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Custom Cable Assembly​ Manufacturer

  • As a custom cable assembly supplier with 10 years’ experience.
  • Provide you with cable assembly solutions that are both cost-effective and custom-made to high quality.
  • Skyrocket Your Business With Professional Cable Assembly Company You Can Definitely Trust.

We Customized Complicated Cable Wire with IATF 16949 & ISO 9001.

Your Reliable Custom Cable Assembly Supplier in China.

Cloom offers a wide range of quality cable assembly, custom wire harness, and custom hybrid cable to meet the needs of today’s industrial equipment. Our custom cable assembly solutions are manufactured to fulfil your unique application requirements from a single source.

As a skilled custom industrial cable assembly manufacturer, Cloom is familiar with your cable assembly applications. Taking into account all of the variables, Cloom can help design your custom cable solution.
For harsh environments, we retrofit existing cables with more robust connectors, shielding, and carriers to improve the cable and connector lifespan.

Cloom is a cutting-edge company that ensures all teams are in touch with each other throughout the manufacturing process. They have access to trusted suppliers and are able to understand industry-specific needs, helping them accomplish any project with ease.

Our production facilities in China have been operating for more than 20 years and are ISO certified.
We’re committed to creating the right solution for customer requirements. We offer our customers everything from cable designs to final manufacturing and electrical safety testing- all with an eye towards meeting your special requirements.

We offer quick availability of off-the-shelf cable assemblies that are already assembled.
We’re dedicated to meeting the needs of all customers with quick response times, low cost, less production time, and superior service throughout the production process.

Custom Cable Assembly​ For Specific Applications

  • Based on customer design and print requirements.
  • We can assist with cable and connector selection, layout and manufacturing techniques, and computer-aided design (CAD).

Cable Assembly LLC Industries Served

  • Electrical cable assemblies
  • Coaxial cable assemblies
  • Multi-conductor interface assemblies
  • Connector-to-board assemblies
  • Power transmission assemblies
  • and more

Custom Cable Assembly Capability

  • Material: All materials are compliant with Rohs
  • Connectors: Tyco, Delphi, AMP, Molex, JST, JAE or according to your requirements.
  • Colour: Orange or OEM colour
  • Certification: TUV, ISO9001, T/S16949, Rohs, approval
  • MOQ: Small quantity can be accepted
  • Sample: Sample can be provided for evaluating
  • Application: Automobile, automotive and Industry.
  • Payment: 100% TT or PayPal
  • Service OEM ODM products are welcomed. We accept customization according to your requirements.
  • Delivery Time Production capacity to ensure the delivery time.

Make prototypes

According to your drawing or spec sheet;

Ensure The Quality

UL, ISO9001, 14001, 18001, IATF16949 System Management.


The better source of MOLEX, JST, TE, DUPONG, HIROSE.

Video cables

Deal With Your Cases

Skillful foreign trade staff to deal with your cases to save your energy.

Cross-Section Analysis

All the terminal crimping passed Cross-section analysis;

OQC Dept

100% Tested online and IEC spot testing at OQC Dept.

1,000+ Customers Over The World

After ten years of powering subjects, we’ve fine-tuned the custom wiring loom services and are committed to helping you simplify your workflow, launch faster, and make your business boom.


Custom Cable Assembly We Can Do​:

Custom PCIe cable

PCIe cable video card
  • PCIe cable is a cable that is very efficient for connecting different electronic devices. Most times, it is between a computer and peripheral devices.
  • The PCIe cables are very effective in lowering the latency level and the rate at which data transmits from one device to another. it is more effective than PCI and PCI-X.
  • PCIe cables are suitable for many devices. It is very compatible with laptops and some mobile devices. The ease in making use of this cable type with peripheral devices is commendable.
  • Building a custom-made PCIe cable is the easiest way to attend to all the issues you experience while making use of the cable.

Custom MIDI cable

  • The development of MIDI has changed the way we listen to electronic music today. Earlier, a musician could not plug two instruments of different brands to make music.
  • But with MIDI, you can connect several of them to create music. From notes to vibrato, the cables are capable of carrying all kinds of messages.
  • So, how can we use MIDI cables to their full potential? Contact us to custom Any types of MIDI Cable for your project.

