Multi-Core Cable: Things You Need To Know

There are different reasons to love multi-core cable. For one, they are extremely efficient. Unlike traditional cables that come with a single core, multi-core cables have several ones. If a cable of one particular type has more cores than you would normally find in it, you can classify it as multi-core one.

The multi-core cables are useful in projects where space creates difficulties, saving space, and helping you pack in more. You can also find it used in different electrical equipment because they have other features, do you want to know more detailed information? Please follow me.

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Chapter 1: Multi-Core Cable and it’s Features

Did you know that your average cable can have as many as 12 cores? So, unless you have more than that number, you can’t call it a Multi-Core cable. Multi-core cables are very distinctive in performance when comparing to standard cables. A single cable bundles all the cores together and can carry out many functions. Some of them require heavy wattage. However, with the copper wires inside the cable that allows quick transmission, you don’t have to worry.

Normally, multi-core cables are ones that have more than one core in the cable, also known as a snake cable.

Audio recording industries and enterprises are most familiar with this term. They refer to their Audio Multi-Core cables as a snake cable. Professional video cameras make the most of these cables.

Sites or places where you can find multi-core cables:

  • Concerts
  • Theatres
  • Auditoriums
  • Television studios
  • Audio recording studios
  • Small spaces require many power projections.

Constructing a multi-core cable from an existing cable is possible. You have to twist the cores, which is possible if the cable has individual sizes of conductors. Maximum performance optimization designing in Multi-Core cables make them a great choice. Therefore, any electromagnetic interference will be the least worrying issue for you.

Most cable designers, custom-build their Multi-Core cables. It is because of its wide range of applications. They feature premium cable jacketing. Helps to withstand heavy damage. It also optimizes the cable for rejecting any electromagnetic interference. It also emits radiofrequency disturbances.

A Multi-Core cable can be the best choice for your next project. Some of the key features of a multi-core cable are:

  • Useful for power-related applications.
  • Used for data transfer-related applications.
  • You can use it for Audio signal transmission applications.
  • Used for video signal transmission applications.
  • Used for radio frequency transmission applications.
  • Can provide digital signals.
  • Can provide analog signals.
  • Interruptible feedback Intercom
  • Tally light trigger.
multicore cable

We shall now discuss the various uses and applications of Multi-Core Cables.

Chapter 2: The Application of Multi-Core Cable

Multi-core wires have a wide range of applications. These wires can combine data, power, and Audio/Visual (A/V) signals in a single cable. An all-rounder cable fit for huge temporary projects. It is ideal for small spaces that require huge power protrusion.

Multicore cables

Some of the applications of Multi-Core cables.

Multi-Core cables in Aircraft

An aircraft uses multi-core cables, which help in gathering all the power, data and A/V signals to the pilot’s interface. As we all know, aircrafts have a relatively small space to manage all of their wirings. They want better organization, and this is where multi-core cables come handy. They have the feature to combine all the power, data and A/V cables in a single cable.

For one, this saves a lot of space. It greatly reduces any slightest chance of electromagnetic interference. It helps in ensuring the aircraft’s safety and all the passengers and staff members who fly regularly.

Multi-Core cables utilization by the Marines

The military and marines also use Multi-Core cables. They need it because of their communication systems. Therefore, they need high quality, heavy duty wires that are capable of resisting damage. These cables need to perform very efficiently, no matter the weather or situation. These are various emergency communications line and operation set up in the military.

Designed with the best accuracy and maximum coverage; Multi-Core cables suit these purposes. Multi-Core cables are the best fit for military operations.

Some of them are:

  • Engine Bay wiring;
  • Missile internal wiring;
  • Control and Launch systems;
  • Rotating turret and many more.

Multi-Core cables in Entertainment

Television industries utilize these cables at their most. They customize these cables according to their requirements. It gives them the advantage to provide quality broadcasts. Multi-Core cables hugely generate broadcasts. They are essential for the smooth functioning of a television studio.

Audio Recording companies and studios also use these cables. They refer to them as snake cables. For quality audio recording, you can opt for multi-cores for better performance. It also provides you with the best audio and video outputs.

Coaxial cables, power cables, and data cables are all combined, according to one’s need. Multi-Core cables being ideal for small spaces fits all the requirements for an Audio recording studio. These cables provide wide coverage. It also neutralizes any electromagnetic or radio frequency interference.

Audio recording

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Chapter 3: Benefits of Multi-Core Cable

Multi-core cables excel in performance and are easy to design. You can turn any ordinary cable into a Multi-core cable by customizing it.

Benefits of Multi-Core cables

Space Saving

We discussed earlier how Multi-Core cables help us save space. By combining all the power, data, and A/V cables, you save enormous space and effort. It generally helps where you need to store and install a huge amount of wires. The more efficient these wires are the better results you get. Imagine installing three separate wires for power, data, and audio signals. Now you can customize your cable so that it holds all the wires in a single cable.

