5 Points to Know about Custom Monitor Cables

Hand holding Mini Displayport and Displayport cables

Our experienced team has professional experience in custom cable manufacturing. From prototyping to delivering the full and final custom monitor cables for manufacturing units and business, CLOOM Tech has gained a reputation as a top manufacturer in China.

In the age of modern technologies and smart solutions, your business must stand out from the competitors. Having custom products and cables for your project can represent your business as a professional service provider.

We have encountered the needs and requirements of several national and international brands. If you are willing to invest in custom monitor cable manufacturing, here are 5 points that every custom monitor cable buyer must know about the products.

Hand holding Mini Displayport and Displayport cables

Hand holding Mini Displayport and Displayport cables

What are the monitor cables?

Although laptops and smartphones have captured the current business sphere, still the importance of monitors and LCDs is undeniable. Several cables can connect the computer systems with the monitors. Most of the time, these cables can also connect the other components in the complex setups.

General monitors use VGA or HDMI cables for the connection between computers and monitors. These VGA or HDMI cables serve as monitor cables. The use of monitor cables is not limited to computer systems only. In heavy industries, several display screens use the same VGA cables or monitor cables for the connections. In case your business needs a strong surveillance system, you need a lot of monitor cables to connect the different screens with the CPU.

VGA and DVI wire isolated

VGA and DVI wire isolated

In general, monitor cables are a perfect source of connection between any video transmitting device and the display screens. For the mega projects, typical monitor cables may not serve the purpose.

Common monitor cables in the market come with a thick shielding, and you cannot use them in small spaces. If you have a complicated setup where you need to connect a lot of screens, custom monitor cables manufacturing companies can meet your specifications.

1. Different Types of Monitor Cables

There are several types of monitor cables that are compatible with different devices according to their physical design and port types. Here are different types of monitor cables that you can use for display devices and screens.

The use of these different types of monitor cables depends upon the port type and the technology of the display screen. VGA cable is the most common type of monitor cables, and it is still in demand in the monitor cable industry. For some advanced display screens like LCDs and TFTs, HDMI cables are the best options. So, the type of monitor cables varies depending upon the type and technology of the display screen. Here are the five most common types of monitor cables that we generally manufacture for different industries and businesses

HDMI Cables

HDMI cables are the standard cables for high-quality video transmission. VGA cables and DVI cables send the video signals only from the system to the screen. HDMI cables support both video and audio signal transmissions. HDMI cables can send both signals at the same time. HDMI cables are easily available in the market, but the only newer device supports HDMI cables.

HDMI cable isolated

HDMI cable isolated

In a modern entertainment system, HDMI cables are the most famous monitor cables. Almost every device these days supports the HDMI cables. New monitors support both HDMI cables and standard VGA cables, so you get more options for connectivity with HDMI cables. The HDMI port is somehow similar to the USB port, but the design is different from the VGA cables.

VGA Cables

When it comes to mostly used monitor cables, VGA cables stand in the first position. Many famous display device manufacturers are still using VGA cables as monitor cables. The video quality of VGA cables is still impressive as compared to other options like Displayport cables and USB monitor cables.

In all CRT monitors and other old monitors, VGA cables were the only option for connectivity. You can check for the numbers of the pins in the connector to the identification of the VGA cables. In some newer versions of the display devices, there might be a little visual noise in the video quality.

DVI Cables

The overall design of DVI cables is almost identical to the design of VGA cables. If we compare the video quality of the DVI cables with VGA cables, there is not visual noise in the case of DVI cables. The number of pins in DVI cables is greater than the normal VGA cables

DVI cable

DVI cable

Displayport cables

Apple has different connectors and ports for the connectivity of different devices. Most of the connectors and cables that are suitable for Apple devices may not support the other brands. Although Displayport cables are famous for Apple devices, other major brands are also using these monitor cables.

USB cables

When you need to connect secondary screens to the system, USB monitor cables are going to be the best option. USB monitor cables are readily available, and these are affordable monitor cables. The identification of USB cable is easier. The video quality of USB cable is comparatively lower than the VGA cables or HDMI cables. Still, USB cables are very famous and in demand for customized specifications.

2. Applications of Different Monitor Cables

Different monitor cables have different applications as per the specifications of the project. The older CRT monitors and LCDs had VGA cables support, and there were not so many options available for monitor cables. With the advancement of the display screens, monitor cable manufacturers started working on advanced solutions.

The monitor cables are not only for the display devices. Many home theater systems also use some monitor cables for the transmission of the audio signal. In the HD projectors and audio mixers, monitor cables can carry both audio and video signals.

Many complicated projects and systems have different display screens and display devices. Different monitor cables connect the various video components in complex systems. Any device that needs to transmit video signals across the devices, monitor cable can be a better option there.

HDMI and VGA cables against a monitor with ports

HDMI and VGA cables against a monitor with ports

3. How to Determine What Kind of Monitor Cables do you Need?

The choice of monitor cable depends upon many factors like the project specifications and the type of display devices. While choosing the right monitor cable for the project, you need to keep the budget in mind. If you feel that typical monitor cables are not suitable for the project specifications, you can get the custom monitor cables for your project.

The custom monitor cables can serve the specific needs of the project as per the custom design and customer needs. If you need high video resolutions, you can go for HDMI or VGA cables. If you want easy connectivity of the components of the go, USB monitor cables can be perfect options there.

Different USB Cables

Different USB Cables

4.Things to Notice in Choosing Monitor Cables

While choosing the monitor cables, make sure that the monitor cables are suitable for your project. While ordering the monitor cables, here are some important points that you need to consider:

• Length of the wire needed

• Use case of the monitor cable

• Port type of the screen or display device

• Size and space in the projector system

• Required video quality and resolution

• Do you want to transmit video only or audio too?

These are only a few things that you need to focus on. But if you are working with CLOOM Tech engineers, we will take care of everything from design to the length of the cables assemblies. If you don’t know the exact specifications of your project, we can analyze your plan to come up with exact custom cables.

EEG monitor cable leads

EEG monitor cable leads

5. What are the Custom Monitor Cables?

In heavy industries, screens and display devices need the extra length of the monitor cables. Common monitor cables in the market are available with limited length. If you want to monitor cables as per the specifications of your project, you can contact us for custom monitor cables. From choosing the custom colors for the monitor cables to the length of the monitor cables, CLOOM Tech engineers can manufacture custom cables for any sort of project. The custom cables can be perfect solutions when common products are not fulfilling your needs and project requirements.

EEG monitor cable leads

Micro HDMI to HDMI cable Isolated


CLOOM Tech has been manufacturing custom cable assemblies and wiring harnesses for several heavy industries and projects. With the state of the art laboratories and experienced team, we have been the top pick for custom cable manufacturing in China. If you need custom monitor cables for any project, having CLOOM Tech on board can give a boost to your productivity.

5 key differences in instrument cables vs. speaker cables

Connecting a speaker to an amplifier

For the music industry and instrument manufacturers, we have created perfectly engineered instrument cables vs speaker cables, with the high-end instrument and speaker cables by CLOOM Tech, the tensions of signal loss and other interruptions are no longer an issue.

If you want to brand your music gears with customized products, custom instrument and speaker cables are important pieces of your setup. For music bands and music instrument manufacturers, our scope of custom cables assemblies and wiring harnesses includes the custom instrument cables and speaker cables too.

Do your company need a trusted cable assembly manufacturer that can provide custom cables for the project? CLOOM Tech has an advanced manufacturing plant and testing labs for custom speaker and instrument cable assemblies.

Connecting a speaker to an amplifier

Connecting a speaker to an amplifier

Instrument Cables vs. Speaker Cables

With limited space, music instrument manufacturers have to manage hundreds of wires and cables. No one wants to create a mess of wires on the stage while musicians are performing. Instead of choosing normal cables for the transmission, there are the special instrument and speaker cables available in the market.

For the improvement of the stage aesthetics, we have created custom instrument cables and speaker cables. These cables come with custom designs and color codes, so you don’t need to worry about the wrong application of wires. Instrument cables and speaker cables look identical in shape and the design. Most of the time, teams end up using speaker cables in instruments. This wrong application of cables can affect the performance and flow of the concert or any event.

Being the music instrument manufacturers or the music band technical manager, you must know these five key differences between speaker cables and instrument cables.

1. Cable Construction of the Instrument and Speaker Cables

The cable construction of both cables is the main reason why you cannot use the instrument cable in a speaker. Both speaker and instrument cables have a different structure. Speaker cables come without any kind of shield as there is no issue about the signal losses. Most of the high-end instrument cables come with quality shielding to provide the same tone across distances.

