9 Points to Check During Custom Wire Harness Testing

Cable and wire testing

When the smooth working of the project is the goal, malfunctioning of the custom wire harness can disrupt the power supply. Wires harness testing allows the project managers to detect and eliminate the problem before the installation.

CLOOM Tech has in-house testing equipment for custom wire harnesses and custom cable assemblies. Hiring 3rd party testing services can be a costly choice so you can rely on CLOOM Tech for custom wire harnesses manufacturing.

As your shipment of custom wiring harnesses has arrived, it’s time to check the products for quality.

Cable and wire testing
Cable and wire testing

1.Accurate Labelling of Custom Wiring Harness

You are not the only company that is ordering custom wire harnesses. At the same time, companies are creating millions of wire harnesses so that the labelling can be a bit messy. Make sure the product that you have received is according to your project specification. Accurate wire harness labelling generally indicates the:

  • Length of the wire
  • Voltage capacity
  • The material of the harness
  • Electrical specifications

If any bundle is different from your provided cable specifications, you can have that replaced. Accurate labelling of the wire harnesses not only makes the installation process easier but effective too. You don’t need to go through every harness as it can be a hectic task. Instead of detailed testing, you can check the bundles or packages of the shipment at a larger scale.

Electronics Engineer Works with Robot, Soldering Wires and Circuits
Electronics Engineer Works with Robot, Soldering Wires and Circuits

2.Custom Wiring Harness–Damaged Insulation

This testing part is critical as it is about the safety of the project. During the packaging or the delivery, insulation tearing is common if not properly taken care of. So, as soon as the shipment arrives, make sure that the insulation of all wires is intact. If there are tiny marks of collision and the complete harnesses are not damaged, repairing can do the job. Sometimes, the damage can be intensive, and repairing will not be effective. In that case, you can have the damaged wire harnesses replaced.

3.Custom Wiring Harness–Defective Wires

Broken wires can disrupt the power supply, sabotaging the working of the whole project. Defective wires may not be easy to detect. Many wire testing tools can help you with speedy testing. After installation, detecting the defected wire can be a hard task. So, the best scenario is that you choose a professional custom wire harness manufacturer. At CLOOM Tech, we have the highest standards for custom wire harness manufacturing. We ensure that there are no after-sale issues with our products.

Detecting the defective wires
Detecting the defective wires

In case any wire is broken, abandon that wire harness and try the new one. This issue is rare but can impact the working of the project in a major way. Hence, focus on the wires during the testing phase.

4.Custom Wiring Harness–Continuity of Power Supply

Voltage ups and downs can negatively impact the appliances and machines. The use of quality material and standard manufacturing protocols will ensure the continuous power supply. Testing thousands of wire harnesses against voltmeter or any other equipment can be time taking. You can ask the manufacturer to provide quality assurance testing. In case of fluctuations in the power supply, consider replacing the defected wire harness.

Our manufacturing teams follow strict manufacturing protocols to minimize the chances of quality-related issues. Form the quality of the material to the production phase, and we meet international safety and quality standards.

5.Custom Wiring Harness–Correct Wire Gauge

Any professional custom wire harness manufacture will not make an error regarding the wire gauge. Every project requires certain specifications and measurements. If you have provided the correct cable measurements, but the contractor did not deliver the exact product, your shipment is useless. In the custom wiring harnesses and custom cable assemblies, precision and accuracy matter a lot. A tiny variation in the gauge of the wire can impact the project. Wire harnesses with different wire gauge may not be useable for the project. If there are two or three bundles with the varied wire gauge, you can compensate these. But if the major portion of shipment has different measurements, you have no option except the replacement of the wire harnesses. There are international standards for wire gauge, so make sure that you and the supplier are on the same page regarding the wire gauge.

Checking and testing the wires
Checking and testing the wires

6.Right Terminals and Connectors

Every project demands unique components. One wire harness cannot fit in all appliances. These unique project specifications are the main reason why businesses order custom products. If you have some kind of work environment where working conditions are harsh, you need to choose connectors and terminals accordingly. The right choice of terminals and connectors is really important.

In case you ordered custom wire harnesses for oil refinery, make sure that terminals and connectors are chemical resistants. Standard terminals and connectors may seem affordable, but these will not survive in harsh work settings. If your project demands specific materials, make sure that you order those exact terminals and connectors. This malfunction can be a disaster as if the whole shipment has different terminals and connectors; you will have to replace all wire harnesses.

7.Protection Against Corrosion and Moisture

Protection against external factors is the best thing about custom wire harnesses and custom cable assemblies. Many projects involve chemical and moisture exposure. The continued exposure of moisture and chemicals for a long time can impact the lifespan of the wires. For such applications, there are several options for protection against corrosion and moisture.

Protected wire testing
Protected wire testing

Before ordering the bulk production of custom wiring harnesses and custom cable assemblies, discuss these details with the supplier. At CLOOM Tech, our engineers analyze the project for specific aspects. Depending on the exposure type, we suggest suitable materials and insulations. Before installing custom wire harnesses, analyze the material and insulation of custom wire harnesses.

8.Correct Length of the Wire Harnesses

The length of the custom wiring harnesses, or cable assemblies is a really important factor to consider. In commercial projects or complicated machines, additional lengths can create a problem. For optimized cable management, accurate lengths are essential. Custom wire harness manufacturers don’t make mistakes regarding the lengths, but checking lengths can be beneficial. The extra lengthy cables may not directly affect the working of your project or the quality, but the cable management will be difficult.

Almost every industrial project uses hundreds of custom wire harnesses. Imagine each wire harness has some extra length. Managing so many oversized wire harnesses can be an issue for the engineering team. Due to the limited space, not only the installation will be difficult but the maintenance too. Well-organized and accurate wires can also help in the weight reduction of the project. The length of the wire harness is most important in the automobile sector.

9.Verification of Connectors’ Quality

The durability of the wire harnesses depends upon the quality of the connectors. The use of poor material in the connectors may cause issues later on. Apart from the quality of the connector material, the installation of the connectors also matters a lot. Poorly crimped connectors can break easily, and the ultimate result will be the failure of the project. There are some specific tests to determine the quality of the wire harness connectors.

Electrical inspector reading power output
Electrical inspector reading power output


Analyzing the project specifications, ordering custom wire harness, and testing the shipment seems like a long procedure. Project teams think that working with custom wiring harness manufacturers requires a lot of effort. Well, at CLOOM Tech, you can request cost estimation for your project, and our engineers will analyze project specifications. We are responsible for manufacturing and test the custom wiring harnesses. If you want the smooth supply of custom wiring harnesses, CLOOM Tech is the renowned name in the Asian market.

The Top 9 Benefits of Custom Molded Cable Assemblies

Better Customization options

Organizations often neglect the importance of cable assemblies. Some pick up any of the several options available in the market. The catch, however, lies in the compatibility with your system and machinery. An incompatible cable may cause a large number of issues. Custom molded cable assemblies are the way to go- if you are looking for the premium grade cables.

CLOOM Tech manufactures specific cable assemblies according to your needs. They are proficient in building a large variety too. You can look for cool features like color customization for better organization.

Learn about the nine benefits of choosing molded cable assemblies in this article.

1. Prototype tests Reduce Chances of Error

Cable assemblies consist of a group of wires encased with protective materials. Overmolding technology is the name of the manufacturing process. The articles are sturdy and durable- meant for long-term use. Examples of shielding material include thermoplastic rubber, vinyl, or shrink-wrapped thermoplastic.

You need preciseness if you are to use them. Well, molded cable assemblies manufacturer designs prototype based on client specifications. Strict adherence to your design standards reduces the error to a much greater extent.

With advanced tools and software at your disposal- your design ideas will come to life. Besides, who does not like lower chances of error before ordering the full allotment. Do not forget to conduct your research. Make the necessary adjustments in your prototype.

There are more advantages to running a prototype test. For example, you can get an idea of the estimated cost of components for the entire operation.

Prototyping reduces errors

Alt – Prototyping reduces errors

2. Get verified High-Quality Products

Get the best quality cables delivered at your specified address. Made from high-quality components- you will be getting far more secure cables. Assembled cables have a weak terminal connection. This often leads to problematic issues afterward.

Molded cable assemblies manufacturer get their work contracts based on portfolios and reviews. The market reputation is thus significant for them.

