7 Important Things to Know About for Custom Wiring Harness Assembly Production

Do you want to inspect the custom wiring harnesses before it goes into the mass production process?

Just imagine you have chosen a custom wiring harness assembly manufacturer in China. When almost 80% of the production process is ready, you know that the size of the assembly is not as per your writing. This situation can be frustrating for both the manufacturer and the client.

For custom wiring harness assembly manufacturing at CLOOM Tech, we offer professional First Article inspection. To avoid these post-production crises, we recommend inspecting the First Article at the first stage of the production.

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1. What is First Article for Custom Cable Assembly Manufacturing?

First Article is just like the pre-production sample to ensure that everything is perfect as per the company demands. Provide the highest quality and satisfaction level, and our senior assemblers work on creating the First Article. The client and the production manager at CLOOM Tech work closely from the very first stage.

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The First Article ensures that both involved entities are on the same page for custom wiring harness assembly mass production. Our quality assurance engineers follow the same quality assurance protocols for the First Article in mass production.

After we have tested the cable assemblies in our testing labs, we have the client assess all the product details. We are always open to any modification or revision required by the client. A slight deviation can cause a problem at the end of the production process. After the change and the client assessment, we revise the First Article as per the new requirements and the amendments. Once the client agrees on the First Article, the product goes into mass production.

2. Do you Need the First Article for Approved Cable Assembly Design?

Most of the time, buyers submit the written requirements or the design diagram. Even if the design gets approval from the manufacturer or the assembler, do you still need the First Article?

In the production process, the measurements or the details can vary slightly, and it can cause an issue for the client project team. To ensure the highest precision and accuracy, First Article is a must step even for the approved design.

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At CLOOM Tech, our senior production manager and quality assurance staff pay special attention to the First Article details. First Article determines the overall quality of the production, and we make sure that:

  • The First Article has the same components and materials as per the final units
  • The manufacturing tool uses the same techniques and tools that we use in the mass production
  • Same employees and engineers work on First Articles which are going to work on the remaining units

3. First Article Inspection limits the Defects in Wiring Harness Assembly 

The First Article is not just about coming up with a typical prototype, and the First Article boosts the final production process by minimizing the revisions during production. Some issues and faults are negligible during the paperwork but appear during the production process.

Inspection quality control

The First Article inspection for the custom wiring harness assembly ensures quality work with minimum wastage of time. Skipping the First Article inspection can result in conflicts between the buyer and the custom wiring harness assembly manufacturer.  

The inspection of the First Article can help you in ways like:

1. Detect the use of any low-quality material or unsuitable component in the unit

2. Mismatch in the produced unit and the requirements of the client

3. Any problem in the production process or the production approach

4. Get to know the products in the better way that you are going to get after completion of the production

If both the client and the custom wiring harness manufacturing team ignore these points in the First Article, it can affect a large portion of the order. CLOOM Tech engineers try to consider these points at the first stage of the production and modify the units as per the buyer’s requirements.

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Enjoy a free sample worth up to $100!
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4. Things to Analyze in First Article for Custom Wiring Harness Assembly 

If you are a company looking for custom wiring harness assemblies, CLOOM Tech can serve from drawing the ideal design diagram to coming up with the final product. Most clients don’t know what to analyze and inspect in the First Article for custom wiring harness assembly. Here are some things that you should check in the First Article on custom cable assembly:

Comparing the Dimension

The custom wiring harness assembly design matters a lot as the dimensions need to be accurate and precise. The prototype or the First Article must have the exact sizes and measurements as the drawing. If the First Article unit has all the desired and required measures, the mass production is going as per the client’s requirements.

Analyzing the Tooling

The use of suitably calibrated and advanced instruments is essential for the fulfillment of the requirements. The First Article can assure that everything is going perfectly as per the plan. The use of any wrong or unsuitable tool can cause defects in the implementation of the cable assemblies in your project. At CLOOM Tech, if the client suggests any modification, our engineers modify the tooling accordingly. The end goal of the First Article is to meet the client’s requirements with the smooth delivery of the final product.  

5. How Is First Article Inspection Different from Other Inspections?

If your wiring harness manufacturer is not interested in providing the First Article, you must reconsider your choice. At CLOOM Tech, we have dealt with hundreds of clients for their custom products, and we have always been available for the First Article Inspection.  

Men during precision work on the production line

If the manufacturer is trying to offer final inspection but not the First Article inspection, you must know both are different. In some industries, a pre-shipment assessment is enough to check all the products against the requirement checklist. But for some sectors like automobile and heavy industry, most of the components require First Article inspection.

Like in the case of custom wiring harness assembly, the First Article will ensure that the produced unit fits your project. The measurements and dimensions meet the details of the project and the instrument. The First Article inspection does not need to be done at a large scale as a single unit can give you an idea of mass production.

6. Do you Need a Contractor to Analyze the First Article?

There are some companies and labs that offer the services for First Article inspection. Do you need to hire 3rd party for the First Article inspection? We don’t recommend spending money on the contractor as our senior production managers assist the buyers at every step of the production.

Hiring a 3rd party contractor can cost you a handsome amount. If you trust your custom wiring harness manufacturers, we don’t recommend hiring a contractor. If the manufacturing company has its testing staff, you can hire their services.  

7. What Details are There in the First Article for Wiring Harness Assembly ?

The concept of First Article inspection is not that common in many industries. Even for the custom wiring harness assembly manufacturing, many companies don’t go for First Article inspection. If you are not sure how to conduct the First Article inspection, at least try to analyze the design of the sample as per your requirements.

Professional electrician inspecting wires in the electrical box

CLOOM Tech custom wiring harness has an in-house team of quality analysts. It not only ensures the integrity of the client’s project but also offers transparency of the process. As no information transfer is involved, the overall production process takes place at the fastest possible pace.

If you have custom wiring harness assembly, you need to consider First Article inspection even if the importer is not offering the examination. If you choose the 3rd party contractor, make sure that you have mentioned this point in the contract.


We have been offering custom wiring harness assembly manufacturing and other custom services to the Chinese and international markets. We have strict quality assurance protocols and the latest testing labs. Every team member at CLOOM Tech has enough experience to meet the marketing needs and user requirements. Every shipment that we deliver to our clients goes under a strict quality testing process.   

We are always open to user suggestions and modifications. We keep our clients updated about the work progress to ensure client satisfaction and smooth delivery of the final product.  

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