Fuel Pump Wiring Harness: A Detailed Guide

Did you notice something is wrong with your engine? You might think you used bad fuel, or your factory fuel pump isn’t working. However, the issue might be with electronics. Especially, the fuel pump wiring harness is an essential component in any vehicle. An optimal setup ensures the engine has a steady supply of gas.

This guide reveals everything about identifying and fixing problems related to fuel pumps. Also, you’ll learn how to secure a high-performance fuel pump with top-quality wire assembly

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How to Recognize When Your Fuel Problems Are Issues with Electronics

A mechanic works with car electrics

Caption: A mechanic works with car electrics

 If you notice the engine isn’t working well, electronics might be the problem.

Do You Notice a Spark?

The first thing to do is to check for a spark. So, you’ll need a spark plug tester. It’s easy to connect it to a plug lead. Now, a spark will indicate there’s voltage coming from the ignition system. On the other hand, this isn’t a guarantee there aren’t electrical problems. Some issues, such as a bad condenser, will only appear when your engine is operating.

The Importance of Right Timing

An example of the check engine light

Caption: An example of the check engine light

Do you have a distributor system on your engine? If yes, find the crank pulley and place a timing light on its mark. Next, clip an inductive pickup to the first spark plug wire and trigger it. So, look at the advance as it should be approximately 12 degrees at idle.

Newer and import vehicles might have an AI-controlled ignition system. So, the only indicator something is wrong is the Check Engine light. If it’s active and everything else seems alright, engine timing might be bad. That indicates it could be time to replace the engine wiring harness.

Check the Fuel Pump

It’s time to check the fuel pump operation. Most newer cars use an electric pump. But if your vehicle isn’t brand new, the odds are you’ll hear it when turning on the engine. On the other hand, if you don’t hear anything, inspect the fuel pump components.

Here is what to check:

  • A Ford fuel pump often comes with a switch that stops the gas supply if a collision happens. So, this switch might recognize a small bump as a collision, which is why this is where to look for first.
  • Is your pump drawing current? There shouldn’t be any, so check this, too.
  • Finally, inspect the relay and fuse on the system.

Does Engine Get the Gas?

It’s easy to see if the gas comes to a carbureted engine. First, take out the air filter. Next, use the throttle for a second, and you’ll see if there’s gas.

If your car uses an injection system, it’s time to use a fuel gauge. Therefore, connect it to the fuel rail and see if there’s pressure. Additionally, check the manual to find the desired range for your car.

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How Problems with Voltage Supply Cause You to Think Your Pump Isn’t Working

A car fuel pump closeup

Caption: A car fuel pump closeup

Voltage issues are another reason why car owners think their fuel pump harness is the problem. If there’s an electrical issue, you’ll notice a voltage drop in the pump. Therefore, the system might not run at the expected level. If you continue using the car, the pump could fail soon.

You want to look for burned wires or black soot on the harness plugs. The fuel pump module will often have loose terminals. If you notice damage to any parts, make sure to replace them. You want the maximum voltage to your pump, so there should be no damage to the components.

It’s easy to test for voltage drops on the electrical system. Therefore, you’ll quickly find if you need a new affordable fuel pump wiring.

Steps to Replacing a Fuel Pump Wiring Harness

An automotive fuel pump system

Caption: An automotive fuel pump system

Do you want to replace the wiring harness on fuel pumps? The good news is this can be a DIY product, which means you can do it alone. On the other hand, this is a sensitive process. It’s vital to do everything right for the pump to function well.

Before you start, don’t forget the importance of safety. So, use your gloves and safety goggles during the project. Additionally, it helps to have a fire extinguisher nearby.

Disconnect All Components

All fuel pumps have a negative battery terminal. You should find and disconnect it from the harness. After removing the terminal, it should be easy to take out the actual harness. Your system probably uses plastic conduits and tape as protection. So, make sure to remove it first and then take out the harness. 

Wire Everything

Use a table in your garage in any other location. It’s important to have enough space for wiring your new harness. First, check if you use the same wiring diagram. If yes, you can even photograph it before removing out from the car. That way, you’ll know how to handle the connections.

It’s common that the new wiring is different. So, check the diagram you received with the new setup. It will help you to understand how to wire the components.

Cut the Wires

The next step is to cut the wires to the desired length. Now, you want to shorten the wires close to the electrical connectors. So, the experts recommend cutting them about two inches away to leave some room. Next, stagger other cuts to a similar length. Finally, strip the wires.

Each cable in your wiring kit should come with a wire connector. So, your goal is to crimp the car wiring to the new setup. On the other hand, make sure that the electrical connector crimp is free from any insulation. Additionally, you can use a heat gun. It ensures a secure connection by shrinking the insulation.

Install the Harness

Multicolored wires in the engine control unit of the car

Caption: Multicolored wires in the engine control unit of the car

The crucial tip is that there shouldn’t be any fuel until you install the wiring kit. While installing the seals, make sure they are tight and offer adequate weather resistance. Finally, use tape to keep the wires in position and apply the plastic conduit. So, this should ensure fuel pumps function properly. The only remaining thing is to start your car and see if everything is working well.

Why You Should Use a Fuel Pump Wiring Harness by Cloom

Maximize the performance of your car with a fuel pump wiring harness

Caption: Maximize the performance of your car with a fuel pump wiring harness

Is it time for a new fuel pump wire harness? You want the best combination of price and quality. At Cloom, we design super automotive wiring that secures your car’s top performance.

Here are the main reasons why you should trust Cloomm and its products:

  • Our fuel pump wiring harness complies with OEM and other relevant standards.
  • The installation is simple and hassle-free.
  • Our experts listen to your specific needs and design a custom assembly.
  • We only use top-quality materials for our wiring harnesses.
  • You receive a finished product in the shortest possible timeframe.

Cloom delivers wiring harnesses for custom configurations of fuel system setups. Our team has years of experience, and our designs are long-lasting and durable.


It’s vital that your fuel pump wiring harness works well to secure stable car performance. If you have any questions regarding vehicle wiring, don’t hesitate to contact us! We can solve different issues that might occur and teach you how to apply a new wiring kit. 

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