They try and test out each product. This ensures the delivered products function just as you intend. You can stop worrying about damaging your expensive instruments or machinery equipment.

Experienced manufacturers make it a point to deliver products before the stipulated deadline. This makes it helpful for long-term planning and organization of your industry work-schedule.

Quality Control practices are a must.
Alt – Quality Control practices are a must.

3.Cost Savings

Have your cables manufactured from a professional molded cable assemblies manufacturer. This will save you a lot of money. The initial costing may exceed the price of assembling a cable. In the long run, custom cables are better.

You would be eliminating the need for trial and error. The general cables are suitable for normal functions. It is better to avoid them for complex functions. Avoid assembled cables in areas where higher accuracy and precision are the norm.

Testing the prototype and adjusting your requirements reduces the repeated setup of cables. It is handy, especially in high places and large pieces of machinery.

Avoid Trial and Error in Electronic Gadgets

Alt – Avoid Trial and Error in Electronic Gadgets

4. Perfectly Fit your Project

Custom-made molded cable assemblies also provide a better fit. For instance, you decide the dimensions and specifications. Professional manufacturers can manufacture according to given specifications and dimensions.

The perfect fit ensures that your machines perform smoothly. It also means lower chances of electrical hazards. It is a better step towards increased safety standards.

It also results in the increased longevity of your devices and instruments. Thus, the molded cable assemblies lead to better functioning.

5. Assured Quality Products and Control

There is a slight difference between Quality Assurance and Quality Control. Quality Assurance refers to the prevention of defective products reaching the consumer. Meanwhile, Quality Control identifies defective components and eliminating them from the production process.

A high skill level is mandatory to manufacture a molded cable assemblies product. Updated manufacturing facilities and a technical team ensure Quality Assurance. These are much better choices than the generic Assembled cables.

You can rest assured that each cable delivered undergoes rigorous testing. The cables are then sent for comparison with the standards provided by the client. High-grade components are necessary for the manufacture of good quality cables. In the case of generic cables- you might be able to secure good components- but they will be costly. You still would not be able to solve the issue to weak terminal joints.

Contract Manufacturers provide Quality Assurance

Alt – Contract Manufacturers provide Quality Assurance.

6. You Get Improved Performance

You need custom cable assemblies that are specifically made for your business. This way, you get better performance. You will be able to get all your requirements taken into account. In turn, this will ensure that you get a successful product that you can use.

Additionally, the right design ensures your products last longer. It’s what is going to increase the performance, no matter what industry you are in. Additionally, you can expect less energy use and more power saving. International production quality standards mean no worrying about things going wrong. Just choose an experienced manufacturer, and you will be fine.

Rely on Experience for custom cable assemblies

Alt – Rely on Experience for custom cable assemblies.

7. Special Customization is Possible

One of the main issues with generic assembled cables is no room for customization. A generic, standardized manufacturing process generates the product. You may not find, for example, the wire gauge of a particular thickness available in the market.

Thinner gauge wires are more likely to break due to overheating. This may lead to a work stop, inaccurate outputs, and serious accidents in severe cases. Avoid these hassles with the services of a Contract manufacturer.

If you are one who likes to keep things tidy and organized- color code your cables according to your needs. Avoid lighter and darker versions of the same shade. This helps in cutting down the costs a great deal. It’s going to be easier for you to identify. In turn, it makes the installation and repairs simpler and quicker.

Better Customization options

Alt – Better Customization options

8. Can Be Time-saving

The above aspects prove molded cable assemblies to be better and viable alternatives. It is also natural that you will be saving a lot of time by preventing useless trial and error.

First, a professional manufacturer will always deliver before the specified deadline. The person will provide the exact same design specifications as provided by you. This prevents rechecking and searching for different wires.

The manufacturer eliminates issues of error-correction during the prototype stage. You should avoid corrections during/after production.

Timely shipment and delivery enhance efficiency

Alt – Timely shipment and delivery enhance efficiency.

9. Get High-Quality Component Materials

The manufacturers of molded cable assemblies are professionals. They have been in this industry for a long time. They know the sources to buy the best component materials at the lowest available prices.

You may be able to get the connector terminals. But it would be difficult to attach them to the cables using Overmolding technology. This technology molds the shielding thermoplastic over the cables (Plastic Injection Molding). Advanced machinery and considerate skill are necessary to carry out processes like these.


Custom molded cable assemblies score over generic cables. They are much more durable and stronger than other options. Durability is the primary reason for its popularity in several industrial sectors. The cables find their uses almost everywhere you find a computer.

Molded cable assemblies are also popular in automobile and audio equipment industries. For better quality, connectivity, and durability- talk to CLOOM Tech. We can help you get the custom cable assemblies you need.

9 Tips for Cutting Costs on Custom Cable Assemblies

Read the article to learn more

The goal of any organization is to minimize costs and maximize efficiency. Custom cable assemblies do just that. You need to ensure that the assembly design adheres to the needs of your organization in mind. The resulting cable assembly will be cost-effective and productive. The process of customizing can also become cheaper in CLOOM Tech. It is possible through some small changes.

Here are a few tips to make custom cable assemblies a good investment.

Read the article to learn more

Alt- Custom cable assemblies

1. Custom Cable Assemblies–Select the Right Raw Materials

It is one of the critical questions you need to ask while budgeting for custom cable assemblies. Understand the needs of your organization. Choose the right conductor, insulation, shielding, and jacket material accordingly. It will prevent any mismatch of needs and the product. It will also save you high costs for expensive, but unnecessary elements.

It involves keeping an eye out for all that is available in front of you. Trying to customize does not mean buying everything from scratch. Many organizations do that. It is the biggest mistake they make. Using what your manufacturer has is one step in reducing costs. The other is evaluating the basic needs of the organization. When you gave these zeroed down, you can save more.

2. Custom Cable Assemblies–Choose Between Shielded and Unshielded Cables

There is a world of difference between the costs of shielded and unshielded cables. The shielded cable cancels any electromagnetic noise. It prevents the noise from interfering in the relay of signals. Such cables generally used at airports, industrial settings, radio stations, among others. They are not needed for every kind of data and signal transmission. Assess your transmission needs before you go on to choosing between the two. Make the right choice to save a significant amount.

The unshielded cables are much in vogue for regular transmissions and do the job well. They can be a handy replacement for the expensive shielded cables. They are also unnecessary for basic tasks, so there is no point in paying more.

Shielded vs unshielded cable

Alt – Shielded vs. unshielded cable

3.Understand the Difference Between Solid Wires and Stranded Wires

Solid wires comprise a solid metal core, and stranded wires comprise a bunch of thin wires. These thin wires form a bundle that is your cable. Of course, your stranded wires will give you flexibility and malleability. But they will not bring anything beyond the regular transmission to the table. The solid wires are weather-resistant and non-corrosive, which is all you might need. They are also low in cost. The conclusion is that to save costs. A solid wire might be the right choice for you.

4. Custom Cable Assemblies–Use a Generic-source Connector.

The repair and maintenance costs form a big part of any organizational budget. Like any prudent consumer, it is best to look at the long-term prospects before investing. Choose a connector that you can replace easily upon the chance break-down.

The generic-source connector fits the bill, as opposed to a single-source connector. Hence, choose the one that can save you a lot of trouble in the long run. The single source connector can be a big hassle to replace because of a lack of availability. The generic ones are readily available with any manufacturer. Try not to keep adding such elements. They will only add to your costs.

Use the right source connector for your custom cable assemblies

Alt – Use the right source connector for your custom cable assemblies

5. Custom Cable Assemblies–Increase Savings from Raw Materials

Raw materials are the foundation of your cost-cutting. It is important to source such materials that are affordable and easily available. Your custom cable assembly manufacturer can provide some materials. Companies ignore these readily available inventory items. They can be a big help in this endeavor.

The problem is in the process of procuring the materials. When you demand obscure raw materials, the manufacturer has to buy them, especially for you. It raises costs. If you talk to the manufacturer and learn what he already has, you can use those inventory items. It is a good measure to reduce costs.

6. Custom Cable Assemblies–Have Better Designs

It is quite normal to go overboard with removing any foreseeable flaws in the design. Yet, this will do nothing except increase the costs. The manufacturability is choosing a design that you can produce at a low cost. Pair it with materials that you can get easily. It serves your aim of cutting costs.

