USB Type C Extension Cable: What You Need To Know

If you are making use of an internet-enabled device, the chances are that you are using a USB type C extension cable type.

These cable types are unique and are relatively notable for high speed. There are many USB-type extension cable types, and they are different from the regular USB cables around.

How to identify the difference between the ordinary USB cable and the USB type C extension cable? It is quite simple. The first thing that you should observe is length.

These cable types are longer than usual. However, there are still other notable differences. Read on! Do you want to know more?

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Chapter One: Understanding USB Type C Extension Cable

What is the USB type C extension cable?

That is an extendable cable type. It aids in transmitting data and power.

USB Type C extension is sometimes mistaken for the micro USB cable.

How does it work?

The USB type C extension cable is compatible with several devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and various computer types.

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Enjoy a free sample worth UP TO $100!
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Chapter Two: Where to Customize the USB Type C Extension Cable

That is one question that seems to have no direct answer. Too often, you may ponder where to customize the USB type c extension cable to meet your expectations.

There are quite a handful of self-acclaimed professionals who claim to be service providers, but they do more harm than good in the long run. The big question is, “how do I discover good service providers?

There are different ways of discovering the right service providers.

There are options of asking around or making use of the internet to get the right service provider. In all, one notable place to customize the USB type C extension cable is Cloom Tech.

Cloom Tech is a service provider with a distinguished history of providing excellent service delivery. At Cloom Tech, many seasoned professionals ensure that the USB type C extension cables are designed according to the specification given.

It may seem far-fetched, but in reality, it is not. It is very achievable provided you give the necessary details.

How to write your discretion

The color you desire: 

Everyone has a choice, so do you. It is essential to specify the kind of color you fancy for the extension cable.


 The cable length is always necessary for building specification. Cloom Tech requires information on the type of cable length you need to get the best type of design.


USB Type C extension cables are compatible with many devices. So, it is pertinent that you specify the devices you want the extension cables to be compatible with.

Shielded or unshielded:

 This is another requirement to build the right design for you. At Cloom Tech, we are responsible for perfection. However, to achieve it, we needed to know how best to please you. The use of the USB type C extension cable determines if you settle for a shielded cable or not.

With all of this information in place, be assured of getting the exact USB type C extension cables your design.

Nonetheless, our experts ensure that they provide an accurate guide and information to you. One such guide is to inform you of the advantages and disadvantages of the options you settle for.

In all, Cloom Tech provides a second-to-none service delivery. That is evident in all our interactions with prospective clients and customers.

We do not only tailor the design to meet your specification; we always walk with you to build a flawless and sustainable design.

Should our services be required, we are only a mile away from helping you reach your desire.

An image of USB cable extension transparent and protected plugged

Chapter Three: Other Forms of USB

USB 1.0

This type of USB became famous in 1996. During its introduction, it was greatly accepted. One major shortcoming of this cable type is its rate of transferring data. It also does not ensure speed in data transmission.

Quite a several devices suitable devices USB 1.0 were a keyboard, mouse, and so on. That is because the devices did not make use of a large number of data.

USB 2.0

The USB 2.0 is an upgraded form of USB 1.0. It performs at a faster speed and transfers a more considerable amount of data than the USB 1.0.

One distinguishing feature of the USB 2.0 is that it still works well with the USB 1.0 port. The USB 2.0 effectively replaced the USB 1.0 because of its modern features. Some devices, such as cameras and camcorders, made use of it.

USB 3.0

This USB type is better than both the USB 1.0 and USB 2.0 put together. It transmits data at an incredible speed.

This USB type aids the transfer of data and information from a computer to other devices. It also connects with the USB2.0 and works well with it. This USB type is more efficient than the USB 2.0 and makes up for areas where the USB 2.0 is lacking.

An image of black long computer cable

Chapter Four: The Future of USB Type C Extension Cable

The important question is, “what is the future of the USB type C extension cables?”


It is essential to state that this USB type is not new emphatically. Its existence dated back many years ago. The USB cable type evolved from the USB 1.0 cable type and is still growing to something better for its users.

Virtually all devices make use of the USB cable for various needs. Since this is true, there are still some concerns about the USB type C extension cables. The changes that spring up from new USB cables give room for worry. Nonetheless, the design of the USB cable is to create a better function.

In recent times, the USB cable design was no match for the Lightning cable because of its features. The lightning cable appears thicker, while the USB type C extension cables seem fragile.

However, the cable is still favored over any other cable type and even introduces good designs to meet technological innovation.


The USB type C extension cables are virtually working on all kinds of electronic devices. That explains that many devices will depend on these cable types in the nearest future for the appropriate result.

It works well on smartphones, cameras, camcorders, and any device that uses a USB type C port.

An image of black color female USB extension cable


It is quite right that there are some cable types. Since this is true, the USB type C extension cable type remains relevant.

The cables are essential in homes, offices, and many places that require uninterrupted data.

It was a good read. The future of the cable is also auspicious as it works on almost all electronic mobile devices. If you require any help getting the optimum result of custom cable, we are your best bet for a top-notch service provider.

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Enjoy a free sample worth UP TO $100!
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