Custom Microphone Cable: All You Need To Know The Best Custom Cable

A custom microphone cable is integral to a powerful and productive audio equipment setup. Whether it’s a proper custom speaker or microphone cables, audio cables built for your particular needs are a must.

We’ve already covered the benefits of an excellent custom XLR cable, but there’s still plenty to cover about custom microphone cables.

The right custom microphone cable will increase sound clarity and decrease the chances of a malfunction.

An excellent microphone cable ensures that the sound you hear is clear. Buy the right custom microphone cable to make sure your project is smooth!

Condenser microphone connect to cable

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Chapter 1: What is a Microphone Cable?

A microphone cable transfers sound waves from a microphone user to an audio peripheral such as a speaker or mixer. Every microphone cable has three main components.

The first component is the microphone cable’s internal wires, or conductors, which carry the sound signal.

These conductors have shielding and insulation that protect the purity of the information transfer. A proper microphone cable is integral for information to pass without dissonance from a microphone to an audio peripheral.

What is the best microphone cable? The best microphone cable is a custom microphone cable built to your needs and specifications.

Not all microphone cables are equally good. A budget microphone cable will distort your signal and sacrifice major signal clarity.

The best microphone cable for any project ensures an audio signal conveys to its audience. If you go with a pre-built microphone cable of questionable quality, you’re going to lose out.

Microphone with cable isolated

Chapter 2: What is an XLR Microphone Cable?

An XLR microphone cable is simply a microphone cable with an XLR connector attached. XLR connectors are top-quality electrical connectors usually found attached to professional video and audio equipment. An XLR microphone cable’s connectors come in one of four various styles, with both male and female connectors represented.

The male XLR connector connects to various outside audio peripherals and accessories. The female XLR connector connects both to the microphone itself and external peripherals.

Your custom XLR microphone cable’s connectors will have three to seven pins or three to seven holes. Circular in nature, XLR connectors are a huge component in balanced audio interconnection. They are commonly associated with peak-quality AES3 digital audio. The right custom XLR microphone cable will boost your sound quality and signal clarity to an exponential degree.

Microphone Cable

Chapter 3: What Types of Microphone Cables are There?

The structural integrity of a custom microphone cable itself will generally be the same. However, three different microphone cable connectors alter the cable’s connectivity possibilities.

The three different types of microphone cable connectors are as follows:

  • XLR Female – An XLR Female microphone cable connector has three (or more) holes. It connects to the microphone itself or a litany of hardware outputs.
  • XLR Male – An XLR Male microphone cable connector has three (or more) pins. It connects to a wide variety of hardware inputs.
  • TRS – TRS microphone cable connectors have three distinct surfaces: the tip, sleeve, and ring. They connect to both hardware inputs and outputs.

The structure of a great custom microphone cable is that of a balanced analog cable at its finest. What differentiates custom microphone cables from each other are their connectors and innate signal transfer possibilities.

Get the right custom microphone cable with the correct connectors built for you by a company you trust.

Otherwise, your overall audio quality will be questionable at best.

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Chapter 4: Microphone Extension Cable

A proper custom microphone extension cable turns spatial concerns into problems solved. There are stage production setups where a speaker system must be aligned far away from the microphones.

In reality, a custom microphone cable won’t reach the speaker system from the microphone by itself.

That’s where a top-quality microphone extension cable saves the day. These cables use the same connector options as the custom microphone cable options detailed above.

However, the wires themselves are much longer and can connect a primary custom microphone cable to an audio peripheral a distance away.

A great custom microphone-efficient cable is just as efficacious at signal transfer as an excellent primary cable. Custom microphone extension cable uses the same protections and shielding to ensure your sound transfer goes off without a hitch.

Audio jack connection of microphone

Chapter 5: How does Microphone Cable Work?

Any custom microphone cable is a balanced analog cable. A balanced analog cable transmits information through a stream of electricity.

In contrast, a digital cable transmits information through binary code rather than an electricity stream. Balanced audio cables resist noise interference from things such as radio frequencies and other electronic equipment.

Your custom microphone cable will transfer microphone-level signals to an audio peripheral. The perfect cable does this without the potential for interference or sound quality muddling.

The microphone cable’s positive and negative conduction wires work together to transfer sound to a chosen audio accessory.

This information transfer has intricate shielding, insulation, and an outer jacket for overall structural integrity.

A microphone cable’s connectors complete the transfer process and allow the cable to attach to the microphone and various accessories.

Budget microphone cables do this with a lack of efficacy and care, which can impede sound quality to a high degree.

With a cable built to your specifications, you nearly guarantee a peak-quality signal transfer every time.

Chapter 6: Why You Need a Custom Microphone Cable

If you’re all in on whatever audio project you’ve put together, the right components must be in place. A custom microphone cable is crucial to your project, whether for use in a stage production or at a home recording studio.

A custom microphone cable transmits a sound signal with peak efficiency and efficacy. Without the annoying hum of a budget microphone cable, the message conveyed into a microphone is sent.

The best microphone cable for you is one built for you! There are way too many potential sources of interference out there to leave your overall sound quality to chance.

When a top wiring company like CLOOM Tech builds you a custom microphone cable, you set. The best cable is strong and conducts the clearest signal possible.

It’s one less worry to have, especially compared to the limitations of stock and budget microphone cables.

Black microphone cables connected to the sound mixer

Chapter 7: Where Can You Purchase Custom Microphone Cables for Your Project?

Don’t buy a microphone cable from just any wiring company you find out there. Some wiring companies may craft a solid digital cable yet lack the expertise to build balanced analog cables. Some may rush your custom build in favor of a reduced price point.

Go with a proven custom cable build team like the folks over at CLOOM Tech. Our experienced staff has built countless custom microphone cables for a variety of different uses and industries.

Our top-flight customer service team will answer every last question you have. Any specifications you desire or unique problems you have will is good to know and consider before cable seven is built.

Not all microphone cables are equally good. Try to do the professional-grade audio recording with a cheap pre-built microphone cable and watch the headaches begin.

With CLOOM Tech‘s expertise behind you and a great microphone cable in hand, such problems won’t occur!


The difference between a basic microphone cable and a cable is startling. It would help if you had an excellent microphone cable to transfer its audio signal to get your money’s worth out of a great microphone.

Why use a faulty budget microphone cable which limits the potential of your entire production? Contact the custom cable building team at CLOOM Tech today and get an estimate.

We’ll work with you on your project and craft a beautiful custom microphone cable built for quality and longevity.

In doing so, we’ll ensure and meet your needs so that you get the most out of your microphone setup.


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