DMS-59 Cable: All That What You Need to Read

DMS-59 cable is not a standard cable type. Yet, it serves many functions and suits varying needs in homes and public places.

Interestingly, this cable type is also very efficient in working with DVI and VGA cables. But, to get the best use of this cable, you must understand how to use it alongside other cable types.

There is nothing complicated about making use of DMS -59 cables. You only need to have the right information at your fingertips. With the proper knowledge in place, you can get it right with a DMS-59 cable.

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DMS-59 plug and socket

Chapter 1: What is DMS-59 Cable?

DMS-59 is an acronym for Dual Monitor Solutions 59 pins. It is a cable type that provides the VGA or DVI output in a single connection. The cable comes from four high pins and fifteen wide pins. Additionally, it possesses a D shape, and a pin is missing in the bottom part of the row.

However, if there is a need to convert the DMS -59 cable to either an analog or digital device, an adapter comes in very handy.

Uses of DMS-59 cable

The DMS-59 cable is suitable for quite a lot of applications. It all depends on what the individual needs it for. It is compatible with AMD and Matrox, which are suitable for video cards. Also very efficient for sun computers.

Also, it easily converts two Molex connectors to a nine-pin connector. It is also capable of connecting different male RJ45 connectors. Similarly, it is suitable for connecting two parallel ports to a computer system.

Benefits of DMS-59 cables

The major advantage of using a DMS-59 cable is combining two different outputs in one connection. That is, it can support two high-resolution displays. It can either be two DVI outputs or two VGA outputs.

Interestingly, it does this without encountering any difficulty whatsoever.

DMS Connector

Chapter 2: DVI Cable

Digital Visual Interface is an essential type of cable. To get the most out of your DVI cable, you must connect it to your LCD computer.

As long as the computer possesses a port that easily aids connection, there is a certainty that you will get the best use while using your computer system. Some LCD computers come with too many ports. So there is a possibility to connect as many devices as you want to. More so, the DVI cable port is the most common type of port that is available on the LCD computer.

With DVI cable, watching your favorite movies on the web or television is effortless. Another feature of the DVI cable port is that it can translate the digital information on your computer system to the monitor. It is sometimes difficult to distinguish between the various types of DVI cable. Yet, one popular way of noticing the difference is by looking at the rope closely. If the DVI cable has a flat pin and four pins around it, it is higher likely to be a DVI-A cable or DVI-I cable. But, if you observe the cable closer and discover only one pin, it is a DVI-D cable type.

The different types

There are different types of  DVI cables. The various kinds of wires possess unique features and attributes that make them easy to use. DVI-D cables are a unique type of cable that greatly differs from the other types. That is because the cable works well with you connect it to a computer video card. It helps to provide the right kind of result.

DVI-I cable is another variant of the DVI cable that is very useful in translating information from analog to digital and vice versa. That is a ubiquitous DVI cable and is considered the most versatile of all DVI cable types. It is easy to use and makes it possible to translate the information. The versatility of the DVI-I cable makes it easy to work on both analog and digital connections.

Irrespective of the benefits of using DVI cables for connectivity, there are still some instances to consider when using them. One such example is that there is likely to be a signal transmission loss when using DVI cables. That is most common when the intention is to convert a digital signal to an analog.

In such conversion for digital to analog signals, the video quality is reduced. When you try to make the conversion, the video quality, if high, will become moderate or even weak in some cases. The best way to use the DVI cable and get maximum output is to use a digital-to-digital connection. The digital-to-digital connection produces the best type of video quality.  

It is also essential to draw attention to the reality that some computer systems or electronic devices usually possess more than one port. If this is the case for your device, you must get a suitable fit for the cable port to avoid causing damage to your device.

If you observe that the connection is between an analog and DVI cable, ensure that you use a DVI-A cable. But, if the relationship is between two DVI cable ports, settle for DVI-D cable. It helps in bringing forth the right output. It is not advisable to force your DVI cable into any port. When you discover that both cable ports are incompatible, the best thing is to get the right fit.

The relationship between DVI cable and DMS-59 cables

DVI cable and DMS-59 cable are both essential for video connections. If you are a lover of video connections, the cable types will perfectly serve your desire. The DVI cable works perfectly well with the DMS-59 cables.

The relationship between both cable types stems from the fact that they are essential to producing maximum video connection efficiency. As such, the DVI cable is suitable for the DMS-59 cable. In its connectivity, there is no question or doubt about its compatibility.

With both cables in place on an electronic device, such as a computer system or television, the user is sure of getting good video quality and signal. The DMS-59 cable is still very suitable for the DVI cable regardless of the connection type, analog or digital. In using the wire, the DMS- 59 cables easily convert to suit the needs of the DVI cable.