Custom HDMI Cable

Custom Mini HDMI Cable
  • The world might be going wireless, but we still largely depend on cables to transmit information from one corner to another. HDMI cable plays a large role in this regard, and you will find them in a variety of settings, including homes and offices.
  • You will have no problem finding an HDMI cable, but it can be quite a challenge to find a cable that meets all your requirements. It is why it may be a good idea to opt for custom HDMI cables. We can custom Micro HDMI cable, HDMI Extension cable, etc.

Custom Monitor Cable

monitor cable
  • There are several kinds of monitor cables, but their primary purpose is to display the images. All of them carry digital video signals on them and help with the display of the computer.
  • The types of cables are VGA, DVI, HDMI, Display Port, and USB. Out of these, HDMI is the most popular and compatible monitor cable. Not only it can connect your computer monitors but also TVs and other screens. Monitor cables connectors help connect incompatible display units to others. They can also connect incompatible display units to power sources.

Custom Coaxial Cable

Some coaxial cables are similar to BNC
  • Coaxial cable has widespread commercial use in the telecommunication, cable TV, and internet industry.
  • Different types of coaxial cables can be customized in our company, including Flat Coaxial Cable, 100 ft Coaxial Cable, RG6 Coaxial Cable, Coaxial Audio Cable, TV Coaxial Cable, White Coaxial Cable, 75 Ohm Coaxial Cable, Coaxial Digital Audio Cable, Digital Coaxial Cable, Coaxial Cable to HDMI, etc.
  • Whatever be your installation type- cable TV, internet, CCTV, other audio-video applications- you know which coaxial cable you will need for your project.
    We manufacture high-quality coaxial cables and customize it accurately according to your specifications. Get your coaxial cable from the industry leader.

Custom Monitor Cable

PCIe cable video card
  • PCIe cable is a cable that is very efficient for connecting different electronic devices. Most times, it is between a computer and peripheral devices.
  • The PCIe cables are very effective in lowering the latency level and the rate at which data transmits from one device to another. it is more effective than PCI and PCI-X.
  • PCIe cables are suitable for many devices. It is very compatible with laptops and some mobile devices. The ease in making use of this cable type with peripheral devices is commendable.
  • Building a custom-made PCIe cable is the easiest way to attend to all the issues you experience while making use of the cable.

Custom Instrument Cable

Custom instrument cable manufacturer
  • Instrument cables are versatile because they come in handy for numerous applications like transmitting data and signals, as well as power transmission. As a manufacturer, we provide custom solutions for all your wiring and cable needs.
  • However, merely offering products is not enough; we need customers to be informed and aware of how they can make the best purchase decision.

Custom Guitar Amp Plug Cable

Part guitar amp plug cable music
  • A bad guitar cable holds power to make the sound dull and boring. If the cable connects the guitar and the amplifier well, it will also help the voice sound better. Sometimes, with a bad cable, the voice can sound booming and distorted, which automatically takes away some charms.
  • The customization is the best option. If we customize guitar cable, then we will not have anything to worry about anymore. You can custom from Cloom Tech directly.

Custom USB Printer Cable

Printer USB Cable
  • The USB printer cable is a cable that is one of the most common forms of printer cables. The USB printer cable is very efficient when transferring data using a very high speed. Additionally, the wires are also handy for printing various materials in bulk.
  • We assist in making the custom-made USB printer cables available to you for your project at the right time and place. When you provide us with your information, we deliver it promptly irrespective of the distances.

Custom USB Transfer Cable

USB transfer cable
  • A SATA Cable connects storage devices like a hard disk, optical drive, etc. in a computer to a motherboard.
  • There are numerous advantages with making use of USB transfer cable. It is not dependent on internet services to function. More so, it is readily compatible with devices that make use of USB ports.
  • If you are desirous to get a reputable company to meet your needs and supply the right custom-made cable to you, trust CLOOM Tech to do the job for you.
  • CLOOM Tech possesses the right skills and expertise to help your project customize the USB transfer cable.

Custom XLR And TRS Jack Cable

XLR and TRS jack cable
  • XLR cables are a form of balanced cables that possesses three conductors, such as the negative, positive, and the ground signal.
  • Another name for the TRS cable type is insert cable. TRS cables are also pro-audio devices.
  • Cloom Tech possesses the most excellent hands in the industry to assist you with assistance on the way. Our services include customizing XLR cable and TRS cable, providing the right material for the job as well as appropriate professional help.