Customize a design that will benefit you in the long run. Do not plan the cable assembly in a complicated way. Ensure that you choose materials and specifications that are readily available with manufacturers. Choosing the wires according to their certification( CSA, AVM, and the like) is a good practice. It will ensure that you choose according to your organizational needs. Also, ensure that you choose the wiring specification that is not too obscure. Availability is the key to reduced costs.

Custom cable assembly designs

Alt – Custom cable assembly designs

7. Industrial Standards are Good for the Budget.

Designing can involve a lot of specifications. While you may go all aboard and wish to reduce the chances of any lapses in the future, it may not be a good idea. The attention to detail may go very far from industrial or common standards. It means astronomical costs. When budgeting is the need of the hour, try to stick to industrial standards. It involves choosing more of the rigid wires instead of the fancy flexible ones.

Stranded or flexible wires are good for jobs that require them. If your organization has no specific need, try to steer clear. Solid, rigid wires can do the job just as well. There is no point in adding to your increasing costs of materials.

8.Color-coding for Easy Identification

When you are trying to inspect the performance of your assembly, it won’t help to have identical wires. Having lighter or darker shades of the same color will also not help. Include more colors. It will save you time, trouble, and, most importantly, money. Try red, blue, green, yellow, or any other available color. Many errors may go unaddressed during the inspection process. It is also in great part, due to the similar color-coding of the wires. Experiment with colors to ensure optimal performance and review.

Color coding for custom cable assemblies

Alt – Color coding for custom cable assemblies

9. Look for Experience

It is as important as finding the right manufacturer. You have to find someone with the required skill set to tell you about the right materials. You can also find the best substitutes for the more expensive materials with their help.

Any project requires a dedicated team. When the team can think cohesively, it is easier to achieve the goal. The same is true for custom cable assembly. Choose a manufacturer who understands the organization’s needs. They should have the knowledge to advise against unnecessary materials. They should be able to deliver on time. When you and the manufacturer are on the same page, the process will become more efficient.

An experienced custom cable assembly manufacturer will be able to provide quality service. An assured QC and timely delivery are the benefits of such a manufacturer. Above all, they will be able to reduce costs significantly. The choice of manufacturer is key when it comes to custom cable assemblies.

Talk to us to Save More!

An efficient design can save the organization many unnecessary costs in the future. This is common knowledge. However, other things also count. Customizing cable assemblies is not the job and skill of a single person. It involves the analysis and expertise of various individuals.

Primary among these is the manufacturer. When you choose a manufacturer who is on the same page as you are, it makes the job easier. The cost-cutting can become a reality only when a manufacturer can help.

The materials that you choose and the wiring, in particular, will define how much you can save. With us, you can explore several aspects of this project of cost-cutting. At each stage of the manufacturing and testing, we ensure we make the minute changes you need. With a state-of-the-art lab and manufacturing equipment, you get nothing but the best. Talk to us about your need for custom cable assemblies today!

7 Factors to Consider before Mass Production of Custom Wiring Harness

Cables on top of patch distribution panel shelf

Before ordering the mass production of the custom wiring harness, you need to consider all the possibilities. If you are outsourcing the Custom Wiring Harness production, which is a better decision, you need to be even more careful about the details and specifications.

Cables on top of patch distribution panel shelf
Cables on top of patch distribution panel shelf

Expert engineers and designers at CLOOM Tech know the market demand. Our custom process treats the project according to the specifications. So, we have created this complete guide to provide details for the clients who want to order custom products.

1.Timeframe for the delivery

If you think that you will order the Custom Wiring Harness a few weeks ago, the order completions then don’t make this mistake. The custom wiring harness process can take a lot of time, and if you are on a tight schedule, you need to choose fast delivery. Do you have enough time to wait for the offshore production of the assemblies? CLOOM Tech offers the fastest custom wiring harness services. Still, we need to take care of several processes.

Manufacturing is not the only time taking process, but you also need to consider, packaging and delivery of the products. For the overseas deliveries, delivery time depends upon the customs clearance. If everything goes smoothly with the delivery process and custom authorities, you will have your shipment within weeks. Make sure that you and the manufacturer are on the same page regarding the delivery timeframe. The availability of raw material is also an important factor that determines the delivery time. If you need special medical cable assemblies of robotic cable assemblies, typical manufacturers may not be able to meet the deadline. Always choose a company that can offer you the desired products within the given timeframe.

Delivery time for the shipment of custom cable assemblies
Delivery time for the shipment of Custom Wiring Harness

In case you have a typical custom design where the manufacturer doesn’t need to worry about custom connectors, you may be able to receive deliveries earlier. For European clients, the products manufactured in China and other Asian countries must undergo customs clearance so it can be a bit lengthy procedure.

2.Custom Wiring Harness Design

Bulk manufacturing of custom wiring harness is a complicated process. It involves the bulk supply of raw material, availability of experienced engineers and designers. So, the manufacturers have to cooperate with other market resources to ensure smooth working. For the new clients, it is critical to manufacturing a small order before starting the bulk production of the wiring harness. Just imagine that your manufacturer has delivered 1000 wiring harness that don’t meet your project specifications. If you want to avoid such cases, make sure that you are clear about your requirements. Before consuming thousands of dollars on bulk production of cable assemblies, going through a small lot of products will save your time and investment.

Early discussion with the manufacturer about the design of the manufacturing process is really important. In the case of the offshore production of custom products, companies tend to deliver a high-quality prototype. But when it comes to scaling up the process for mass production, they don’t meet the desired quality levels. Make sure that you are aware of the manufacturing design of the company.

Design of electric cable
Design of electric cable

If the bulk production is slightly or significantly different from the prototyping, your project may suffer. The basic purpose of custom wiring harness manufacturing is to get custom products for precise measurements. So, discussing the possible provisions at the very start of the project will save both parties from any possible conflict later on.

3. Custom Wiring Harness Customer Support

The product of Custom Wiring Harness matters a lot while choosing a company, but it’s not all. There are many other factors, too, that you must take into consideration. What if something goes wrong with your shipment? Who will take care of modifications in case things don’t go as planned? Well, in such situations, you will have to contact the company’s customer support. At first, customer support may seem like an irrelevant entity, but you will recognize its importance soon.

Many things can go wrong with the mass production of Custom Wiring Harness. You will have to cooperate with the manufacturer in case you need to reschedule the shipment, and it is not possible without professional support. While choosing any company for the mass production of Custom Wiring Harness for your project, you must consider the level of customer support. You are going to interact with customer support a lot. They should listen to your problems, and you can get an idea about the customer support during the early discussion. Are they just trying to land a new client, or they are helping you with the selection of better products?

At CLOOM Tech, we usually interact with non-technical clients. For customer satisfaction, our engineers and designers cooperate with the client from the very first stage. It not only allows us to offer better user experience but also helps us to improve the quality of the products.

4.Custom Wiring Harness Material Selection

Material selection, according to the work environment, is an important factor. The better idea is to analyze the material by you. From the current carrying capacity of the wiring harness to the work environment, everything will have an impact on material selection. A professional company must know the target industry as every industry has different requirements. Any wrong decision about the cable material can cause problems for the project engineers.

P0wer cables electrical
P0wer cables electrical

5.The Casing of the Custom Wiring Harness

Do you know why most of the projects require Custom Wiring Harness? It is not always about the quality of the cables but the design and durability of the cables. For example, oil refineries can use normal wires in terms of quality but require special protective casing. So, casing or the external protective jacketing is another important factor to consider during the mass production of the custom wiring harness.

The cable structure
The cable structure

You must look for a manufacturing firm that specializes in the production of custom wiring harness. The design of the cable casing requires extensive market knowledge. Before going into the mass production of the Custom Wiring Harness, you need to consider the work settings. If you want to use the cables in an environment that requires special protective casing, the manufacturer must be aware of the specifications. The casing of the cable assemblies for medical facilities cannot be the same as the cables for oil refineries. The end product must be capable of doing what you expect. Make sure that your appliance requirements are not going to change sooner, or you will have to modify the cable casing, too, as per the appliances.

6.An Optimized Approach for Efficient Delivery

If you want to avoid any inconvenience during the mass production, you need to have all teams onboard. Each involved party in the manufacturing must be aware of your custom requirements. You can count on the efficiency of the teams when everything is going according to your requirements. If the engineering section makes a minor change apart from the original design, it will impact your project in big times. All teams must work in harmony throughout the production cycle of Custom Wiring Harness.

