Computer Cables– The Ultimate Guide You Need to Know

There are several available computer cables in the market today. So, selecting the best computer cable for a particular application is a significant problem. 

This article will present to you the ultimate guide for computer cables. You will learn about the types and descriptions of several computer cables. In this article, you will also find several practical tips for optimizing custom computer cables. 

To get enlightened on how to get the appropriate customized services, let’s talk about the following.

Computer Cables

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Types of Computer Cords

Below are the various types of computer cables.

Computer Audio Cables

Below are the various types of computer audio cables.


TOSLINK Audio Cable

TOSLINK Audio Cable

NameFormat/UseFound On
TOSLINK(S/PDIF Digital Optical)6 mm X 7 mmDigital Audio: TOSLINK is a convenient and compact method of conveying high-quality digital audio signals over a fiber optic cable. Such connections are popular auxiliary outputs when quality is a priority.Gaming consoles, personal computers, CD, Blu-ray, and DVD.Often, the socket has a door/flap covering to protect it from dirt and dust.
Mini TOSLINK(3.5 mm Digital Optical)3.5 mm X 14.5 mmGaming consoles, personal computers, CD, Blu-ray, and DVD. Often, the socket has a door/flap covering to protect it from dirt and dust.

3.5 mm Audio 

NameFormat/UseFound On
3.5 mm Stereo Audio Jack(TRS Connector)3.5 mm X 14 mmAnalogue Audio(Mono or Stereo): TRS represents tip, ring, sleeve describing the 3 part construction carrying the stereo ground, left, and right currents. They have been the most popular audio connection for a while and offer high-quality audio for small speakers and headphones. Laptops, MP3 players, headphones, personal computers, phones, DVD players, radios, PDAs, and more.
3.5 mm Mini Audio Jack(TRS Connector)3.5 mm X 14 mm

Computer Video Cables

Below are the various computer video cables.


VGA Cable

VGA Cable

NameFormat/UseFound On
VGA(15 pin D-Sub)8.5mm X 17 mmAnalogue Video: Although significantly replaced by DVI, VGA outputs and inputs are still common on TVs and laptops.Projectors, TVs, monitors, and personal computers.
Mini VGA5mm X 10.6 mmAnalogue Video: Don’t confuse it with a mini DisplayPort. It’s an older Apple connection that’s slowly making its comeback on netbooks and tablets.Select laptops and tablets.

DVI Monitor Port

DVI Monitor Port Cable

DVI Monitor Port Cable

NameFormat/UseFound On
DVI-A(Analogue)8 mm X 25 mmMonitors, TVs, and personal computersMonitors, TV, and personal computers
DVI-D Dual Link(Digital)8 mm X 25 mm
DVI-I Dual Link(Integrated digital and analog)8 mm X 25 mm
Mini DVI(Integrated digital and analog)7.1 mm X 11.2 mmAnalogue or Digital Video: Supports up to 1200X1920 resolution for compatibility with VGA, DVI, and HDMI. Replaced by mini DisplayPort. Select Apple laptops and computers.


NameFormat/UseFound On
S-Video(Y/C, SVHS)8.5 mm X 6 mmAnalogue Video: Still found as an auxiliary output or input on various types of AV equipment.Set-top boxes, VCRs, DVD players, TVs, laptops, receivers etc.Don’t confuse it with PS/2 ports for mice and keyboards.

Computer Audio and Video Cables

Below are the various computer audio and video cables.

HDMI Cables

HDMI Cable

HDMI Cable

NameFormat/UseFound On
Type A4.45 mm X 13.9 mmDigital Audio + Video (and Ethernet v 1.4): HDMI is the most modern standard for HD digital audio and video signals all in one connection. The v1.3 cables are capable of current generation 3D and HD output. On the other hand, v1.4 offers next-gen 4K X 2K super high definition and better 3D signals with wired network support.Modern TV, monitors, DVD, Blu-ray, laptops, personal computers, PS3, Xbox-360, etc.
Type C(Mini HDMI)2.4 mm X 10.42 mmDigital cameras, camcorders, tablet PCs, notebooks, and other small A/V devices.
Type D(Micro HDMI)2.8 mm X 6.4 mmDigital cameras, camcorders, tablet PCs, and other small A/V devices.