CLOOM Tech has solved the problem of mixing speaker cables and instrument cables while setting up any musical arrangements. Our speaker cables and other cables for the music industry feature the copper core and metal connectors. For proper protection of the wires, both cables use rubber coating that can protect against any possible damage.

If you have custom specifications for the speaker and instrument cable manufacturing, we can use custom materials too. Some quality cables can also use the oxygen-free copper for the best quality sound. For the connectors, we prefer to use gold connectors for custom and high-end cables. While manufacturing the speaker and instrument cables, we design assemblies in such an intelligent way that the sound quality remains the same over the distance.

audio speaker cable connector

audio speaker cable connector

2. Purpose of Speaker and Instrument Cables

Different instruments send very weak signals to the amplifiers, and that’s why the use of the shielding reduces the loss over the path. The shielded wires also minimize the interference of the external electronic signals and sounds.

guitar instrument cable plug symbol

guitar instrument cable plug symbol

Amplifiers and audio devices are generally powerful in terms of signal strength, and the loss of the quality is already minimal. So, unshielded wires can also do the job in the case of speakers and amp. High power signals of the speaker cables can stop the external interference on their own, so no extra shielding is there.

3. The Signal Carrying Capacity of Both Cables

Speaker cables and instrument cables are not the same. Although both cables look identical and their designs are also the same, yet they are not the same cables. There are several differences between speaker cables and instrument cables based on internal working and functionality.

The basic application of the instrument cables is to carry the relatively weaker signals from the instrument to the amplifier. Instrument cables also use some extra shielding to as resistance against external electronic waves and sound waves, that to maintain the quality of the sound across the path.

There is also a small central conductor in the instrument cables. The conductor carries the signals from the guitar to the amp. The twisted wire strands protect the cable against any kind of airborne interference as the speaker cables are already taking the powerful sound signals, so these cables have strong signal carrying capacity. As compared to the conductors of the instrument cables, speaker cables have larger conductors.

Picture of Stereo to Audio and video cable

Picture of Stereo to Audio and video cable

4. Use Right Cable for the Correct Application

What are the consequences if you use the wrong cable for any function? If you use the speaker cable in the instrument, it will cause a lot of noise in the recordings. Due to substantial interference in the external signals, speaker cables in the guitar or instrument will create a lot of noise that will disturb the sound quality.

If you want to use the guitar cable in place of a speaker cable, that is also not a good idea.

Interchanging both cables will do nothing well, and every your amplifier may not work properly in these cases. The device may not show any unusual behavior in the initial phase, but you will start noticing the buzz and hum in the sound.

Due to the highly shielded instrument cables, the signals can damage the amplifier. Many advanced amplifiers can prevent damage in case of the use of the wrong wires. But the best strategy is to get custom speaker cables and instrument cables, so you get trouble while using cables.

Cable for connecting musical instruments

Cable for connecting musical instruments

5. Are Both Cables Interchangeable?

As per the design and size, both speaker cables and instrument cables look identical, but these cables are not interchangeable. Using one cable for the other purpose can damage your devices, and it will disturb the sound quality of the instruments. Both cables are different from each other, so don’t mix things up. If you are tired of this issue, custom speaker cables and custom instrument cables can make things easier.

Using speaker cables in place of instrument cable will only affect the quality of sound, but in other situations, instrument cable can damage the hardware of the amp too. Are you willing to destroy your expensive rig? If you don’t want to take this risk, you can get the custom speaker cables and custom instrument cables for your music setup.

Close up of the rear end of the music amplifier

Close up of the rear end of the music amplifier

How to distinguish instrument cable from speaker cable?

Most of the custom speaker and instrument cables come with proper labeling to ensure the safe use of wires. If you think that you need a better option, you can go for custom speaker and instrument cables. The custom cables manufacturer can deliver the speaker and instrument cables in different colors as per your requirements.

Getting custom cables for your set up is the best investment in the safety of your equipment and quality of music. All the custom cables at CLOOM Tech use the high-end technologies and materials, so you don’t need to worry about the sound quality. Every custom cable from CLOOM Tech comes with the state of the art functionality so that your team can use the different cables in a complicated project without worrying about anything.

When you are dealing with our team, we try our best to make sure that you enjoy the smooth flow of your work with our custom services.

The internal connectors of both speaker cables and instrument cables can also help you in distinguishing both wires from each other. Instrument cables come with heavy shielding while speaker cables don’t have shielding. You can use this factor to identify both cables.

Consequences of using the wrong cable

There are specific reasons for not using the wrong cables in different devices. Both speaker and instrument cables have their pre-defined functions. If you use the speaker cable in the instrument, speaker cables will not damage the hardware of any device, but sound quality will be low with noise.

Details and connection of guitar and wire cable jack

Details and connection of guitar and wire cable jack

If you end up using instrument cable in the speaker, due to massive electromagnetic waves, it can destabilize the amplifier. So, the best strategy is to use custom cables for components. Custom cables for both parts reduce the risk factor. Custom services by CLOOM Tech can add precision to your working and organization.


CLOOM Tech is one of the leading custom speaker and instrument cable manufacturers in China. If you want better performance for your instruments without risking the safety of your setup, we can help you with custom cable services. CLOOM Tech has the most skilled teams of experts to meet the needs and requirements of local and international clients. If you are willing to scale your business, CLOOM Tech is going to be your custom cable manufacturer.

9 Things to Consider Before Custom RCA Cable for Your Project

Audio-video Cable RCA to 3.5mm jack

RCA cables are in charge of carrying audio and video signals. In short, they take the signals from the connected device to the output device.

RCA stands for Radio Corporation of America. The design of these cables came by the 1940s. It was, at first, a shallow cost design used for consoles. Many models have come later, but they remain compatible with almost all devices. Even with the invention of the latest technologies, RCA cables still hold relevance. They are straightforward to use and carry.

Talk to us if you want custom RCA cables for your business. At CLOOM Tech, we can help design RCA cable according to your projects. And deliver it to you on time!

Let’s take a look at a few things you didn’t know about customizable RCA cables.

Audio-video Cable RCA to 3.5mm jack

Audio-video Cable RCA to 3.5mm jack

1. Custom RCA Cables are Cost-effective

When we compare to HDMI cables, RCA cables still hold more weightage today. For one, they are cheaper than the HDMI cables and can do the same job.

Most of the retail shops offer you the RCA cable along with the product that you buy. But if you don’t get one, then spending money on it might not be the best option. It is because you can make a custom one for yourself at almost half the price. And, creating a custom one works as beautiful. Just choose the right materials, and you are good to go.

Purchasing an RCA cable is not as affordable as it looks. Plus, buying something like this isn’t always ideal. You may have to worry about it, not to function or having a problem. Please cross off that option and make one for yourself. It is very cost-effective and works as beautiful. With only three critical materials, you can make your custom RCA cables.

You will need RCA cable ends, wires, and a shrink wrap. The RCA cable ends are available on the internet or in any departmental store. They come in very cheap as well. The shrink wrap portion is optional; you may or may not use it.

The cable connectors can be of silver, gold, or lead. Gold is least prone to damage, but it is on the costlier end. We suggest silver to be the best one for you. It is because silver secures the top position and is cost-effective as well.

Apart from this, there are a few other things needed to make an excellent cable. They are a plier with a needle-nose, hot glue, a wire cutter, solder, and some soldering iron. In the end, you need a multimeter or continuity tester.

Making one for yourself saves not only your money but also the time. It relieves you from going through the hassle of getting one from a supplier. And that too, they might not even work. You also get the option of choosing the length of the wire by yourself.

HDMI cables

HDMI cables

2. Pay close attention to the length of the wire

RCA cables are still in use for various gaming consoles, VHS players, and even DVD players. The cable set comprises of three colors. There can be yellow, white, black, green, and red. They are usually used to denote left and right so that you don’t get confused. The color yellow indicates a composite video. The video data and the other two cables are there for audio channels.

The wire is an essential step in making the RCA cable. Different lengths of wires offer various video quality. Short length wires may or may not affect the transmission quality of the signals. You have to determine the extent you want and cut the cord.

That takes experience. And probably why you need an RCA cable manufacturer who understands your needs.

RCA Cable or plugs

RCA Cable or plugs

3. Customize the Length of the Wire but not too Much

Before soldering, you can cut a little of the cable’s outer jacket. Your custom RCA cable manufacturer can guide you on what’s the right length. They will study your project design. They will know what’s the correct length for your project needs.

4. There is a difference between Data wire and Ground wire

There are generally two types of cables involved in the RCA cables, data and ground wires.