7.The Production Capacity of the Manufacturer

Do you want to order a thousand cables for your megaproject? Outsourcing cables from Asia can be a better choice. While choosing the offshore custom cable manufacturer, make sure they can meet your production requirements. Some megaprojects may require millions of custom items. In that case, choosing the right company matters a lot; otherwise, it will affect the delivery time.

At CLOOM Tech, we have in-house R&D departments to analyze your requirements. Our production unit can manufacture from a few hundred to thousands of Custom Wiring Harness for any industry. We encourage the project teams to discuss the production requirements before placing the order.

Custom cable production unit
Custom cable production unit


If you are also looking for professional custom cable assembly manufacturing for your project, CLOOM Tech offers quality services. We have been serving the local and international markets with custom cable assembly, and Custom Wiring Harness manufacturing for a long time. Outsourcing Custom Wiring Harness are not only cost-effective, but our products are the best in the market.

5 Tips on Choosing Cable Conductors for Custom Cable Assemblies

Electrical power-armoured cable

Custom cable assemblies have become an integral part of industrial and commercial projects. Engineering teams prefer better quality cables and wires that meet the project specifications. The varying levels of current can damage your appliances and project productivity. So, choosing the right cable conductor for custom cable assemblies is essential.

Electrical power-armoured cable
Electrical power-armoured cable

Do you want better custom cable assemblies with durable conductor material? For any kind of custom material selection, CLOOM Tech can offer you custom cable assembly manufacturing. Here are some expert tips for choosing the right cable conductor for your project:

1.Analyze the Material Options

What are the available options regarding the conductor material? If you are looking for standard market cables, then you don’t have much choice. Apart from your project specifications, you would have to choose from the available conductor materials. Selecting the wrong conductor may lead to project failure sooner or later.

Electrical Conductivity

The choice of the cable conductors for custom cable assemblies must be suitable for the work settings. The material of conductors is related to the project requirements. Cables with better conductivity are going to cost you more money, but the quality will be better. In the list of better electrically conductive materials, we have:

• Copper

• Silver

• Gold

As compared to these three highly conductive materials, brass, bronze, zinc, and nickel are less conductive. As soon as you start digging deeper, different material options will begin appearing. At CLOOM Tech, we prefer to work with the client from the very start of the project. It helps us to make the right choices for the custom cable assemblies.

Wires and copper conductors for different applications
Wires and copper conductors for different applications

As compared to the tinned copper, bare copper shows better performance in terms of conductivity. So, the conductivity of the cable conductor is not the only consideration here.

Corrosion Resistant

High humidity environments pose different threats to the life and durability of the cable assemblies. Oil refineries and other chemical plants involve a lot of chemical reactions that can create humidity. If the cable conductors are not corrosion-resistant, the cables may start developing corrosion. For such environments, bare copper is not a suitable material even though it has better conductivity. Tinned copper prevents corrosion, so it seems to be a better choice for humid spaces.


High temperature is a critical factor that can impact the decision of cable conductor choice. Not every material can resist oxidation due to high temperatures. For industries and projects with high-temperature environments, we recommend using copper with nickel plating. This extra coating of nickel provides better temperature resistance than bare copper.

Cost of the Material

When it comes to budget, don’t focus on the cost of the material only. A cheap material does not make it suitable for your project. In terms of electrical conductivity, silver is way better than other stuff, but it is also one of the most expensive materials.

2. Choose Solid or Stranded Conductors.

Whether you need stranded conductors for custom cables assemblies or solid conductors depends upon the application of the meetings. At some point, stranded conductors may prove to be the better pick, and some applications may require solid conductors.

Stranded conductors have comparatively thinner wires—these wires from the twisted arrangements within the protective layers. The solid conductors use a single large conductor for carrying current across the device.

Stranded copper wire for use in the industry
Stranded copper wire for use in the industry


Due to the use of different thinner wires, the stranded conductors offer more flexibility. In mechanical environments, a lot of bending is involved. Hence, for complicated applications, stranded conductors prove to be a better choice.

The usage of a single large conductor throughout the wire reduces the flexibility of the solid conductors. Not only the stranded cables are more flexible, but the installation of stranded cables is also more comfortable than solid conductors. The lifespan of stranded conductors in idea situations is very impressive.


As there are complex formation and manufacturing processes, stranded conductors are generally more expensive. The manufacturing process of solid conductors is more straightforward; that’s why the production cost is also low. Reliable cables are cheaper than the stranded wires and more suitable for rugged and extreme environments.

In terms of durability, the solid conductors perform better than the stranded conductors. Solid conductors also prevent electronic interference. Due to the rigid construction of the material, you cannot use solid conductors for appliances where a lot of movement is involved. The constant motion will reduce the lifespan of the custom cable assemblies, and cables may break sooner.

3.Determine the Number of Conductors

The quantity of the required conductors can vary for different applications and appliances. A wire in custom cable assembly can have one conductor, two conductors, or even hundreds of the conductors. There is no pact rule for limiting the use of conductors in the wire. There is always a conductor at the core of every cable.

The question is, how many conductors do you need for wires in the custom cable assembly? Are two conductors enough to make the wire operational of do you need to use several conductors? The number of required conductors in a wire is related to your appliance and the project requirements.

Electrical cables with different numbers of conductors
Electrical cables with different numbers of conductors

Any wire that we use to various power appliances can have three conductors. So, depending on the number of circuits connected by cables, the cable will contain hundreds of conductors. Some devices and tools may need more conductors, while some may require two or three conductors. These are just everyday things, and the cable design can be pretty complex for an industrial project. Hence, no matter how many conductors you need in wires for custom cable assemblies, we can always meet your requirements.

4.Resistance Against Corrosion and Oxidation

These two factors may not be on the priority list of many buyers. While dealing with custom cable assembly requirements at CLOOM Tech, most of the buyers tend to forget these factors. In commercial projects, humidity or chemical exposures are not very common. Standard cables perform just fine in these environments. You can use stranded conductors or solid conductors, but the material matters the most for industrial cables.

In industries where water and moisture are involved, common conductor materials tend to fail to offer the expected performance. Continued exposure to humidity or installation of cable assemblies in the humid environment can cause corrosion in the cables. The coating or jackets can prevent corrosion, but choosing the right materials is also very important. Tinned copper is the best material for humidity-related applications. Conductors of tinned copper can perform in the saltwater too. Bare copper may not offer the expected results in the moisture.

Red Electrical Cable with protective layer and jacket
Red Electrical Cable with protective layer and jacket

Prevention from oxidation is another essential factor to consider. High temperatures can imitate the premature tearing of the conductors. Most of the time, nickel-plated copper wires provide better protection against oxidation.

Our engineers and cable designers analyze the project specifications of the clients to suggest the best cable conductors. A deep understanding of the client’s project enables us to offer the best custom cable assemblies for all sectors of life.

5. Consider the Size of the Conductors

American wire gauge is the standard for the measurement of the cable conductors. While dealing with international clients, CLOOM Tech also refers to these standards. The primary strands can be thinner than a human hair. The appliance’s power load requirements or the device determine the size of the cable conductors for the custom cable assemblies.

Power cables electrical in different sizes
Power cables electrical in different sizes

So, the size can vary for various appliances and devices. In industrial machines, the use of bigger cables is every day due to high power requirements. If you are not sure about the size requirements of cable conductors for cable assemblies, our engineers can guide you.


CLOOM Tech is the leading custom cable assembly manufacturer in China with a successful portfolio. Form custom wiring harnesses to the manufacturing of the custom cable assemblies; we are the renowned company for outsourcing your cable needs. No matter what kind of cable conductors you want for custom cable assemblies, you can contact CLOOM Tech. You can also request a quote for your project, and the CLOOM Tech representative will get back to you soon.

7 Benefits of Custom Wiring Harnesses for Heat Dissipation in Industrial Projects

Colorful wire harnesses with plastic connectors

Custom wiring harnesses are essential for every project. When you need to protect electronics against possible threats of short circuits and heat, you can count on custom wiring harnesses. Due to the easy installation of wiring harnesses, you can also reduce the labor costs for the installation.

