9 Points to Check During Custom Wire Harness Testing

When the smooth working of the project is the goal, malfunctioning of the custom wire harness can disrupt the power supply. Wires harness testing allows the project managers to detect and eliminate the problem before the installation.

CLOOM Tech has in-house testing equipment for custom wire harnesses and custom cable assemblies. Hiring 3rd party testing services can be a costly choice, so that you can rely on CLOOM Tech for custom wire harnesses manufacturing.

As your shipment of custom wiring harnesses has arrived, it’s time to check the products for quality.

Custom Wire Harness 1

Cable and wire testing

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1.Accurate Labelling of Custom Wiring Harness

You are not the only company that is ordering custom wire harnesses. At the same time, companies are creating millions of wire harnesses so that the labeling can be a bit messy. Make sure the product that you have received is according to your project specification. Accurate wire harness labeling generally indicates the:

  • Length of the wire
  • Voltage capacity
  • The material of the harness
  • Electrical specifications

If any bundle is different from your provided cable specifications, you can have that replaced. Accurate labeling of the wire harnesses not only makes the installation process easier but practical too. You don’t need to go through every harness as it can be a hectic task. Instead of detailed testing, you can check the bundles or packages of the shipment at a larger scale.

Custom Wire Harness 2

Electronics Engineer Works with Robot, Soldering Wires and Circuits

2.Custom Wiring Harness–Damaged Insulation

This testing part is critical as it is about the safety of the project. During the packaging or the delivery, insulation tearing is expected if not correctly taken care of. So, as soon as the shipment arrives, make sure that the insulation of all wires is intact. If there are tiny marks of collision and the complete harnesses are not damaged, repairing can do the job. Sometimes, the damage can be intensive, and repairing will not be effective. In that case, you can have the damaged wire harnesses replaced.

3.Custom Wiring Harness–Defective Wires

Broken wires can disrupt the power supply, sabotaging the working of the whole project. Defective cables may not be easy to detect. Many wire testing tools can help you with speedy testing. After installation, seeing the faulty wire can be a challenging task. So, the best scenario is that you choose a professional custom wire harness manufacturer. At CLOOM Tech, we have the highest standards for custom wire harness manufacturing. We ensure that there are no after-sale issues with our products.

Custom Wire Harness 3

Detecting the defective wires

In case any wire is broken, abandon that wire harness and try the new one. This issue is rare but can impact the working of the project in a significant way. Hence, focus on the wires during the testing phase.

4.Custom Wiring Harness–Continuity of Power Supply

Voltage ups and downs can negatively impact appliances and machines. The use of quality material and standard manufacturing protocols will ensure a continuous power supply. Testing thousands of wire harnesses against voltmeter or any other equipment can be time-consuming, and you can ask the manufacturer to provide quality assurance testing. In case of fluctuations in the power supply, consider replacing the defective wire harness.

Our manufacturing teams follow strict manufacturing protocols to minimize the chances of quality-related issues. Form the quality of the material to the production phase, and we meet international safety and quality standards.

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Enjoy a free sample worth UP TO $100!
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5.Custom Wiring Harness–Correct Wire Gauge

Any professional custom wire harness manufacture will not make an error regarding the wire gauge. Every project requires certain specifications and measurements. If you have provided the correct cable measurements but the contractor did not deliver the exact product, your shipment is useless. In the custom wiring harnesses and custom cable assemblies, precision and accuracy matter a lot. A tiny variation in the gauge of the wire can impact the project. Wire harnesses with different wire gauges may not be useable for the project. If there are two or three bundles with the varied wire gauge, you can compensate for these. But if the central portion of the shipment has different measurements, you have no option except to replace the wire harnesses. There are international standards for wire gauge, so make sure that you and the supplier are on the same page regarding the wire gauge.

Custom Wire Harness 4

Checking and testing the wires

6.Right Terminals and Connectors

Every project demands unique components. One wire harness cannot fit in all appliances. These unique project specifications are the main reason why businesses order custom products. If you have some work environment where working conditions are harsh, you need to choose connectors and terminals accordingly. The right choice of terminals and connectors is critical.

If you ordered custom wire harnesses for the oil refinery, make sure that terminals and connectors are chemical resistants. Standard terminals and connectors may seem affordable, but these will not survive in harsh work settings. If your project demands specific materials, make sure that you order those same terminals and connectors. This malfunction can be a disaster as if the whole shipment has different terminals and connectors; you will have to replace all wire harnesses.

7.Protection Against Corrosion and Moisture

Protection against external factors is the best thing about custom wire harnesses and custom cable assemblies. Many projects involve chemical and moisture exposure, and the continued direction of moisture and chemicals for a long time can impact the lifespan of the wires. For such applications, there are several options for protection against corrosion and humidity.

Protected wire testing

Protected wire testing

Before ordering the bulk production of custom wiring harnesses and cable assemblies, discuss these details with the supplier. At CLOOM Tech, our engineers analyze the project for specific aspects. Depending on the exposure type, we suggest suitable materials and insulations. Before installing custom wire harnesses, study the material and insulation of custom wire harnesses.

8.Correct Length of the Wire Harnesses

The length of the custom wiring harnesses, or cable assemblies is a significant factor to consider. In commercial projects or complicated machines, additional measurements can create a problem. For optimized cable management, exact lengths are essential. Custom wire harness manufacturers don’t make mistakes regarding the sizes, but checking lengths can be beneficial. The extra lengthy cables may not directly affect your project’s working or quality, but cable management will be complex.

Almost every industrial project uses hundreds of custom wire harnesses. Imagine each wire harness has some extra length. Managing so many large wire harnesses can be an issue for the engineering team. Due to the limited space, not only will the installation be complex but the maintenance too. Well-organized and accurate wires can also help in the weight reduction of the project. The length of the wire harness is most important in the automobile sector.

9.Verification of Connectors’ Quality

The durability of the wire harnesses depends upon the quality of the connectors. The use of poor material in the connectors may cause issues later on. Apart from the quality of the connector material, the installation of the connectors also matters a lot. Poorly crimped connectors can break easily, and the ultimate result will be the failure of the project. There are some specific tests to determine the quality of the wire harness connectors.

Electrical inspector reading power output

Electrical inspector reading power output.


Analyzing the project specifications, ordering custom wire harnesses, and testing the shipment seems like a lengthy procedure. Project teams think that working with custom wiring harness manufacturers requires a lot of effort. Well, at CLOOM Tech, you can request cost estimation for your project, and our engineers will analyze project specifications. We are responsible for manufacturing and testing the custom wiring harnesses. CLOOM Tech is a renowned name in the Asian market if you want a smooth supply of custom wiring harnesses.

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Enjoy a free sample worth UP TO $100!
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