Custom Ribbon Cable

  • Assemblies of ribbon cable are widely used in computer’s internal components and parts like floppy drives, hard drives, and CD drives.
  • We can also use ribbon cables to build connections between moveable components like medical equipment, robotics, print heads, measurement equipment, and other electronic products.
  • One of the most significant advantages of ribbon cables’ usage is their termination ease, and you can bring mass termination with ribbon cables by using the IDC connector by keeping fixed, constant, and controlled spacing.
  • So some of the ribbon cable types are IDE ribbon cable, DSI ribbon cable, HDMI ribbon cable, Raspberry Pi ribbon cable.

Custom Scart 3 RCA Cable

Scart 3 RCA cable video transmission
  • RCA cables are cables that are essential for entertainment purposes. The veracity of these cable types is very evident in homes and offices. Its importance is second to none as it helps to ease the transmission of audio sounds.
  • RCA cables are vital in that it helps in transmitting audio signals. More so, there are possibilities that this cable type will transmit video signals with suitable means.
  • Save your time and rely on Cloom Tech to help you build the right type of RCA cable for your project.

Custom Brass VGA or DVI Cable

Brass VGA to DVI cable
  • Many types of computer cables connect the different components of the computer with each other. Here are some of the most important types of computer cables that you must know. You will see that many devices use these cables in different styles and designs.
  • Types of Computer Cables: VGA cables, DVI cables, HDMI cables, Ethernet cables, USB cables, Power cords, Display ports.
    With Cloom Tech, you get the cable you need, with a
  • professional customer service you will love.

Custom Microphone Cable

XLR cable sound microphone electronic pattern
  • A custom microphone cable is an integral part of a powerful and productive audio equipment setup. Whether it’s proper custom speaker cables, or custom microphone cables, audio cables built for your particular needs are a must.
  • Whether it’s for use in a stage production or at a home recording studio, a custom microphone cable is crucial to your project. If you’re all in on whatever audio project you’ve put together, the right components must be in place. A custom microphone cable transmits a sound signal with peak efficiency and efficacy.

Custom FireWire Cable

Custom firewire cable
  • FireWire cables are a premier option for those looking for unparalleled data transfer speeds. They are especially useful when connecting multimedia devices such as video-editing equipment and camcorders.
  • FireWire cables also transmit and transfer power while transferring data.
    Custom FireWire cables are the perfect solution for networking problems where there is no stock solution. They can help provide peak networking capabilities for a cache of devices and computers, both new and old.
  • Cloom Tech is your one-stop-shop for intuitive wire harness and cable assembly solutions.

Custom PC Cable

Custom PC Cable
  • Have you ever seen the inside of a custom PC cables? Its neat organization can amaze just about anyone. Colour-coded wires neatly tucked away and bound to keep from tangling; this aspect holds more than just aesthetic value.
  • When you use custom PC cables instead of regular sleeved cable extensions, it saves a lot of time and effort. At the same time, it provides a cleaner finish.
  • Nonetheless, just getting custom PC cables isn’t enough; you need to invest in the right product from a reliable manufacturer. Contact us today to customize the PC cable for your project!

Custom Display Cable

custom DisplayPort cable
  • Display cable has many types, including LVDS Cable, EDP Cable, Capacitive Touch Cable, Backlight Cable, FFC, FPC, etc.
  • If you need more information about display cables and would like to talk to an expert, feel free to contact us. We can help you find the right display cable for your needs, and even offer customizations that will blend in with your project requirements easily.

Custom Medical Cable

Custom medical cables
  • A place where life or death situations unfold needs to be equipped with highly durable and reliable equipment. The equipment needs to be in top shape at any time in preparation for any emergencies that might require their use. Hence, a medical cable must be manufactured with strict adherence to industry standards.
  • Custom medical cables are medical cables uniquely designed to meet your specifications and environmental conditions. You get to specify your requirements such as the material, thickness of the conductor, length, wire configuration (stranded or solid), jacket, connectors, and even colour that best suits your environment.
  • We help you simplify the nature of your medical cable assembly, and enhance the user experience of your medical devices.