Colorful wire harnesses with plastic connectors
Colorful wire harnesses with plastic connectors

CLOOM Tech manufactures the lighter weight wiring harnesses for the industrial and commercial projects without sacrificing the performance. Here are some benefits of using custom wiring harnesses that can lead to better cable management and performance:

1.Custom Wiring Harnesses–Better Airflow Within the Chassis

Congested wires and too many cables in the appliance can block the airflow. Without optimized airflow within the chassis, there is a huge risk of overheating. Although protection of thin strands is the primary focus of using harnesses yet heat dissipation is something that can be useful too. Overheating is one of the major problems that lead to project failure and other damages to the appliances. In electronics and industrial projects, the temperature can be very high due to the continuous mechanical movements of parts.

Heat dissipation due to airflow
Heat dissipation due to airflow

Being able to take control of heating issues does not seem possible without using custom wiring harnesses. Even if there is natural airflow to cool the appliances, so many wires may not let the airflow through the chassis. Efficient cooling is critical for the better and prolonged performance of the systems. Custom wiring harnesses and several bound wires in a compact design allowing the optimized airflow. Using natural airflow not only maintains the low temperature but also does not require any additional installations. Custom wiring harnesses provide enough space for the heat to escape from the system without causing any rise in the temperature.

Even for the fan-cooled units, using custom wiring harnesses is essential as you cannot rely on fans solely. In case any of the cooling fans go down, the natural airflow will keep the temperature under control without causing any instant damage.

2. Custom Wiring Harnesses–Control the Temperature of the Appliance

Electronic and mechanical appliances can produce massive heat in the environment. High temperatures can pose different problems like the melting of wire insulations and cracks in the power supply cables. Hence, the system must have optimized cable management so that the system does not face failure due to the meltdown of wires.

Industrial projects face issues regarding the rise in temperature due to mechanical movements, and it is something that can be threatening to the project safety. Within the parts, different lubricants can help to maintain the temperature, but what about heat within the chassis? Not only the temperature rise in engines and other parts but in the chassis and appliances can also be a threat. The use of custom wiring harnesses provides an optimized flow of air throughout the system. The continued airflow keeps pushing the hot air out of the chassis that cause natural heat dissipation. Due to the cooler environment around the appliances, heat gets another opportunity to dissipate the heat to the environment.

In heavy industries, heat production can melt the metallic parts, too, in addition to the friction. Custom wiring harnesses provide an optimized cable management design to ensure better airflow without any blockage.

3. Custom Wiring Harnesses–Reduce Heat Production By Customizations

Using too many clips and routers in the wiring setup can take up a lot of space. When it comes to optimized wiring design, the compactness of wires matters a lot. With custom wiring harnesses, the engineers can customize the cable deployment. If some component of the appliance produces more heat, custom harnesses can compensate the heat dissipation with more airflow. Engineers have the flexibility of using custom wires according to the needs and features of the components. The precise installation of required wires provides a clear escape for the heat.

Water supply pipe to the heating system
Water supply pipe to the heating system

The vibration is another cause of the tearing of wires. Due to flexible and durable protective materials, there are minimum vibration-related problems involved. You can modify and enhance cable management as per the project specifications without worrying about the durability. If cable installation for some specific parts more room for air, you can easily remove or install the modified designs to create some additional space.

4. Least maintenance is required.

Maintenance is the part of any project that is almost inevitable. You cannot eliminate the issues but can minimize the chances of the problem occurrence. Power failure is a nightmare for the maintenance team as it can stop the overall working of the project. The sensitivity of the problem requires efficient solutions. Otherwise, a small problem can cause system failure. So, how custom wiring harnesses can help to minimize the maintenance costs?

Unfortunately, most of the maintenance issues occur due to:

• Cracking of the power cables

• The meltdown of the insulation due to high temperature

• Breakage of power cables due to external forces

With custom wiring harnesses, CLOOM Tech offers optimized designs to tackle these three issues. Due to additional protective insulation, the chances of cracking are almost rare. As we use custom materials in the insulation coating, your cables are safe from a meltdown. The other factor, protection against external forces, cannot affect the performance due to durable materials. In short, we have considered every point during the design process that can lead to possible damage. As there are least chances of any damage to the wires or the project, your system can work smoothly for a long time.

5.Low Energy Consumption And Better Efficiency

The internal cooling systems of the appliances also use the fuel or other resources for power. As the temperature rises within the appliances, fans and cooling pads start working to control the temperature. This additional load on the appliance requires extra fuel and power supply. So, a significant portion of your power source of energy goes to the cooling fans. This phenomenon is more practical in the automotive where high temperatures can be a disaster. Custom wiring harnesses are essential for the automotive and AI-powered automobiles, where weight reduction and better fuel efficiency is important. By reducing the power consumption by the cooling systems, custom wiring harnesses offer better fuel consumption.

Fuel efficiency in automobiles
Fuel efficiency in automobiles

6.Optimize Natural Heat Dissipation Pathways

Natural air is the best coolant for the electronics, and that’s why we focus on optimizing our custom wiring harness designs. There are many appliances where extra cooling fans cannot operate due to the limited space of design requirements. Hence, engineers try to maximize the airflow through the appliance in every possible manner. When hot air has enough space to escape from the system, you don’t have to spend resources on additional cooling instruments.

Cables and wires may look thin, but hundreds of wires in a system can take considerable space. So many wires in the system restrict the air movement. With the hot air bound inside, the temperature starts rising even at higher rates. So, custom wiring harnesses not only ensure the flow of fresh air but also reduce the heat due to the blockage of hot air.

7.Protect Cables Against Short Circuits Due to Overheating

There are many problems related to electronic projects that may cause a system failure. Short circuit due to overheating is the most common but highly preventable issue. The electric wires can be very receptive to current, and a slight connection of bare wire with other wire can interrupt the current flow. Most of the time insulation meltdown can cause short circuits in the residential and commercial work settings.

Microchip after short circuit
Microchip after short circuit

The temperature resistance of typical wires cannot protect the appliance against high temperatures. So, the custom wiring harnesses not only enhance the temperature resistance but also offer better control to maintain the temperature at desirable value. The short circuits due to overheating are not only lethal for the appliances and the projects but human health too. Any kind of electric shock or fire contact can be harmful to your teams and the technicians.


If you want to protect your project from any kind of lethal damage, then you need to consider custom wiring harnesses. These custom products by CLOOM Tech are not only more efficient but also cost-effective. CLOOM Tech has state of the art manufacturing units and R&D labs to deliver project-oriented solutions. Our custom wiring harnesses manufacturing services cover every sector of life, including automobile, military installations, aerospace industry, commercial installations, and industrial projects. We can meet any custom order requirements. Unleash the power of custom products for your projects now.

7 Practical Benefits of Fluoropolymers as Custom Wire and Cable Insulations

Cable with insulation

Being able to use the wire insulation that is not only thin but durable, too, has been the dream of every project engineer. When it comes to custom wires and cable, insulation is the first thing that concerns the client.

Not long ago, all the custom wires and cable assembly manufacturers were using typical materials for insulation. CLOOM Tech was one of the few companies that started using Fluoropolymers as cable and wire insulation.

Cable with insulation
Cable with insulation

Here are some practical benefits of Fluoropolymers as custom cable and wire insulations that might be helpful in your project requirements:

1. Extreme Temperature resistance

There are unlimited applications of custom wires and cables. Every field of life where you need power, you need electricity. So, no matter it is an oil refinery or a medical facility, you need wires to transmit electricity. The work environment can be variable for all fields. The changing external factors demand precise measurements so that the project goes unaffected.

The high temperature was the biggest threat to the cables. Hence, we decided to use Fluoropolymers for insulation as its temperature resistance is way better than many other materials. Fluoropolymers insulated cables can perfect quite well in the environment with 300 °C.

In terms of wire quality, manufacturers can use copper or any other effective material. On the other hand, the insulation or the protective layer of the wire is also equally important.

How do you describe a quality cable? We think you should be looking for a durable and think wire. Well, for durability and resistance against external forces, we can use solids and other materials, but how to make it thin? Most of the available materials that are durable lack the other property and vice versa.

CLOOM Tech decided to use a relatively new trend of Fluoropolymers for the insulation of custom wires and cables. Guess what, it not only worked out perfectly but our clients were also happy with the quality.

2.Chemical Exposure Resistance

In industries like oil refineries and heavy machinery units, high temperature is not the only issue. Temperature is only dangerous for the insulation while the chemicals can impact the wires too. Hence, chemical resistance is another factor that forced the manufacturers to switch to Fluoropolymers.

