7 Tips to Follow While Buying Best Custom HDMI Cables For Your Project

Choosing the right one can be an issue when you have so many options available for HDMI Cables. Some cables are cheap with low quality, and some are too expensive with good material. Is there any way to get the best quality HDMI cables at affordable rates? Well, you can choose the best custom HDMI cables for your project if you want to get quality cables at lower rates.

Blue and red custom HDMI cables

Blue and red custom HDMI cables

Custom HDMI cables manufacturers have different types of customizations and modifications. At CLOOM Tech, we offer an extensive range of customizations for HDMI cables. You can get HDMI cables with custom lengths, custom colors, and custom materials. How do we make sure that you get the best custom HDMI cables? These seven tips will help you.

1.Always Check for HDMI Versions of the Cables

As we know, HDMI cables are available in different versions. And, there is not only one HDMI cable available in the market. Since the launch of HDMI cables, the functionality and work of the cable have undergone many upgrades and updates. HDMI technology is evolving, and manufacturers are working on making the cable quality better with new functions. Before ordering bulk custom HDMI cables, you need to ensure what version does your device support? If the latest tasks in the device or appliance are available, the newest version of HDMI cables will be preferable.

HDMI cables in different colors for projects

HDMI cables in different colors for projects

There are several versions of the HDMI cables depending upon the use of technology like HDMI cable 1.0, 1.4, HDMI cable 2.0, and many other versions. Every next version of HDMI technology has some added features and performances. If any device or equipment supports the newer version of HDMI cable, it does not mean that all the supported features will be active on that device. You don’t need to spend extra money on buying the newer versions. If some functions are irrelevant,
If you have devices in the industry project that support 4K video quality, using the latest HDMI cable version will let you use all the supported features of the device. Some device functions may not work well if you use an older version of the HDMI cable for the new device.

2.Consider the Reliability of Custom HDMI Cables

There will be no significant difference between the physical appearance of good and bad HDMI cables. If you want to measure the quality or reliability of the cable, you will have to check the material and other aspects. The good HDMI cables and wrong HDMI cables look the same, so the only way to ensure reliability is to choose a trusted custom cable manufacturer.

Custom HDMI cables from CLOOM Tech feature the most advanced manufacturing technologies and materials. Can your selected HDMI cables withstand a harsh workplace environment? What if you have to unplug cables again and again? Can you rely on the quality of the wires for more prolonged use?

Black reliable HDMI cable

Black reliable HDMI cable

Expensive cables don’t guarantee higher quality or reliability. CLOOM Tech offers affordable and cost-effective custom HDMI cables; still, the quality of our lines is second to none. The goal is to choose the best cables that you can rely on. If you end up using low-quality wires for your project, later on, these cables can create issues for you and your project. The best practice is to use hogh0-quality custom cables after analyzing the quality of the wires.

3.Measure the Required HDMI Cables Length

One of the main issues forces companies and teams to choose custom HDMI cables over standard display cables. While ordering custom HDMI cables, you have to provide the measurements of your project. While giving the details and specifications of your project, make sure that the measurements are precise.

The primary purpose of a custom HDMI cable is to introduce ease of installation with better cable management. If you want to reduce the wastage of line and want to buy ready-to-use wires, focusing on the length of the cable is an essential part. The shorter cable may not fulfill your project needs. Longer lines will be hard to manage, and extra wires can take a lot of space in the appliance or the workplace. The extra length will be useless, and the total wastage of resources and the budget.

Length of the HDMI cable is important

The length of the HDMI cable is essential.

If you don’t know how much cable length will be sufficient for your project, you can ask the CLOOM Tech team. Our experts can help you with the instructions on measuring the exact distance between two points of devices in a project.

4.Avoid Longer Cable Runs

Having more lengths than the required lengths won’t benefit you or your project. The primary purpose of a custom HDMI cable is to offer better management of the wires. At the same time, working on a project or workplace, the aesthetics of the workplace matter a lot. Having extra cables all over the desk in the office can create a mess, and adding different wires to the appliances can also take up a lot of space.

It would help if you focused on precise measurements of the HDMI cables to avoid these complexities. If the cable is spare, you will have to roll up the wire, and managing this extra wire can take extra space out of your workplace or the project.

Get custom HDMI cables with precise lengths

Get custom HDMI cables with precise lengths.

Standard HDMI cables cannot offer the same high-quality over longer distances. When you need to connect two devices at a distance of more than 10 meters, regular HDMI cables will lose quality. For better quality throughout the cable for lengths more than 10 meters, you need to use custom HDMI cables only. If you are too careful about the video quality, then we can add a quality booster too. Our custom cable assemblies reduce the longer cable runs with precise lengths with better wire management.

5.Focus on Size or Style of HDMI Cables

The size and style of the HDMI cable connector are among the most important factors to consider while buying custom HDMI cables. There are three common types of connectors available in the market:

  • Standard HDMI cable connectors
  • Mini HDMI cable connectors
  • Micro HDMI cable connectors

Before ordering the custom HDMI cables, don’t forget to check your equipment’s connector type and size or the device. Ordering the wrong cable style will be a total waste of money as those cables won’t fit the connectors of the devices. There are several add-ons available that can convert one type of HDMI cable to another style. But using too many converters at your workplace can damage the overall presentation of the project.

HDMI cable plug with silver connector

HDMI cable plug with silver connector

6.Understand High-speed HDMI Cable

The older versions of HDMI cables supported video quality of 720p, or some later versions also supported the HD videos. However, with the development of video resolution, these old cables have become a thing of the past. There are only a few devices that support the older versions of the HDMI cables.

With every newer version of the HDMI cable, support for video quality increased. Today, the advanced HDMI cable can support all kinds of video qualities, including 4k too. For high-quality video transmissions, only high-speed HDMI cables are suitable. While buying an HDMI cable, make sure that you are buying high-speed HDMI cables.

The sound and picture quality for the latest versions of the HDMI cables are way better than older versions. Custom cables can be your best choice to enjoy the premium sound and video qualities with affordable HDMI cables.

7.Consider the Application of the Custom HDMI Cables

While buying an HDMI cable, you must be aware of the use case of the product. Without knowing the details of the use of HDMI cables, you cannot buy the same wires as per the project specifications. If you use HDMI cables in the office, you will have to choose custom colors. If you use HDMI cables in the industry project, you will have to ask for wires with a slim and sleek design. need to use HDMI cables in a hot temperature room, you need to buy HDMI cables with an extra insulation layer.

Use of HDMI cable in office, homes, and industries

Use of HDMI cable in office, homes, and industries


Buying custom HDMI cables is straightforward after knowing these important 7 points. CLOOM Tech offers custom HDMI cables for commercial and industrial use. If you want to scale your business, you need to build a brand identity, and custom services play an essential role in marketing. Get in touch with us right now to avail yourself of our professional custom HDMI cables manufacturing services.

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