7 Advantages of Sourcing Custom Power Cables from Asia

When budget saving is your goal, souring power cables from China is the best option in cable manufacturing. Custom cables can consume a significant part of your budget if you have not chosen the proper manufacturer. If standard power cables and monitor power cables don’t fit your project specifications, CLOOM Tech can manufacture custom power cables for your project.

Standard cables are expensive if you want to order a bulk amount, but you may not get the desired functionality. For businesses and teams, we offer custom power cable manufacturing. CLOOM Tech can deliver custom power cables at your location no matter where you are operating your business.

The custom products from CLOOM Tech are way cheaper than competitors. From quality to the manufacturing costs, there are significant advantages of sourcing power cables from China.

Custom Power Cables 1

Disconnected electric plugs

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1.Manufacturing of Power Cables Require Experience

If you are looking for power cables for your project in bulk amount, at some point, you might consider producing your lines. On the other hand, you might look forward to local cable manufacturing units for your project. We have a better option for your project in terms of custom power cables.

Custom Power Cables 2

Cross-section of high-voltage cable

Either you want to monitor power cables or PC power cables, standard cables will cost you a lot. Power cable manufacturing is an art, and only an experienced team can handle your requirements. Monitor power cable or PC power cable manufacturing is not something that you can try on your own.

Why Experienced Team for Monitor Power Cable Manufacturing

At CLOOM Tech, our engineers and designers have years of experience in custom power cable manufacturing. Most of the projects depend upon the efficiency of display screens to measure the stats and results. If you want to go for the appliance’s safety, having quality power cables is an important decision.

If something goes wrong with the power cable, it can cut the power off for the whole appliance. For project specifications, standard power cables will not offer the flexibility of extended lengths. When you need custom cables for different components within the system at different distances, only custom AC power cables can meet your requirements.

2.Avoid Side Expenses of Power Cable Production

When it comes to sourcing power cables from Asia, this option is cheaper and better in quality. There are several other costs related to power cable manufacturing that you cannot afford if you are willing to manufacture AC power cables.

While souring power cable or monitor cables from Asia or any other Chinese company, you don’t need to worry about these extra charges. CLOOM Tech offers custom power cable manufacturing at affordable costs that include all the additional services. Here are some extra expenses that you can avoid by sourcing power cables and monitor cables from CLOOM Tech:

Custom Power Cables–Designing and prototyping

Cable manufacturing requires a lot of research and design. If you go to the local market to purchase, you will have to choose from the available options. When you hire CLOOM Tech for custom power cable manufacturing, you will get the chance to experience the prototype for your project.

Custom Power Cables 3

3 Pin Power Cord

While working with CLOOM Tech, we can design a prototype as per your project specifications. The designing process of the prototype requires proper research and analysis that is not available in the standard power cables from the local store or the market.

Custom Power Cables-Testing and quality assurance

Testing and quality assurance are something that you won’t get for the products in the local market. For the safety and efficiency of your project, you should only use quality components and power cables in the plans or the appliances.

CLOOM Tech has the most advanced testing labs to ensure the accomplishment of all the international safety standards. Every product from CLOOM Tech meets international safety standards so that you get the best possible quality wires and power cables for your projects.

Custom Power Cables–Hassle-free delivery

Managing bulk cords and power cables can be a hectic task. If you buy these power cables from the local vendor, you will have to analyze every line after the delivery. Once you have contracted the manufacturer from Asia, the manufacturing team is responsible for every step. From designing the prototype to the perfect delivery of power supplies at your location, CLOOM Tech is responsible for the quality and safety of the project.

You don’t need to worry about anything, as CLOOM Tech ensures the highest quality standards for power cable manufacturing. While working with CLOOM Tech, you will enjoy peace of mind, and that’s the best thing about sourcing power cables from Asia.

Top-quality products

If your local custom power cable manufacturer is not accepting smaller orders, CLOOM Tech won’t let you down. We can manufacture the outcomes of any bulk or short order. No matter what your requirements are regarding the quantity, we will never compromise on the quality. From a million-dollar order to a few hundred power cables, we will not alter the quality of our products.

Follow safety standards

If you want to ensure the safety of your project, don’t go for locally available power cables. Don’t use the power cables in your project until you don’t know the quality standards and that manufacturer’s reputation. CLOOM Tech always delivers the products by testing them against all the international safety standards.

3.Custom Power CablesBetter Risk Management

Buying power cables from the local market comes with considerable risk. You cannot afford to risk your project and budget with untested monitor cables and AC power cables for mega projects. CLOOM Tech offers ideally tested quality power cables, and you don’t need to worry about the safety or quality of the products.

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Enjoy a free sample worth UP TO $100!
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4.The Flexibility of Ordering Small or Bulk Products

Do you have the requirement of 100 power cables, but the local manufacturer is not accepting your order? You can enjoy the flexibility of ordering as many products as you want. Asian manufacturers are famous for taking all orders. We have you covered, from manufacturing thousands of custom power cables to manufacturing a few hundred monitor cables. We have the manufacturing units that can simulate the custom power cables on the client’s demand per the project specifications.

Power cable

Power cable

5.Cost-effective Custom Power Cables

In Asian countries, the labor cost is lower than in the other regions. We have all the services on board, and our prices are lower than any local power cable manufacturer. After analyzing all the pricing factors and the benefits of our competitors, we are offering cost-effective power cables and monitor cables that can reduce the project costs.

When you order bulk power cables from the local monitor cable manufacturer, the prices will increase according to the quantity. The prices remain the same for every small or large order of custom power cables at CLOOM Tech. We don’t charge any extra service charges from the client.

Ordering power cables from China or any Asian manufacturer, you won’t have to spend time and money looking for the right seller. You can contact us online, and we will offer a price quote for your project. The cost estimation for the power cable manufacturing can give you an idea of the costs required. Once you have the selection for the cost of custom power cables, you can manage the project cost better.

6.Custom Power CablesUse the Potential of Supplier’s R&D Labs

We have the most advanced and dedicated research and development labs at CLOOM Tech. We are constantly working on making our services and products more effective and efficient. You can unleash the power of our team for your custom power cable specifications.

Check the power cord on the back panel

Check the power cord on the back panel.

7.Instant Delivery of Custom Power Cables

If you are on a tight deadline, you don’t need to worry about manufacturing time and delivery time. We have the fastest technologies for the manufacturing of custom power cables and monitor cables. It will take only a few days for the local delivery of power cables in China, and for international delivery, we try to choose the fastest delivery services. So, you won’t have to wait for long to get the delivery items on your doorstep. With speedier production units, you don’t need to spend days waiting for the delivery. If you are on a tight deadline, custom power cables by CLOOM Tech are the best solutions for your project.


We have spent years in the power cable manufacturing industry, and we have gained the status of top power cable manufacturers in China with many international clients. Out custom monitor cable manufacturing is available for any business or project. We accept custom orders of any quantity so that you will get the most effective custom power cables from CLOOM Tech.

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Enjoy a free sample worth UP TO $100!
Explore our custom services now. Email us at [email protected] for more details.

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