Top 11 Questions About Coax Cable Assemblies

Coax cable assemblies helps transmit data, voice, and video communications. Choosing the best customized service for coax cable assemblies is a crucial part of your project. Here are eleven things to know about coax cable assemblies that might help you pick the best service.

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1.  What is the Purpose of a Coax Cable Assembly?

The primary function of a coax cable assembly is to transmit radio frequency signals. So it is also known as RF (Radio Frequency) cable assembly. It carries these signals from the source to the destination. One of the advantages of the coax cable assembly is that it can transmit video and data signals. It mainly transmits these signals in the form of electromagnetic waves.

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2. What are the Different Uses of a Coax Cable Assembly?

Coax cable assembly passes radio frequency signals from one point to another. Therefore, it appears in many of our day-to-day applications. For example, if you use cable TV services, you are using coax cable assembly. Moreover, the most common application of coax cable assembly is in data transmission. Computer networks like Ethernet mostly use coax cable assembly. Phone connections and cell phone towers also employ coax cable assembly. Additionally, radio transmitters with antennas also make use of coax cable assembly. Another use of coax cable assembly is in the cables of security services.

Different applications require different coax cable assemblies. Therefore, determining the exact purpose of your coax cable assembly is critical. Analyze the purpose and then find the perfect coax cable assembly for your project.

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3. What is the Structure of a Coax Cable Assembly?

A coax cable assembly contains a conductor enclosed within a dielectric layer. The inner conductor is a wire of copper or tin copper. Its primary function is to help in the successful transmission of signals. The coax acts as the ground signal here.

Meanwhile, the function of the dielectric layer is to control signal impedance. Thus, the dielectric ensures signal regularity and stability within a coax cable assembly. The dielectric generally comprises a non-conductive material.

Besides, a braided metal conductor usually covers the inner conductor. This outer conductor performs the function of shielding. These layers serve as additional protection for the inner conductor. The dielectric is the insulating spacer that separates the inner and outer conductors.

Antenna and cable TV signals generally contain aluminum braid shields. Meanwhile, video signal transmission requires a copper shield.

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4.  What are the Different Types of Coax Cable Assemblies?

There are various types of coax cable assembly based on their primary impedance values. These different types include 50 ohm and 75-ohm cables. The smaller the ohm measurement, the lesser the impedance becomes. Therefore, if you need the lowest impedance, you can go for 50-ohm cables.

50-ohm coax cable assembly is most commonly in use in data signal applications. It aids in the transmission and reception of antennas. 50-ohm cables can handle high levels of power, even up to 100 watts. Therefore, they are most often in use for commercial purposes. However, its drawback is that it is thick and requires large connectors.

 Meanwhile, 75-ohm cables are most suitable for transmitting the internet and television signals. That is because these signals require cables with a higher frequency or bandwidth. They also need comparatively low power levels. Therefore, video signal applications mostly make use of 75-ohm cables. They are most often in use in our home networks.

You can determine the type of coax cable assembly you require based on its application.

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5.  What are the Different Sizes of a Coax Cable Assembly?

The inner conductor gauge usually determines the size of the coax cable assembly, and the common sizes of coax cable assembly are RG-6, RG-11, and RG-59. These are 18 gauge, 14 gauge, and 20 gauge, respectively. To elaborate, RG-6 contains an inner conductor of 18 AWG at its center, and the RG (Radio Guide) number signifies the particular size and type of coax cable assembly. It also plays a critical role in the coax cable assembly efficiency.

RG-6 is the standard size for serial digital interface (SDI). That is the universal broadcast standard, and it can transmit high-resolution video signals over great distances. Modem, cable, and satellite television make use of RG-6. It is a 75-ohm cable type and contains an aluminum braid.

Meanwhile, RG-59 can transmit video signals in closed-circuit TVs. That is because these installations only need a lower frequency or bandwidth. RG-59 is suitable for transmitting signals over short distances. RG-59 is a 50-ohm cable type and contains a copper braid.

Underground channels mostly make use of RG-11 coax cable assembly.

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6.  What are the Different Types of Coax Cable Connectors Available?

The coax cables within the coax cable assembly contain end connectors. These end connectors are present at each end of the coax cable assembly. The RG number determines the type of connectors present in a coax cable assembly.

The different types of connectors are compression connectors, crimp-style connectors, and screw-on connectors. F-type connectors and N-type connectors are also available.

 Screw-on or twist-on connectors are of comparatively low quality. Antenna installations mostly use these types of connectors. Meanwhile, crimp-style connectors are of medium quality.

Compression connectors generally offer the highest quality. It crimps together the fittings over the jacket and secures the foil and braid in place. Thus, compression connectors are the best option for coax cable connectors.

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7. How Safe is the Coax Cable Custom Assembly for Use?

Due to the highly insulated nature of coax cable assembly, it is generally safe to use. Coax cable assembly contains several layers of shielding. It’s what helps protect itself from natural hazards. The shield helps the inner conductor to transmit data faster. It also greatly reduces signal loss, thus drastically improving the signal quality. Moreover, the outer insulation jacket of the coax cable assembly acts as a ground. The outer sheath also ensures that the assembly is safe even during installation.

The different types of shielding are single, dual, and quad shielding. Quad shielding ensures the highest safety as it has four layers of shielding. However, the additional number of layers may decrease the flexibility of the cable.

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8.  What are some of the Advantages of Coax Cable Custom Assembly?

Coax cable assembly can pass signals of high frequency with little to no loss. Moreover, this transmission can take place with zero interference of sound.  Coax cable assembly can transmit data signals even over very long distances. It can also control the electric impedance to a great extent. Coax cable assembly is highly resistant to EMI and other such interferences.

The popularity of coax cable assembly is thanks to its cheap, flexible, and durable nature. Also, it is straightforward to install. Moreover, the coax cable assembly can perform both analogs as well as digital transmission. It can function efficiently, even in extreme frequencies. Thus, the coax cable assembly is a long-lasting and cost-effective solution for electric needs.

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9.  What are Some of the Disadvantages of a Coax Cable Assembly?

In professional networks, people prefer other cable assemblies over coax cable assembly. That is because the speed of transmission in coax cable assembly is likely to vary widely. Moreover, the coax cable assembly is at a higher risk of damage than other cable assemblies. For instance, fiber optic assembly is more popular for use in larger networks.

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10. What are the Characteristics of the Best Coaxial Cable Manufacturers?

When it comes to choosing a coaxial cable manufacturer, you need to look at several factors. First of all, ensure that they have the necessary certification and registration. Certification from professional agencies is a guarantee that the company is reliable.

Also, go through customer reviews to see the responses of its previous customers. The manufacturer should have a reputation for high quality and timely delivery.  Responsive customer support is also critical in ensuring you get the best product. The manufacturer should cater to all your custom requirements and clarify any doubts.

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11. How to Get Custom Coaxial Cable Assembly?

Generally, coax cable assembly with custom configurations requires extra effort. It would help if you had a manufacturer that could handle such custom designs with careful consideration. They should not overlook any detail, no matter how small or trivial. They should be able to meet all your custom requirements. These include specific features like the connector, quality, and length of the cable.

CLOOM Tech ensures all these and much more.  We provide the right services for all custom coax cable assembly-related issues.

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Coax cable assembly is widely in use for both domestic as well as commercial purposes. These are some of the basic aspects of coax cable assembly you need to know. CLOOM Tech offers the solution for all your project customized coax cable assembly needs. When it comes to custom coax cable assembly, we have the best services and standards in the industry. All the services we offer – from design, assembly, and delivery – are the highest quality.

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