Custom Flat Flexible Cable

An image of flat flexible cable
  • FFC cable is one of the essential parts of the electrical appliances we are so fond of in the current age of technology.
  • FFC is tiny, flexible, and can be freely bent and folded, which will help to reduce the space needed in electronic devices and reduce design costs. They have high rest resistance (110 degrees Celsius) and low connection resistance (20 m or less).
  • FFCs also have the added advantage of being cables with the property that allows good heat dissipation and weldability. It is also easy to use because it can be very easy to install.

Custom EDP Cable

  • Embedded DisplayPort (eDP) is a display panel interface standard for portable and embedded devices. It defines the signalling interface between graphics cards and integrated displays. The various revisions of eDP are based on existing DisplayPort standards. However, version numbers between the two standards are not interchangeable.
  • In any project that involves a display device, the DisplayPort cables can be an integral part of that arrangement. The success of any project depends upon all the components, so you cannot ignore the importance of DisplayPort cables in any device arrangement.

Custom Waterproof Cable

  • Waterproof Cable is a multi-conductor cable that is designed to be used in a wet or aquatic environment. The waterproof cable is built using specific jacket material that can function in a wet environment. Aside from the jacket material of waterproof cable, the use of water blocking tape or water blocking fillers must be considered during the design phase.
  • Cloom Tech specializes in custom waterproof wire and cable assemblies. We have designed a world-class waterproof over IP68 products, is a trusted waterproof design expert.

Custom Audio Cable

audio cable icon of 5.5mm TRS
  • There are four major types of audio cables. We have the Analog RAC cable, speaker cable, optical digital cable, and coaxial digital cable.
  • Audio cable connectors are electromechanical devices that link the audio cable with the output device. These connectors come at different prices and different quality levels. The basic types of audio cable connectors are Analog audio connectors, Digital Audio Connectors.
  • Our services include guiding and working with you in your choice of audio cables and connectors. We provide a seasoned insight into the world of cables.

Custom SATA Cable

Custom SATA Cable
  • SATA or Serial ATA or Serial Advanced Technology Attachment was introduced as an IDE standard for connecting hard drives and other optical drives to a motherboard in 2001. Any cable that is compatible with the IDE standard is called a SATA cable.
  • A SATA Cable connects storage devices like a hard disk, optical drive, etc. in a computer to a motherboard. SATA cables are used for both data transmission and to provide power to the data drives and SSDs.

Custom SAE Cable

  • The SAE cable can be called a ‘hermaphrodite’ connector because it features both male and female connectors. The cables are generally used for automobiles and motorbikes though you can also use them for solar panels and alternative energy applications.
  • It is one of the components of a PCB that is soldered to provide it extra sturdiness.
  • We can manufacture high-quality and safe wiring solutions meeting your design and parameters. You can go for customized lengths, insulations, connectors, and more depending on your project.

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12 Benefits of Opting for Custom Cable Assembly

Many businesses opt for custom cable assembly due to its many benefits. However, most companies end up choosing the wrong company, and in the end, they do not get to enjoy all the benefits of opting for custom cable assembly. Contact CLOOM Tech, make sure not to make this mistake so that you have nothing to worry about.

If you aren’t sure yet, then check out these 12 reasons why custom cable assembly may be the right option for you.

Custom Cable Assembly 1

#1 Custom Cable Assembly Gives Better Control Over the Process

Custom Cable Assembly 2

Customization is all about getting what you want. When you opt for custom cable assembly, you keep control in your hand and control how things do.

Your only responsibility will be to choose the right custom cable manufacturer and transparently provide all your requirements to avoid later issues.

#2 Custom Cable Makes it Easier to Scale Production

Custom Cable Assembly 3

When it comes to custom assembly, the sky’s the limit. Most companies put no cap on the number of products they can produce. You can order what you need, and the products will be delivered to you by the deadline, for as long as you choose a reliable provider who can meet the given timeline.

Not all manufacturers are reliable, so be careful and choose to work with a company you can trust.

#3 Custom Cable Company Helps You Reduce Cost

Custom Cable Assembly 4

It may sound like an odd benefit to some since most custom products cost more than the typical product found on the market, but when you look at the broader picture, you will realize that customer cable assembly can help you save money in the long run.

