Custom Mechanical Control Cable: What You Need to Know

A mechanical control cable is much more straightforward than it sounds. That is a wire, or cable, that works to transmit power from one part of the machine to another. You can find them in vehicles, planes, and a few other devices. The good news is that they are relatively easy to break down and understand, as complicated as they may sound. If you aren’t sure what a mechanical control cable is or why you might need one, this is the perfect guide for beginners. 

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Chapter 1: What is a Mechanical Control Cable?

A mechanical control cable is a type of wire that vehicles use when the function it provides needs tension or force. Some people refer to these types of things as push-pull or pull. Mechanical control cables are very versatile because they use these cables in both of those applications. Mechanical control cables sturdy cables that will do good work, but they also are suitable replacements. They use these as the cables you need in an engine of a car, motorcycle, golf cart, and more.

Hydraulic mechanical control cable in car

Chapter 2: What Does a Mechanical Control Cable Do?

In general, mechanical control cables can do almost anything for an engine or vehicle. The most crucial distinction will happen with what type of function you need the cable to perform. Mechanical control cables are available for use with different parts of the vehicle. Like we mentioned above, this can be a push-pull or a pull-pull. Let’s break it down.


Think of push-pull in terms of a carousel. It needs to go up and down for the actual function to work. That’s what push-pull is. It needs to be able to go in multiple directions by pushing and pulling. When it comes to vehicles, the push-pull cables will allow the function to go both ways. It can be something like hydraulics. When a car has hydraulics, it must go up and down. That is the only function of hydraulics. If the cables only worked in one direction, they would not go up and down.

Pull-pull cables

With pull-pull, you have the opposite. While it can start and stop, it cannot go the other direction. Please think of this cable as something that you stretch and then put back to its starting point. Use this cable for things like a vehicle’s brakes. It needs to perform one function and one function only. While the car can stop and then release the brake, the brake pedal never becomes the gas pedal. That’s what makes it a pull-pull cable.

Chapter 3: What do You Use Mechanical Control Cables For?

People use mechanical control cables for nearly every type of vehicle that you are familiar with. If you need a replacement for your car, you probably need these cables. On top of that, people use these cables in many vehicles that you may not be familiar with. Here are some examples:

  • Excavators
  • Tractors
  • Machines for farming
  • Bulldozers
  • Cranes
  • Marine engines
  • Cars
  • Planes
  • Trucks
  • Military vehicles
  • And more!

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 Chapter 4: How Does a Mechanical Control Cable Work?

When you look at a cable, it looks very unassuming. There isn’t much to it. What it’s coated in will depend on the function and where they put the mechanical cable. Sometimes, people encase cables in rubber, silicone, or even a metal casing. It works by using these metal strands that conduct power.

You’ve probably seen a cable that has frayed in the past. When a cable frays, there are many metal strands and maybe a few more wires inside the original cable. To keep dirt and all other harmful substances away from the rope, they need to encase them in something.

This encasement also helps its function. A mechanical control cable works differently depending on the type. With a push-pull cable, it works thanks to compression and tension. Compression pushes the power, which allows for the function, and tension pulls it. Of course, these work together to achieve that perfect balance, like just the right amount of hydraulics. With pull-pull cables, there is only tension. The cables have a sort of spring that will return it to its original function. But, it does not have the compression that push-pull cables have.

Chapter 5: What to Keep in Mind When Building

Many people look to get mechanical control cables when they are rebuilding an engine themselves. Maybe you are putting in something special on your car or want to create a wholly unique vehicle. If that is so, you will probably need a few different types of mechanical control cables. There are many types out there, including push-pull, pull-pull, control head, t-handle, throttle, and more.

If you are not an expert in mechanical control cables, it cannot be easy. You will not know which ones to purchase and how to find out the exact function they perform. That is best left up to the experts. However, that doesn’t mean you cannot do it. If you know what you’re doing, chances are you can install these cables. It’s getting them built that is the hard part.

When you are building something custom, you want custom mechanical control cables as well. It will help your vehicle to perform the exact function that you want. There are hundreds of mechanical control cables to choose from. It’s essential to do the research beforehand.

Looking at mechanical control cables can be tricky. You want ones that are flexible, sturdy, and will last. For this to happen, you can construct them well. The outside coatings should be thick and free from debris. Always ask the company you purchase from what they coat the cables with. Depending on where the cable will be going in the vehicle, it may be different. If it’s a soft covering, make sure it is flexible and withstands cold and heat. If it is a hard metal, make sure it is a rust-free metal.

Checking quality of mechanical control cables

Chapter 6: Where to Find a Custom Mechanical Control Cable

While you can find some of the more common ones at online vehicle shops, control cables can be hard to find. When you are working on a custom piece, you need custom cables. Your average mechanic will not know how to build these. Even the installation can get tricky. If a mechanic places them in the wrong area, it can damage your vehicle.

Cables can be challenging to understand. That’s why there are wiring harnesses and more to keep them organized. The best place to find mechanical control cables is from a custom company, like Cloom Tech.

If you are looking to customize mechanical control cables, we are here to help. We have a lot of knowledge about this type of work. We understand what goes into mechanical control cables. Many people want to create custom work on their vehicles, but this is just an idea. It takes a lot of effort to turn an idea into reality.

You can customize our control cables to perform the exact function of your dreams. When you don’t know or know how to safely create the cables yourself, trust us to do it. We’ve been in the industry for many years and can help customize everything you need.

Customizing mechanical control cables

Chapter 7: How Much Will it Cost You?

The biggest thing that people worry about is how much it will cost them. The hard thing about this is it’s unknown. Depending on how much customization you need or what they encase the cables in, it can vary. Customizing a vehicle may not be the most affordable option. But, people don’t customize vehicles for affordability. They customize them as their passion.

If you are passionate about your vehicle and want the best, the cost shouldn’t be the first factor. Cloom Tech is exceptionally affordable. When compared to other companies, our price is much lower. That allows you to get what you want.


Your vehicle has many mechanical control cables that you may be unfamiliar with. As you take apart your engine, you may want to replace it a lot. Depending on the function, each cable will do something different. Piecing together different cables is difficult and time-consuming. With Cloom Tech, we can customize it for you. It is a quick and efficient process that will give you your dream mechanical control cable set.

We offer many types of cables and engine wiring harnesses. Our team is very knowledgeable in the craft. Since the engine is your vehicle’s brain, you want to make sure you handle it properly. Our cables can get it running cleanly. If you would like more info on how we can help, contact us today.

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