The data wire or the signal conductor is the male prong that terminates on the shorter metal tab. And the ground wire is the female tube that ends on the more extended cost with the collar. Also, another significant point to keep in mind is that it matches the cables. If you are using gold wire, then you have to use a gold connector. When done the right way, this will not cause an electrolytic reaction. Your custom RCA cable manufacturer knows how to go about it.

RCA Cable

RCA Cable

5. Custom RCA cables need soldering on both the ends

The two types of data wire terminate on metal tabs. The data wire or the male prong of the cable terminates on the shorter metal tab. The female prong ends the longer tag.

The ground wire helps to shield the data. Overheating the ends may melt the plastic housing. It will result in deforming the threads and making screwing the back case difficult. You need an excellent RCA cable manufacturer who knows these little details.

Red, white, yellow RCA plug

Red, white, yellow RCA plug

6. Secure the Collar

The two tabs that will be sticking out after the soldering, make up the collar. It safeguards the cables to keep them in good condition. You have to keep in mind never to pull the cable out by the wires. As pulling it by the wires will loosen up the joint, and the cable will stop functioning.

At CLOOM Tech, we ensure that it doesn’t stay too close as or else it will cut down the insulation.

Cable and DVR box with RCA cables

Cable and DVR box with RCA cables

7. Your RCA Cable Manufacturer can Thread the Black Casings

The complex RCA cable manufacturing process involves threading the black casings. At CLOOM Tech, we thread the two black casings over the wire. The first end goes to the threading wire while the second one goes to the butt first.

8. Use a Heat Shrink Wrap

If you want more than one cable, then you have to use different color shrink wraps. They will help you distinguish among them. Keep in mind to use different colors of shrink wraps for the left and right channels. You don’t want to mix them up as they are the main cables for video and audio transmission.

Your RCA cable manufacturer will take a shrink wrap of about 2.5 cm or 1 inch. Then they will slide it over the wires on the cable. After that, they will allow it to slightly hang over the cable end. Finally, your cable manufacturer will heat it with a blow dryer to secure it.

Isolated wire ends

Isolated wire ends

9. Screw the casing together

Screwing the casing together is the last step in making an RCA cable. However, unless you get a reliable RCA cable manufacturer, it can be difficult. Your manufacturer needs to be able to slide off the outer barrel on the wires. It is what screws the end together after the soldering.

After that, the manufacturer looks for the U-shaped fold. It will be present with a fold via the center pin line. Once found, they put the conductor through the U fold and apply the soldering iron. This process will help heat the solder and thus connect it with the center pin.

At CLOOM Tech, we also add a little solder on the wire tops. We complete making a custom RCA cable by screwing the case back together over the soldered tabs.

RCA cables set up

RCA cables set up


An RCA cable is easy to make if you follow the steps right. Talk to us about your custom RCA cable needs. We know what’s best for your project and can help design customizable solutions. Besides, the fact is that it is more affordable than an HDMI cable, it also operates like an HDMI cable.

At CLOOM Tech, we have the customer service you need. And a customized RCA solution you seek. Give us a call today!

At CLOOM Tech, we have the customer service you need. And a customized RCA solution you seek. Give us a call today!

9 Differences Between Custom XLR Cable And RCA Cables

XLR Cable A semi-realistic vector illustration

The discovery of electricity has changed how we live-technology brought in speed and comfort. And audio had a great role to play in this. Be it a movie or song or important presentations, and the cables need to our needs.

These cables connect various electronic devices and transmit audio signals. You may need custom made XLR and RCA cables to suit your needs and requirements. Worry not!

CLOOM Tech offers you with custom made cables, XLR or RCA. We ensure it suits the requirements of your projects. Today, we will talk about how you can get customized XLR and RCA cables on a platter. Before grabbing the wire, know the differences between XLR and RCA cables.

XLR Cable A semi-realistic vector illustration

XLR Cable A semi-realistic vector illustration

1.XLR Cable And RCA Cables-Pins On The Connector

First off, what do RCA and XLR stand for?

RCA denotes the Radio Corporation of America, XLR denotes the External Line Return Cable, both are styles of electrical connectors.

You will find XLR cable on professional audio, video, and stage lighting setup. The XLR cable has three pins- positive, negative and ground and circular connectors, the pins on the two sides face the male- connector and female connector.

The one in the middle (Pin 1) is always the ground signal on the XLR pinout. RCA cable has only one pin. The pins help in transmitting balanced or unbalanced signals.

RCA cables

RCA cables

2.Sound Transfer Over Distance

XLR cables pass balanced audio. RCA cable transmits unbalanced audio. If you want to connect your guitar to a nearby amplifier, you may go for RCA cables. It carries signals using two wires- a sign and a ground.  The signal wire sends the audio signal to the destination. The ground wire is like a reference line. But along the way, it picks up unwanted noise from the surrounding. So it is best suited for short distance audio transfer.

XLR cables can send balanced audio signals over long distances. Along with the ground, two wires carry the copies of the message of opposite polarity. They are Hot and Cold wires. As the cold wire gets to the end of the cable, the signal polarity reverses. The two signals are in sync now. As the signals move, they pick up noise but get canceled due to CMRR (Common Mode Rejection Ratio).

Audio video cable RCA to 3.5mm jack

Audio video cable RCA to 3.5mm jack

3.XLR Cable And RCA Cables-Voltage Signal

The spectrum of voltage that the cables transmit also varies. While XLR cables can carry signals of the energy of 4V, RCA cables can send signals of 2V. The 4V is the signal difference between the two voltage signals applied at the two wires. Each sign has a max amplitude of 2 V.

XLR cables

XLR cables


You may change an RCA cable to a balanced XLR cable using suitable cheap adapters. Connect the signal from the center pin of the RCA plug to the hot pin of XLR cable. Then connect the earth wire to the ground. But if you attempt to convert XLR to RCA, you will lose all the noise reduction benefits. You will get unbalanced audio signals: XLR cables generally carry 4V audio signals, and RCA can transfer 2V signals. It is difficult to control the loudness in XLR to RCA conversion.

Three RCA male plugs

Three RCA male plugs

5. XLR Cable And RCA Cables-Podcasting Studio

If podcasting is what attracts you, then focus on high-quality content and audio. The signal should be free from noise, high audio quality, and should be a balanced signal. You will, of course, not want a cheap cable to ruin the quality of your audio. XLR cable excels in noise reduction, which will enhance the quality of your audio chain in your podcast. It is because of these facts that XLR cables are also known as microphone cables.

Podcasting with XLR cables

Podcasting with XLR cables

6.Stereo Sound System

A stereo sound system can create an effect of multidirectional sound sources. RCA cables can handle the stereo sound system better than any XLR cable, RCA cables can connect devoices like VCRs, DVD players, or TV sets. RCA cables are the simplest and the best way of connecting your TV set to external speakers. RCAs can carry only stereo sound.

It will enable you to get a superior experience of a movie on a TV or a laptop. The RCAs carry two channels- left and right. Red and white usually mark the two cables. These cables connect the output port of the TV to the input port of the speakers. You can also use RCA cables to produce high-quality stereo sound in your car.

RCA stereo and composite video

RCA stereo and composite video

7.Recording Studio

Do you have a recording studio? Are you looking to get clear audio? Sure, you can get a great microphone. Or the top-quality machine. The one thing you cannot miss out, though, is an XLR cable.

XLR cables have gained the popularity of microphone cables, and they carry a balanced audio signal. They reduce noise by using Common Mode Rejection Ratio technology. Thus, the quality of the signal it carries is better.

In recording houses, you do not want to compromise on the quality of sound.  Recording studios would like to get rid of all surrounding noise. They focus on extracting good quality audio signals. XLR cables, with their 3-pin design, can meet the requirements of recording studios. You will feel the difference as soon as you use it.

Audio Cables

Audio Cables

8.Home Theatre Setup

Perfect matches give the best experience. Adorned your home with a high-quality home theatre? You shouldn’t focus on the video alone. Sure, 4K looks excellent. But what about the audio? Wouldn’t you want some great surround sound?

You need to use some quality cable to get the proper audio signals. Otherwise, the quality of the sound produced will not be as excellent. Poor cables will allow a lot of unwanted noise to interfere and degrade the sound quality. Weak links in your audio system will not let you enjoy the music to its full extent. RCA cables are perfect in-home theatres.

They do not let noise hamper the sound, as audio transmission in home theatres is over a short distance. RCA cables allow you to optimize your sound system without exceeding your budget. The shielding around the cable will prevent electromagnetic and radio interference. RCA cables will let you enjoy sound music and clear pictures of home theatre. You may need eight audio channels of RCA for this, but a single XLR cable cannot handle home theatres.