The custom wires and cables with Fluoropolymers are suitable for almost all industries where high-temperature and chemicals are major concerns. The better quality material offers a better lifespan, and that is a useful factor for keeping the maintenance costs lower.

Chemical exposure is something that is going to impact the project workflow in the worst way. If the insulation goes down due to chemical exposure, the wires will start facing corrosion. It will not only reduce electrical performance but will finally lead to project failure. So, the insulation is not just about aesthetics. Using better materials for the insulation of custom wires and cables is critical for project success.

Group of red electric cables with insulation
Group of red electric cables with insulation

These little benefits make bigger impacts in practical performance. Even if you think that you can avoid chemical exposure with precautionary measures, you are disappointed. A little negligence can sabotage the project. Hence, whether there are chances of chemical exposure of not, using Fluoropolymers is always going to be beneficial.

3.Optimized Cable Design for Small Spaces

Why do most of the custom wire and cable manufacturers use thin protective layers? The obvious answer is they want to ensure higher durability and stability. Is there any other purpose of spending extra money on thick protective jackets? Well, protection of the wire is the primary purpose of using jacketed cables here.

What if we can offer better protection against external factors without spending more money on extra layers? Don’t you think thinner wires will be better with reduced weight? If you want this to happen in real life, then you need to go for custom cables and wires with Fluoropolymers insulations.

The technician manually measures the diameter of the power cord
The technician manually measures the diameter of the power cord

Fluoropolymers offer better efficiency and protection against tearing and breakdown as any other quality material. But Fluoropolymers don’t require thick wires to protect the wires. A relatively thinner layer of Fluoropolymers is enough to offer optimized protection. It allows engineers to use quality custom wires and cables in small places.

It not only reduces the diameter of the wires but reduced the weight too. The reduced weight of Fluoropolymers insulation makes it a suitable option for aerospace and military applications too. As compared to many other available materials, the walls of Fluoropolymers insulation are 40% thinner.
Weight reduction, space reduction, and cost reduction are the goals of every client and manufacturer. With the use of Fluoropolymers as the insulation for custom wires and cables, all seem to be coming true.

4.How to Custom Wire and Cable Better Efficiency

Aside from all other benefits of Fluoropolymers as insulation for custom wires and cables, better efficiency is the ultimate goal. No matter how protected the cables are, if electricity transmission is not efficient, then you cannot use those cables. Fluoropolymers don’t interfere with the internal working of the wires. Whether the cables are carrying data or current, Fluoropolymers will not alter the results. With qualities like resistance against extreme temperatures and resistance against chemicals, the efficiency is always on top.

Electric glowing lightning between colored brake cables
Electric glowing lightning between colored brake cables

With the low coefficient of friction and better electrical properties, engineers can use Fluoropolymers jacketed cables almost everywhere. For heavy industries, Fluoropolymers insulated cables are strong enough to take the abuse of use. For the smaller applications, Fluoropolymers insulated cables are thin enough to fit in almost every appliance.

The combination of durability and reduced thickness makes Fluoropolymers jacketed custom cables and wires perfect for all work settings. For rugged work environments, Fluoropolymers are suitable for a variety of applications. The efficiency and the results stay unaffected throughout all the industrial and commercial applications.

5.Custom Wire and Cable No Length Limitations

Most of the clients look forward to custom wires and cable manufacturers to resolve their issues regarding the current supply. At CLOOM Tech, we encounter different problems while dealing with clients. We have clients from all fields of life, including medical facilities, automobile industries, heavy-duty manufacturing units, and commercial construction.

Some industries require lengthy wires over hundreds of meters. When we have to deal with such custom requirements, we try to use every suitable option for the development process. The use of normal materials for the lengthy wires doesn’t offer the expected results. The insulation starts falling apart due to extreme conditions. So, Fluoropolymers jackets have enables us to overcome this issue. The Fluoropolymers insulated cables can cover the as long-distance as the project demands. There are no limitations and restrictions regarding the length of the wires.

There are no limitations involved with the use of Fluoropolymers for longer measurements. It means that the customization of the custom wires and cables is way better with the use of Fluoropolymers as insulations.

6.How to Custom Wire and Cable Less Energy Loss

No matter what, no engineering team would agree on using a material that causes energy loss. The receiving end of the cables must get the exact amount of energy as required. Fluoropolymers have a low friction coefficient, and it means that there is less energy loss associated with the insulations. Loss of energy not only affects the project working but also costs more money. Along with custom wire materials, the addition of Fluoropolymers as insulation ensures a seamless experience.

7.Enhanced Flexibility For Mechanical Applications

The active ingredients make Fluoropolymers as perfect insulation for custom wires and cables. There are countless industrial applications where engineers have to use cables in moving parts. Continuous movements and mechanical stress can create problems for typical materials. The consistent cell structure of Fluoropolymers is unique that allows maximum resistance against strain. The insulation made of Fluoropolymers is not only thin but extremely flexible too.

Flexible Three-wire electrical cable
Flexible Three-wire electrical cable

CLOOM Tech manufactures the custom wires and cables with a special production process. We ensure that every safety protocol is intact while manufacturing custom wires and cables. Due to the least impact of the external factors, normal bending is nothing to worry about. All the appliances where bending is a big issue; we highly suggest using Fluoropolymers insulated wires.


Whether you have just started the project or willing to replace the old jacketed wires with new Fluoropolymers wires, CLOOM Tech is here for you. We are the reputed manufacture of custom wires and cables with Fluoropolymers insulation. If you want to scale your business and industrial production, we would love to offer our custom services for your project.

Custom Wire Harness And Cable Assembly-7 Facts You Should Know

Electric cable assemblies for industries

Custom wire harness and cable assembly stay the least discussed most important ingredients of projects yet. Overlooking the importance of custom cables and wiring harnesses may cost your huge repairing costs beyond your imagination. What if a typical low-quality wire ends up causing short circuits that result in havoc?

Electric cable assemblies for industries
Electric cable assemblies for industries

CLOOM Tech proudly presents custom cables assemblies, and wiring harnesses for all industrial projects. From aesthetics to the safety of the appliance, custom services are simply the only solutions. There is a lot more to know for you, and here are some facts that every project team must be aware of:

1. Cables And Wires May Look Identical But Are Not The Same.

If you are dealing with both terms in the same manner, then you are already a step closer to risking your project. Every professional must be aware of the applications of wires and cables. Although both electric equipment serves almost the same purpose yet are not interchangeable. The error about the selection of the right electricity career defines the safety of your project.

Bare stranded wires
Bare stranded wires

At CLOOM Tech, we deal with many cases where teams don’t get to choose the best option for their appliance. Our professionals and engineers analyze the project and work environment to suggest the right option. Both options are good for carrying signals and current, but their applications are different depending upon many factors. A standard wire generally features some sort of strands of some conductive material like copper. In simple specification where simple current flow is the goal, wires can be a good choice.

Cables consist of more two or more conductive materials with an external protective layer for safety purposes. Industrial electricity transmission requirements are different from residential settings. Hence, you need to look for more durable options to carry current, and custom cable assemblies are the right options available.

2. Military Installations Use Custom Wiring Harnesses And Cable Assemblies

You may be surprised to know, but the use of custom cable assemblies is not limited to commercial and industrial settings only. These custom products are useable in any environment where you need precision and durability. In military installations, durability is the priority. Standard cables and wires cannot stand a chance. Current supply lines have to take rigorous abuse in high-temperature areas, and at that point, custom assemblies stand firm.

There are some important factors in military installations like precise, uninterrupted, and compact power supply management that require custom products. Aerospace manufacturing units are also dependent on the custom cable assemblies.

Custom cables for military installations
Custom cables for military installations

Modern planes and war crafts have sleek designs, and weight reduction is important. General wiring for current and data supply not only adds a lot to the weight of the plane but also takes up a lot of space. Cable assemblies provide better cable management in aircraft and other ground military installations. Tactical cables and other custom cable assemblies with additional protective layers are in demand in the aerospace market. In the data transmission for military communications, authorities look for custom cables that can prevent external interference. Hence, the use of custom cable assemblies and wiring harnesses for military appliances and installations is going to boom in the next few years.

