7 Problems Caused By a Bad Battery Wiring Harness

Power supply wire jumper cable for car battery

A battery wiring harness is one of the most important parts of the car, people probably already know that.

What purchasing manager may not know, however, is just how frustrating a bad battery wiring harness can be. These wiring harnesses play an integral role in the vehicle.

However, because battery wiring harnesses are such an integral part of the car, a bad one can make a difference. So here is a list of some of the problems that your project may face with a bad wiring harness.

Power supply wire jumper cable for car battery

1. Engine Shutting Off At a Lower Speed

One of the major problems that bad battery wiring harness leads to is your engine shutting off. Now that is not to say that a bad wiring harness is the only reason for your engine shutting down unexpectedly. Various other factors lead to your engine shutting down. But, the most common reason is bad wiring in the wiring harness.

Loose or corroded wires in your wiring harness can be a real cause for concern. Since the wires don’t have constant contact with the ignition circuit, it does not receive the volts it needs. With the lower voltage, the ignition will not be able to keep your engine on when it is slow.

Red and black car battery bumper cable2. Problems Starting the Vehicle

Other than your engine shutting off at a slower speed, the car maybe will not start entirely. That is especially something that I experienced with my battery wiring harness. The inability of the ignition circuit to receive the required volts can make it very hard for the car to start.

The battery cables act as the bridge between the car’s battery and the rest of the electrical system. And when the cables do not function properly, the car will run into problems. Moreover, it takes a considerable amount of cranking power to turn an engine on. Therefore, they will need all of the help that they can get through the battery.

Battery with Jumper Cables

3. Battery Terminal Corrosion

Battery terminal corrosion is a serious issue that nearly every driver faces eventually. The acid layer on the battery – near the cables – makes it hard for them to conduct electricity. The acid layer forms over time, and the main reason why the acid layer forms are because of heat. Extensive heat to the battery turns the acid into vapors, which then settles on top of the battery.  

The corrosive layer that forms atop the battery can increase the resistance along the contact surface. In more severe cases, the corrosion can completely block out the flow of electricity. But the corrosion does not stop on top of your battery. It can seep into the cables, making them practically useless. If you find the wire corroded from the inside, you may have to replace the wire completely.

Jumper cable

4. Lights and Other Electrical Components Not Working Properly

The wiring harness is responsible for connecting every electrical part of the car to the battery. Older cars have individual wires that connect to the battery independently. Cars come with a harness, manages to compile all of the wires in a single bundle, connects to the battery. And while this has its fair share of advantages, the major disadvantage is that there is only one point of contact.

With only a single point of contact, problems in the battery cable can lead to various parts of the car not working. It leads to parts like lights, indicators, and dashboard lights flickering or not turning on properly. That again comes back to corrosion in wires and above the battery.

Car charger wire

5. Connector Damage

Other than wires eventually receiving damage over time, the connectors can also be at the receiving end of serious damage. You may not have thought that the connectors may also be a problem, but it is very common. The connector is fairly cheaper than replacing the wire itself, so you should be sure to check that first.

Connector damage can occur due to corrosion, or due to lack of care by the driver. Finding a problem with the connector can be very difficult to spot. Sometimes, the wires can disconnect from the connector while driving, leading to various problems in your car.

Top view of Battery Terminal Connector

6. Damage to the Wiring Harness by the Metal Panel

Damage to your wiring harness can occur through various forms, one of which is the damage from the metal panel. Didn’t think the metal panel beneath your car could be the reason why you have these wiring problems, did you? When going over rough terrain or going over a bump too fast, it is possible the metal case beneath your car may damage the wiring harness.

Lucky for you, while this is a very frustrating repair to get, it is very rare. It is not common for the metal panel in the front right wheel housing to disrupt the wiring harness. That said, you should not completely dismiss the idea that this could be the cause of your battery problems.

Wiring harness

7. Water Wicking and the Damage They Cause

Did you think that water can’t cause damage to the wiring harness? Well, think again. Water can be very dangerous to your harness under the wrong circumstance. One of these circumstances being water wicking. Water wicking is when water travels internally through and along the wires through cracks within the wires.