Home theatre with RCA cables

Home theatre with RCA cables

9.Live Performance

Are you looking to set up a stage? You wouldn’t want things to go wrong.

You need no noise interruptions-high sound quality. Balanced signals. Long-distance transmissions. And your stage is all set to unfurl the curtains. Be it live music shows or open-air theatres, or stand-up comedy shows, and the audience loves good sound quality. And what better than XLLR cables? The cables meet all the above conditions and more.

Connect them to good quality speakers and amplifiers. Watch the live performance rock. Feel the crowd going awestruck by the sound. XLR cables make the sound loud, noise-free, booming, clear, crisp, and pleasant to the crowd.

Audio cabling comes in these two basic analog cables- XLR cables and RCA cables. RCA bears out in the home theatre and stereo sound system. It also works great in other short distance audio transfer. Also, XLR cables go a long way in noise reduction. They top the list in recording studios and podcast stations.

The cable-type depends on the purpose you will use it for. The specifications depend on the applications of the cable. RCA and XLR, both these types of cable, find great use in projects.

Get the Custom XLR And RCA Cables You Are Looking For!

Avail custom made cables that meet your project needs and suit the demands. Make your projects par excellence. The demands of musicians and recording houses differ. Live events organizers and home theatre enthusiasts are looking for something different too.


Only one unique key can open a lock. Do it with CLOOM Tech. We have got a unique cable for a particular problem. Let CLOOM Tech make your project stand out. And let us do it in time.

11 Tips to Know Before Custom Motorcycle Wiring Harness

Motorcycle wiring or motorcycle repair

More than 200 million motorbikes, including motorized bicycles, motor scooters, and mopeds are in use around the world. That equals about 33 motorcycles per 100 individuals. Hence, it doesn’t come as a surprise that there are several companies offering services related to motorbikes.

It is possible to change how a bike looks and functions. Your project needs to take care of wiring to be able to get the desired results. However, since it is a complicated procedure. Need the custom motorcycle for your project? Contact CLOOM Tech today, Our services span across different countries in various parts of the world.

In this article, we’ll highlight ten tips to help the purchasing manager understand the custom wiring harness motorcycle.

Let’s get started:

Motorcycle wiring or motorcycle repair

Motorcycle wiring or motorcycle repair

#1 Use Zip Ties When Opting for Custom Speedo Cables

Security should always be a top priority because of even a single wire gone wrong can result in dire consequences. That is why we suggest opting for zip ties to ensure all the cables installed remain in place.

Zip ties are good not only for a group of wires but for individual wires as well. You will find a variety of zip ties on the market. It’s important to choose high-quality materials to get the job done. Poor quality zip tires can do more damage by cutting into your wiring and messing with the entire system.

Hence, I never choose poor quality or cheap products. Your best option is a stainless barb zip tie. It is more expensive than other choices out there, but it’s the most reliable option since it does not break easily and is known to remain solid in signplace without cutting into other wires. You can use it without any worries.

The good thing about different zip ties is that they all work the same, but the effectiveness differs from one type to another.

Note: If you are at the beginning and only testing the new wiring, then you can choose cheap zip ties since you may have to cut and replace them until you reach the final stage. You can opt for high-quality products that will use for a long period after the test do.

Motorcycle handlebar controls

Motorcycle handlebar controls

#2 Take Care of Routing in Custom Chopper Wiring Harness

It is important to be as carefulsign placeacturers when it comes to routing electrical wires and cables on motorbikes. That may sound like a simple job, but it can be quite complicated because poor installation can lead to serious issues during the ride.

All wires need to route away from heat sources. Heat can cause damage to the cable. There may be no loss of performance in the beginning, but the production will eventually begin to degrade, and the motorbike may even come to a halt all of a sudden.

Another very important factor to remember is the position of the harness. The wires should be able to move freely and not get trapped when you move the forks from side to side.

Forks do not remain stationary. They’re bound to move in multiple directions and may even get compressed. Wires need to route in a manner that they remain free and not sustain any extra pressure no matter how the fork moves.

Lastly, routing must complete allowing for the motorbike’s movement through the air. These machines need to be manufactured, keeping the extreme in mind. It isn’t uncommon for the rider to go above the speed of 100 mph. The motorbike must be able to attain chooseintain this performance without resulting in damage to the wire.

Air will strike against the wiring, and the force at such high speeds can result in wires getting loose or sustaining other forms of damages.

Blue Meat chopper icon isolated

Blue Meat chopper icon isolated

#3 Pay Attention to Harness Wrapping

Manufacturers are very well aware of wiring, inclcareful signumber and types of wires used to manufacture a specific machine. We cannot expect the end-user to be mindful of all such requirements or specifications since there are dozens of wires used to produce the end product.

Companies understand this. Hence they wrap the wires together in the form of a bundle. Even then, one motorbike may end up with several packages that typically tape together using insulation tape.

That protects the wire as an additional form of insulation makes them more durable and reduces the risk of accidents. In addition to this, some producers turn to sheaving. While it is a different technique, it serves the same purpose as wrapping. The use of split plastic flex tubes is common for this purpose.

We’ve found that both the techniques are effective and efficient, and you can select one that suits you more.

Brake cable of motorcycle

Brake cable of motorcycle

#4 Custom Motorcycle Wiring Harness-Don’t Neglect Electrical Noise

Electrical noise is different from the sound we usually refer to. When a driver or rider is on the road, he or she does not only have to worry about the noise generated by other vehicles on the road but also the electric sound their truck makes.

It refers to unwanted disturbances that result in messy signals. Since motorbikes use computers, electrical noise can lead to issues.

Control units and wires linked to computer systems such as the ignition system need to be neatly isolated from other components, especially electrical components.

Moreover, special attention needs to paid to ignition wires. It’s important to take steps to protect ignition units from components or wires that emit magnetic fields or carry high currents.

Mechanic cut the motorcycle cable

Mechanic cut the motorcycle cable

#5 Custom Motorcycle Wiring Harness-Be Careful about Stress Point

It is natural for the bike to vibrate. The condition can be worse if the end-user lives in an area where the roads are not very neat, and the rides can be bumpy.

That is why it is important to support wires whenever and wherever you can. Cables have to walk great distances, and they need proper support when they enter a terminal.

Some companies choose to heat shrink wires. While this technique works, it may not be the best option since too much heat can damage the cable if not done correctly, and the connection may not be permanent due to the weight of the wire.

We suggest that you add zip ties along to ensure that the pressure is neatly divided. Otherwise, the connection will be weak, and the wires may not remain intact.

Electric motorcycle with power supply cable and plug

Electric motorcycle with power supply cable and plug

#6 Understand More About Affixing Terminals

Most experts believe that soldering is the best way to attach or make connections. However, things have now changed, and manufacturers today believe that crimp-on terminals are a better choice.

Ultimately, it decides on the owner of the product and what or how they want the machine to be. Each option has its pros and cons. It doesn’t matter which option one uses, and the most important point is to install heat shrinks on all the terminals, no matter if it’s negative or positive.

Installing heat shrinks will not only insulate the wires, but it will also provide support to the cables where they enter the terminal.

motorcycle rear brake stop cable wire

motorcycle rear brake stop cable wire

#7 Custom Motorcycle Wiring Harness-Get a Wiring Diagram

Wiring can be tricky, especially if it involves several departments. The best option to remain safe is to get a neat wiring diagram that neatly defines how you want wiring harness.

Battery connector for motorcycle

Battery connector for motorcycle

#8 Your Custom Motorcycle Throttle Cable Length Needs Your Attention

The length needs to be optimal. If the wire is too short, then you will never be able to make a firm connection, and if the cable is too long, then bundling it can be difficult, and the risk of damage will be higher as well.

Wire harness for electronic

Wire harness for electronic

#9 Choose High-Quality Materials for Custom Motorcycle Clutch Cable

That is the most important factor because poor quality materials will result in an inferior product. Motorbikes made to be durable, and some can run for 20 years. If you want the product you make to end for such a long period, then it is essential that you only count on high-quality materials.

clutch cable car isolated

clutch cable car isolated

#10 Put Safety First When Designing Custom Motorcycle Wiring Harness

We have previously highlighted the importance of safety in almost all the sections above. Motorcycle accidents are pretty common, and a large number of them attributed to the poor wiring harness.

Paying attention to all the factors mentioned above will ensure you manufacture a motorbike that safe for the road.

Mechanic man wiring the electrical cables motorcycle

Mechanic man wiring the electrical cables motorcycle

#11 Custom Motorcycle Wiring Harness-Select a Reliable Provider

The service quality you will receive will depend on the provider you work with. Hence, study the market and choose a reliable provider who understands your industry, is well aware of your requirements and needs, and can provide what you want within your budget.

