6 Critical Attributes of Medical Cable Assemblies in Healthcare Devices

In the healthcare sector, a slight human mistake or malfunctioning device can cost someone’s life. No room for error requires all the instruments to perform all the time efficiently. We can help you if the medical equipment business or medical facility needs an adequate power supply and data transmission solutions. CLOOM Tech is a renowned custom cable assembly manufacturer that can meet your expectations. If you feel cable management restricts your operational capabilities, we can design custom medical cable assemblies for your business.

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Electrocardiograph machine with ECG

Here are some essential points that you must notice in medical cable assemblies:

1.Medical Cable Assembly Durability

Medical cables are going to take a lot of beating. No matter how carefully you operate the devices or equipment, things can get complicated. Medical professionals have to handle emergency cases where they cannot waste time smoothly moving the devices across the room. These cables must stay intact, and the power supply must be feasible every second in every situation. Medical cable assemblies are better and effective alternatives off the market cables. General power cables can stop working in kinks, but medical cable assemblies don’t consider these interruptions.

If the power goes off during an operation or some other medical treatment, imagine how it affects professional practice. It does not matter what kind of medical facility uses these devices; durability is critical not only for cables but also for all components. A wise investment in medical cable assembly not only saves you from extra maintenance charges, but you can also stay assured about the reliability of your services and devices.

2.Medical Cable Assemblies Reusability

Hospitals pay special attention to the cleanliness of the environment and the devices. In ICUs and operation theatres, every device and equipment needs sterilization. In disinfecting the tools and equipment, professionals use special chemicals and sprays to sanitize these tools. Standard market cables can’t withstand chemical exposure, so that insulation can break. Reusability is the missing feature in standard wires.

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Medical used for heart testing and EKG machines used in the healthcare industry.

3.Medical Cable Assembly Adaptability

You cannot rely on a single type of wire to meet all medical equipment power supply demands. The medical environment can vary, so the cable designs should also be adaptable. Standard cables are static, and you can have these cables modified as per the demand. In the case of medical cable assemblies, you have the flexibility of custom design. If you feel that certain restrictions and limitations are holding you back from achieving the best, give us a try. We analyze and design highly adaptable cable assemblies and wiring harnesses for different sectors of life.

You don’t need to compromise on usability as we offer advance and scalable cable management solutions. CLOOM Tech has dedicated teams of professional engineers and designers who can meet your complex requirements. You don’t need to limit your practices as we are here to offer custom medical cable assembly manufacturing services. The only thing that you need to focus on is the quality of your medical procedures. We are here to facilitate medical facilities with more agile and flexible cable management systems.

4.Medical Cable Assemblies Quality Components

Would you tolerate the damaged cables even after spending thousands of dollars on custom services? Well, no one would ever want to face such a situation. We all know that medical cable assemblies are meant to last for longer times. What ends up destroying the cables and the power supplies?

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EEG machine cables plugged into the socket

Well, quality insulation or the use of premium material does not offer the assurance of reliable products. Apart from the medical device, medical cable assembly alone involves many components like the crimp tab, insulation, strands, harnesses, and other technical details. The use of one low-quality part can sabotage the whole device or even the project. Just imagine the crimp tab in the medical cable assemblies, and this component is too small yet significant. Your supplier used good quality material and premium quality insulation but did not focus on quality crimp tabs.

In no time, the cable started losing firm connections due to poor crimp tabs. Although the whole cable assembly was in perfect shape, the equipment started facing power failures. Hence, a small component that did not matter to the supplier ended up damaging the whole system. Simply stating, from insulation to the crimp tabs, every element of the medical cable assemblies must be of premium quality.

5.Medical Cable Assembly Signal Integrity

These aspects of quality cable assemblies are not just limited to the power cables. If you are using data transmission cables, all of these standards still apply to those cables. Advanced medical equipment uses intelligent systems based on pure programming, so continuous data transmission is critical. Loss of signal quality can impact the efficiency of automated systems. So, the insulation of the data transmission cables must resist external interference to ensure signal integrity.

6.Medical Cable Assembly Resistance Against Chemical Exposure

Here comes the most essential and critical attribute of the medical cable assembly. Quality market cables may make quality materials by using advanced technologies but are not fit for medical facilities. Different medical units and hospitals use other chemicals for the sanitization process. Almost every medicine or drug has some chemical involvement, so the cleaning process also needs modifications accordingly. Eventually, the cleaning staff will have to use chemicals and detergents to clean the equipment and the floors. So, the final results will be dangerous for the cable assemblies. So, we have tackled these chemical exposure issues by introducing special insulations in the medical cable assembly. Our custom medical cable assemblies can withstand any chemical exposure.

Patient on cardiopulmonary bypass device in the intensive care unit

Patient on cardiopulmonary bypass device in the intensive care unit


If you have faced problems and limitations regarding the cable assemblies in the medical equipment manufacturing business, then trying out our custom services can be a good investment. We offer professionally designed medical cable assembly as per the product specifications. If you are tired of the poor performance of low-quality market cables, then custom medical assemblies won’t let you down. Join hands with CLOOM Tech for better medical practices and the safety of the patients.

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