RCA Cable: All You Need To Know Why We Choose RCA Cable

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Are you a video lover? If your answer is in the affirmative, then you need the custom RCA cable. The importance of the RCA cable is much evident in watching television and making use of speakers and stereos.

The RCA cable performs similar functions to the HDMI cable except for few differences. The RCA cable is cheaper than the HDMI cable and can transmit video signals all things being equal.

If you want to get good video and audio output, make use of the RCA cables.  More so, get a sound system apart from your theater system and save much money trying to buy the HDMI cable.

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Input RCA connectors on the back of the loudspeaker

Chapter 1: What is an RCA cable?

RCA is an acronym for Radio Corporation of America. It is a three colored plug that extends from one end of a cable and connects to three different outputs at the back of a TV, projector and other output devices.

The RCA cables transmit audio and video signals from the component device to an output device.

Uses of the RCA cable

There are quite a handful of the uses of the RCA cables. Since the HDMI cables are suitable for the same function as the RCA cables, the RCA cable is still very relevant and performs a variety of uses.

The cables are suitable for connecting devices such as camcorders to various output devices such as TV, speakers, and stereos.

High-end camcorders possess three RCA jacks. As a result of this, any signal that enters or leaves the camcorder does so through three RCA jacks: one audio and two video channels. The resultant effect is a high-quality transfer of audio and video signals.

On the other hand, lower-end camcorders do not possess the same quality as the high-end camcorder. It possesses only one jack which is also known as a stereo jack. The stereo jack is a fusion of the three channels. The resultant effect of this fusion is that there is a poor quality transfer of audio and video signals because the three different channels are compressed as one.

Furthermore, RCA cables also transmit non-digital signals. For this reason, these cable types cannot connect directly into a computer-related device or any other kind of digital device whatsoever.

More so, the RCA cables are essential when connecting an amplifier to any device.

cable audio video RCA jack isolated

Chapter 2: The various types of RCA cable

In using the RCA cable, it is crucial to understand the different kinds of RCA cables and how best to use them. These cable types are essential when connecting devices to transmit audio and video signals. Therefore, there are two major types of RCA cables. They are:

  • The composite video RCA cable:

 The composite video represents a non-digital means of transmitting videos. It carries all its video information in only one signal.

Unfortunately, the signals are of a low-quality. This is because the non-digital video comprises of three different signals. So, when all three signals become one, it makes it quality weak.

These types of RCA cables are notable for colors such as red, white or black for the right and left parts of the audio channels. Then, the yellow color indicates the composite video. The signal for composite video RCA cable is 480i NTSC/576i PAL.

Also, the composite video RCA cables are not suitable for high definition non-digital signals and digital signals as well.

  • The component RCA cable:

 These RCA cable types consist of three different video lines such as red, green and blue color. It also possesses red, white or black colored audio lines. The red lines of the cable sometimes consist of a different color that helps for identification purposes.

They are very superior to the composite video RCA cables and are compatible with HD TV. More so, these cable types possess superior resolution capacity than the others. The capacity include; 480p, 576p, 720p, 1080p

Scart 3 RCA cable video transmission


Chapter 3: Factors That Affect the RCA cable

Various factors influence the RCA cables. Many people are not aware of these factors, so most people are dissatisfied with the results of using RCA cables.

It is vital to take note of these factors as they are a necessary consideration in measuring the performance and quality of the cables. These factors are:

The material of the wire: The material of the cable is an integral part of the cable itself. The RCA cable comes in different materials; such as gold, silver, or copper. The various materials are essential and play significant roles in the use of the cable. The RCA cable with gold material is the most expensive of all material. 

They also possess superior quality than the silver and copper material. The gold connectors also curb the effects of oxidation and cannot conduct electricity properly.

The silver materials are suitable materials for electrical conductivity. The copper material also is suitable for electrical conductivity. Both the silver and copper material is not as expensive as the gold material. Other examples of the material include zinc, tin, and nickel.

The length of the cable: The length of the cable is also a factor that you need to pay attention to when making decisions about the RCA cable. The length of the cable needs to be long enough for whatever purpose you want it to serve.

Short RCA cable length affects the quality of the signal it transmits. Thus, when choosing RCA cable, get the one that serves the exact function you hope to get. Purchase an RCA cable that possesses the right kind of length that brings about the excellent quality signal.

The type of shielding: The type of shielding of the RCA cable also plays a significant role. A shielded cable gives good quality signals and performs better than an unshielded cable.

More so, there is also a need to emphasize on the need for security. Unshielded cables come with many disadvantages. So, in purchasing RCA cables and with the real desire to get the best result, choose shielded cables.

Consider the other part of the cable: It is essential to look at the wires carefully, especially when making connections. If it is obtainable, make sure that the material of the cable that you will you use for the connection is the same as the material of the connector.