The outcome is usually very efficient. If there is a need to use a digital connection, the DMS-59 cable takes a digital connection through conversion utilizing an adapter. The DVI- D cable is suitable for successful conversion because both types already fit digital connections. But, if the DMS-59 cable maintains the analog outlook, the best cable to use is the DVI-A cable because the relationship is between an analog and digital connection.

Custom DVI Cable

Chapter 3: VGA Cable

VGA is an acronym for Video Graphics Array. It is a cable type that suits video connection needs. The VGA cable is very efficient for producing a good quality video.

It performs this function by carrying information about the graphics from the CPU to the computer system’s monitor. The VGA cable is a cable type that is usually blue-colored. It uses connectors on both ends of the wire and cable to transmit information.

The primary function of the VGA cable is to link two different devices together. That is, to generate positive output from one of the devices. It implies that one of the devices is the platform that shows the information placed when connected devices. Since the VGA cable possesses two ends, one is suitable for use with the port on the graphics card of the computer’s motherboard.  As such, the other end of the cable is suitable for the display device. Such as the television or monitor that reveals the information that is placed in it.

When the computer system is on, it transmits the information it receives through the monitor’s display output. This is possible through the aid of the VGA cable. VGA cables are present in various types. The different types of VGA cables are suitable for use with different devices. But one thing is certain; it produces a desirable result.

 It is also essential to state that the VGSA cables possess male and female connector types. Both connectors perform different functions. It comes in the form of three-row pins on it, and the cable quality issuperior.

Uses of the VGA cable

The VGA cables come in various sizes and perform a lot of functions. Before any individual can derive maximum satisfaction from its use, they must possess the right information about how the cable works best.

Most importantly, VGA cable is very relevant and still relevant in the electronic field. It is very efficient in connecting electronic devices such as computers, televisions, and other devices.  To get the best use of VGA cables, you need to know how it works and their connectivity.

Types of VGA cable

There are different types of VGA cables. These cables come in various sizes, such as small, mini-size, and full-size VGA cables.

The various VGA cables are described using different terms, such as connectors 1 and 2.

These different connectors are for specific uses. Only when you can identify the connectors’ various needs and uses will you achieve the right result.

The different type of VGA cables possesses different connection needs. This implies that what works for one will not work for another cable.

So, it must be used in its appropriate form or it affects the connection’s purpose or even the cord itself.

The VGA cable works especially. It creates ease for electronic devices to work. This implies that the VGA cable coordinates the activities that result in the transmission of signals.

That is, it transmits information from one hardware to another. More so, the signals come in the form of video signals. It is also transmitting audio signals.

Relationship between VGA cable and DMS-59 cable

The versatility of wires is that two or more cables work together without encountering any form of obstruction in transmitting signals. This is only possible when both devices are compatible with one another.

This is the case with the VGA cable and DMS-59 cable. Both cables work together and transmit the signals perfectly well.

The DMS-59 cable is equipped to transmit signals effectively, and it performs this function with the enablement of a VGA cable.

DMS-59 cables enable the functioning of two VGA cables, and it works well with the cable to produce the right type of result. This is just the same way it works with the DVI cable.

So, build the DMS-59 cable with the capacity to accommodate either the DVI or VGA cable and work perfectly well.

More so, it is also sufficient to accommodate VGA cables or DVI cables. Whatever option suits the individual works well with the DMS-59 cable.

Custom VGA Cable

Chapter 4: CLOOM Tech — Professional Custom Cable Manufacturer

CLOOM Tech is a renowned organization that handles every cable-related issue perfectly well. Finding a cable problem too difficult for CLOOM Tech to handle is almost impossible.

Thus, it is safe to say that CLOOM Tech is one of the few tech organizations that cable issues in the right kind of way. Whatever the issue, trust CLOOM Tech to handle it well and provide you with maximum satisfaction.

In addition to a few tech lovers, many people have not well known the DMS-59 cable. This cable type is easy to use with DVI or VGA cables. The DVI and VGA cables are essential for video connections. So, when you use either of these cables or both cables with DMS-59 cable, you are confident of getting productive results.

Unfortunately, many individuals cannot work with DMS-59 cable because it is not common.

Nonetheless, trust CLOOM Tech to help you get a hand with the cable. Our services are not limited to only providing cables. We also assist in providing you with professional assistance to make it easier for you.

Similarly, CLOOM Tech assists you with the connectivity issues you are likely to encounter using the DMS-59 cable.

For this reason, CLOOM Tech is fully committed to providing you with nothing but the best and also helping you get the maximum result from using the cable.


Technology has made electronic devices that make it easy for humans to enjoy a pleasing life. Yet, if you fail to understand how these innovative devices work, you will be left in the crowd.

DMS-59 cable is one of the too many cables that make it easy to enjoy human life by watching pleasant video connections with superior quality. If you do not understand how it works, you may not get the best from your connection.

Nonetheless, CLOOM Tech has you covered! Trust us to provide every DMS-59 cable-related need.

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