RAST Connector: The Buyers Guide You Need to Know

RAST connector is essential in the home appliances market. Furthermore, this connector system uses a standard block terminal to manage the growing complexity of electronic connections. 

This article explains the RAST technology’s concept and highlights the origin, benefits, applications, and various top brands.

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1. What is a RAST Connector? 

The concept is an acronym in German (Raster Anschluss Steck Technik), which means ‘Raster connection plug technology.’

Before we go deep into what it is, let’s look at the origin of this connector.  

1.1 Origin of RAST 

The RAST came into being in the 1980s due to Europe’s electronic connection’s growing complexity. 

Back in the 80s, European companies that made appliances had a significant problem with pairing their devices. 

In search of a solution, makers of wire connectors and harnesses came together to create a way out. They used a block terminal standard, which was more like the connectors used by carmakers in their automobiles. 

After thorough research and testing, they came up with a tech-changing connector called RAST. 

Most companies began to place demand for its design. These firms include harness makers and connector suppliers.

Due to the many gains of using RAST, the demand and its use have increased. But it has a slow adoption rate in the North American markets.

1.2 RAST Connector Definition

The term “RAST” stands for Raster Anschluss Steck Technik. It is also known as Pitch Connection Plug Technology. 

The name RAST usually has a number in front, which denotes the contact centerline spacing of the connector. For instance, a RAST 5 Interconnect means raster connector housing has 5mm of center-lines spacing between contacts. 

Besides, it will be ideal if every household uses RAST. It is an Insulation Displacement Connector (IDC) in which the terminal goes into the insulation of the cable when pairing. In other words, it erases the need to cut, strip, and crimp cables one at a time.

What’s more, most makers that produce high-quality and high-output RAST harnesses use more high-speed termination equipment.

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2. Benefits of RAST Connector 

There are several advantages of RAST that appliance makers can enjoy. They include: 

There are several advantages of RAST that appliance makers can enjoy. They include: 

  1. Reduce the number of harness components. This benefit is a result of using multiple position connector
  2. Reduce several components required in an inventory. They do this by customizing polarization features on automatic termination equipment.  
  3. It reduces plugging errors by using keying and polarization characters. 
  4. It makes the installation process’s best use to decrease the time and erase single wires’ clips and strips.
  5. Enhance structure reliability and house retention using the latching system.
  6. It helps reduce labor costs due to the use of IDC connectors.

3. Applications of RAST Connector

RAST has many practical applications, and a few of them include:

  1. PC board pairing with wire harness of household appliances. These include freezers, washing machines, and microwave ovens. 
  2. Mating with motor interfaces. 
  3. Connect with various components, including relays, rotary switches, pressure sensors, and pumps. The RAST connector is also the go-to system to connect printed circuit boards in switches and motors’ controls. 
PCB Connector

(PCB Connector)

4. RAST Connector System Brand

In this section, we are going to provide excellent information on the various brands of RAST connectors. 

4.1 TE Connectivity 

TE connectivity Office Building

(TE connectivity Office Building)

TE is one of the world’s leading brands when it comes to designing and producing electronic connections. They also make the best series of RAST products that you will find in today’s markets. Their connectors comply with CQC, UL, and VDE requirements.

Besides, they offer automatic lines of production for safer and more secure connections. Such networks include control unit connections. Perfect examples are washing machines, ovens, and freezers.

What’s more, TE RAST products enhance wire-to-board connections in various home gadgets. It also offers this benefit in motor and PCB links in industrial appliances.

4.1.1 Key Products in the TE Brand 

  1. It has strong heat resistance, cold resistance and humidity resistance. 
  2. TE RAST connectors come in different colors and sizes, as well as footprint layouts. 
  3. Centerline connectors include the TE RAST 2.5 and 5 grade. 
  4. They feature special designs for auto production.
  5. A full range of right-angle mating and vertical headers
  6. TE offers a complete series of application tooling.
  7. Includes keying that has silver or tin-plated IDCs.

4.1.2 Advantages of TE RAST

  1. Perfect for manual and automated production lines.
  2. IDC connector systems are safer and faster. 
  3. They offer solutions that help to improve productivity and quality.

4.1.3 Key Products in the TE Brand 

  • DUOPLUG power connector
  • Positive Lock Connector
  • FASTIN-FASTON Tab Header
  • AMP multi fitting mark II
  • Standard Timer Connector
  • RAST 5 Tab Head
  • Standard Timer Contact
  • RAST 2.5 Tab Header

4.2 Molex 

Molex Connectors

(Molex Connectors)

The Molex brand offers one of the best RAST Connector Systems. These include the RAST Power connectors, RAST 5, and RAST2.5, and Molex also makes them for absolute reliability.

Besides, they meet the UL94 V-0 and GWT flammability standards, making them well-matched with international design. Their products come with flexible plans. 

What’s more, they adhere to RoHS standards with the range and rates up to 250VAC and 16A.