This presupposes that you do not mismatch different materials when trying to make a connection. For instance, the gold cable material is suitable for gold connectors. It is wrong to use a gold cable material for a copper or silver connector. This is very risky, and it may result in an electrolytic reaction.

Chapter 4: The Differences Between HDMI and RCA cable

Individuals possess a variety of options at their disposal when it comes to making decisions about the type of cable to use for entertainment purposes. Sometimes, this is confusing, especially for people who are unable to identify the basic differences between two cable types.

For people who are lovers of movies and video games, choosing between the HDMI and RCA cable is quite demanding. Despite the level of individual technical ability, at some point in time, they make decisions on the appropriate cable to use for video signals.

HDMI cables are beneficial on high definition televisions and cannot function properly on standard TVs. However, the RCA cables are suitable for both high definition televisions and standard televisions.

However, before making any decision, it is essential to understand the differences between the two cable types.

Mode of signal transmission: A notable difference between both cable types is the mode of transmission. The RCA cable transmits an analog signal while the HDMI cable transmits digital signals.

More so, the HDMI cable transmits its signal in a very similar way a computer does, but the RCA cable transmits its signals as voltages that represent pictures.

Audio signal: The HDMI cable transmits both audio and video signal whereas the RCA cable does not possess such capacity. For an RCA cable to transmit audio signals, it requires an additional plug.

Though the physical makeup of the RCA cable comprises of red and white connectors that transmit audio signals yet it is not effective. The two connectors on the RCA cable cannot conveniently transmit audio signals unless you replace them with the optic audio cable.

Quality of video: Numerous individuals believe that the HDMI cable transmits better video signals than the RCA cables. This is not entirely true. The RCA cables transmit right quality video signals, and it is almost impossible to identify the differences between both cable types.

Convenience factor:  Convenience is a quality that many people look out for when making decisions about the cable type to settle for. In situations where you want a cost-effective cable, then the RCA cable is your best bet.

Furthermore, the HDMI cable requires one only cable for its connection purposes. It is also notable for connectivity speed and also curbs the effects of external interference on sound production.

Some high definition television possesses different output that accommodates both the HDMI cable and the RCA cable. The reality remains that RCA cable is capable of performing a similar function as the HDMI cable.

So, it is better to settle for the RCA cable for high definition televisions. Except in situations where you want to feed different signals into the TV. However, many theater systems possess a separate sound system.

This helps to transmit sound to the audio receiver and then sends the video signal to the TV. In this situation, there is a need for HDMI cable.

The type of cable you choose depends on what you hope to achieve from the cable usage. There are possibilities that the RCA cable will produce almost the same quality as the HDMI cable. Interestingly, the RCA cable is also cost-effective.

Yellow, red, white video audio cable

Chapter 5: Where To Buy RCA Cable

Everyone wants to get the best from the use of video cables. The problem lies in not knowing the right place to buy the cable from.

As individuals, there are times you crave to see indoor and enjoy the comfort of your home while sipping your favorite juice and watching the television. It sounds like a perfect plan, right?

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Chapter 6: The Custom-Made Cable Supplier CLOOM Tech

One notable fact about custom-made RCA cable is that it is versatile. That is, it suits different purposes and needs.

You can get the type of RCA cable you desire. Nothing is impossible if you never gave it a try.

It is possible to build a specific type of RCA cable that pleases you every need. All you need to do is make the cable with the right kind of material and tools and watch everything fall into places for you.

Surprisingly, the RCA cables are straightforward to build to your specific design. Some individuals think that it requires so much effort to develop your RCA cable. Well, this is not entirely true.

It may be difficult for people who do not have the skill to go about it the right way. However, there is no need to stress over building a custom-made RCA cable when Cloom Tech can take care of it.

Who is Cloom Tech? CLOOM Tech is an organization notable for building custom-made cables which includes RCA cables. We are a strong team of intellectuals and result-oriented individuals who place the interest of our numerous clients before ours.

The members of the staff consist of dedicated individuals with the ability to deliver prompt and timely results. Our technicians not only build your design but do to with your specifications. Your satisfaction is our utmost priority!

More so, we ensure that the custom-made RCA cable gets to you at the appropriate time and place. With us, you are sure of timely delivery with no stress on your part.

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RCA cables are vital in our homes and offices.  Its importance is exceedingly evident in need to spend quality time with friends and family.

Furthermore, RCA cables are efficient in connecting speakers and stereos. Contrary to what most people think, the RCA cable performs similar functions to the HDMI cable. You only need to know how to make use of it.

Why break your bank to purchase an expensive cable when RCA cable is very affordable, versatile, and efficient. So, contact us today!

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