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What kinds of ribbon cable We Can custom:

  • PH2.54 IDC Cable Series
  • PH2.0 IDC Cable Series
  • PH1.27 DIC Cable Series
  • Red IDC DIP Cable Series
  • IDC Connector Series

Custom ribbon cable connectors Capacity:

  • UL 2651 certified gray cable 2-64 P: PH 1.27 mm, 1.0 mm, 0.635 mm;
  • IDC Connector Series 6-64P: 2.54 IDC, 2.0 IDC, 1.27 IDC
  • DIP Connector Series 6-64 P: 2.54 DIP, 2.0 DIP
  • IDC Gray Cable: Customize any length specification, sample production
  • Rainbow Flat Cable
  • Black Flat Cable
What is Ribbon Cable

Custom flat flex cable connector Process:

  1. DIC connector automatic device at both ends
  2. IDC will enter the crimping device
  3. IDC cable automatic length cut off
  4. Enter the second end crimping device
  5. IDC cable production monitoring
  6. 100% inspection of each cable
  7. Fasten the folded cover for the IDC cable
  8. IDC cable integral cable tie
  9. IDC cable finished bag packaging

Custom ribbon cable connector types Assemblies Works:


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After ten years of powering subjects, we’ve fine-tuned the custom wiring loom services and are committed to helping you simplify your workflow, launch faster, and make your business boom.


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PCIe Ribbon Cable: All That What You Need to Know

Before you settle for using the PCIe ribbon cable, it is also essential that you realize that the cable type comes in various sizes when you know that they are not just ribbons but perform a lot more than you can ever imagine.

The PCIe ribbon cables come in the form of a ribbon and are very efficient for use in computers and other peripheral devices. The uniqueness of this cable type is evident in the fact that it comes in various colors, thereby making it easy for users to use and reducing risks of its usage.

To get the information you desire, read on!

Computer ribbon cable

Chapter 1: What is PCIe Ribbon Cable?

Another name for PCIe is Peripheral Component Interconnect Express. There are various ways of writing PCIe, but one common way is to either refer to it as PCI Express or PCI-E.

The PCIe ribbon cable is a cable type that possesses many wires on a parallel line to each other on a flat surface. Therefore, the PCIe ribbon cable always comes in the form of a flat shape. It also looks like a ribbon.

The PCIe cable is very efficient for connecting different electronic devices and peripheral units.

In most connectivity methods, it is usually between a computer and its peripheral devices.

The PCIe cables perform numerous functions, including reducing the latency level electronic devices, as well as how data transmits from one device to another. This cable type is very efficient than other

It is widespread to see the PCIe ribbon cable in different peripherals of the computer, such as floppy drives and hard drives.

The uniqueness of the PCIe cable stems from the fact that the transmission of data witnesses positive results because the different peripheral devices make use of a single bus.

There are a host of devices that makes use of PCIe cable for various reasons. Some of the devices that rely on the efficiency of the PCIe cables are adapter cards, accelerator cards, NIC, and other peripheral devices with high performances.

More so, the devices that connect to the PCIe cable are not in any form of competition with other electrical devices. This is simply because the various devices possess its unique strength that differs from the other devices.

  • Uses of PCIe Cable

There are numerous uses of the PCIe cables. The use of PCIe cable necessitates the speed of transferring data and information from one device to another. Additionally, a lot of data signals rely on the PCIe cables to bring about speed in transmission.

The PCIe cable is best useful when two wires are suitable for transmitting the data signals. While another channel comprises two separate wires is for receiving the data. The signal that is sent by these wires is also known as lanes.

The lanes of the PCIe cable are for transmitting and receiving data simultaneously; through different points.

Another way of maximizing the use of PCIe cables is to achieve speed in the use of data. If you require speed in the transmission of data, the best bet is PCIe cables. A lot of individuals attest to the speed in using the PCIe cables for the data needs.

computer cable


Chapter 2: The Need for Color Coding for PCIe Ribbon Cable

It is essential to understand the importance of the use of color coding for PCIe ribbon cables. This helps to avert all types of unpleasant cases for individuals.