Typical Molex Connector

(Typical Molex Connector)

4.2.1 Molex RAST Connector System (Molex RAST 5 IDT and Molex RAST 5 crimp)

  1. They help in providing easy identification signals.
  2. They bond with 93070 or 93071 series headers with ease.
  3. Molex connectors run at temperatures from -40oC to +120 in the necessary amperage and subseries. 
  4. Molex features pin-and-side lock systems to improve direct mating PCB retention. They achieve this with markings of color when using several components.

4.2.4 Molex RAST Connector System (Molex RAST 5 IDT and Molex RAST 5 crimp)

The RAST 5 IDT design from Molex has four points of contact at the mating interface. They are reliable power connectors that satisfy all the industry’s standards. Besides, the Molex RAST 5 IDT is available in versions that support indirect mating. These include 10A, 1-12 Circuit, 16A, and 2-4 circuits.

On the other hand, the crimp connectors of Molex 5 come in 2-10 circuit versions. It can also contain two terminals. These include the 94518 High-Normal Force (HNF) and 94549′ Caiman’-style terminal for current up to 25A and 16A, respectively.  They are also cheap power connectors and have a low-insertion force and a High-Normal force feature.

The two Molex RAST connector systems comply with the GWT (Glow Wire Test) and rates UL 94V-0. They both also offer a wide range of keying and lock settings to help prevent cable mismatch.

4.3 JST’s RARSF RAST Connectors

JST Connectors

(JST Connectors)

The JST RARSF RAST 5 connectors are the perfect choice for household electronic connections since they are right-angled.

It features low-insertion-force connectors that can pair with standard male PCB tabs without hassles. Besides, the connection makes it easier to direct routing in small spaces. The JST RAST products also use a lock mechanism that works great to counter unintended disengagement.

Besides, the JST’s RAST connector systems comply with the RoHS and are UL certified. They also come in various standard terminals, keying and housing, and vast color-coding options. 

You can get standard solutions with as high as 12 contacts on a pitch of 5.0mm. These solutions are more of 18-14WF wire, 250V, 15A, and it operates with temperatures ranging between -40C and +105C. 

What’s more, you can also request custom solutions from JST’S RAST brand. 

4.4 LumbergLumberg 

Lumberg offers various kinds of connectors. These include the 35 series and 36 series range. 

4.4.1 Lumberg 35 series

The 36 ranges consist of RAST 2.5 (and its plus and power plus) connectors. These connectors have direct/indirect pairing capability. Furthermore, it works great for both cable-to-cable connections and cable-to-board. There is also a RAST 2.5 keying to prevent a wrong link. 

It has IDCs (insulation displacement contacts) on both 5mm and 2.5mm pitches. Besides, it can carry a current of up to 10A.

4.4.2 Lumberg 35 series

The 36 Series range, on the other hand, features both RAST 7.5 power connectors and RAST 5. Most RAST 5 connectors under this series offer screw-clamp terminations on a 5.0mm pitch. Furthermore, the RAST 5 keying work great to control load and signal of over 16A.

Besides, users can pair cable-to-cable and cable-to-board directly and indirectly with this connector. It is also suitable for specific models that can handle high temperatures. 

What’s more, you can get the RAST 7.5 Connectors under 36 series with IDCCs on a pitch of 7.5mm. It can handle load currents of over 25A and allow indirect pairing for cable-board assembling. 

4.5 Wieland’s 8105 Series WIECON RAST 5 PCB Connector

Wieland’s 8105 Series WIECON RAST 5 PCB Connector System is a suitable option for the heating industry, and it also comes with various color and physical coding options. It can pinpoint complex systems very fast due to its custom labeling options for high-grade variability. 

Besides, This system design meets the heating industry laws (DIN EN 60335-1 and RoHS requirements). It has a 5mm pitch screw connection, and the WIECON RAST 5 also allows side-by-side mounting layouts with no loss of poles.

Moreover, it has a rate for 26–12AWG wire, up to 400V and 10A. There are many options for standard products, and not to mention, it gives the vast potential for customization. 

What’s more about this connector?

 PC board connectors in the RAST 5 system are comprised of two main parts: 

  • Solderable parts: Also called the Pin connectors, they are on the PC board face.
  • Pluggable parts: These are on the wiring face. 
Pluggable PCB Connectors

(Pluggable PCB Connectors)

Besides, the live side features touch protection. You also have access to various coding options using latches and colors. So, you can say goodbye to the wrong mating.

The RAST 5 system features the standard connector face, locking positions, and coding cams. It also offers a wide variety of physical coding options, and it also has a color-coding feature. 

With this system, electricians will find it easy to locate the correct connection positions. What’s more, the latches further contribute to preventing wrong mating. 

All in all, with about 13 different colors, you have a lot of possible combinations.

Bottom Line

The incidence of wire mismatch and excessive clips, cuts, and crimps is no more with RAST connectors. We hope this article provides excellent insight into the concept, origin, benefit, and top brand of RAST connectors. If you want RAST connectors for wire harness projects, you need a trusted manufacturer. Cloom Tech is the best place to get high output and high-quality RAST connectors. Contact us to get the best services, and we provide custom RAST connectors that will meet your specifications.

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