3. Cable Assemblies Can Perform In Saltwater Too

Do you think that standard market cables are suitable for marine projects where exposure to water is inevitable? Market cables not only create limitations in terms of length, but these cables also cannot stand against the saltwater. The insulation of standard cables will start cracking in no time underwater. So, these projects need custom cable assemblies and wiring harnesses with resistive materials against water. For oil refineries and extraction units working in the sea, we have waterproof cable assemblies. These cable assemblies have special protective material that remains unaffected even underwater.

If you think you can get things done with standard market cables, then you need to calculate the risk. The first risk is the maintenance cost assessment. Underwater maintenance of the power cables is going to take a lot of workforces and cost too. Even if the cables are not underwater, continued water exposure is obvious. Wet cables not only start cracking sooner but pose serious threats to human life too. Due to limited access to the land, the maintenance procedure is going to affect the production capacity too. Your all unit will be on halt for a long time. Hence, the use of custom cable assemblies allows the teams to avoid these unwanted threats and interruptions.

4. Custom Wire Harness And Cable Assembly Are Shock Resistant

Heavy machinery units involve a lot of appliances work together. These industrial work setting environments involve a lot of vibration and movement. Standard market cables don’t stand a chance against such extreme use. Custom cable assemblies are the only option left for work environments where a lot of mechanical vibrations create problems.

Realistic isolated electrical wires
Realistic isolated electrical wires

CLOOM Tech is one of the top custom cable assemblies and wiring harnesses manufacturers, so we have solved the teardown of cables due to mechanical vibrations too. We use flexible yet durable materials as the external protective layer for the custom wiring harnesses and cable assemblies. These additional protective coatings resist the possible movements without compromising the power supplies. If you think that tight cable fixtures will solve the tear due to vibrations, then you will end up breaking the wires even earlier. When cables are too tight, a small out of the mechanical path movement will break the wires and cables. Why would you ever risk safety when you can have better performance with custom cable assemblies?

5. Custom Wire Harness And Cable Assembly Can Cut The Maintenance Costs

Maintenance is a nightmare for engineers. These processes are not only time taking but can cost you a fortune too for mega projects. Every small wire and connector in an appliance matters a lot for the smooth working of the project. General Cable arrangement can take a lot of space, and when it comes to diagnosing, technicians will face a lot of issues while reaching to the right cable. Some industrial settings can include thousands of wires. Just imagine that power went down, and now you will have to detect the issue. It will take days to find the faulty cable.

Electrician engineer works with electric cable wires
Electrician engineer works with electric cable wires

In such scenarios, custom cable assemblies prove to be a great investment. Cable management will custom cable assemblies, and wiring harnesses are way better and optimized than the market cables. Not only the cable management is better, but the durability is outstanding. Due to better protective materials, the chances of tearing and cracking are rare. Hence, in the long term, investing in custom cable assemblies and wiring harnesses can save you high maintenance costs.

6. Oil And Gas Industries Use Custom Wire Harness And Cable Assembly Only

Chemicals and lubricants are the biggest enemies of cables and wires. In residential and commercial applications and work environments, chemical exposure is almost negligible. Meanwhile, in industrial projects, chemical exposure is one of the major drivers for the use of custom cable assemblies and wiring harnesses. Oil refineries and industrial projects use a lot of heavy machines. Lubricants are essential for the smooth performance of the parts, but these lubricants can be destructive for the cables.

Oil refineries and petroleum units
Oil refineries and petroleum units

In oil refineries, engineers use different chemicals for the cleanup process of crude products. No matter how much you try, there are going to be some chemical spills that might damage the wires. So, refineries and other industries have to use custom cables assemblies no matter what.

7. Custom Wire Harness And Cable Assembly Can Be More Affordable Options

Cost assessment is something that has a huge impact on the choice of custom cable assemblies over market cables. Do you think that custom cable assemblies and wiring harnesses are more expensive than typical cables? Well, you may be right if you compare our production with cheap cables. CLOOM Tech has quality standards that stay intact no matter what. So, we have managed to offer the same price as market cables due to our in-house labs and production units.

When combined with maintenance costs, labor costs, and wastage of cables for typical cables, custom products offer more affordable options. We are not only best in terms of quality and durability, but we are unbeatable in terms of pricing too. We offer affordable custom cable assemblies and wiring harnesses.


The basic understanding of the facts and applications of custom cable assemblies and wiring harnesses can lead to better performance of projects. If you are looking for the best custom wiring harnesses and custom cable assembly manufacture, CLOOM Tech can deliver beyond your expectations.

8 Tips on How Custom Wiring Harness Help in Your Project

Manual creation of a custom wiring harness

Looking for the best custom wiring harness manufacturer? Your search ends now.

Well, a good custom wiring harness can make or mar your project. Finding the product that best meets their requirements can be a challenge. For manufacturers, a custom wiring harness providing proper specification is a must. It’s what will help you make the project successful. We have eight tips to help you select the best seller and product specifications.

Manual creation of a custom wiring harness
Alt- Manual creation of a custom wiring harness

1.Purchase Custom Wiring Harness From a Reliable Manufacturer

The toughest part about managing a project is–you can’t go over budget. Allocating resources is one of the most important aspects when it comes to any project. Cutting costs in the right places can work wonders for your project. But if you compromise the quality of the product, it will backfire.

There are many custom wiring harness manufacturers, each better than the other. However, there are a few manufacturers that deliver a custom wiring harness to you for a very low price. It is very tempting, but we recommend you steer clear of them. Such rates are a red flag when considering the quality.

Always stick to trusted manufacturers with good ratings from customers. Compare the cost of their services to decide. See if they have the right equipment. Know if they use state-of-the-art labs.

Reduce costs by finishing the project faster. It releases the resources allowing you to move on to the next project.

2. Pick the Custom Wiring Harness Material With Your Project in Mind

Material that goes into building a harness for one project may not match with the needs of another. So, the key here is to know your project and understand its applications. Once you know the requirements, make a list of what your wiring harness should include. Wires and sheathing are definite parts when building the custom wiring harness.

The insulation protects the wires from external factors and exposure. It prevents any fatal accidents or damage to property. Don’t pick a low-quality material because of its affordability. The quality of products determines the efficiency and durability of the project. Think of the big picture and not cutting costs.

In simpler terms, using the right materials to build the custom wiring harness is the best way to go.

3. Be Careful When Choosing the Connector

A red wire connector with insulated crimp
Alt-A red wire connector with insulated crimp

There are multiple connectors you can use to build a custom wiring harness. To get the expected results, you must think of the type of connector you’ll be using with the wires. It may seem like a small thing, but getting the wrong connector or a faulty one messes the result of the project. In the long run, a correct connector can prove essential to the success of your project.

Think of its application. Find a fitting connector rather than a random one. If you don’t, it can mar your progress and create problems for you.

There are different types of connectors like:

• Soldered connectors

• Crimp-on connectors

• Blade connectors

• Binding posts

Getting the right one for your project may determine whether your project is a hit or a miss.

4. Wires and Terminals are Quintessential

Electrical wires with cord end terminals
Alt-Electrical wires with cord end terminals

Wondering why previous projects have not performed as anticipated? Look carefully. The answer may be right in front of you. The cables and terminals used need to be just right to avoid poor performance. At times, the custom wiring harness may not work in sync with your project at all.

So, using the wrong cables and terminals is a disaster waiting to happen. Use the right combination of wires, terminals, connectors, and insulation. It allows the custom wiring harness to function smoothly.
Remember, different projects have different applications and need suitable wires and terminals. The wrong choice may result in poor performance or worse, failure. It takes a few trials and errors before you master the art of putting together a custom wiring harness. With experience, you’ll get there.

5. Crimping is Your Friend

A red crimping plier with a bunch of red and yellow connectors
Alt-A red crimping plier with a bunch of red and yellow connectors

If you don’t know what a crimp or the crimping process is, read this quick guide. There’s a lot of confusion amongst beginners when it comes to using crimping. Many undocumented facts claim that the process harms a custom wiring harness. Let’s clarify one thing–Crimping is a very important process for your project. It comes with a lot of proven benefits for a variety of applications and jobs.

Forget all the baseless facts you’ve heard about crimping. It prevents your insulation from breaking apart and keeps it intact. To keep the wires in position, crimp all the terminals without messing with the result.

6. Be Observant to the Insulation

To stay safe, ensure there’s no puncturing on the insulation.

It is every leader’s job to keep their team and consumers safe from harm. When building a custom wiring harness, it becomes important to observe the insulation.

