PSU Cable: What You Need to Know When Customize The Cable

Why is it essential to get a custom-made PSU cable? The importance of the custom-made PSU cable knows no bounds. It is overly important to use with your project or your systems. 

When you build your PSU cable, you are most likely to get the maximum output from its use. The time you are likely to spend on complaints channels at doing something else. CLOOM Tech specializes in building custom-made PSU cables.

Information is power. Read to know all there is to a custom-made PSU cable.

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Chapter 1: What is PSU Cable?

PSU is an acronym for the power supply unit. Very efficient in converting Ac to low voltage DC power for use in the internal functions of a computer.

It is also the powerhouse because it supplies power to the computer systems. It is also essential in that it regulates the power supply that the computer makes use of. Ensures that the power supply is not too much or too low to get the computer system to work correctly.

When a computer connects with an electrical socket, the PSU pulls the required electricity and converts the AC to DC. In the same vein, it also regulates the amount of power supply and removes electrical spikes that threaten the power supply.

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Chapter 2: Building the PSU Custom Made Cable

It is usually an exciting task to get things done the right way. That does not, in any way, rule out the reality that you may encounter some difficulties along the way. But, one thing is certain. When you are ready to achieve the result, you will. So, while deciding how to go about it, ensure that you get the appropriate tools and equipment that make it a worthwhile process.

Another thing to consider is that you need to be conscious of your environment and the tool you are using. Any mistake you make in the process of building your cable is capable of causing havoc or harm to all around you. So, to get a havoc-free environment, you must ensure that you are careful while carrying on with the process.

Material for making the custom made PSU cable

  • Fractal newton R3 1000w power supply– nonmodular connectors

                                                            24 pin motherboard main

Eight pin motherboard CPU

2X 8-pin PCI Express graphics

Pump wires

Modular connectors

2X 8-pin PCI Express graphics

3X peripheral cables

  • Sleeving: LC teleios – white and black
  • ATX extractor
  • Lighter
  • Crimping tool

Chapter 3: Processes to Building the Custom Made PSU Cable

There are lots of advantages to building your custom-made PSU cable. It eliminates a lot of unpleasant circumstances and helps you save time and resources.

The process of building a custom-made PSU cable is easy as long as you are bent on getting it right. It isn’t a difficult task with the right tools and equipment in place.

To get it right, you must have a mind ready to bring about results in the right kind of way. The following are the steps to building the custom-made PSU cable. They are:

Make a diagram of all the wires and where the cables fit in: 

When you put a diagram in place, it serves as a guide towards helping you make the right step to getting it right.

Next, get a plug and with the ATX extractor, take away the pins on the plugs. To extract the pin, you have to do it side by side. When you put in your ATX extractor, push it into the plug and pull out the pin.

It is essential to emphasize the difficulty of pulling wire through the cable. But, if you must get it right, there is a need to use a plier to get the wire at the other end of the cable in place to make it easy for you to get it in place. While doing this, ensure you don’t squeeze the wire too hard to ruin the entire cable.

Separate the cables:

The next thing to do is to separate the wires from one another. This is the next step after you have successfully pulled out the wire. Separating the wires makes it easier for you to sleeve the cables.

Measure the cables:

After separating the wires, you have to measure the wires by using tape. Don’t stretch the cables too much when you measure them. When you stretch it too much, you may not get the exact measurement. When you sleeve the edge of the wires, the next thing you do is use a lighter to burn the edge slightly. This is important to prevent the edge of the cable from fraying.

Feed-in the end of the cable: 

At this point, you need to put the end of the cable into the edge of the worn wire. Keep pushing it in until you cannot push it any further; after the end of the cable is successfully fed, the ends of the cables and plugs need to be connected. After securing both pieces in place, put a small rubber material over both pieces of equipment.

Burn it slightly: 

Then, use a lighter to burn the rubber material together with the end of the cable. When doing this, ensure that you do not burn your fingers in the process. This process requires absolute carefulness to avoid the accident. Keep doing it until it shrinks down, and then give it a quick little pat. Give it some time to cool, and then make use of equipment to pull it off. At this time, you will discover that the equipment bonded perfectly.

Note: This is to be done for both ends of the cable plugs. It is also essential to do this for all the sleeving you want to make use of.

Put it into the actual plug:

 The next step after sleeving all the wires is to put them into the actual plug. They are inserting the sleeves into the cable need to pay close attention to where the sleeves are going to avoid making a mistake. Look out for the two sets of wings on the connector. The two wings are to face the sides, and then you push it into the cable until it makes a clicking sound. When you are not very careful with the wings, it may cut because the arms are sharp.

Make use of the ATX extractor to pull out the connector from the other end of the cable. After pulling all your sleeves, you are sure that everything is in order.

Vector design of PSU unit symbol collection

Chapter 4: Custom Cable Supplier —CLOOM Tech

CLOOM Tech is a prestigious company that specializes in helping individuals and companies build custom-made PSU cables. The world is a global village, and as such, everyone makes use of a computer system. A computer system is a versatile machine that serves several functions.

For this reason, it is essential to get your custom-made PSU cable that suits the needs of your computer system. Not everyone is capable of building the custom-made PSU cable and requires professional assistance. The only way to get rid of problems that are common with creating the custom-made PSU cable is by requesting the assistance of a professional.

CLOOM Tech is an organization that concerns itself with excellent delivery that is second to none. As long as you provide details of your specification, you will get the custom-made PSU cable you desire. We ensure that you get the best results for your resources, and we make it worth your while.

Custom-made PSU cables are a delight and perform many functions for individuals who use them. This is why everyone needs to get theirs. Not to worry, if you cannot build it yourself, CLOOM Tech can assist you in providing results and doing it the right way.

If you require assistance in building the custom-made PSU cable, feel free to contact us and provide us with the details of your specifications. With us, you are safe and do not need to experience any form of discomfort. We are committed to giving you the satisfaction you deserve.

The PSU computer power supply


Custom-made PSU cables are essential. It saves time and resources and makes it easier for you to work with. It also makes it faster for you to see results and do the needful.

 To make this a reality, you need to ensure that you pay attention to certain information that ensures you build your custom-made PSU cable well. Nonetheless, trust CLOOM Tech to provide the best custom-made PSU cable services.

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