NameFormat/UseFound On
Displayport4.5 mm X 16 mmDigital Video: Designed to replace VGA and DVI.
Thunderbolt Multi-purpose Data Transfer: Thunderbolt uses the same plug type and form factor as a mini DisplayPort; however, it expands to enable the use of firewire, file transfer, and more.
Apple laptops and PCs, GPUs/ PC video cards, and computer monitors.
Mini Displayport & Thunderbolt4.5 mm X 7.5 mmApple netbooks and notebooks.

Data Cables

Below are the various data cables.

PS/2 Cable

NameFormat/UseFound On
PS/2(6 pin Mini-DIN)8.5 mm X 6 mmMouse and Keyboard I/ONow replaced by USB on new laptops and computers.Personal computers and other legacy PC peripherals like mouse and keyboard.Don’t confuse it with a similar S-video port.

USB Cables

NameFormat/UseFound On
USB Type A(Standard A USB)4.2 mm X 12 mmData Transfer and Gadget Charging: There’s a type and size for everything, such as flash drives, printers, camcorders, and external sound drives. If it can charge at a low voltage or has data in it, it’s likely to have a USB port.USB novelty gadgets, USB flash drives, laptops, printers, computers, media gadgets, etc.
USB 3.0 Type A4.2 mm X 12 mmData Transfer and Gadget Charging: Designed for backward compatibility where possible. Is identified by the blue plastic spacer and sometimes additionally attached connector pins to normal USB 2.0 shaped sockets.High-speed PC peripherals, personal computers, and external hard drives.
USB 3.1 Type C(USB-C)2.4 mm X 8.2 mmSuper Speed 10 Gbps: Offers fast data transfer and carries multimedia and power signals.Apple Computer, Laptops, PCs, and newer smartphones.

Firewire IEEE 1394

NameFormat/UseFound On
Firewire 400 4-pin(IEEE 1394 4-pin)3 mm X 5.5 mmReal-Time High-Speed Data Transfer: Also known as Lynx and i. Link, the firewire standard is normally used on digital, video, data storage, and digital audio devices for Apple computers and PCs.Speeds range between 400 Mbps – 3200 Mbps. You can convert plug types using adapters and run at the slowest port capacity.Digital video camcorders and cameras, external hard drives, Apple computers and notebooks, and data storage devices.
Firewire 400 6-pin(IEEE 1394 6-pin)6 mm X 11 mm
Firewire 800(IEEE 1394 9-pin)7.5 mm X 10 mm

Power Terminal Wiring Harness

SATA Data Cable

SATA Data Cable

NameFormat/UseFound On
SATA Data(Serial ATA)3.55 mm X 14 mmInternal Hard Drive I/O DataHas largely replaced IDE cables for internal computer hard drive data access.PC motherboards and SATA hard disk drives.(SATA 1, 2, 3 compatible)
eSATA(External Serial ATA)4.5 mm X 14.5 mmExternal Hard Drive I/O DataHigh-speed data transmission (3 Gbps) for external devices.HDD Caddies and Portable/External Hard Drives (SATA 1, 2, 3 compatible)
SATA Power(Serial ATA)3.5 mm X 24 mmInternal Hard Drive PowerReplaces four-pin Molex connectors on newer hard drives.SATA hard drive disks.(SATA 1, 2, 3 compatible)
IDE(ATAPI)6 mm X 54.5 mmInternal Disk Drive I/O DataMax 133 Mbps data rate for hard and optical drives.Floppy drives, DVD and CD ROM drives, IDE hard drives, PC motherboards. 
ROM Audio(Internal SP/DIF)2.5mm X 5 mmDirect Digital AudioThis cable enables music playback on ROM drives that do not feature digital audio extraction.Internal CD ROM and PC DVD drives. 
Molex Power6.55 mm X 21 mmInternal PC Peripheral PowerUbiquitous power feed between PC and PSUs components.DVD ROM drives, fan controllers, hard disk drives, etc. 