Through waters adhesive properties, it manages to stick to the wires. That is especially common during colder seasons. The worst part is that water wicking travels, and it can travel a great deal. Sometimes wire wicking can spread through the length of the wire, essentially eroding the wire from the inside. The bright side of water wicking is that it can be easy to spot. It often starts from the connectors, which means that you can sometimes get a general idea of the corrosion by checking the connectors. In more unfortunate situations, you may have to check the entire length of wire for damage.

8. Mechanical Damage

Various forms of stress or tension can result in breakage of wires throughout the wiring harness.

Stress on the wire of any kind will lead to serious damage, but the wire without showing any signs of breaking. While most wires have insulation that is considerably stronger than the cable itself, this more durable insulation can also backfire. Due to the significantly firmer padding, you cannot see the damage to the wire. That stronger insulation also makes this particular failure much harder to spot and find. Wire tension or stress can also lead to wire or connector failure.

Wires can also fail when they are just long enough to reach their connectors. A short wire within a harness can be very dangerous to the integrity of your yoke, as more factors that could lead to its failure. Debris, thermal expansion, and even smaller impact from speed breakers can lead to your wire disconnecting from the connector.

Constant flexing of the wires also puts a lot of stress on the cables, causing them to break. Connectors and splices that move around, even slightly, leads to problems in the wire harness. You can find the problem wire by moving it around slightly and looking at short bursts of function as soon as you change their position. It would help if you also tightened your connectors and splices to avoid further wiring problems. 

Looking for sharp bends or kinks on your wires is a good way to find breaks. You can often find these bends and curves on much larger cables that can move around more freely. It would help if you also reinforce the connectors in your vehicle, as the constant movement of the wires can make lead to serious damage.

9. Thermal Expansion

During colder seasons,thermal expansion can greatly shorten your wires and lead to breaks within the cable through no fault of the driver.

Thermal expansion is one of the worst things to happen to your cables. Thermal expansion can shorten your wires at colder temperatures, which makes them considerably tighter. The tighter the wire gets, the more likely it is to break or disconnect from the connector. This break is especially harder to find due to the insulation above that is considerably stronger than the wire itself.

To find the broken piece, try looking for places on your wire with little or no slack. And if you see sharp bends in a fence, these are places where the wire broke off from the rest.

10.Harness Damage

Sometimes the damage can be in the harness instead of the cables. The insulation foam within the wires can sometimes make its way out due to various forms of damage. From debris to impact on the vehicle, the cables can expose insulating foam for multiple reasons. This insulating foam can destroy the middle of the harness, causing problems in the wire.

This damage is often very severe, and corrosion of any cable will require a change. When changing the wires, you should be very careful when choosing a replacement. The replacement cable should be as big or even bigger than your current cable.


The cable harness of your project can be subject to a lot of damage throughout its lifespan. And if all of these problems are feeling a little overwhelming, well don’t worry, because we have just the thing for your project. At COOLM Tech, we make custom cable harnesses that you can use in your vehicles. We provide solutions to all of the battery cable harness problems that you may experience.

7 Points to Help You Understand Ribbon Cable Assembly

An image of fiber optic cables on top patch

Understanding ribbon cable assembly is no difficult task, so long as you have an eye for details. Information is power, and this is especially true as it concerns following instructions and doing the right thing.

There are quite many factors that help you understand how to make use of ribbon cable assembly. These factors are a determinant factor in making use of ribbon cable assembly and getting maximum output from its use.

Now, you may wonder, “How do I understand ribbon  cable assembly?”

This article provides you with the seven points that provide you with an in-depth understanding of ribbon cable assembly.

An image of fiber optic cables on top patch

1. Description of Ribbon Cable Assembly (Physical attributes/ qualities)

Ribbon cable assembly is also known as flat ribbon cable assembly.

To some others, it is also a planar cable assembly. Whatever name you choose to call it, it is all the same. It simply reveals that it means different things to various individuals.

One thing the ribbon cable assembly is notable for is for insulation displacement connector (IDC) terminations. It is also very significant in effectively maximizing different types of wires.

To achieve the very best form of the use of these wires, you need to place the wires in a parallel manner side by side. In doing this, you are sure of achieving a flat and parallel outlook. The resultant effect of this is that it produces a ribbon-like shape.

