7 Factors to Consider before Mass Production of Custom Wiring Harness

Before ordering the mass production of the custom wiring harness, you need to consider all the possibilities. If you outsource the Custom Wiring Harness production, which is a better decision, you need to be even more careful about the details and specifications.

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Cables on top of patch distribution panel shelf

Expert engineers and designers at CLOOM Tech know the market demand, and our custom process treats the project according to the specifications. So, we have created this complete guide to provide details for the clients who want to order custom products.

1.Timeframe for the delivery

If you think you ordered the Custom Wiring Harness a few weeks ago, the order completions, then don’t make this mistake. The custom wiring harness process can take a lot of time, and if you are on a tight schedule, you need to choose fast delivery. Do you have enough time to wait for the offshore production of the assemblies? CLOOM Tech offers the most immediate custom wiring harness services. Still, we need to take care of several processes.

Manufacturing is not the only time-consuming process, but you also need to consider, packaging and delivery of the products. For overseas deliveries, delivery time depends upon the customs clearance. If everything goes smoothly with the delivery process and custom authorities, you will have your shipment within weeks. Make sure that you and the manufacturer are on the same page regarding the delivery timeframe. The availability of raw material is also an essential factor that determines the delivery time. If you need special medical cable assemblies or robotic cable assemblies, typical manufacturers may not meet the deadline. Always choose a company that can offer you the desired products within the given timeframe.

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Delivery time for the shipment of Custom Wiring Harness

If you have a typical custom design where the manufacturer doesn’t need to worry about custom connectors, you may receive deliveries earlier. For European clients, the products manufactured in China and other Asian countries must undergo customs clearance, so that it can be a bit lengthy procedure.

2.Custom Wiring Harness Design

Bulk manufacturing of custom wiring harnesses a complicated process. It involves the bulk supply of raw material, availability of experienced engineers and designers. So, the manufacturers have to cooperate with other market resources to ensure smooth working. For the new clients, it is critical to manufacture a small order before starting the bulk production of the wiring harness. Just imagine that your manufacturer has delivered 1000 wiring harnesses that don’t meet your project specifications. If you want to avoid such cases, make sure that you are clear about your requirements. Before consuming thousands of dollars on bulk production of cable assemblies, going through a small lot of products will save your time and investment.

Early discussion with the manufacturer about the design of the manufacturing process is critical. In the case of the offshore production of custom products, companies tend to deliver a high-quality prototype. But when it comes to scaling up the process for mass production, they don’t meet the desired quality levels. Make sure that you are aware of the manufacturing design of the company.

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Design of electric cable

If the bulk production is slightly or significantly different from the prototyping, your project may suffer. The primary purpose of custom wiring harness manufacturing is to get custom products for precise measurements. So, discussing the possible provisions at the very start of the project will save both parties from any potential conflict later on.

3. Custom Wiring Harness Customer Support

The product of Custom Wiring Harness matters a lot while choosing a company, but it’s not all. There are many other factors, too, that you must take into consideration. What if something goes wrong with your shipment? Who will take care of modifications in case things don’t go as planned? Well, in such situations, you will have to contact the company’s customer support. At first, customer support may seem like an irrelevant entity, but you will recognize its importance soon.

Many things can go wrong with the mass production of Custom Wiring Harness. You will have to cooperate with the manufacturer if you need to reschedule the shipment, and it is not possible without professional support. While choosing any company for the mass production of Custom Wiring Harness for your project, you must consider the level of customer support. You are going to interact with customer support a lot. They should listen to your problems, and you can get an idea about customer support during the early discussion. Are they just trying to land a new client, or are they helping you select better products?

At CLOOM Tech, we usually interact with non-technical clients. For customer satisfaction, our engineers and designers cooperate with the client from the very first stage. It allows us to offer a better user experience and helps us improve the quality of the products.

4.Custom Wiring Harness Material Selection

Material selection, according to the work environment, is an essential factor. The better idea is to analyze the material by you. From the current carrying capacity of the wiring harness to the work environment, everything will impact material selection. A professional company must know the target industry as every industry has different requirements. Any wrong decision about the cable material can cause problems for the project engineers.

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P0wer cables electrical

5.The Casing of the Custom Wiring Harness

Do you know why most of the projects require Custom Wiring Harness? It is not always about the quality of the cables but the design and durability of the wires. For example, oil refineries can use ordinary wires in terms of quality but require particular protective casing. So, casing or the external protective jacketing is another essential factor to consider during the mass production of the custom wiring harness.

The cable structure

The cable structure

It will help if you are looking for a manufacturing firm specializing in custom wiring harnesses. The design of the cable casing requires extensive market knowledge. Before going into the mass production of the Custom Wiring Harness, you need to consider the work settings. If you want to use the cables in an environment that requires a particular protective casing, the manufacturer must be aware of the specifications. The cable assemblies for medical facilities cannot be the same as the cables for oil refineries. The end product must be capable of doing what you expect. Make sure that your appliance requirements are not going to change sooner, or you will have to modify the cable casing, too, as per the appliances.

6.An Optimized Approach for Efficient Delivery

If you want to avoid any inconvenience during the mass production, you need to have all teams onboard. Each involved party in the manufacturing must be aware of your custom requirements. You can count on the efficiency of the units when everything is going according to your needs. If the engineering section makes a minor change apart from the original design, it will impact your project in significant times. All teams must work in harmony throughout the production cycle of Custom Wiring Harness.

7.The Production Capacity of the Manufacturer

Do you want to order a thousand cables for your megaproject? Outsourcing cables from Asia can be a better choice. While choosing the offshore custom cable manufacturer, make sure they can meet your production requirements. Some megaprojects may require millions of custom items. Choosing the right company matters a lot; otherwise, it will affect the delivery time.

At CLOOM Tech, we have in-house R&D departments to analyze your requirements. Our production unit can manufacture from a few hundred to thousands of Custom Wiring Harness for any industry. We encourage the project teams to discuss the production requirements before placing the order.

Custom cable production unit

Custom cable production unit


Suppose you are also looking for professional custom cable assembly and Custom Wiring Harness manufacturing for a long time. Outsourcing Custom Wiring Harness is not only cost-effective, but our products are the best in the market.

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