The Top 9 Benefits of Custom Molded Cable Assemblies

Organizations often neglect the importance of cable assemblies, and some pick up any of the several options available in the market. The catch, however, lies in the compatibility with your system and machinery, and an incompatible cable may cause a large number of issues. Custom molded cable assemblies are the way to go- if you are looking for premium-grade lines.

CLOOM Tech manufactures specific cable assemblies according to your needs. They are proficient in building a large variety too. You can look for cool features like color customization for better organization.

Learn about the nine benefits of choosing molded cable assemblies in this article.

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1. Prototype tests Reduce Chances of Error

Cable assemblies consist of a group of wires encased with protective materials. Overmolding technology is the name of the manufacturing process. The articles are sturdy and durable- meant for long-term use. Examples of shielding material include thermoplastic rubber, vinyl, or shrink-wrapped thermoplastic.

You need preciseness if you are to use them. Well, molded cable assemblies manufacturer designs prototype based on client specifications. Strict adherence to your design standards reduces the error to a much greater extent.

With advanced tools and software at your disposal- your design ideas will come to life. Besides, who does not like lower chances of error before ordering the full allotment? Do not forget to conduct your research and make the necessary adjustments to your prototype.

There are more advantages to running a prototype test. For example, you can get an idea of the estimated cost of components for the entire operation.

Custom Molded Cable Assemblies 1

Alt – Prototyping reduces errors.

2. Get verified High-Quality Products

Get the best quality cables delivered at your specified address. Made from high-quality components- you will be getting far more secure cables. Assembled cables have a weak terminal connection, and this often leads to problematic issues afterward.

Molded cable assemblies manufacturer get their work contracts based on portfolios and reviews. The market reputation is thus significant for them.

They try and test out each product. This ensures the delivered products function just as you intend. You can stop worrying about damaging your expensive instruments or machinery equipment.

Experienced manufacturers make it a point to deliver products before the stipulated deadline, and this makes it helpful for the long-term planning and organization of your industry work schedule.

Custom Molded Cable Assemblies 2

Alt – Quality Control practices are a must.

3.Cost Savings

Have your cables manufactured from a professional molded cable assemblies manufacturer. This will save you a lot of money, and the initial cost may exceed the price of assembling a cable. In the long run, custom cables are better.

You would be eliminating the need for trial and error. The general cables are suitable for everyday functions, and it is better to avoid them for complex processes. Avoid assembled lines in areas where higher accuracy and precision are the norm.

Testing the prototype and adjusting your requirements reduces the repeated setup of cables. It is handy, especially in high places and large pieces of machinery.

Custom Molded Cable Assemblies 3

Alt – Avoid Trial and Error in Electronic Gadgets

4. Perfectly Fit your Project

The custom-made molded cable also provides a better fit. For instance, you decide the dimensions and specifications, and professional manufacturers can manufacture according to given requirements and sizes.

The perfect fit ensures that your machines perform smoothly. It also means lower chances of electrical hazards, and it is a better step towards increased safety standards.

It also results in the increased longevity of your devices and instruments. Thus, the molded cable assemblies lead to better functioning.

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Enjoy a free sample worth UP TO $100!
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5. Assured Quality Products and Control

There is a slight difference between Quality Assurance and Quality Control. Quality Assurance refers to the prevention of defective products reaching the consumer. Meanwhile, Quality Control identifies faulty components and eliminates them from the production process.

A high skill level is mandatory to manufacture a molded cable assemblies product. Updated manufacturing facilities and a technical team ensure Quality Assurance, and these are much better choices than the generic Assembled cables.

You can rest assured that each cable delivered undergoes rigorous testing. The wires are then sent for comparison with the standards provided by the client. High-grade components are necessary for the manufacture of good-quality cables. In the case of generic lines- you might be able to secure suitable parts- but they will be costly. You still would not be able to solve the issue of weak terminal joints.

Custom Molded Cable Assemblies 4

Alt – Contract Manufacturers provide Quality Assurance.

6. Custom Molded Cable AssembliesYou Get Improved Performance

You need custom cable assemblies that are specifically made for your business. This way, you get better performance, and you will get all your requirements taken into account. In turn, this will ensure that you get a successful product that you can use.

Additionally, the right design ensures your products last longer. It’s what is going to increase the performance, no matter what industry you are in. Additionally, you can expect less energy use and more power saving. International production quality standards mean no worrying about things going wrong. Just choose an experienced manufacturer, and you will be fine.

Rely on Experience for custom cable assemblies

Alt – Rely on Experience for custom cable assemblies.

7. Custom Molded Cable AssembliesSpecial Customization is Possible

One of the main issues with generic assembled cables is no room for customization. A generic, standardized manufacturing process generates the product, and you may not find, for example, the wire gauge of a particular thickness available in the market.

Thinner gauge wires are more likely to break due to overheating, which may lead to a work stop, inaccurate outputs, and severe accidents in severe cases. Avoid these hassles with the services of a Contract manufacturer.

If you like to keep things tidy and organized- color code your cables according to your needs. Avoid lighter and darker versions of the same shade. This helps in cutting down the costs a great deal, and it’s going to be easier for you to identify. In turn, it makes the installation and repairs simpler and quicker.

Better Customization options

Alt – Better Customization options

8. Custom Molded Cable AssembliesCan Be Time-saving

The above aspects prove molded cable assemblies to be better and viable alternatives. It is also natural that you will be saving a lot of time by preventing useless trial and error.

First, a professional manufacturer will consistently deliver before the specified deadline. The person will provide the exact design specifications you provided, which prevents rechecking and searching for different wires.

The manufacturer eliminates issues of error correction during the prototype stage. It would help if you avoided modifications during/after production.

Timely shipment and delivery enhance efficiency

Alt – Timely shipment and delivery enhance efficiency.

9. Custom Molded Cable AssembliesGet High-Quality Component Materials

The manufacturers of molded cable assemblies are professionals. They have been in this industry for a long time, and they know the sources to buy the best component materials at the lowest available prices.

You may be able to get the connector terminals. But it would not be easy to attach them to the cables using Overmolding technology. This technology molds the shielding thermoplastic over the wires (Plastic Injection Molding). Advanced machinery and considerate skill are necessary to carry out processes like these.


Custom molded cable assemblies score over generic cables, and they are much more durable and stronger than other options. Durability is the primary reason for its popularity in several industrial sectors, and the lines find their uses almost everywhere you find a computer.

Molded cable assemblies are also popular in the automobile and audio equipment industries. For better quality, connectivity, and durability- talk to CLOOM Tech, and we can help you get the custom cable assemblies you need.

Get Your Free Sample!

Enjoy a free sample worth UP TO $100!
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