12 Important Things to Know About your Electricity Meter

The electricity meter is an electronic device that determines the electricity costs consumed by the users. The efficiency of electricity meters is critical for both suppliers and end-users.

Meter manufacturers and suppliers are commonly found in conflicts with the users due to inadequate monitoring and performance of the meters. You need a professional harness manufacturing company to help you out with the design process.

Traditional electricity meter

Traditional electricity meter

What is the most common issue that your manufacturing unit is facing regarding the quality and the design of the electricity meters? You need the best quality products from conception to the wires of the meter as an electricity manufacturer.

1.Electricity MeterAccurate Billing With Electricity Meters

The electricity meter is the bridge between the electricity supplier and the consumer. The electricity meters are fixed with the premises of the consumer. Meter readings and statistics determine the cost of billing and the units consumed by any consumer.

The accurate working of electricity is the essential thing for fair dealings between the supplier and the consumer. If the meter does not monitor the power consumption, the supplier may suffer from the loss. A tiny error or malfunction in the electricity meter can result in a significant loss for the supplier or the consumer.

For any electricity meter supplier, putting all the available resources into the quality of the meter is inevitable. No matter what, you should not cut corners on wires or the minor components of the meters.

2. Electricity Meters Must Have 100% Uptime.

Consumers are using power 24/7, so the supplier cannot afford even 1 hour of downtime for the electricity meters. If the meter is down, it means that consumers won’t be able to use any power, and it will end with consumer complaints about your services.

No matter how good the power management is, everything is at risk when the electricity meter goes down. The use of poor wiring and no advanced wiring harnesses will keep you tangled with increased downtime and user complaints.

Electric meters with high power transmission

Electric meters with high power transmission

So, whether it is a commercial electricity meter or residential power supply meter, 100% uptime is necessary for accurate power consumption measurements.

3.Electricity MeterMajor Issues with Electric Meters

A faulty electricity meter can be a disaster for the supplier and the consumer too. In the case of lower readings, power suppliers will have to suffer, and if the error leads to more interpretations than the actual consumption, consumers will have to pay extra. There are several issues with electricity meters that need better cable management and wire quality, including:

  • Melting of wires due to high temperatures
  • Internal short circuit due to varying current levels
  • Poor quality of the cables leads to limited control over maintenance
  • Short circuit due to damaged wires

4. Varying Levels of Current Require Custom Wires

Current change can not be eliminated, but it can reduce the impact. Many electric meter suppliers make the mistake of using ordinary market wires in their meters. As the current levels start getting out of hand, the wires start melting, leading to apparent electricity failure.

How to get rid of damaged causes by varying current levels? The use of custom wiring harnesses allows for better cable management and reduces the chances of melting, short circuit, and power failures. Wiring harnesses keep the performance of the electricity meter intact even in extreme conditions.

Electricity meter reading check

Electricity meter reading check

5. Electricity MeterWhat can go Wrong With the Electricity Meter?

CLOOM Tech is a renowned harness manufacturing company, and we generally receive queries from the suppliers that why they need custom wire harnesses? The electric meters already have high standard quality wires, so their meters are suitable to be used for longer times. The reality is quite the opposite, as the standard market wire can never withstand the power abuse that meters go through. Ordinary commercially available cables can withstand conventional power consumption without any damage. When the meters have to deal with such abnormal power supply:

  • Meter may burn
  • The wires can melt
  • The protective layer can burn and lead to a short circuit.
  • The internal electronic circuitry can be damaged.
  • Monitoring chip malfunction

You can see that any of these issues can lead to a damaged electricity meter, which is a bad situation for any supplier. Using ordinary wires is just like creating a mess willingly.

6. Electricity MeterWhat is a Smart Electricity Meter?

Why are companies switching traditional electricity meters with smart electricity meters? How can you start manufacturing the new trending meters to beat the competition? Many countries have already begun the installation of smart electricity meters, and if your company has not rolled out the new smart meters, you need to take action right now. For intelligent electricity meters, you need to revise the whole manufacturing process from the meters’ design to the wire selection.

Ordinary wires and cable arrangements are not capable of handling the design requirements of the smart meters, so you need to consider the option of custom wiring harnesses.

7. What are the Benefits of a Smart Electricity Meter?

Millions of intelligent electricity meters are already operational in famous cities as these meters give parties, consumers, and the supplier better. The power consumption is calculated every 30 minutes or according to the pre-programmed intervals, and these capabilities offer better control and estimate the power consumption to the consumers.

Intelligent electricity meters offer better power management to suppliers and consumers with innovative technologies. Bills are generated as per the accurate readings, so you don’t need to worry about the estimated billing anymore.

8. Do Smart Meter Designs Require Smart Cable Management?

Intelligent electricity meters require exceptional wires and harness to follow the design and floor plans. Ordinary market wires are thick in terms of diameter, so they will not meet the smart meters’ design requirements for most electricity meter manufacturers.

The smart electric meters are too small, so optimized cable management is critical to getting the desired results. Using harnesses can be a good option if your manufacturing team faces limitations due to poor control over cable arrangements.

9. Electricity MeterHow to Ensure Meter Safety?

The safety of the meter is directly associated with the security of your electronics. If the voltage keeps changing, your electronics may not be able to withstand these fluctuations. So, if you want to keep your consumers safe, you need to ensure the safety of your electric meters.

When it comes to the safety of the electric meter, the priority must be the safety of the wires and the internal circuitries. Using the wiring harnesses allows the manufacturers and suppliers to overcome the design and production limitations.

10. Cut Wire Costs With a Custom Wiring Harness?

It is a misconception that custom services and custom products cost high, but in reality, you can save a lot of side expenses with customized products. Without custom wiring harnesses, your meters are more vulnerable to damages and failures. In such situations, you will be spending a lot more money on maintenance than the actual cost of customized wiring harnesses.

Using wire harnesses allows the supplier to deliver the expected quality and durability to the consumers without risking the safety of the electronic devices across the premises.

11. Why Harnesses are a Must for Electricity Meters?

No matter what kind of electricity meters your company is manufacturing, there will always be some limitations that you will have to face due to ordinary wires. With problems like a short circuit, power failures, and inadequate monitoring, your manufacturing team needs extraordinary wires and other ingredients of electricity manufacturing. By using wire harnesses, you can get almost all the mentioned problems and limitations. We are seeing a massive boost in demand for harnesses by electric meter manufacturers and suppliers. The stats indicated that the usage of intelligent technologies in electric meters leads to better monitoring power consumption and lesser meter failures.

The electricity meter installed on the electricity pole.

The electricity meter is installed on the electricity pole.

12. Electricity MeterEco-friendly Electric Meter Production

The use of custom harnesses benefits your company and has a positive impact on the overall environment. With innovative technologies, you can avoid possible power losses and failures. The use of energy-efficient appliances gives a sense of better power consumption to the users, and they consume the resources more efficiently. You need to save our planet if we want to survive here, whether you are a supplier or the end consumer.


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