Retractile Power Cords: Your Electrical Cable Fix for Connections

As technology progresses, so does the equipment you require to create the machinery.

There are instances where straight cables are unsuitable.

Consequently, you either shelve the project, awaiting a suitable fix or abandon it altogether.

Also, it would help if you had a variety of high-quality Retractile Power Cords solutions to ensure the continuity of your work.

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What is a Retractable Coil Cord?

A retractable cord resets to its original form, even after you extend it.

Its construction allows minimal stress on the soft copper center wire, meaning your connection’s integrity remains intact.

Depending on their application, you will find them in various spiral shapes.

Consequently, suppliers denote them by different names, including coil, curly, or retractable coiled cords. 

Black retractile power cord over a data screen

Black retractile power cord over a data screen

Get Your Free Sample!

Enjoy a free sample worth UP TO $100!
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The Benefits of Retractile Power Cords

Despite the world moving to wireless connectivity, you will still find a retractable coil cord in some of your equipment.

Below are some of the benefits you get from using a retractile coiled cord:

White retractile phone cord

White retractile phone cord


The design of a retractable coil cord offers resistance to wire tears, abrasions, and moisture.

Furthermore, the materials that make up the insulation also protect against UV rays, ozone, and chemical damage.

The broad scope of resistance from retractile power cords makes them the ideal choice in high-usage situations.


The demand for space is at an all-time high.

Therefore, you need a functional solution that will utilize as little space as possible.

You can easily extend the cord length to distances of several feet and store them compact when not in use.

Furthermore, they are less likely to tangle or intertwine, as would straight cables.

For example, the curly code of your office landline allows you to pass the headset across the boardroom without moving the whole telephone.


The design of coiled cables or retractable cords prevents any stress on the center conductor.

Consequently, they are your best option in situations that require heavy usage.

For example, robotic arms in factories go through many movements that result in immense wear and tear.

The insulation jackets and hardiness of retractable cables prevent any damage to the center conductor, ensuring the integrity of your connection regardless of the stress levels.


The spiral nature of retractile power cords allows them to withstand repeated expansion and contracting.

Additionally, the coils limit the cable’s exposure to the elements and offer double protection to the copper wire inside.

Consequently, the cable’s lifespan increases tremendously.


There are situations where the power outlet is at an odd angle. Instead of demolishing the entire wall, retractable cables can be your way out.

Their design allows the cable to stretch up to five times its redacted size, offering you elasticity and flexibility beyond other cable types.

Black retractile power cord stretched out.

Black retractile power cord stretched out.


Retractile power cords’ extended durability and lifespan significantly reduce the need for frequent repairs and replacements.

Consequently, they are one of the most cost-effective cabling solutions in the market.

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Applications of a Custom Retractable Coil Cord

As you can see, many benefits accrue from using a retractable coil cord.

Consequently, their use of applications transcends numerous industries and technologies.

Below are some of the areas you will find curly cords in use:

Retractile Power Cords–Robotics:

Most of the robots in homes and factories have a retractable coil cord in their circuitry to accommodate the ranges of motion that the robot performs.


Landlines, fax machines, and printers all have retractable coil cords in their setup.

For example, the curly cord that connects your printing head and the CPU of the printer allows for varying horizontal movement when applying toner to your paper.

Blue spring telephone cable

Blue spring telephone cable

Retractile Power Cords–Industrial:

Assembly lines and food packing industries rely on robots for labeling and material movement functions.

A retractile coiled cord allows you to move this equipment across different workstations without extending the power source.


Hospitals and emergency rooms constitute high movement within a limited space.

Different types of coiled cables don the equipment inside an emergency room.

For example, heart defibrillators have coiled cables for the paddles, which allow you to reach the patient, regardless of how far they are from the central unit.

Retractile Power Cords–Architecture:

You will find a retractable coil cord to power electrical equipment that requires a ceiling wall mount swivel bracket.

The cable is hardy enough to withstand all the movement from the swivel joint.

Other industries that use retractile power cords include the military, consumer electronics, and media.

Space-saving and cord management continue to be a priority across the board.

Therefore, the significance of a retractable coil cord is hard to ignore.

Choose Cloom as Your Retractable Coil Cord Manufacturer

Among the solutions we offer are the supply and manufacture of custom retractile cables.

You can avail of a retractable coil cord in various voltage ratings, compounds, AWG sizes, conductor counts, and conductor sizes.

With over a decade of experience, Cloom guarantees you the best-fit retractable coil cord, regardless of the uniqueness of your project.

Black cord coiled up.

Black cord coiled up.

Retractile Power Cords–Features of our products

Each coiled cord from Cloom goes through independent testing to ensure high quality and durability.

Consequently, you can avail of a retractile coiled cord.

  • Operates in a temperature range of -65°C to 105°C
  • covers cord sizes of 10  AWG to 34 AWG
  • is industry-approved for outdoor and high moisture applications.

Materials we use for our coiled cords.

Cloom coiled cords feature the following materials in their construction.

Conductors: You can select the following types of conductors:

Tinned copper, Silver-plated copper,  Nickel-plated copper,  Stainless steel, and Fiber optic.

Stranding: You can select from various stranding types for your custom power cords.

For example, in our inventory, you can purchase a retractable coil cord that features either rope lay or concentric lay stranding.

Retractile Power Cords:Black spring cable

Black spring cable

Insulation: We offer two types of insulation material for our AWG SJTW cable.

Thermoset jacket material can consist of either neoprene, natural rubber, or SBR.

Thermoplastic includes PVCm TPR, Teflon, Polyethene, or polypropylene.

Custom colors are only available with this type of insulation.

Shielding Types: Our conductors feature shielding by aluminum foil polyester tape and serve shield.

However, we offer custom cables that combine shielding and jacketing material.

Retractile Power Cords–Our capacities

You can rely on us to provide retractile cord and coil solutions at the most competitive pricing.

Furthermore, our fast production times allow us to fulfill low minimum and high volume orders to match your business requirements.

You can purchase off-the-shelf coiled cords or work with our design engineers to create your unique cabling solution.

They can also recommend specific coiled cords to match your requirements across several industries and applications.

These include production line tools, commercial vehicles, and retail equipment such as barcode readers.

Retractile Power Cords:Retractile cable in a knot

Retractile cable in a knot

You can also request retractable coil cords of varying retracted, extended, or tangent lengths.

For example, we offer a retractable cord reel that is 60 feet long when coiled and features straight tangents that are 24 feet.

Furthermore, you can consult with our design engineers to get expert knowledge on your applications.

We customize your cables regarding voltage, insulation color, stranded or bare copper conductors, and special terminations.


Retractile coiled cords are a staple in many industries.

Whether you are looking for a solution for your power supply, communication equipment, or control cables, we support you every step of the way.

Visit us for all your custom retractable cable and wire harness solutions.  

Cloom continues to offer pioneering wire harnessing and custom coiled cord assemblies to meet your requirements.

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