Computer Networking and Power-Related Cables

Below are the various computer networking and power-related cables.

Ethernet Cable

NameFormat/UseFound On
Ethernet RJ45 (LAN / Crossover / Cat5 / 8P8C)6.5 mm X 11.5 mmNetwork Data Transfer Offers speeds of up to 100 Gbps for local area networks. Cable colors vary.Laptops, PCs, ethernet switches, Blu-ray players, modems, gaming consoles, ethernet routers etc. 

Power Leads

NameFormat/UseFound On
IEC Power(IEC C13 / C14)26 mm X 23 mmMains PowerS-video is still found as an auxiliary output or input port on many types of AV equipment.TVs, PCs, monitors, UPSs, Amps, and various other electronic devices.

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Why do you need custom computer cables?

Standard computer cables may not be the best optimization option, while custom cables give you complete control over your arrangements.

Preventing workplace mess

You should always organize your cables in such a way that allows easy location of any. Here are some valuable tools for maintaining a clean environment.

The Humble Zip is for tying up cables to create a neat working environment.

The Zip Ties is a fastener that helps to hold cables together.

The Velcro Straps accommodate more cables than the permanent humble zip. 

The Twist Ties feature intertwined connections that help to tie cables.

You will not have to deal with the common issue of tangled cables.

Optimized cable life

Computers and other devices tend to create much heat in the hardware due to intensive operations. Heat build-up causes the melting of cables.

So, it is not debatable that there is a need for a better cooling system in a complex working environment.

Nevertheless, it is essential to use custom cables with good thermal properties, and these custom cables can withstand harsh thermal conditions because of their specialized design. 

To prevent heat accumulation in the cable, ensure airflow. 

A tremendous effect on the marketing of any cable

If you are running a technical business, clients usually request logos in wires. These cables set the brand apart for marketing, and they allow users to locate devices quickly. 


Customized cables give you the freedom to choose your cable’s length so you can decide on the best range of delivering the best signals.

You can decide the length and the type of connector required. With this choice, you will have to face no problem with replacing your device. 

Customized cable eliminates the common problem of standardized cables having limited colors, helping in coordination and management.

What to Look For In a Custom PC Cable Manufacturer

There are several factors you must consider when choosing a custom cable manufacturer. 

Quality of Sleeving: the quality of sleeving distinguishes several PC cable manufacturers. Based on experience, the high-quality cable features a smooth braid that has a great appearance.

Invisible Wires: A good PC cable manufacturer ensures no bare wires are exposed.

Based on experience, you will notice quality cables featuring a thick weave of sleeving. This thick sleeving helps to prevent the wire from being exposed.

Flexibility: Quality custom cables are flexible and pleasant to touch. A cable with bad flexural properties usually indicates a compromised product.

An Array of Colors: This factor is pretty straightforward. Good cable manufacturers know the importance of having a wide array of colors. Therefore, these manufacturers offer several options.

Completely Heat Shrink free: Heatshrink helps in keeping the sleeving from slipping off the wire that is underneath.

Nevertheless, not all manufacturers rely on heat shrink due to the bulky appearance it provides on cables.

As a rule of thumb, the best custom cable manufacturers utilize high-quality material and often require no heat shrink.

Good value: Sleeving activity of cables costs a great deal of money. The best manufacturers provide the best custom cables, and you won’t need to pay a higher price for sleeving services.


We have walked you through what you need to know about PC cables.

Nevertheless, if you need custom cables with perfect connectors and logos, you must choose a reliable manufacturer.

Cloom Tech is the place for you, and we have a wide variety of cable products for you.

Also, our cable products meet international standards for the Highest Quality, durability, and performance.

Hence, it would help to get in touch with us for a quality computer cable matching your design and specifications. 

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Enjoy a free sample worth UP TO $100!
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