PCB Wiring Harness–How to Protect your Projects with Custom Wiring Harness?

If you value your investment in any electrical project, a custom PCB wire harness must be part of your safety measures.

Custom PCB wiring harnesses have always been very beneficial for projects where lengthy wiring has some involvement.

CLOOM Tech.Ltd can develop the custom PCB wiring harness for your projects to add a layer of protection and safety.

No matter what kind of project you are dealing with, harnessing the wire will always be advantageous.

Dealing with lengthy wire harnesses can be hectic, but a custom PCB wire harness can relieve pain.

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Chapter 1: What is the PCB Wiring Harness?

The wiring harness is an electric component’s systematic and organized wires bound.

It works as the power transmitter in electrical systems.

This process of bounding different wire harnesses includes various electronic tapes, straps, and wire lacing.

There is no specific rule for developing the wiring harness, but it depends on system requirements.

The design might differ for each project depending upon the application and design of the component.

Colorful Custom PCB wiring Harness

Suppose you have a complicated electrical project that requires professional custom PCB wiring harnesses, CLOOM Tech.Ltd can develop perfect PCB wire harnesses for your project.

Our team focuses on providing customized wiring solutions by using the latest technologies.

Our custom wiring harnesses are part of several industries, and some of our main targeted sectors are:

  • Medical appliances
  • Telecommunication devices
  • Automotive industry
  • General electronic devices and military equipment

Wire Harnesses to Protect Your Projects

A little damage to a wire harness in a big electrical project can cost you a fortune.

We cannot eliminate the risk but control the possible loss.

All the safety engineers and analysts recommend using wiring harnesses for the longevity and safety measures of the projects.

Chapter 2: Importance of the Wiring Harness to the PCB

Usually, we think that the PCB harness seems to be an extra feature; it is an essential part of the whole project.

The benefits of a custom PCB wiring harness can improve the ROI and the maintenance cost.

Some of the given factors can clarify your vision about the importance of wiring harnesses to the PCB.

Wire Protection

Wires generally carry the data or work like the transmitter of energy. In both cases, heat from the wiring and other damage can cause damage to the device or application.

In some cases, standard cables have also caused primary short circuits.

The wiring harnesses keep the wiring in an organized and protected manner.

This organization of wires not only provides better protection but also prevents the melting of the wires.

The custom PCB Wiring Harness

Every wire in any electrical project is essential, and even a tiny cut on the smallest wire can lead to the project’s failure.

Do you want to spend hours troubleshooting the problem or spend some money on PCB wiring harnesses for preventive measures?

PCB Wiring Harness–Professional Appearance

When you showcase your work to the inspection team or the clients, the appearance of your components is the most important thing.

If your team works for an international firm, your work will be displayed to others.

Organized wires and components show your level of professionalism and make the learning process easier for the clients.

The organized wires always show professionalism and managed work

The professional appearance of the wires within a component builds a sense of trust and security in your client’s mind.

No one wants to hire an engineering team that will mess up their components and wires.

So, be professional and always invest in a custom PCB wiring harness for the better brand value of your work.

Protection against any Injury

As we have already mentioned, even a few cuts in the wire coating can cause item damage and failure, which can also cause damage to your body.

The best way to conduct any troubleshooting process is to remove all the power sources, but some capacitors might give you an electrical shock.

When the developers organize the wires with PCB wire harnesses, you can easily access the targeted wires without damaging yourself.

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Chapter 3: PCB Wiring Harness–Other Ways the Wiring Harness Can Be Helpful

PCB Wiring Harness

The basic and the most crucial purpose of the PCB wire harness is to protect the internal working of the components and the systems.

But the overall benefits of harnesses include the increased efficiency of the team and the technicians.

While working on the project, wiring harnesses can save much time and effort in dealing with lengthy wires.

PCB Wiring Harness–Color Coordination

We develop custom PCB harnesses in different colors.

So while working on a big project, you can assign different colors to specific wires.

Like, you can attach a red color harness to power cables and green color to data transfer wires.

Different colors help to manage the task in a better way

PCB Wiring Harness–Isolating Connections to PCB

Many components require several wires for proper functionality, and in such cases, the harness can make the job easier for the developer.

When the developers use the harness to isolate different wires, finding the right wire harness for the connection seems more comfortable.

Have you seen the connector in the USB cable that connects the USB to the motherboard?

We are talking about the same harness but at a more significant level.

PCB Wiring Harness–Adding Style

If you want to add a touch of style and fashion to your project, colorful harnesses are your best choice.

These harnesses mostly work in computer chassis, where these wiring harnesses glow in different colors.

Power Distribution Wires

Managing data-carrying wires seems more straightforward, but dealing with these wires is always risky when it comes to power cables.

When you know the exact working of each wire, you can easily maintain and repair the proper functionality of the project.

Chapter 4: Benefits of Custom PCB Wiring Harness

PCB Wiring Harness

PCB wiring harnesses are available for all kinds of projects, but if you think your project is complicated and the general harness is not suitable.

You can get a custom PCB wiring harness from CLOOM Tech. Ltd.

Here are some further benefits of the wiring harness that can help you make the right decision to protect your project and the investment.

Preventing Damage from Heat

Electrical components and appliances can generate a vast amount of heat, and if you are dealing with high-energy wires, there are more chances of heat damage.

When all the components’ wires are well-organized, there are fewer chances of heat damage.

If heat causes the meltdown of the plastic coating, a wiring harness can prevent any possible short circuit.

PCB Wiring Harness–Avoiding Direct Physical Damage

Adding an extra layer of protection to your project will always benefit the project.

Direct physical damage can occur due to any hardware tool, like a screwdriver.

If something goes wrong with any particular wire, the harness can keep the cost within the infected wires.

PCB Wiring Harness
Heat Dissipation

Most heavy-duty components generate heat; if your parts don’t have an exhaust fan, there must be a clear path for airflow.

The lengthy wires block airflow and the device may overheat the system.

Harnessing wires provides a bright and clean way for better airflow to avoid overheating problems.

Chapter 5: Where to Customize the PCB Wire Harness

PCB Wiring Harness

At CLOOM Tech.Ltd, We deal in all kinds of wiring harnesses, including power cables, signal cables, automobile harnessing cables, and heavy-duty industries.

Our team and R&D department always adopt new trends and technologies, so our customers always get the best solutions for their harnessing needs.

Contact our team if you are looking for an experienced team to develop custom PCB harnesses for your project.

We will analyze the plan to offer the best solution for your projects.


Now, we have discussed everything regarding the custom PCB wiring harness.

We have discussed that:

  • What is the PCB wiring harness?
  • Benefits of the wiring harness
  • Ways to protect your projects with a wiring harness?
  • How can it improve the efficiency of the project

But the most important thing is to choose the right engineering team for the wiring harnesses at CLOOM Tech.Ltd.

We are the top engineering firm with a certified complicated and custom wire harness development team.

We always ensure you get the best return on investment and more efficient results using our custom wiring harnesses.

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