Portable Cable: a Useful Guide for Beginners

When working with portable cables, it’s crucial to consider a wide range of variables for them to work correctly. For example, the type of cable connectors or the cable’s exposure to certain weather types. Thankfully, there’s a place where you can find all you need to do cable prepping and make any connection happen.

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1.Power Cable & Portable Cord

First, it’s important to define them properly. 

A Portable cord (also called an extension cord or flexible cord) is a flexible cable with one or more insulated conductors inside a rubber insulation cover. Operators commonly use these cables for electrical purposes in temporary connections in extreme environments thanks to enduring abrasive materials and constant flexing. Although these cables don´t come with plugs at the end of the cord, portable cords are preferred over other cables. Especially when wiring commercial or industrial facilities. They are perfect for connecting all kinds of appliances, portable tools, small motors, and even industrial machinery.

Portable Cable1

On the other hand, manufacturers designed power cables, especially for permanent, durable connections. Operators and installers use them for electrical, industrial, and commercial usage, with power cables often seen on mining applications, among others. Whether it’s for electrical, telecommunication, or even internet connection purposes, power cords and portable cables are everywhere. These cables have so much to offer users in terms of durability, usability, and price/quality ratio.

Portable Cable2

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2. Types of Portable Cable

Portable Cable–SOOW/SJOOW Portable Cord

These portable cable cords possess a heavy-duty service cord. As the jacket hardens under the application of heat, it protects the cable of almost everything. This includes aging, water, abrasion, ozone, and even sunlight exposure.

Portable Cable3

Usually, operators use SOOW and SJOOW cables for most electrical power connections as they are flexible and able to endure plenty of environmental variables. As the most common application is for industrial applications, a junior service cord, like the SJOOW, is often rated for 300V service. On the contrary, the SOOW portable cord is preferred for 600V service. 

Flexible power cables like the SOOW and SJOOW come in 20 to 1,000-ft lengths. This makes them the perfect choice for indoor or outdoor applications, enduring up to 194ºF environments.

Portable Cable4

Portable Cable–W Portable Cord

W portable cords have a rubber outer coat that resists both weather and water, making this type of cable a heavy-duty service cord. It resists impact and abrasion on top of other environmental conditions. The strong core inside the cable ensures the flexibility and durability it needs to perform the right way. 

Unlike SOOW and SJOOW cables, the W portable cable is perfect for temporary higher voltage service, supporting up to 2000V. This turns the W portable cable into the right cable to use on drills, locomotives, pumps, cranes, and other heavy machinery.

Portable Cable5

Portable Cable–STOW/SJTOW Portable Cord

Best used as an extension cable, especially to portable tools, STOW and SJTOW portable cables are the best cord to power portable lights, washing machines, and other maintenance appliances alike. They have a thermoplastic jacket capable of resisting weather, water, and oil at all times. STOW and SJTOW cables are less flexible than other portable cords; however, they also work for heavy and junior services.

Portable Cable–SEOW Portable Cord

The TPE outer jacket that covers the SEOW portable cord makes this cable resistant to weather, oil, and water. In addition, the TPE allows it to endure lower temperatures; however, is not as durable as other portable cables. It works perfectly to power electrical equipment and construction tools, among others.

Portable Cable6

Pendant Drop Portable Cord

The Pendant Drop Portable Cord is a type of ceiling cable that hangs from the ceiling to provide a temporary power supply to machines of all kinds, especially used to work with handling and lifting equipment, including hoists or cranes.

Portable Cable–SC Portable Cord

Operators commonly use this heavy-duty cable as an entertainment or stage cable and it comes with a single conductor within its rubber jacket. SC Portable Cord is water, abrasion, crushing, ozone, and even solvent-resistant. In addition, people mainly use SC portable cords in TV broadcasts, communication vehicles, theater stage lighting, and even sound systems.

Portable Cable7

3. Portable Cable–Industrial Power Cable Assemblies at Cloom

Due to their ability to carry higher voltage levels, industrial power cables are thicker, more robust, and overall stronger than the ones used for residential purposes. Its construction allows them to be highly flexible and sturdy for industrial applications.

Type W Power Cable Assemblies

W Power Cable Assembly is flexible, trustworthy, and resistant to abrasions and impacts of all kinds. Furthermore, it’s perfect for any heavy-duty industrial application and offers the chance to supply both portable and temporary power.

Type PPE Power Cable Assemblies

Portable Cable8

The PPE Power Cable Assembly is the one with maximum flexibility and safe-handling features while resisting sunlight and water exposure. On top of that, it works with ACs, oil drills, power extension, mining, and more, providing portable and temporary power at all times.

Portable Cable–50A Twist-Lock Spider Box Assemblies

Being the perfect choice for recovering any kind of disaster, these box assemblies have industrial-level blade connectors that lock. These blade connectors allow the cables to work properly. In addition, these cables resist impact, chemicals, and even sunlight.

Portable Cable–2/5 Banded Cable Assemblies

Portable Cable9

Its outer cover is able to resist everything from moisture to flames, oils, solvents, and even acids. In addition, it also resists abrasion, crushing, and even ozone, making this type of cable assembly perfect for distribution panels and lighting applications on both entertainment and industrial facilities.

4. Entertainment Power Cable Assemblies at Cloom

This type of cable assemblies is often used for big, important entertainment-oriented facilities like concert venues, TV stations, movie sets, theatres, or sports stadiums. Their main feature is that these cable assemblies lower the chances of experiencing the power and electrical loss.

Portable Cable10

Portable Cable–Socapex 19-Pin Extensions, Break-Outs, and Break-Ins

The Socapex 19-Pin cable assembly has a high weight-strength ratio. In addition, it is perfect to perform simple wiring and maintenance on theatres, movie sets, and TV stations. This cable assembly works fine to lighting any stage with rugged connector requirements.

Portable Cable–SC Feeder Cable Assemblies

The SC Feeder offers resistance to sunlight, abrasions, chemicals, heat, acids, flame, and even water. In addition, it’s flexible, durable, and can be used both outdoors and indoors for theatres, TV, and movie sets.

Portable Cable–Quad Stringer Assembly Extensions

The Quad Stringer Assembly Extensions resist water, electric shock, and corrosion wonderfully, making this cable assembly the one for job sites and construction sites.

Portable Cable11

Stage Pin Assemblies

Its design allows the Stage Pin Assembly the ability to prevent infiltrations and absorb impacts. In addition, it’s easy to handle thanks to its nice insulation and works great for lighting applications


Also, there are plenty of industry-standard letter codes that’ll help you choose the correct cable for your cable assemblies needs. Considering the vast array of environmental conditions, there are those that range from 3/64″ Insulation | 18-10 AWG to 18-2 AWG | 2 or more conductors. In addition, there are portable cables with Neoprene Jacket, PVC Jacket, or colored jacket. These physical properties influence how a standard cord will work.

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