Improved Performance of Cable

Multi-core cables are tough, durable and heavy damage resistant. They can cover small spaces and give you the best user experience. These cables ensure no electrical interference. It boosts the performance of the cable. Hence, you get the best results. You can depend on them. They are long-lasting. You can use them regularly or from time to time. It entirely depends on you.

Corrosion resistant

Multi-core cables are designed to withstand severe damage and are always better than regular braided shields. They give your cable that extra mechanical strength which improves the longevity of the cable. They are more user-friendly in terms of flexibility. Multi-Cores can cover a wide range and provides consistent performance even after receiving any heavy damage.


You will have no difficulty setting these cables anywhere. Being the most flexible cable, Multi-Cores can decrease any flexibility issues you are having with your standard cable. They are very easy to install, assemble, and disassemble. They can shorten space consumed by standard cables. It gives you the added advantage for a more controlled organization of your cables.


Multi-Core cables have varied features and functions. It makes them very ideal for temporary projects which need outmost cable management. They can carry all the necessary signal cables and wrap them under a protective, conductive layer.

Two colored multicore cable

Chapter 4: Single Core v/s Multi-Core Cable

Different wires have distinct functions. Multi-core cables and single-core cables have completely different features. They have their qualities and performing abilities. These wires differ in their nature, composition, and purpose. Thus, depending on your purpose, single-core wires and multi-core wires may give you the best results.

Let’s start by differentiating these two cables.

Single Core Wires

Single Core wires usually have a single core of metal in them. They comprise of mostly aluminum or copper. They vary in their thickness and gauges. You can identify these wires in your home. It generally runs all the electrical appliances and maintains power flow in your property.

Single core wire

Top features of a Single Core cable

Best for domestic applications

Single core continues to be the best option for domestic purposes. These wires can withstand heavy loads of power. The smooth operation of electrical appliances relies mainly on them. It is why single-core cables only used in the home.

High-temperature resistance

Aluminum and copper are both very good conductors of electricity and heat. Thus, single core cables excel at delivering quality service even in harsh weather conditions. The chances of melting or burning in heat become minimal.

Multi-Core Wires

Multi-Core cables contain more than 12 cores. A cable with 12 cores or less than that generally defines Single Core cable. Professional designing makes these cables durable, flexible, long lasting, and efficient.

Top features of a Multi-Core Wire

If you wonder how you can make a 150 pin multi-core cable, here is a video.

Best for Industrial Purposes

These wires are custom made for maximum availability and are ideally suited to withstand huge power supplies. They are ideal for heavy machines. Thus, these wires greatly benefit the industrial sector and save space. It also diminishes heavy electrical interference and noises in the industry floor.

Widely Used in Entertainment Sector

People working in the entertainment industry can easily recognize these wires. Many entertainment venues use them, such as auditoriums and theaters. Also found in Open Air Concerts, Television Broadcasts, and Radio Broadcasts.

Chapter 5: Custom Multi-Core Cable

Looking to get multi-core cables that suit your specific needs?

A custom multi-core cable may be what you need. At Cloom Tech, we make it simpler for you. Just order from us, send us your requirements, and get customized Multi-Core cables designed for your specific purpose. When it comes to customizing Multi-Core cables, Cloom tech offers premium wire harnessing services. It’s why we are recognized for our versatility.

At Cloom Tech, we can help you get multi-core cables no matter what your requirements are. Here are a few ways we can help you.

  • Electronics wiring harness
  • Power cables
  • Automobile wiring harness
  • Signal wiring harness
  • Wire assembling

At Cloom Tech, we ensure the following:

  • Making prototypes according to your requirements.
  • You get the best and cheapest price when ordering in bulk quantities. It’s simple. You save more when you order more.
  • We adhere to the highest industry standards. With UL, ISO9001, 14001, 18001, IATF16949, and other certifications, you don’t have to worry about getting the best quality multi-core cables.
  • You receive authentic recommendations from our skillful staff, who can address all your queries.
  • All products are pass-thru crimpers, offering more durability and resistance.
  • Tested with IEC spot testing at OQC dept.
PCB Circuit

Cloom Tech offers authentic and sustainable products which match your needs. Take a look at how we can help you find the multi-core cable you need.


Multi-core cables are very versatile, more powerful and more efficient in nature. They differ from single core features not just in the number of cores but in features as well. For one, while you don’t see the use of multi-core cables in domestic use, given the practical advantages of them in the industrial niche, it’s changing now. When you know what you need, feel free to contact us, and we will be better at serving you. We offer the most satisfactory cable solutions. At Cloom Tech, we strive to provide our customers with the best products.

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