We suggest comparing reviews and asking questions to ensure you two are on the same page.

Motorcycle lock cable

Motorcycle lock cable


These simple tips will help your project get your desired results. The key lies in being careful and knowing what you are looking for. Understanding motorcycle wiring harness is not that difficult. We suggest that you concentrate more on customized solutions since one size does not fit all.

Get in touch with us if you have more questions regarding custom speedo cables, custom chopper wiring harness, and other aspects of motorcycle wiring.

11 Points to Know about USB Type-C vs. Lightning

USB and USB Type-C connector

When working on a project, deciding the many ports or cables to use for your devices can be a hassle. Over the past decade, the introduction of USB Type-C cables and Lightning cables has introduced newer and better speeds along with more power. Now, you can see laptops and powerful tablets using these new connectors and cables. Once dedicated to phones is now available on various other devices.

The heart of both of these cables is a war between loyalty and performance: the lightning cable and the USB Type-C cable. So if you can’t decide which of these two cables to add to your project, let us help you find the right one to use.

We are going to tell you about the 11 differences that both of these cables have. Before you read the list though, you may want to know what we offer:

What We Offer: Custom Cable Assembly

We strive to make some of the best custom cables to better suit your company’s needs. Whether it is a lightning connector or a USB Type-C connector that you want, we can give that to you. Our custom cables come equipped with premium materials and coating, which ensures that there are no mishaps in terms of the cable breaking open.

USB and USB Type-C connector

USB and USB Type-C connector

1.Data Transmission Speed

The first major difference that comes with both of these cables is the transmission speed. As you could imagine, the transmission speed is very important to your team’s work. And both of these are fairly fast, especially when compared to the micro USB connectors that feel like a generation ago.

However, when compared to each other, USB type-C is the clear winner. The USB Type-C connector comes in two different speeds: the 2.0 speed and the 3.1 speed. Nearly every device has moved onto the 3.1 cables, which can produce an output of 100w along with a speed of 10Gbps. On the other hand, Apple did not release any transmitting information about the lightning charger, but with tests, they were close to 2.0 USB Type-C connectors. In other words, it can only transfer data at a speed of 480Mbps, which is a lot slower than the USB Type-C Charger.

USB type-C Cable

USB type-C Cable.

2.USB Type-C cable-Reversible in design

Something that both the USB type-C connectors and lightning connectors excel at is their reversibility. There is no wrong way to insert both of these connectors in the devices, thanks to the design. Whereas USB type-As and Micro USBs would require users to add the connector in a specific way, the Type-C and lightning do not have such requirements.

While not game-changing anyway, it is certainly a very welcome option to the mind games that one would have to play with other connectors.

3D USB micro cable vector illustration

3D USB micro cable vector illustration

3.Single charger anywhere you go

That is one of the highlights of the USB Type-C port. Thanks to the innovative connector, anything that has the same port can quickly charge and connect to it. That means your team no longer has to carry different chargers for their phone, laptops, tablets, and other accessories. One port that connects all is the real selling point for the USB Type-C charger.

On the other hand, the lightning port is an iPhone specific port, which means that the only thing that can connect to that is a lightning charger or a lightning adapter.

USB Type C port icon

USB Type C port icon

4.USB Type-C cable-Power Delivery

You may already know a little bit about the Charging capabilities for both the lightning cables and the USB Type-C cables. Since the USB type-C cables are available throughout a plethora of different devices, it is safe to assume it is the victor here.

Officially, the Type-c connector can easily produce 100W, whereas the lightning cables can only muster 12W. This significantly reduced charging capability leaves users unsatisfied, especially from your team, if they have busy schedules. This low output is also why the iPhone does not have fast charging capabilities.

USB type-C Cable

USB type-C Cable

5.USB Type-C cable-An all in one port

Thanks to the incredible versatility of the USB Type-C connector, this port is home to anything that you could want. As long as the connector in question is a USB-C, you can connect it regardless of the device. From USB flash drives to chargers and even headphones, the USB Type-C port knows no bounds.

The lightning port tries to achieve this through the use of lightning adapters and fails miserably. Now users will have to carry proper lightning adapters for anything that they would want to connect to their phone or device.

USB Port Icon

USB Port Icon

6.Smaller and much Thinner

Both of these connectors are pretty small, which makes them so much easier to carry. That said, when it comes to size, the lightning connector is considerably lower than the USB Type-C connector. That makes for smaller ports and more comfortable carry.

But this size does come with a major disadvantage, mainly being that the smaller lightning cable is much slower than the Type-C cable.

The realistic vector illustration of lightning to USB cable

The realistic vector illustration of lightning to USB cable

7.USB Type-C cable-Dongles and Adapters

Third-party support for the lightning cable is not very good, and that is mainly because of apple’s licensing agreements. Apple only has a few companies that can create third-party adapters and dongles for the company. And because the licensing is scarce, the availability of dongles and adapters is very rare.

As for USB type-C, availability is no real problem, as people can easily use any of the widely available creators of Type-C accessories. That, of course, also means that there are a lot of low-quality alternatives to the Type-C connectors. Regardless, the licensing for USB type-C will always be available to the public, which allows companies like ours to make quality charging cables.

Usb type c adapter icon

Usb type c adapter icon

8.USB Type-C cable-Information and Transparency

Since Apple primarily uses lightning cables for its phones and a few other devices, it is essentially their primary port. Regardless, Apple does not like to share information about its product to consumers, making information hard to come by. The information that we used here as well is not official since Apple does not provide any official information. All the information here is through tests that private individuals conducted.

As for USB Type-C chargers, any information that you could want about them is readily available. From the transfer speed that they have to the power transmission of this particular connector, you can find all the information you want easily.

Lightning connector cable flat vector icon

Lightning connector cable flat vector icon

9.USB Type-C cable-Age

Despite being two of the most famous connectors, the USB type-C and lightning cable comparison is not fair seeing how the Lightning cable came more than seven years from today. During its release back in 2012, it truly was revolutionary as it was both small and powerful.

But after its initial release, it did not come with many iterations that would prove its longevity. On the other hand, USB Type-C connectors came with two very powerful iterations that proved how long this connector could last. The 3.1 iterations and the thunderbolt kept the same port but increased the amps.

Creative vector illustration of electric glowing lightning

Creative vector illustration of electric glowing lightning

10.USB Type-C cable-Brand Loyalty

Brand loyalty is also a feature that can sometimes dismantle the argument of USB-C VS Lightning since the lightning cable is only for apple products. But despite this brand loyalty, Apple users are aware of the cost of this brand loyalty.

But it looks like Apple even sees through the flaws of their Lightning cable, which is why they are using a Thunderbolt 3 port – it is the same USB Type-C port – in their new Macbook Pro. If that wasn’t enough, the extremely powerful iPad Pro came with a USB Type-C port, since it was the only portable charger that could charge such a heavy machine.

usb doodle

usb doodle

11.Bonus: Price

The biggest problem that most people have with the lightning cable is that it is too expensive, especially with the features that it offers in hindsight. Moreover, the scarcity and the lack of third party alternatives makes this incredibly valuable. That can be a serious problem for users, seeing how they have nowhere to turn and have no other options.

The Type-C connectors are very different since they are open source. In other words, there are Type-C cables that prominent companies like Samsung make along with proper alternatives and third party support. This incredible choice makes it much cheaper than lightning cables and is why most prefer type-C in the first place.


USB Type-C and lightning cable are the two vest connectors around. They are small, portable, and versatile, ensuring that only one charger is needed. Want to know which one is better for your project? Contact us now!

7 Industries that Require Custom Cable Manufacturing

massive print head motion during custom

Creating good wiring harness and cable services is important to suit various industries’ applications and produce optimum efficiency. Different sectors require specific specification of the wiring harness and cable services.

There are seven common cabling industries. Cloom Tech is a foremost organization amongst others notable for building custom cable services to meet the demands of these seven industries.

These seven industries offer lots of services to the general public and are no doubt very important to society. The seven industries that support custom cable manufacturing are:

massive print head motion during custom

massive print head motion during custom

1.The Telecommunications Industry:

That is an industry that a larger number of the population depends on. The use of laptops, smartphone, and other mobile devices are less functional without mobile data and connection.

How does the connection between smartphones and laptops work? It works with the aid of wireless connections as well as a 5G network. Additionally, when you want to make use of Google with the help of your laptop, you can do so with the Ethernet cable or optic fiber cable.