Furthermore, to also ensure that they do not expose people dangers that are quite common with the use of cables. It is necessary to use the wire in the right manner. For this reason, anyone who wishes to make use of the PCIe ribbon cable needs to understand the use of colors on the rope and how to connect them to achieve results.

Fortunately, one edge of the PCIe ribbon cable possesses a red color that makes its connection very easy. The edge that possesses the red stripe is best suitable for pin one on the connector.

This method of identifying the PCIe ribbon cable is not a reliable means for identifying cables for individual or group wires that work best when they are not together. That is when such wires operate best when separating them from one another.

However, it is beneficial to use the identification method for cables that consist of at least two IDC connectors and in a situation where the connector connects to the different wires.

While this is helpful, it is also cumbersome for individuals who do not understand how it operates. To make it a more straightforward process, the PCIe ribbon cable manufacturers put a plan in place where various colors represent information. In this situation,  repeated various colors so that individuals experience less difficulty or risks while using them.

The uniqueness of the PCIe ribbon cable enables different individuals to fondly refer to it as hippie cable as a result of its appearance.


Chapter 3: Various Sizes of The PCIe Ribbon Cable

There are various sizes of the PCIe ribbon cable. Any size any individual decides to make use of depends to no small extent on the need for such cable size.

As such, there are two unique ways of classifying the size of the PCIe ribbon cable. The first method is to identify the spacing of the conductor, while the second method is to determine the number of conductor/ways.

The most common type of spacing of the PCIe ribbon cable is 0.05 inches. It allows for a two-row connector and a spacing of at least 0.1 inches. This is very common in equipment that makes use of an internal connection in an enclosure.

The wire in such a connection is also made up of copper. The number of conductors is mainly dependent on some values such as 4, 6, 8, 9, 10, and so many others up to 80.

Additionally, there are also other forms of the PCIe ribbon cable that makes use of coarse ropes. The high-speed computer cable that is suitable for the hard disk of computer possesses 0.025 inches. Most portable electronic devices such as the laptop making use of the more excellent pitch 0f 0.03mm. 

An image of flat ribbon cable isolated PC connector


Chapter 4: The Connector Types for PCIe Ribbon Cable

The PCIe ribbon cable possesses a lot of connector types. The purpose of the various connector types is to enable mass termination to different specified IDC connectors.

The termination is commonly done on the ends of the IDC connector. There is sometimes an exception to this; when the lead requires changing the wire between various connectors, only one end of the IDC is terminated. As such, the other end of the IDC is terminated in a regular crimp.

In all, there are options to dismantle the IDC connectors, but it is not always easily done.

There are various connectors available with the IDC termination that is suitable for the PCIe ribbon cable. They are:

The subminiature connector: This is a prevalent type of IDC termination, but it is very suitable for printer ports and serial ports.

Micro ribbon connector: This is a dynamic type of connector. It is compatible with the 36 pin printer ports.

PCB transition headers: This connector types possess two rows of pins and are also very efficient when it is soldered directly into the PCB.

These various connector types alongside the IDC termination points ensure that the PCIe ribbon cables work at its optimum.

The old cable IDE computer


Chapter 5: CLOOM Tech- Where To Get Custom PCIe Ribbon Cable for Your Project

CLOOM Tech is a tech organization that specializes in providing effective cable services to individuals who desire to make use of it.

This organization takes delight in making provision for PCIe ribbon cable available to individuals who makes use of it for various reasons. One distinguishing fact about using our company for your cable needs is that you are certain of getting good quality cable.

Unlike some profit-hungry organizations, we pride ourselves in our ability to treat you, asking, and provide the right PCIe ribbon cable for you. So, if you desire quality in place of quantity, the best tech organization to rely on for efficiency is Cloom Tech.


PCIe ribbon cable is a common type of cable. But, its functions are not known by a lot of individuals. The wire, which is easily mistaken for a ribbon, comes in various sizes and also makes use of color-coding to aid its connection.

Nonetheless, it is also essential that individuals appropriately use the cable to minimize the dangers associated with using the cable the wrong way.

The best tech company to provide the right customize services for PCI-E ribbon cable is Cloom Tech. The services are reliable and trusted.

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