Puncturing of any kind can lead to disasters and deaths. Invest in a well-insulated custom wiring harness to prevent any such accidents. Inspect the insulation closely to ensure there’s no puncturing at any point.

Check if the insulation covers all the tabs close to the wires as well. Use the harness only after you’re sure it is free of any punctures. Get a gap or puncture in the wiring fixed before using the product.

Contact the manufacturer instead of causing any accidents due to negligence.

7. Monitor the Placement of Wires and Insulation

Check the compatibility of wires and insulation to get the best results.

The insulation is not punctured, great. But is it compatible with the wires you’ve used in the custom harness?

To achieve the result you want, ensure that the wires and insulation work in cohesion. As you know, crimped wires and insulation perform similar functions. Position them in a way that enhances their compatibility and performance.

Understand every component before finalizing the design of your custom wiring harness. Do so with the result in mind. Your components may work together perfectly. But if the placement and combination are wrong, it can end in a disaster.

8. Right Technique Equals the Right Result

It is not enough to focus only on the materials and tools. Make sure you use the right technique too.

Sometimes you can fall short even if you use the best materials. It is important to use the right technique if you want things to work in your favor.

Make sure to perform the steps given below:

• Cut the wires into appropriate length

• Crimp the terminals safely

Crimping can help you keep the wiring in place. Ignore the negativity surrounding the process and don’t avoid crimping the wires.

Test all the wires to ensure they’re functioning as expected. Don’t forget to put the connector housings as well.

To get the best results put together the components in a smart yet effective way.


These are simple things that beginners or sometimes even professionals overlook. Ensure that you don’t make the same mistake. A well-built harness contributes to the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the process. The environment you’ll be placing it in is critical. You will want one manufacturer with the right equipment. And one who can deliver on time.

At CLOOM Tech, we use only the best quality components. We manufacture the best custom wiring harness for your projects. The team helps you put together a design for the wiring harness with the application in mind. Have customization worries? Don’t. Talk to us. We can help you design something unique for your project.

7 Questions You Should Ask Custom Cable Assembly Manufacturer

Custom control cable assembly

To build the best product, manufacturers need to understand the project and its applications.

It can all start from using the right cable assembly manufacturer. It helps to connect the different components. Whether you are manufacturing a vehicle or something else, it might be important.

So, ask them the right questions before sealing the deal. But, by right, we don’t mean expected or simple. The cost and duration are only numbers. Leave them stumped and ask questions that are helpful and what they least expect.

Find out which manufacturer pays attention to detail with these seven unexpected questions.

Custom control cable assembly
Alt – Custom control cable assembly

1. Do You Understand the Implementation and Extent of the Product?

Have they asked you any questions about the applications of the product? What environment will it be working in?

If not, they’re not the best choice for your custom cable assembly.

The designing process involves many critical aspects. But the most important is to understand the intention of the project. It helps them ensure that the custom cable assembly manufactured works seamlessly. A good manufacturer works with your team to develop a phenomenal product. There is no room for overlooking any critical factors like the requirements. Such a manufacturer helps cut unnecessary costs by avoiding wasted materials.

A manufacturer that does not take an interest in your product’s usage can increase the costs. They’ll build a cable assembly without considering the product dimensions. It ends up them wasting a lot of material and charging you for it.

The key here is to use the exact measurements after communicating with the buyer. Don’t hire a manufacturer that does not customize products based on the specifications. The product specs and details are important for building any functioning product.

2. How Do You Ship the Custom Cable Assembly After Production?

Tools and wires used to create a custom cable assembly
Alt-Tools and wires used to create a custom cable assembly

It may seem a bit odd to ask but hear us out.

Imagine this:

You get a custom cable assembly manufacturer to build a complex structure for you. The package arrives, but when you open it–it’s all tangled.

The whole point of hiring them was to cut out the work for you. But now, you’re left with a box of messed up cables that need untangling.

Manufacturers need to deliver with the least knots and tangles. It makes sense to ship fragile cable assemblies in a safe way that minimizes knots.

No buyer wants to spend all day untangling through heaps of wire. The whole process loses its value with any damaged components. Make the smarter choice and ask for a custom packaging. It will cost you more than the general shipping, but it is all worth it. You’re saving time and the torment of receiving a package with broken components.

3. What is Quality Testing Process?

How do they manufacture the product, and how will they communicate these results with you?
Reliable companies follow specific protocols, find out what they are.

Ask them how they’ll check the quality of the manufactured cables. And how they’ll communicate the results to you. Details of the quality testing process are not easy to manufacture. But you can rely on an experienced custom cable assembly manufacturer to give them to you.

You can get detailed information on the quality control testing process here.

Crimp Compacting Ratios

Check the length of the wires after the crimping process. It also called checking the crimp compacting ratios. It helps manufacturers check if the crimping was too tight or loose. If it is not right, the product loses functionality.

Pull Testing

This test determines the amount of force you can apply to a cabling attachment. These attachments include terminals, connectors, and ferrules.

Advanced Live Testing or Laboratory Testing

This type of testing lets you see how the product performs in extreme conditions. How does it work when not wired correctly?

Laboratory testing is an important aspect. It determines whether the product can withstand the elements.

4. How Do You Label The Harnesses With Precision?

A custom cable assembly labeled precisely with numbers and alphabets
Alt-A custom cable assembly labeled precisely with numbers and alphabets

The installation process is a critical part when using a custom cable assembly. Mislabeled wiring or wiring that is not labeled can throw you off the track. It is very time consuming and not to mention fatal. Connecting the wrong wires can lead to disasters and life-threatening situations. It is a major yet common concern amongst amateur custom cable assembly manufacturers.

A common mistake you can make is forgetting to ask them about the labeling of wires. You got a manufacturer that delivers exceptional quality wires. But what if the labeling is all wrong?

It leaves you trying different connections that are not good for your project. In many cases, this leads to accidents. You cannot connect certain combinations. They lead to explosions and property damage, if not fatalities. So, you’ll end up paying for a lot more than a custom cable assembly manufacturer.

How do you label harnesses with accuracy? Get a clear answer to prevent any unfortunate incidents.

5. Do You Manufacture Custom Cable Assemblies For Any Big Clients?

Many manufacturers take pride in serving the best companies worldwide. Is that a good thing for you?
On the one hand, companies think this manufacturer is great. On the other, will your project be their priority?

They have bigger fish to fry. What does this mean for your project?

Is your product on their priority? Will they deliver it on time?

Having bigger clients may imply that yours isn’t a high priority project for them. It is not the case every time. So, it is better to discuss these details beforehand for the sake of your timeline. It is important to get the product delivered on time.

6. What About Customization?

When interviewing different manufacturers, you’ll see they offer many cabling options. You get to pick from different quality wires and cables.

There are a few that go the extra mile and offer more customization options. Talk to them and find out what services you can get.

Do they provide labeled wires? Do they offer ruggedized cabling? Do they crimp the cables in place?
Ask any question that you want. Whatever extra bit you want in your package, get their input. These customizations will work wonders for the product. Labeled wires make installation easier. The rest help the custom cable assembly survive extreme conditions and heavy usage.

While you’re at it, ask them about the timeline. You can plan the production and inventory accordingly.

7. How Do You Manufacture It?

A clean manufacturing room for an electrical industry

Alt-A clean manufacturing room for an electrical industry

What are the products that you use? Is the quality good enough? What technique do you use?

Clarify any doubt that you have about the manufacturing process before finalizing. The technology used is very important when manufacturing of a custom cable assembly. Obsolete machinery may build faulty or outdated products. To stay in the game, you need nothing but the best. It includes state-of-the-art technology. It cuts time significantly and delivers better results.

Also, find out the maximum volume they can manufacture at a time. It helps you plan the volume of your orders appropriately.

Knowing the manufacturing process will help you in two ways:

• You’ll find out the estimated costs

• You’ll know what to expect


You can get information about their ability to deliver products with common questions. But this is not enough. It is necessary to ask unexpected questions. They let you understand the custom cable assembly manufacturer and how they operate.

At CLOOM Tech, we encourage our buyers to ask whatever questions they have. We take our time to clarify any doubts that they have. Have any concerns? Let’s talk. It is what makes us one of the best custom cable assembly manufacturers. Our customers appreciate how easy it is to contact us and get answers.


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