HDMI Cable: All That You Need to Know

Do not let the term confuse you. We have previously discussed the many types of HDMI cables. However, the article did not mention a mini HDMI cable since it’s unique in many senses.

First, when we talk about a mini HDMI cable, we are not referring to the size of the cable itself. We are referring to the size of the HDMI connector. This is a crucial factor because the name confuses many people.

The length of the wire is not related to the name. Now, let’s know more about mini HDMI cables and their role in our lives.

Mini HDMI Cable Connector

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Chapter 1: What is a Mini HDMI Cable

Mini HDMI Cable A mini HDMI cable is called so due to the size of the HDMI connector.

Shortened for High-Definition Multimedia Interface, HDMI technology is not new. Seven companies joined hands and gave birth to HDMI in December 2002.

It is just a cable, but it offers some incredible benefits. This is why it is one of the most popular techniques to transfer files and multimedia from one device to another.

The most popular HDMI cable type is the standard type A. We use it in some appliances. We have discussed the standard HDMI cable before.
There is also a dual-link HDMI, but it is not used in any products these days. Now, back to the mini HDMI, known as type C.
The cable is only for external use and is hotly pluggable.
It is only 10.42 mm wide and 2.42 mm high. If it leaves you confused, compare the mini USB to the standard USB, which is 13.9 mm wide and 4.45 mm high. If you compare the two, you will realize that the standard HDMI is nearly double the size of the mini HDMI.

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Chapter 2: Why Do We Need a Mini HDMI Cable?

360 Degree Swivel Mini HDMI

Many people wonder why we need a mini HDMI cable when we already have a standard one. They do the same thing, i.e., transfer data from one end to the other.

So, when the standard HDMI works fine, why are companies working hard on inventing other types of HDMI cables?

Technically speaking, a mini HDMI cable works the same way as a traditional or type A HDMI cable.

Mini USB cables are small but have the same 19-pin configuration as the standard HDMI cables. They go best with portable devices.

It might be a little complicated for some users, but a small difference lies between the two HDMI cable types. Regarding mini HDMI cables, all positive signals the device gets from differential pairs are swapped with their corresponding shields.

Moreover, in mini HDMI cables, the system assigns CEC/DDC Ground to PIN 13, not PIN 17, which is the case for traditional cables.
In addition, the system uses PIN 17 as the reserved pin instead of the traditional PIN 14.

Despite a late release, most camcorders and digital cameras used the type C connector instead of the standard cable 2012.

The latest devices from Apple, including the new Macbook series, also houses the mini HDMI cable. Some laptops do not even have the traditional HDMI cable.

Companies are ditching the standard cable due to its limited use and big size. Portable devices are getting lighter and easier to handle.

Macbook Air 2018 is much lighter than the previous model, and a lack of the standard HDMI cable plays a vital role in this regard.

It may not seem like much of a difference to you, but the size of the connector can make a huge difference when it comes to the overall configuration.

Some reports indicate that the type C connector is faster and more reliable than the type A connector. Moreover, it is also more versatile.

Chapter 3: How to Choose the Best Mini HDMI Cable?

Please keep the same pointers in mind that we highlighted in our standard HDMI cable guide. Despite the new technology, you will find hundreds of mini HDMI cable manufacturers on the market, but very few are reliable.

Work with a company that you trust to not end up with an inferior quality product. If you struggle to choose a seller, look no further and get in touch with us.

At CLOOM Tech, we work with clients and offer various HDMI cables, including mini HDMI cables that will suit all your needs. Talk to us today, and let us provide you with the right tools.

In addition to ready-to-use products, we also offer custom mini HDMI cables as they are heavily in demand.

Chapter 4: Can We Get a Custom Mini Cable?

A custom HDMI cable will allow you to choose the color and length according to your requirements. This factor is of enormous importance since ready-to-use wires are available in specific colors and sizes and may not always be suitable.
Talk to us today and let us know your requirements. Our experts will give you a quote and provide you with what you want.

Custom mini HDMI cables can solve many of your problems and even be useful in marketing your business, so do not hesitate to make this investment.

Chapter 5: Benefits of Mini Cable

The cable is reversible; hence, it is easier for the plugin. You do not have to look at the connector to ensure you’re plugging it incorrectly. As a result, there will be fewer frustrations.

Moreover, it offers more power and can charge even bigger devices like laptops. This feature is not available in the case of traditional USB cables.

For example, the new line of Macbook does not have a separate pin for charging. You can use the USB C connector to charge and connect your USB devices.

However, how does all this benefit in terms of the HDMI cable? When you have a more powerful cable, you can enjoy better results.

The mini HDMI cable offers a new feature in an Alternate Mode, also known as Alt Mode. Which lets adapters output video from the same port to VGA, DisplayPort, HDMI, and other connectors found on projectors, television sets, and displays.

Other than this, the overall quality of sound and video is also better. This cable can support many video formats, including 4K and 3D.

With 8K television sets hitting the market, mini HDMI cables will be more in demand since they can support 8K quality.

Since they are smaller and lighter, they are much easier to carry. This is one of the main reasons why so many people are now turning to mini HDMI cables instead of standard HDMI cables.

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