There will be less time and resources when you get what you want since nothing will go to waste. Plus, you will not have to request changes, which will save time. After all, when it comes to business, time is money. Every second count, and choosing a custom assembly can help you keep it.

You will be able to use this time elsewhere, which will eventually help your bottom line.

#4 Custom Cable Manufacturers Gives You Get Higher Quality

Custom Cable Assembly 5

Quality should always be a top priority when it comes to the cable assembly. If you study the market, you will see different options, some good in quality and some not so good.

You can opt for a traditional assembly design or choose a custom option that makes everything easier to manage.  

#5 Custom Options Lower Risk of Issues

Custom Cable Assembly 6

This one is a no-brainer. People choose customization because it gives them greater control over what they want. You must consider custom cable assembly since doing so will reduce the risk of issues that may appear later on.

Possible issues include poor quality grouping, tangled wires, wrong color selection, etc. These may sound like small issues, but they can lead to massive losses since legal requirements are often involved.

Based on where your project is or what kind of cables you are assembling, the project you may need to follow a particular pre-requisite. If not, then your project may end up in hot water. Hence, opt for custom assembly to ensure your project stays away from problems.

#6 Custom Wire Assembly is Suitable for Testing

Custom Cable Assembly 7

If your project wants to introduce a new concept in terms of assembly, you can opt for a custom solution to know how it works before you go full-blown with the idea. Doing so will better understand how things will work and if anything needs to change before investing more money into what you want to introduce in your business.

Besides this, customer assembly is also to use if you take care of a small or test project requiring cables. Since testing is usually to do for a short while, it is essential to keep the wires separately. The custom cable assembly can come in very handy here, making it easier to differentiate between cables. But it will also let you remove or add wiring as and when needed without causing any difficulty to any other appliance or system.

That ensures that there is no disturbance, and everyone can work in peace.

#7 Custom Cable Assembly Manufacturers Helps You Save Time

Connecting wires

We’ve mentioned this point earlier, but this one deserves a separate heading because time is one of the most critical assets.

Custom cable assembly helps save time in many ways, especially when it is time to add or remove wiring. If a wire malfunctions, you can identify it and then perform the changes needed to ensure the system continues to work as it expects it to.

Attaining such results can be very difficult without customization, which is why many businesses opt for customization when it comes to cable assembly and cables.

#8 Custom Made Design Look Very Good

Checking wires

Aesthetics are essential. You cannot leave your project looking like a mess since many people will judge your business based on its looks. It is why it is essential to pay attention to the cables.

We might be heading towards a wireless future, but you cannot neglect the importance of wires – at least for now – since almost all major equipment requires wiring to operate and process data.

Even if we get rid of wires tomorrow, it may not be straightforward to eradicate wires without compromising on efficiency ultimately. Hence, your only option is to stick to custom cable assembly so that the project continues to look neat and inviting.

#9 Custom Cable Makes Management Easier

Wire management

With custom cable assembly, management will be a piece of cake since you will not have to worry about untangling wires now and then. Things will be marked and sorted, and less time and effort will be needed to perform maintenance or changes.

#10 Custom Cable and Wire Assembly Improves Performance

Wire performance

While no science supports this claim, experience tells us that custom wire assembly can positively impact overall performance.

As mentioned earlier, it will help save time, and your team will have more free hours to concentrate on other duties, which may result in higher efficiency.

Plus, it may make your employees happier and more loyal since they prefer to work in an office that is tech-friendly and inviting. It’s a win-win situation.

#11 Custom Wires Can Be Good For Solving Solution

Cut wire

If you want to give a unique theme to your project, primarily based on your logo or overall marketing design, then you will need the help of a custom cable assembly that can give the cable the design. And custom assembly can turn out to be quite a reliable solution.

#12 Quality Assurance Becomes Easier With Custom Cable Assembly

Wire management

Customization means you will get what you want, order, and pay for. As a result, there will be no risk of quality issues, and your QA team will not have to waste hours during or after installation to ensure quality standards match.


Custom wiring process

It is all that you need to know about custom cable assembly benefits. Get in touch with a company that can meet your project expectations to ensure you get what you are looking for. Enjoy the benefits explained above if you do not choose the right company to perform the job for your project.


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Fill in your details and we’ll get back to you in 24 Hours.