Shielded Ribbon Cable: All You Need To Know

Shielded ribbon cables are an integral accessory for many computers and older computer peripherals. The right custom cables for your PC will ensure the efficiency of power supply and data transfer equally. Custom shielded ribbon cables provide just that. They are also protected to ensure that environmental factors and the threat of potential damage are minimal.

Choose cables that provide solutions for future problems and not just a quick fix for your current needs. Shielded ribbon cables provide efficiency and efficacy. They’re also durable enough to withstand power surges, vibrations, and other incidents which can burn out lesser cables. Get the right shielded ribbon cable made for you the first time by a company you trust. You won’t have disappointment.

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Chapter 1: What is a Shielded Ribbon Cable?

A shielded ribbon cable is a compact, flat bundle of wires protected by a flame-retardant, puncture-resistant shield.

Shielded ribbon cables condense multiple cables into a finite space. This is critical for the devices they power and provide data transfer for. You don’t have to have multiple wires which can tangle and damage when a computer or peripheral moves.

A shielded ribbon cable protects these expensive cables with shields made out of copper and foil. You get top data transfer speeds and power capabilities with limited risk of cable damage from external factors. Shielded ribbon cables are a must for very tight spaces. They are custom cut and assembled to fit the needs of your devices and space you’re working with. Find the right company to make a great shielded ribbon cable for you, and you’ll not need to worry.

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Chapter 2: What Electronics Are Shielded Ribbon Cables Used on?

Shielded ribbon cables have many uses for PCs and computer peripherals. Older computer accessories such as hard drives, CD drives, and floppy drives run at peak efficiency with the help of shielded ribbon cables. For older computers such as the Apple II and BBC Micro, shielded ribbon cables work for external connections.

Because of their simplicity of design and comparatively low cost, shielded ribbon cables were long used for a variety of printers and computer devices. While some replace them with round wires in many instances due to problems with computer cooling and overall airflow, they’re still essential for many older-generation devices.

Advancements in the construction of shielded ribbon cable have made them safer and much more feasible for use than in previous incarnations.

Chapter 3: What Makes Up the Shield in a Shielded Ribbon Cable?

A shielded ribbon cable usually has an outer shield made out of a copper braid. This outer shield helps to protect the cables within from dangers associated with motion, vibrations, and mechanical stress. Double-shielded ribbon cables also have an inner foil shield which prevents contact for the cables with the outer copper braid shield.

The shield on a properly shielded ribbon cable is free of contaminants and halogens. This is also true from the wires within the shield. Some shielded ribbon cables also have a flexible jacket sleeve on top of them, which is resistant to punctures and abrasions from improper folding and weight displacement.

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Chapter 4: Why You Should Use a Shielded Ribbon Cable in Your Project

For the use of past generations of computers, printers, and computer accessories, shielded ribbon cables are a must. If you want to get data out of these devices or use them in a newer context, an adequately shielded ribbon cable will provide peak data transfer speeds and power capability. The right shielded ribbon cable will also limit the number of wires and potential tangling disruptions which arise from everyday use.

Shielded ribbon cables can also be handy for newer devices, especially with advancements in the technology used to create them. If you want peak data transfer speeds and have finite space to work with, a custom shielded ribbon cable is right for you. Why worry about multiple wires which can get pinched and damaged easily? Use an adequately shielded ribbon cable for your project and be free of worry about cable damage and lack of cable efficacy.

Chapter 5: The Importance of Keeping Your Cables Shielded

Cables are essential to the operation of a bevy of computers, printers, and other digital peripherals. They are the circulatory system for your devices when it comes to data transfer and power supply. A cable which is not shielded runs the risk of damage by multiple external and internal factors. Shielded ribbon cables protect your expensive cables from these factors. They also condense multiple wires into a finite space and make them easy to bend and pinch into tight spaces without risk of cable damage.

It is essential to shield your cables from the potential of punctures, power surges which could lead to electrical fires, and a bevy of other possible dangers. The right shielded ribbon cables will ensure your cables work to their peak efficiency for much longer. Furthermore, they will protect the devices they connect to from collateral damage which damaged cables can cause.

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Chapter 6: Where to Find Custom Shielded Ribbon Cable

Don’t settle on a budget custom cable company in your search for the right custom shielded ribbon cable. Because these cables are less prevalent than round cables, a company not versed in shielded ribbon cables could do more damage than good. Look to a company like CLOOM Tech which has decades upon decades of combined experience in the craft of shielded ribbon cable creation.

CLOOM Tech will put together beautiful, efficient, and durable custom shielded ribbon cables. And which ran at peak data transfer speeds and provided the uninterrupted power supply. We create these cables and protect them with only the finest materials for a fair price.

If you pick a custom cable company off the web without proper justification, you run the risk of improper custom shielded ribbon cable assembly. This could do permanent damage on your computer systems, printers, and other computer peripherals. Look to a company like CLOOM Tech who knows shielded ribbon cables and how to custom and build them to your exact needs and specifications.

Chapter 7: What Projects Shielded Ribbon Cables are Used in

Shielded ribbon cables have many uses for a variety of essential projects which involve computers and computer accessories. If you want to use older-generation PCs, printers, and computer peripherals to their peak efficacy, you’re going to need a custom shielded ribbon cable to started.

Properly-crafted custom shielded ribbon cables can be useful for newer devices and computers too! If you want your computer and peripheral cables protected from external dangers and damage, the right group of custom shielded ribbon cables will do the trick! Although round cables have replaced shielded ribbon cables in many instances, that doesn’t mean shielded ribbon cables don’t have their place.

Contact CLOOM Tech today and get a quote on a proper custom shielded ribbon cable. You’ll be glad you did!

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Chapter 8: Importance of Finding a Reputable Company That Works With Shielded Ribbon Cables

There is a difference between a custom shielded ribbon cable, and a proper custom shielded ribbon cable crafted for your needs and specifications. While most custom cable companies can make a shielded ribbon cable, there are a lot of factors in their creation which glosses over and leads to problems down the road.

If you don’t find a reputable company such as CLOOM Tech to create your custom cable, you may not get the data transfer speeds you need and the protection you deserve.

An improperly-built shielded ribbon cable could do more damage than good.

It could cause collateral damage to your devices. That could spell the end of older devices which aren’t as easy to repair and replace parts for anymore.

The right custom shielded ribbon cable should eliminate worries, not create more. That’s why a reputable company such as CLOOM Tech is an essential partner in your search for the right custom shielded ribbon cables.


A proper custom shielded ribbon cable will solve all of your data transfer and power supply needs for a wealth of computers and computer accessories. It will pack all of your cables into a finite and easy-to-store space. It will also serve to protect your expensive cables from external dangers such as punctures, power surges, moisture, and pinching.

Contact CLOOM Tech today for a quote on a custom shielded ribbon cable for your project. You’ll be glad you did. The experts at CLOOM Tech will craft a beautiful custom shielded ribbon cable which balances transfer power and ample protection – all at an extremely fair price. What are you waiting for? Get the right custom shielded ribbon cable created the first time. Contact CLOOM Tech right away!

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