These networks do not exist without the use of custom cables that aids the transmission of data accurately and quickly.

fiber optic blue lighting vector

fiber optic blue lighting vector

2.The Medical Industry:

That comprises of various hospitals and health care centers. The hospital is an organization that assists in providing healthcare facilities to individuals who are in dire need of it. For this reason, it is always crucial that the healthcare facilities are in proper working condition at all times.

The instruments/facilities that hospitals make use of our best when sterilized. Sterilizing these instruments requires paying attention to temperature and moisture. Temperature and humidity are known to tamper with the strength of electrical wires and conductors.

The use of custom cables makes it easy for medical instruments to withstand exposure to the machines.

electrocardiograph machine with ECG

electrocardiograph machine with ECG

3.The Military and Defense Industry:

The military always needs wiring and cabling. It is an industry that charge with the responsibility of providing security to the general public.

Additionally, the military and defense industry also makes use of communication in the field.

Therefore, there is a great need for wires and cables. To the military, communication conduct on a confidential basis, and inappropriate wiring and cabling mar its purpose.

Having a good custom wire and cable in the military and defense industry is very necessary for achieving mission success.

Military vehicular walkie talkie

Military vehicular walkie talkie

4.Industrial Controls:

The cable and wires that use in industrial controls are huge. A close look at automotive clearly shows that a lot of effort and wires were carefully combined to produce the best results.

Assembling the various parts of a vehicle requires conscious effort and expertise, as well as the combination of the right wires and cables at the right places.

3D rendering of Electric car or vehicle

3D rendering of Electric car or vehicle

5.The Utility Industry:

Many homes and offices depend to a great extent on the use of electricity and other sources of power for effective performance at all times.

The utility industry is responsible for transmitting the source of energy that is required by various homes and offices. In the same vein, the street lights also depend on the utility industry to carry power at the accurate time.

The utility industry makes use of customized cables to enable it to perform its specialized functions.

LED road lighting

LED road lighting

6.The Aerospace:

Along as an airplane is concerned, there is more to it than meets the eye. We often pay attention to its physical outlook without any due consideration to what goes on during its construction.

The wiring of an airplane is a very complex process. The length of the wires may take up considerable space and pose a problem. So, to get the aircraft in a working condition, the cables must be strung together from one end to another.

electric aircraft charger station with plug and power cable supply

electric aircraft charger station with plug and power cable supply

7.Public Safety:

Every society looks out for its citizen and population and as such, want the best. Most, if not all, of the various departments, ministries, and organizations make use of wires and cables. To this end, there is always a need for wiring and cables.

So, to keep the public safe at all times, it is pertinent to settle for custom wires and cables that ensure efficiency.

Therefore, it is evident that there are too many industries that rely on custom cable manufacturing though only seven 7 supports it.

•Enhancing the uniqueness of each industry

Every society looks out for its citizen and population and as such, want the best. Most, if not all, of the various departments, ministries, and organizations make use of wires and cables. To this end, there is always a need for wiring and cables.

We need some tools to aid in enhancing the uniqueness of these industries and building their specifications. Some of these tools include the use of tools to create a cable stop, as well as over-molded connectors to help strain reliefs/ hermetic sealing.

This custom cable manufacturing specially built in a way that accommodates the different industries and helps it deliver an excellent result to the best of its capacity. If there is any suitable means to get these industries to perform well, it is to make use of custom cables to enhance their uniqueness.

Make use of their specification in building their custom cable is essential to get these industries working at all times. The wires and cables that play a role in the custom cable manufacturing of the various sectors possess specific requirements.

A closer look at the various industries, such as the medical and telecommunications industry, reveals the functions and differences between the sectors. While the pharmaceutical industry requires wiring and cabling that helps to create a balance between the temperature of the medical instruments and moisture, the telecommunication industry requires wiring and cabling that aids ease in transmission for smartphones and laptops.

That demonstrates that no industry should be perceived to be superior to the other because they are uniquely different. But, to enhance its uniqueness, it is important to make use of custom cable manufacturing.

cables components making home made switching

cables components making home made switching


There are a host of industries that make use of custom cable manufacturing, but only seven discussed in this article. Since the different industries make use of custom cable services, they differ in specialized facilities and functions. To this end, they possess unique features that separate them from one another.

Whatever the needs of these industries are, they require a good organization to assist in designing and producing their cables.

Cloom Tech specializes in custom cable manufacturing, wire harnesses, and providing cable services. The good news is that if your industry is one of the seven sectors that require custom cable manufacturing, feel free to contact us.

Learn the Value of Today’s Medical Cable Manufacturers from 7 Facts of Industry

Checking the wiring systems on control desk

Custom wiring harnesses and custom cable assemblies have become an essential part of any complex system that involves current transmission. We can design and engineer professional custom wiring harnesses and cable assemblies for your projects. Well, either you want custom medical cable assemblies for the medical facilities or want custom services for manufacturing units; CLOOM Tech can be your worthy partner. For the management of medical cable assemblies, only quality wiring harnesses can serve the purpose.

While getting the best custom solutions for your medical facility, make sure to hire a trusted cable assembly manufacturer. For medical facilities, hospitals, and medical instrument production units, we have state of the art custom cable and custom wiring harness labs.

Here are seven facts that can give you an idea about the importance of medical cable assembly in today’s market.

Checking the wiring systems on control desk

1. Value of Medical Cable Manufacturers for Medical Advancement

Completing the complex operations and other medical tasks between jungles of wires seem like impossible. For efficient working and management of your medical instruments, we secure your systems with custom cables and wiring harness manufacturing services. For medical clinics, operation theaters, and general hospitals, you are going to need medical assemblies for connecting components in your medical systems.

Set of tubes, wires on a background medical devices

The medical researchers are designing new and advanced devices for the cure and detection of new diseases. These smart devices help out in complex operations and surgeries, so their designs must be sleek and tiny. With the need for smaller devices, they need efficient energy transmission that occupies less space. The advancement of the medical instruments highly depends upon the production of the medical cable assembly manufacturers. CLOOM Tech team prefers working with the medical team for the very start of the project, so you get custom assemblies just as per your requirements.  

2. Research and Development by Medical Cable Manufacturers

Once the medical instrument manufacturers have completed the design of the device, the working of medical assembly manufacturers starts from there. If you have a prototype of new medical equipment and don’t know how to get custom wiring for it, CLOOM Tech can help you. Our engineers will analyze the design and working of your device to design an active cable assembly that takes the least space.

Medical cable assembly manufacturers have a significant contribution to the advancement of today’s medical facilities. Every medical device needs complex wiring arrangements, and only professional manufacturers can offer such services for sensitive devices. CLOOM Tech engineers keep their instruments and labs upgraded as per the new trends in the medical field.

Surgeon's hands preparing coagulation wires

Our team is always ready to start working on your custom wiring needs without any delay. CLOOM Tech engineers and assembly designers gather information about your project specification and then spend hours working on coming up with feasible designs. This research and dedication not only makes us the top medical assembly and wiring harness manufacturer but also helps the medical researchers to develop advanced solutions.

3. Growth in Custom Medical Cables Manufacturing

Choosing the top medical cable assembly manufacturer has many perks that can be beneficial for your business. Traditional designs and wires are not only costly but don’t serve the purpose too. The days of bulky medical devices are gone. Now, medical devices can fit in your pocket so you need medical wires that can offer you benefits like:

  • Medical custom cables are cost-effective solutions
  • Custom wiring harnesses and cable assemblies have different applications in medical facilities
  • Connect various components easily with custom assemblies and wiring harnesses
  • Avoid any possible short circuit with shielded wires and connections
  • Maintain efficient working even in higher temperatures

CLOOM Tech team takes care of top values that determine the effectiveness of the medical facilities. As the medical field is growing, the medical cable assembly demand is also on boost. If you have not contacted any manufacturer yet, get in touch with the CLOOM Tech team before it’s too late. The trends in the upcoming years suggest a massive hype in the demand of the medical cable assemblies and custom wiring solutions.

4. Easy Installation and Implementation of Electric Wires

Most of the medical devices are so tiny that ordinary wiring installation devices cannot fit in the tools. In that case, It would help if you plugged and play a wiring solution that needs no further installation and repair efforts. As you are going to deal with complex medical systems that have hundreds of small components working in harmony, so installing wires can create a mess. To solve this problem of the complicated installation of wires and cables for your project, we create assemblies, and that are easy to install and use.

Close-up view of EEG machine cables plugged-in

As everything comes with a planned arrangement of the wires, you don’t have to worry about arranging wires. It would help if you plugged, and the custom assemblies will be ready for use. Cabling of items and different components is not a complicated thing to do. For the convenience of the medical faculty and the staff dealing with the installation, don’t need to worry about little details like installation and maintenance.

