9 Things to Know About Custom USB Charging Cables

USB chargers have become a part of our lives. And we all know how important it is to choose the right custom USB charging cables for your project. However, not everyone is happy about so many USB types and lines doing their rounds in the market.

How do you know you have the best custom USB charging cable for your project?

Today, we will explore nine cool facts about custom USB charging cables. We have compiled the most important things to know about custom USB cables. We want to help you choose the correct wire for your projects to achieve your purpose.

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USB cable icon in flat style

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1: USB Cable Power Transmission

USB charger cables can carry out power transmission over parallel and serial protocols, and it’s one of its most significant plus points of USB.

The parallel transmission sends power and data over a series of lines, and the information co-occurs through the USB charger cable. You can transfer a high amount of data and control using parallel transmission.

The serial transmission uses a single line to send data and power. The bits of data or power arrive in sequence, as the name suggests. That is a slow process of charging or data transfer.

Custom USB charger cables transmit power to a range of devices. You can plug in any device, and it will take control of the host computer.

In the same way, you can use custom USB cables to charge devices using power banks. You may also find wall power outlets that have USB ports.

USB is a way towards universal charging.

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USB cable with USB wall charger plug

2: USB Charging CablesUser-Friendly and Convenient

USB charger cables come in very friendly to the users. With a height of approximately 3mm, USB charger cables work for the majority of the devices.

You want to charge your mobile; you need a USB charger cable. Your music player needs a USB cable; so does your digital camera. What about your external hard disk? It also has a USB charger cable to work.

Custom USB charger cables came and solved all charging problems. You can use any USB cable to charge your devices, and the new USB Type-C charger cables even work both ways.

USB makes it possible to hook your device and charge it! If you don’t have a USB charger cable, you can ask the person next to you. He will most surely have a USB charger cable in his bag!

USB Charging Cables 3

Different types of USB cable connectors

3: USB Charging CablesNo Up or Down Orientation

The USB charger cables have no up or down direction and work fine both ways. It saves you from thinking whether you have plugged the wire in the right way or not.

However, this advantage was not available earlier. You needed to connect USB Type A or B charger cables properly, and the change came with the new USB Type-C.

The USB Type-C charger cable works both ways. There is no need to worry about which end goes up and which goes down, and you can even plug your device with your eyes closed.

The orientation-less operation also reduces the chances of damaging your device. A custom USB charger cable will last longer for this reason.

4: USB Charger Cable Power Requirement

USB charger cables can charge up or provide power to anything. The older USB versions can supply 60 watts and 3-4 amps of electric current.

The new USB 2.0 and Type-C charging cables can support up to 5-watts, 20-volts, and 100-watts.

A great thing about a custom USB charging cable is its versatility. You can connect any USB cable to any device without worries, and the line will only provide the current supported by the device. You can also transfer data in the same way.

However, the speeds may fall back to a minimum when you connect a new cable to an old device or vice avers.

The current provided by different generations of USB also vary. You can get 500-mAh from USB 1.0 and 2.0. The next-generation USB 3.0 can deliver 900-mAh. You can derive an awesome 3,000-mAh from the latest USB 3.1.

Power demands may vary, but the solution remains the same – USB!

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5: USB Cables Prevents Virus Attacks on Mobile Devices

Recently, there have been many reports of mobile hacking at public charging places. Hackers use USB charger cables to steal data from a victim’s smartphone and devices. You may not even be aware of such practices until the damage occurs.

You can make custom USB charger cables to carry only power. The data transfer wires don’t work, and data exchange is not at all possible. That prevents hackers from accessing your device data, and they cannot use their negative ways like chips and codes to hack your device. Your mobile can receive power and fill the battery.

Many people are now using power-only USB charger cables to avoid viruses and hacking. Using power-only lines is, in a way, beneficial to our mobile devices as they don’t transfer malware, and it’s a much safer way to charge your phones.

USB port end of the handphone cable

USB port end of the handphone cable

6: USB Charging CablesFaster Data Transmission

USB cables are capable of moving data at high speeds, and they can transfer top definition movies and videos in just a few minutes or even seconds.

USB charger cables have two groups of wires, and one sends power, while the other transfers data. You can see four metal strips in a USB 2.0 connector, and the two pieces in the middle carry data, and the two strips on the outer sides take power.

USB 3.0 brings a new additional strip to transfer data. As a result, UBS 3.0 has much higher data transfer speeds.

Older versions of USB 2.0 carried data only in one direction, and the recent USB 3.0 can transfer data both ways simultaneously.

USB charger cables help many devices to function using data transfer. From keyboards and mouses to hard disks and phones, all devices need a USB for data transfer.

Different versions of USB support different data transfer speeds, which is also an important fact to note.

7: Ultra 4K Resolution and HD Content

Some USB cables can also transfer the ultrahigh definition of video quality. Generally, it works for some HDMI displays, and that’s a complete win-win situation.

You will need newer custom USB charger cables to transfer HD content. Older versions of USB 1.0 or 2.0 cables will not share HD videos, and the unique USB 3.0 or 3.1 versions are best for such high-demanding data transfer.

Here is a data speed chart of different custom USB charger cables-

  • USB 1.0 – 12Mbps
  • USB 1.1 – 12Mbps
  • USB 2.0 – 480Mbps
  • USB 3.0 – 5Gbps
  • USB 3.1 – 10Gbps
  • USB 3.2 – 20Gbps

The USB 3.0 and later versions are ideal for high-speed data transfer. You can watch and stream HD videos without any lag or interruption. Some connections may need an adapter to work. Check your TV and then choose a suitable cable.

8: USB Charging CablesConnects Phones to Television Sets

You can even connect your mobile phone to your TV set with a USB and HDMI cable.

You can use USB cables to hook up a variety of devices. However, it would help if you had the right tools and equipment. You can connect your mobile phone to your TV set with a USB and HDMI cable, and sometimes, you can also do the job without an HDMI cable.

The TV must have a USB port on it to connect to other devices. You can insert one end of your USB charger cable on the TV and put the other end in your phone.

Next, you need to select the TV source as USB from the remote, and this will present the content on your phone on your TV.

USB cable car double charge cigarette lighter socket

USB cable car double charge cigarette lighter socket

9: USB Charging CablesCompact and Easy to Carry

USB cables are very compact in size and shape. It makes them very easy to move around and use.
You can throw in a custom USB charger cable in your suitcase and charge all your devices. The wires also weigh less and can fit into a small place easily. You need a power bank or wall outlet to juice up your devices and get them ready for action.


We have presented the best custom USB charger cables facts you should know about. The information will help you determine the type of USB cable you need. We manufacture different USB charger cables meeting your specifications. We can customize USB charger cables the way you need them for any application. You can get general USB cables or order only charging cables without data transfer.

Get in touch with our team to learn more about our custom USB cables. We have the best rates and turnaround times in the industry, and please work with us to increase profitability and revenues.

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