electrical industry has grown up into many subcategories. Before that, you were only familiar with the concept of technicians. As the awareness is increasing, everyone wants to test their system. So, now electrical testing technicians are a massive part of it. 

The task of choosing the type of field test is based on your project. More readable is the installation manual; more accessible is the testing process. Usually, the owner of a facility is responsible for choosing the right team. He will tell that he has installed which type of machinery. Thus a competent electrical firm tests according to the need. Then it reports the degree of service of the equipment. A good report will help you diagnose the problems in the future.

Now, you learn the difference between the types of tests. For instance, as the manufacturers test their products, they are doing factory tests. But, field tests are to verify that the newly installed electrical power system works well. After the report, you will conclude the results for the condition of the equipment.

The authorities define standard practices or certifications for the acceptance tests. If you are an equipment owner, their knowledge will aid you in installing the system, and it will also help in choosing qualified contractors for the task.

Inspector analyzing power system

Caption: Inspector analyzing power system

Electrical Testing Requires Training

The national installation standards have set criteria for tester certification. It states that a person must go through a series of training in an institute. Also, he has to have experience and an active license before jumping into work. In some areas, the government institutes give the training to maintain the code of creation. If you are not experienced, it is difficult to answer the questions like,

  • What will happen if the fault occurs?
  • How will the equipment interact with other components in a system?
  • Is the insulation working correctly?

Hence, performing the field tests with precision can take years of practice. Also, you need the training to comprehend the results. As the system is complex, you cannot tell if the technician has done his job. Thus, the maintenance of heavy systems put many lives at stake with it. 

To find the competency of a testing organization, you have to rely on word of mouth or trial and error. But still, finding a firm for inspection for business owners is a difficult task. The NETA has figured out the need for choosing criteria. For that, there are essential requirements for the third-party testing organization to fulfill.

Caption: Technician inspecting main power system using technology

Caption: Technician inspecting central power system using technology


The NETA defines the standards on which your equipment will become reliable. It is a significant body to provide the certification to an organization. So, you can trust certified inspectors with your new and existing equipment. NETA believes that providing training and education is essential than testing. Thus, it provides certification to not only the individuals but also the companies. A NETA accredited company is a full-service, independent testing firm. It has to certify its technicians following standard practices. The firm has to detect

  • electrical wiring quality
  • arc flashes
  • load flow
  • short circuit study
  • and other electrical tests.

Besides performing the tests, it has to test according to the codes of NETA.


The competency certificate ensures that the inspector has a broad-based knowledge of systems. Moreover, an engineer must complete the test, and it is so he can look out for every possible hazard connected to the inspection. The ANSI/NETA ETT-2000 describes four levels of certifications, and level III (ETT Certified) and Level IV (ETT Senior Certified) are the most prominent. The owner and the inspector thus get legitimate assurance of reliability. 

Electric switchboard Inspection using quality equipment

Caption: Electric switchboard Inspection using quality equipment

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Types of Electrical Safety Permits

There are four types of electric permit that a third party inspector provide you.

  • Certification of Competency. It ensures that the person has complete knowledge of the hazards involved. Also, he can evaluate the test data and then judge the situation.
  • Domestic Installation Certificate. The inspector issues the domestic certificate on the complete test of equipment. Moreover, it has details of all the deviations and the type of work it has gone through.
  • Periodical Test, Inspection, and Report. The electrical testing technician uses this certification to mark existing installations, and this certificate detail most issues you have to address until the next inspection.
  • Minor Works Certificate. It is to certify that the inspector has tested small components like switches or lights.
Certified stamp

Caption: Certified stamp

Qualification of the Electrical Testing Firm

While you hire an organization, you should see whether it is working in the best of your interest. Moreover, hiring a competent team assures you that.

  • Technicians know how to inspect, test, maintain and calibrate all types of equipment.
  • He meets the experience and training needs of ANSI/NETA ETT-2000.
  • A qualified senior engineer will go through all the engineering reports.
  • The tests are done without the manufacturer’s interference.
  • The firm is a full-service maintenance business.

How to apply for an Electric Permit?

To apply for an electrical permit via a third-party organization, you will 

  1. Engage a registered third-party agency and submit the documents to the Permit Department. 
  2. With the permit application, also apply to the inspection company.
  3. Then you need to follow the Temporary guidelines of the inspection firm 
  4. Next, the agency will submit the report and compliance form to the department of permits.
Electric testing equipment

Caption: Electric testing equipment


The third-party inspection makes the process neutral as there is no interference. However, the hired technicians must have advanced test equipment and have proper certifications. Certain bodies issue the certificates upon completing a training process, and you and level significant can check out the certification before hiring someone for your work.

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