5. Quality Assurance by Medical Cable Manufacturers

Not all the manufacturers understand the sensitivity of your project, so always make a wise choice while hiring a medical cable assembly manufacturer. While working with a medical facility and team, quality assurance is our primary consideration. If you think that you need to choose services based on the pricing of the products, you are wrong. Medical devices are part of complex systems, so their accuracy and efficiency are all that matter. To estimate the worth of the products by a medical cable assembly manufacturer, you can check for the quality assurance protocols.

CLOOM Tech is the top cable assembly manufacturers for a reason as we have sophisticated testing labs for our products. When these certified products become part of your medical systems, you get the accurate working of the medical devices. The overall performance of your facility is closely related to the efficiency of each component in your facility. The end product by CLOOM Tech will be an excellent addition to your medical facility with all the features as per your device design. So, if you are considering quality over everything else, getting in touch with CLOOM Tech is the first thing that you need to do right now.

6. Hassle-free Manufacturing of Custom Cable Solutions

It’s pricing, quality, or design of the medical assemblies and wiring harnesses that needs a lot of consideration and time. Doing it all on your own is not only time taking, but you might end up making wrong choices too. Critical medical diagnosis and operation require the full attention of the team, so we are here to take care of your custom wiring needs. You can focus on your medical tasks while we are producing great custom medical wiring solutions for your project.

For medical facilities and medical instrument production units, we offer prioritized services. You don’t need to wait for weeks or months to have your custom cables. We can meet the needs of every order. When you are ordering custom medical cable assemblies and wiring harnesses from CLOOM Tech, you can enjoy peace of mind.

Medical instruments and the smart devices

For any business, the pricing of the services is the main factor, and that’s why we have the lowest and most affordable custom services in China. Investing in the right product is not a choice, but it is the demand of the time that you cannot escape from. In the long run, investing in quality medical assemblies must be on top of your priority list.

7. AI in Medical and Medical Cable Manufacturers

Artificial intelligence is the use of technology and smart approaches to getting things done with more efficiency. The use of robotics requires advancement in every field like display devices, mechanical components, and management of wires. Normal wires are not suitable for AI-based devices. Medical science is supposed to get revolutionary changes in upcoming years, so medical cable assembly manufacturers are working on new designs that can be perfect for the new lines of the smart products.

Electric engineer working on wire

Medical care can deliver a lot of better results when combined with AI devices and robotics. Many systems are already working based on artificial intelligence. If you are also planning on updating your equipment or the medical instrument production unit with new devices, you can contact CLOOM Tech for advanced solutions. Although the use of AI in the medical field is still in the development phase, yet the medical cable assembly manufacturers are already making progress in this sector.


From a variety of applications to the development of efficient solutions for tiny devices, medical cable assembly manufacturers have great value. CLOOM Tech is a reliable medical cable assembly manufacturer that aims for perfection with higher levels of customer satisfaction. It’s peak time to invest in medical cable assembly for your medical facility and medical instrument production unit.

10 Top Factors to Look for in Medical Cable Assembly Manufacturing

Wires from devices around the bedside in the ICU

Medical systems need custom wiring solutions due to complex systems and instruments. CLOOM Tech has been providing the most advanced and sleek designs and custom cable assembly solutions to the international and Chinese markets.  With a complete range of custom medical cable assemblies and wiring harnesses, we are leading the custom wiring market for a long time.

The importance and the demand of medical cable assembly in the medical field have boosted the production of custom products to a whole new level.

As the medical cables are part of sensitive devices, any medical team looking for medical cable assemblies must know these essential factors that we have discussed in this article.

Wires from devices around the bedside in the ICU

1. Use Case of the Medical Cable Assembly

Medical cable assemblies have become an integral part of wiring systems in almost all industries, including the medical field, automobile industry, heavy industries, and the aviation industry. Within each sector, most of the complicated devices solely depend upon custom cable assemblies for data and energy transmission.

Due to the complexity of the medical devices and surgical instruments, medical teams are adopting smart devices. These intelligent devices are sleek in design and hard to manufacture, and typical round wires don’t serve the purpose in these devices. Here are some significant uses of medical cable assemblies in the surgical and operational instruments:

Complicated Configuration of the Medical Devices

Different medical teams are working on new and modern appliances to fight against various complexities. A complex medical system can have several devices operating in a complex environment. From the typical connection between two devices to the complicated configuration of the medical instruments, medical cable assemblies serve the customer needs for medical teams. CLOOM Tech team follows the exact custom requirements of the medical team while manufacturing the medical cable assemblies for the medical facilities.

Innovative technology in a modern hospital operating room

Multi-conductor Interface

Sophisticated medical devices require varying levels of voltage and current. Various factors demand the implementation of medical cable assemblies like the high temperature, weight reduction, and different degrees of currents and voltages. Medical cable assembly manufacturers are always working on new techniques and designs to meet the needs of the medical teams.

Organization of Wires

A small medical instrument can have hundreds of tiny wires that can increase the complexity of the system, and you might have to wrap up hundreds of cables in an inch. In such situations, medical cable assembly manufacturers like CLOOM Tech do the magic with custom services.

Background view of wiring harness

2. Importance of Medical Cable Assembly

Medical systems require a lot of work and research. While a medical team is working on a complex medical system, they need a custom medical cable assembly manufacturer on board to provide them with the custom solutions. If your medical team has created a new device that is new to the market, we can manufacture the prototype as per your specifications to meet your exact needs.

The medical field is so vast that medical cable assembly manufacturers have dedicated special designing units to develop new solutions for medical teams. At CLOOM Tech, we have a dedicated team of engineers and designers that can produce any complicated medical cable assembly for:

  • Medical testing units
  • Surgical instruments
  • Healthcare units
  • Medical monitoring devices
  • Therapeutic

3. Types of the Medical Cable Assembly

The scope of medical cable assemblies is too wide in the medical field as there are a lot of processes going on in a single medical facility. For a better understanding of the medical cable assembly types, we have divided the medical assemblies into three major categories:

Equipment interface assemblies: these medical cable assemblies are the part of major medical equipment and need to serve as the medium of data and emery transmission.

Communication interface assemblies: for the communication between different devices within a complex medical system, medical cable assemblies transmit data from one component to another.

Patient interface assemblies: for devices that are used repeatedly during the treatment, require the use of medical cable assemblies. The medical team might have to repair these assemblies after a specific time.

4. Choosing the Manufacturer

Depending upon the use cases of the medical cable assemblies, only an experienced team of engineers should handle these products. Even a slight problem in the medical cable assemblies can cause damage to the life of the patient. The success of any medical procedure depends upon the efficiency of the medical systems. While choosing the right manufacturer is hard, the CLOOM Tech team is always at your service with everything that you need to know.

Electrocardiograph machine with ECG

CLOOM Tech is one of the top medical cable assembly manufacturers in China that is serving the international teams too. If you want to choose the best medical cable assembly manufacturer, our successful portfolio won’t let you down. The most important thing to consider while choosing the medical cable assembly manufacturer is to look for its safety measures. If the manufacturer does not follow the international security measures and safety protocols for the medical cable assembly manufacturing, you might end up having negative effects.

5. Use of Quality Material

The medical devices may have to endure severe usage as most of the medical procedures last for hours. The tool can heat up due to less space for the proper exhaust of the heat and the airflow. The use of low-quality material can cause a meltdown in the device, and that can sabotage the medical procedure. While selecting the medical cable assembly manufacturer, don’t forget to ask for the material specifications they use in the assemblies.

The material of the medical cable assemblies must perform100% at every cost to ensure the highest quality standards. The slight negligence in the testing process can cost you a life or serious damage. CLOOM Tech always chooses quality material for the medical cable assembly manufacturing.

6. Effectiveness of Shielding

While buying custom medical cable assemblies, make sure that you are investing for the long term. The flexibility and efficiency of the shielding is an important factor that you cannot ignore. If the shielding is not on point, the heat strokes can cause a short circuit of the circuit to meltdown.

Depending upon the types of medical cable assemblies, CLOOM Tech offers several types of shielding. We make sure that you get the best services for the efficient working of a medical facility.

7. Following the Testing Protocols

Every component and device that is going to be part of the medical procedure must undergo a strict testing process. CLOOM Tech team makes sure that we follow every testing protocol to maintain the high standards of quality.

A good medical cable assembly manufacturer must have state of the art testing labs where engineers can test the medical cable assemblies for different conditions. The healthcare sector requires the most rigorous quality control protocols, and that’s why we pay attention to the finer details of our products.

