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We have been providing Custom Wiring Harness Assembly to the local Chinese market and international clients. For the highest satisfaction rate, we have a dedicated team for every project at CLOOM Tech. No matter the size of your company or shipment, CLOOM Tech will ideally meet your Custom Wiring Harness Assembly needs.

We are not only focused on selling our services, but we want to empower our customers too. CLOOM Tech experts have posted a lot of blogs about different services and tips. In this article, we will talk about the top resources that you need to know about your equipment development.

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1. Custom Wiring Harness Assembly Famous Terminologies

If you want to know more about professionals dealing with different vendors, you need to understand the essential terms of this field. Here are have refined some original words and their definitions.

AWG: It is the short form of American Wire Gage. This concept is the standard parameter in America for designing and manufacturing the wire diameter.

Bellmouth: For the smooth entrance of the wire strands, there are raised portions at the start or end. This raised portion makes sure the wire remains undamaged during the insertion or exit of the wire strands.

Bird caging: Some wire strands may separate from the usual layout of the wire. These separated wire strands are bird cages.  

Braid: It is the tinned or bare metallic wire that we use in heavy equipment for grounding the current. It is also there as the extra layer of protection in the conductor or cable.

The proper layout of different insulators in the form of parallel or twisted configuration is the cable.

Cable Assembly: A cable with attached connectors and plugs is the cable assembly. Cable assemblies make the job easier and more efficient.

Conductor: A conductor is an insulated wire that is there to carry current in different equipment. 

Crimp: The final configuration of the terminal barrel

Here are some other important terms that you need to know about Custom Wiring Harness Assembly:

  • Insulation crimp
  • Jacket
  • Polarization
  • Strain relief
  • Terminal relief
  • Tubing
  • Wire ties

2. CLOOM Tech Resource Guide for Custom Wiring Harness Assembly

Before choosing Custom Wiring Harness Assembly vendors, you need to go through the official resource guide for the buyers. This buyer guide has all the information and resources that can be helpful in your own Custom Wiring Harness Assembly.

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If you find all of these things complicated and want a helping hand, we suggest contacting CLOOM Tech right now. Our team offers Custom Wiring Harness Assembly services for all levels of industries in different sectors of life.

Instead of focusing on these side products, you need to focus on your services to satisfy your clients. To make things better for you, we have designed this guide to get a better idea of what you are jumping into.

3. Vital Parts and Components of Custom Wiring Harness Assembly

Before reaching the prototype stage of your own Custom Wiring Harness Assembly process, you need to understand the essential elements and parts. You need different parts and components from different vendors.

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Contacting different vendors and suppliers can be a hectic process. Dealing with so many suppliers and vendors is not an easy job, and it involves a lot of frustration. When you work closely with your component and part suppliers, you can prevent several issues and problems. This guide about components and parts supplier offers stronger relationships with your sellers and customers.

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Enjoy a free sample worth UP TO $100!
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4. Top Vendors for Custom Wire Harness Assembly Parts

The dedicated team at CLOOM Tech spent hours refining this list of top vendors for custom wiring harness assembly parts. If you are new to the Custom Wiring Harness Assembly market, you need to have these suppliers on your contact list. 


Digi-Key is one of the top vendors for the Custom Wiring Harness Assembly parts and components. For the maximum efficiency and best rates for Custom Wiring Harness Assembly parts and components, you can rely on the services of Digi-Key. We highly recommend the services of Digi-Key for international clients. If you are willing to hire their services, contact them if they are serving your region.

Your vendor needs to be professional and trustworthy. While dealing with your clients, you will face different tight deadlines, and at that stage, you need an efficient vendor. If you have found a reliable vendor for the parts, you can enjoy smooth relationships with your sellers and buyers. We have dealt with Digi-Key several times, and their team has always been quick and responsive to our queries.

This company has been serving the electric market since 1972. They are offering a wide range of electronic components to local and international clients. No matter what are your requirements and needs, their team will be helpful at every stage.


This company is also on the list of trusted sellers and suppliers for Wiring Harness Assembly parts and components. They are famous for the production of electrical connectors. Here are some essential services offered by ELECDIRECT for the market:

  • Lighting
  • Automotive connectors
  • Automation products
  • Automation controls
  • Wire management products
  • Industrial connectors

Mouser Electronics

This company is famous for introducing new technologies and products to the market. Their primary products are semiconductors and other standard electric components. Their research and development team is working on the goals and satisfaction of the clients.

They also offer the state of the art distribution centers. Take their dealings very seriously, and that’s why their customer relations are strong. They have almost 600000 customers in more than 200 countries all over the world. Their ordering process is too pure, and it will take only 15 minutes to deliver the same-day shipment.


You can say this platform as Google for searching the Custom Wiring Harness Assembly components suppliers. You can search for almost any product here, and you can use this platform to compare the prices from different suppliers.

This platform is equally useful for engineers and buyers. The usability of the platform enables both parties to analyze market trends and products.

5.Tools to Design Custom Wiring Harness Assembly Design

It would help if you had different tools and instruments to design Custom Wiring Harness Assembly. To save money and get the best results out of your investment, you need to know the exact mechanisms and equipment you will buy. Here are some essential tools that you need for Custom Wiring Harness Assembly production.

  1. Crimping tools
  2. Pneumatic crimping tools

6. Global Tools Provider

To get the best results, you need to invest in the best tools. If you want the best and advanced tools for Custom Wiring Harness production, MOLEX is a trusted name in the market. They have state-of-the-art tools for the Custom Wiring Harness Assembly process. It is an international tool production company with billions of dollars’ worth.

7.Safety Standards For Custom Wiring Harness Assemblies

To avoid legal complexity and problem, you need to get certifications for your Wiring Harness Assembly production setup. These standards ensure that you meet the criteria of producing your own Custom Wiring Harness. If you want to avoid all of these legal complexities and problems, we encourage you to contact CLOOM Tech for Custom Wiring Harness Assembly.

regulations and standard in the industry

Underwriters Laboratory

If you are buying Custom Wiring Harness parts from any other seller, you can contact UL to test the products for you. They are the pioneers in safety and scientific research all over the world. You need to get certification from this agency, and they will make sure that your production unit is meeting all the safety protocols.

Underwriters Laboratory

Custom Wiring Harness Assemblies by CLOOM Tech

If you find all of these steps and standards too complicated, you can contact CLOOM Tech to care for your needs. From analyzing your project needs to develop perfect solutions and products, the CLOOM Tech team is always the best choice for all industries.

Dealing with CLOOM Tech is extremely easy as we have a dedicated team of experts to care for your needs. If you are not sure about your Custom Wiring Harness Assembly needs, you can contact us anytime. Our team will analyze your project to come up with customized products and solutions. We are one of the top Custom Wiring Harness manufacturers with the highest success rate and affordable services.


This resource guide is refined after research and analyzing the market. You can refer to this guideline anytime if you are planning on setting up your production unit. Dealing with so many contacts can be hectic for companies with limited resources. To boost your production unit capacity, we recommend contacting professional custom wiring cable assembly manufacturers and suppliers.

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Enjoy a free sample worth UP TO $100!
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