Custom TRS Cable: What You Need To Know When Customized

Are you eager to minimize costs? If yes, you must have the right idea of how to make your custom TRS cables. It avails you the opportunity of building and repair cables yourself. Thus, you get to save more money.

Making TRS cables presupposes you no longer pay frequent visits to the tech shop or even throw cables away for not living up to expectations.

CLOOM Tech assists in supplying all the appropriate materials to give you good output. Trust us to help build a custom-made TRS cable for you.

A custom-made TRS cable is an art, and with the necessary skills, you will get maximum satisfaction from its production. This article contains all the information you need to make your own TRS cable.

XLR and TRS jack cable

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Chapter 1: What is the TRS Cable?

TRS cable is a vital cable that helps transmit balanced audio signals.

There are different connectors for transmitting audio signals. TRS represents Tip, Ring, and Sleeve.

Interestingly, the TRS cable is suitable for numerous functions and delivers the right type of output when it connects to various devices.

TRS cable comes in various plugs sizes. The various sizes are also essential in connecting all types of portable devices.

Most times, the TRS cable is often confused with the TS cable. Both cable types play different roles and functions for different devices though they appear similar but possess various physical features.

Hence, to identify the differences between the TRS cable and the TS cable, it is essential to note that the TS cable is mostly suitable for instruments like the guitar and keyboard. However, the TRS cables cannot work correctly for guitars and keyboards.

Musicians prefer to use the TS cable because it establishes the appropriate tone for the guitar, unlike the TRS cable. Nonetheless, the TRS cable is as old as man and is still very relevant today.

TRS audio plug

Get Your Free Sample!

Enjoy a free sample worth UP TO $100!
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Chapter 2: Building The TRS Cable

Hard work pays, and this is especially true for building the TRS cable. Unlike what many people think, the TRS cable is not as difficult as people make it seem. All that you require is the necessary material and adequate information.

In other words, the only way to get it right is to do it right. When you follow the instructions in this article and purchase the right materials, you can build an excellent custom-made TRS cable.

It is difficult to assure you of an excellent job when you ignore instructions and directives. There are a lot of inferior quality materials on the market. So, trust only an excellent custom product supplier to help you get the right materials for the job.

Do you need help with purchasing material? CLOOM Tech is the right organization to contact for buying the right quality.

  • Materials for building the TRS cable


There are different types of testers. They include a continuity tester, a multitester, and a cable tester.  The various types of testers are essential in producing good cable results.

  • Uses of the testers

Continuity tester:

The continuity test is significant for building cables. Furthermore, if you also want to troubleshoot, this tester is vital.


The multitester is the right tester to use for measurement purposes. When you want to measure the resistance of the signal, the multitester is your best bet. If the connection is appropriate, the tester indicates 0 ohms. However, if it is not, it also shows it.

Also, a multitester is essential in defining the voltage of the current.

Cable tester:

This is the most expensive tester. It indicates if a pin is transmitting signals currently or not. It is also very essential in building various cable types.

  • Screwdriver or drill
  • Side cutters
  • Soldering iron
  • Wire strippers or razor blade

These tools are perfect for trade and ensure the maximum construction of the cable type.

Chapter 3: Processes to Building a Custom-made TRS Cable

The processes for building your custom-made TRS cable are easy to master. The step to step process is exciting when you follow the instruction.

The following are the steps:

Cut the cable length: With a side cutter’s aid, cut the appropriate cable length you desire. When cutting the length of the cable, you must take care to avoid cutting yourself.

Strip the cable: After successfully cutting the cable length, the next thing to do is use a wire stripper to strip the cable on both ends of the cable. If it proves difficult for you to strip, twist the wire stripper first and then strip off the cable.

When you strip the cable, you will find three connectors. The white cable represents hot or positive. The black cable represents cold or returns, while the silver represents the ground.

Pull off the shield:

After stripping the cable, the next thing is to pull off the cable shield with a screwdriver. Carefully insert the shield into the cable. Do not throw the shield away.

Carefully reassemble the XLR connector: While doing this, ensure it clocks in and is securely placed. Use a screwdriver to tighten it appropriately.

Connect the TRS connector: If you are successfully reassembling the XLR connector, the next thing to do is connect the TRS connector. Carefully remove the rear sleeve and slide it over the cable. Now, separate both wires.

While separating the cable, be careful not to burn yourself because the pin is usually very hot.

Solder the TRS cable: This is the last part of building the custom-made TRS cable. At this stage, use the soldering iron to solder the TRS cable.

Absolute care is essential at this point because you would not love to see your cable pins damaged due to your activities. Slide the connector sleeve back up and twist it when you are through this.

After you solder your TRS cable, you need to test it. To test it, use your cable tester to ensure it works correctly.

Custom TRS audio plug

Chapter 4: Custom TRS Cable Supplier — CLOOM Tech

CLOOM Tech is the right organization to provide you with all the support you need in building your TRS cable types.

We understand that you may not own the appropriate tools and materials for the job, which will be challenging. Not to worry; we can make it a more natural process for you.

There are many benefits attached to building your custom-made TRS cable with us. Asides from the fact that we rely on the specification you provide to create your cable. We also take our time to make sure it is nothing less than perfection.

Additionally, at CLOOM Tech, we also supply the right quality of the materials you want to build. Thus, we make sure the output is superb!

The good news is that we don’t just stop supplying the right type of material to you. We do not on time. Hence, there is no need to experience dissatisfaction with our services.

We are very committed to serving you, and we do it with little worry!


Custom-made TRS cables are unarguably essential. However, the main problem lies with how to go about it. It doesn’t require much to build a custom-made TRS cable as long as you possess the appropriate information.

Nonetheless, trust Cloom Tech always to provide results at the appropriate time. All you need do is contact us and live your specifications for you.

You are certainly going to have your expectations met!

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Enjoy a free sample worth UP TO $100!
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