8. ISO Certifications

The international standards are there to test every product against the safety protocols. Your chosen medical cable assembly manufacturers must have the ISO certifications to serve the medical industry. From advanced testing labs to the affiliation with international testing services, we deliver the quality that your medical team deserves. 

When it comes to peace of mind while choosing the right medical cable assembly manufacturer, the CLOOM Tech team has all. All our services and products meet the ISO certification standards, and that’s why we have the largest contribution in the medical cable assembly manufacturing.

9. Automation of Medical Cable Assembly

The new and advanced medical procedures require the use of AI and automated devices. In several medical facilities, robots and automated medical systems perform standard medical procedures. For these smart medical devices, you need to manage wires and electric cables in ting spaces. For the organized structures of the wires, medical cable assemblies are the best option.


Background view of wiring harness

The automated devices and medical procedures demand the custom medical cable assemblies to meet the exact specifications. For the international and Chinese markets, we can fulfill any small or large order.

10. Efficient Designs

The design restrictions are the biggest issue in the medical cable assemblies. The medical cable assembly manufacturing teams spend days working on the effectiveness and optimization of the meetings. If you have custom requirements for the design specifications, CLOOM Tech engineers can handle all of your custom needs.


If you are ready to choose the medical cable assembly manufacturer, the time is to make the right choice now. CLOOM Tech team provides the comfort of ordering the custom medical cable assemblies without any issue. By offering the services without the involvement of any 3rd party contractor, we have managed to maintain the highest quality standards in medical cable assembly manufacturing.

9 Points to Know About IDC Ribbon Cable Assembly

Ribbon cable with tweezers

When it comes to ribbon cable assemblies, most of the project managers ask what kind of cable assembly they should use for their project? Either they should go for IDC ribbon cable assembly or crimp cable assembly? There is no hard and fast rule for the selection of IDC cable assembly, as it depends upon your requirements and project needs. CLOOM Tech offers custom IDC cable assembly and wiring harness manufacturing.

As the top IDC ribbon cable assembly manufacturer in China, we keep educating businesses and the project teams about the best suitable wiring options for their project.

In this article, we are going to discuss everything in detail related to IDC ribbon cable assembly manufacturing.

Ribbon cable with tweezers

1. Common Ribbon Cables Specifications

If we compare the production cost and other factors with other ribbon cables, the IDC ribbon cable assembly is more comfortable to manufacture and less expensive too. The production time for IDC ribbon cables manufacturing is less than many other technical cable assemblies. At the same time, the CLOOM Tech team can create dozens of IDC ribbon cable assembly and connectors.

The manufacturers do not have to strip the insulation of the cable before the termination. It saves a lot of time and manufacturing costs. With the latest IDC ribbon cables equipment and tools, we have managed to offer the most affordable cables assemblies in the Chinese market. As IDC ribbon cable assembly requires no crimping of soldering, the production team can act more effectively.

You don’t need to use any advanced or complicated device to terminate the IDC ribbon cable assembly. Any simple tool or even an essential hand press can do the job in the case of IDC cables. You don’t need to invest any new workforce for the termination of IDC ribbon cables.

IDC ribbon cable assembly is not a new term in the electrical field. Engineers and manufacturers have been using IDC ribbon cable assembly since 1950. Due to the wide applications and acceptability of the IDC ribbon cable assembly, we offer different designs and manufacturing options in IDC ribbon cables.

Close up on a cable and connector

2. Advantages of Ribbon Cables

The increasing need for advanced cables for better transmission power in various appliances and projects requires modern solutions. There are several advantages of IDC ribbon cable assemblies that are an attraction for engineers in custom projects. Normal cable assemblies seem to be inappropriate due to custom design and size limitations.

Here are some major benefits of using IDC ribbon cable assemblies for your project or appliance.

·The flexibility of the Use

The IDC ribbon cable assembly seems to be the best option for projects where you have limited space. Engineers find IDC ribbon cable assemblies more practical in custom projects as they can use these flexible assemblies in any project.

SCSI data cable with connectors

·  Termination of the IDC ribbon cable

In different cable assemblies, terminating the meetings is an important step. Some cable assemblies are easy to manufacture, but you have to use advanced tools and equipment for the termination. As you don’t need to do any prior insulation piercing, you can easily get immediate termination with a simple hand press.

· Efficient transmission

Due to the use of quality materials in IDC ribbon cable assemblies, the current flows smoothly, and there are less leakage and wastage of power. With the greater current carrying capacity of the IDC ribbon cable assemblies, you get the performance of the wirings in less space too. 

3. Applications of the IDC Ribbon Cable Assemblies

The IDC ribbon cable assemblies are most suitable for the wiring in little spaces. For smaller equipment like computing devices and other tiny appliances, IDC ribbon cables are perfect for data and power transmission. For medical devices and other testing devices, these ribbon cables act as a connector between different equipment.

4. IDC Ribbon Cable Assembly Process

In this section, we are going to talk about assembling an IDC ribbon cable assembly with the help of two IDC connectors. This process of making cable assembly is only for DIY activity. At CLOOM Tech, we have trained teams of professionals to manufacture state of the art IDC ribbon cable assemblies.

You need to start the process by cutting a piece of ribbon cable of any required length. You can reduce the part of any period as per your custom requirements. As you are going to use the connectors too for the assembly, try to cut a little longer piece of the wire. Before connecting the connectors, make sure that you have identified the Pin 1 and line up the connector with the cable pins accordingly.

You also need to focus on the direction of the cable as both connectors must be facing the same direction. Once you have adjusted the connectors and the cable lines, press the clip so hard that it starts to clamp the cable. Once you feel that cable is fitting the connector perfectly, you are good to go with your IDC ribbon cable assembly.

5. Checking the Components

If your manufacturer has delivered your IDC ribbon cable parts, make sure that they have proper testing labs and all the parts delivery after a quality check. At CLOOM Tech, we have strict quality assurance standards, and every product undergoes these stringent tests before shipment. Once you have your delivery, you can check the parts for possible damage. If you end up using any damaged component in your project, it can affect the overall working of the project.

Colored multi wire connector

6.Color coding of the IDC Ribbon Cable

As there are several lines on the cables and it can be hard to manage the connectors and the wires in the same manner. There are specific color schemes for the cables, and these color codes reduce the risk of reverse connection of the IDC cables. There is a universal rule that the edge with the red stripe goes with the pin 1. As you know that there are universal resistor color codes, the same color-coding goes for IDC ribbon cable assemblies. The brown color is for odd-numbered pins, and the red ones are for the even pins.

7.Cable Assembly Parts

The typical IDC ribbon cable assembly has some common elements that go with almost every design. To make the IDC ribbon cable, you need ribbon cable of the length as per your project needs and two same IDC connectors. And to make an IDC ribbon cable, you need some extra tools like scissors to cut the wires and the pressing machine for the termination of the cables.

8.Assembling the IDC Ribbon Cable

Once all the things are ready, like the parts and the tools for manufacturing the IDC ribbon cable assemblies, the next step is to start making the IDC ribbon cable. If you are trying to establish a project where you need to use the IDC ribbon cables, CLOOM Tech can be your perfect partner. We specialize in manufacturing the custom cables, and wiring harnesses for the Chinese and the international market.

Blue parallel multi wire ribbon cable with pink connectorWe are one of the top custom wiring harnesses and cable assembly manufacturers in China. If you ever need a trusted team to meet your custom needs, our team is always ready to serve your custom wiring needs. As we have described each and everything is details regarding the advantages and manufacturing of the IDC cable assemblies, it’s time to make the right decision.

9.CLOOM Tech- IDC Ribbon Cable Assembly Manufacturer

Your business needs your full attention to meet your future goals. To meet the market needs and to beat the competition, you need to focus on what matters. Setting up the IDC ribbon cable assembly manufacturing unit seems like a good idea, and we support your opinion.

But if you look deeper, you will realize that it is a complicated process, and you should leave it to the experts. Only an expert team can meet the custom needs for the wiring harnesses and the ribbon cable assemblies. No matter what kind of project you are working on, if you ever need to save space in energy transmission, you can always turn to ribbon cable assemblies.


 From choosing the right cable assembly to selecting the right cable manufacturing company, we try to bring the best options for you. These components seem like smaller ingredients, but your project heavily depends upon these components. If something goes wrong with a single wire in your appliance, it can cause havoc for your project and the device.

If you want an affordable IDC ribbon cable assembly manufacturer in China,our team would love to assist you with project analysis and choosing the best cable assemblies for your appliances. If you have any queries, you can get back to us at any time. Our customer support will contact you as soon as possible.


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