One quality ribbon cable assembly possesses the fact that it is very flexible. Its flat-like nature makes it very easy to use in confined spaces. For this reason, ribbon cable assemblies are not known to take up too much space.

Interestingly, the flexibility for the ribbon cable assembly makes it easy for the cable to change positions. It means that it is easy to achieve any shape or form using the ribbon cable assembly. That is, if you want a right-angled way, you only need to fold an edge of the cable assembly over itself.

In making the ribbon cable assembly, there is usually a common material that is used. It is known as the stranded copper wire. It ranges in various sizes from 18AWG and gets to 34AWG.

Additionally, in making ribbon cable assembly, you need to be aware of the insulating material that is used. The majority of the content that is relevant in the insulation process is mostly PVC based.  Though, there are situations where the PVC material may substitute for Teflon or Olefin material.

An image of a technician plugging ribbon cable

2. Specification of the Ribbon Cable Assembly

The specification of the ribbon cable assembly takes two values. It is either the specification is specified by making use of spacing or the number of conductors on the ribbon cable.

Another name for spacing is pitch. The pitch of the ribbon cable assembly is usually made available in distances that are over reasonably length. It comes in various measures such as 0.025, 0.156, and even extends to 1mm pitch.

The number of connectors of the ribbon cable assembly links easily with the positions of the ribbon cable assembly. Usually, the connectors are in a standard form and are mostly in even numbers. They include figures such as 4, 6, 8, 9, 30, 50, and even to 80 different positions.

The ribbon cable assembly also makes use of color-coding. For an easier understanding of the ribbon cable assembly, pay attention to its color-coding. The ribbon cable assembly termination is either edge marked or sometimes in color-coding.

The advantage of this color coding is that it aligns the pins on the connector of the ribbon cable and makes it averts occurrences of a poor connection.

One notable feature of the ribbon cable assembly, is the fact that one edge of the ribbon cable assembly always has one color that is different from the other part of the ribbon cable.  When made the color on the ribbon cable assembly, it gives a mark that makes it easy for identification.

If the ribbon cable assembly is such that possesses different colors, the conductors for the ribbon cable are usually with shades of various sorts. The colors are generally multiple colors that are green, blue, red and some other colors. In cases where the colors are above ten, the colors of the conductors repeat.

An image of colored multiwire connector ribbon cables

3. The Benefits of the Ribbon Cable Assembly

There are quite a handful of advantages that are associated with using the ribbon cable assembly. Amongst all the advantages of making use of ribbon cable assembly, a notable benefit of using ribbon cable assembly is the fact that it possesses the ease of termination.

If you make use of the IDC connector, you are certain of getting the termination across a large number of spaces. The IDC connector structure in a manner that it possesses fork-like attributes that make it easy for you to pierce the insulation and come in contact with the connector.

Additionally, the ribbon cable assembly is flexible. Its flexibility makes it easy to use and allows room for space. The flat surface of the ribbon cable assembly makes it easy for individuals to make use of it.

Another advantage of the ribbon cable assembly is that it makes room for space. Organizing wires for various purposes is not an easy task, especially for large bodies. The ribbon cable assembly helps to organize wires and protects the environment from hazards.

Ribbon cable assembly is also very light and doesn’t consume a lot of space wherever they keep. It is also capable of accommodating large equipment and tools. In this vein, it is capable of working well.

Furthermore, the ribbon cable assembly possesses good traits of electrical equipment. They are reliable and are also consistent. For this reason, the ribbon cable assembly also carries a greater capacity of current.

The flat shape of the ribbon cable assembly makes it possible for a reasonable level of temperature to go through the conductor and makes it easy for the conductor to dissipate heat.

It is also easy to make use of the ribbon cable assembly because it is easy to organize it. Of the truth, it is difficult to manage individual wires, especially when they are in bulk. So, the ribbon cable assembly helps to keep the individual together in one piece.

An image of 10pin 2 IDC connector ribbon cable

4. Applications of the Ribbon Cable Assembly

Ribbon cable assembly is relevant for numerous applications. They are most significant for use in the internal components of computers. Some equipment such as floppy disk, CD drives, and also hard drives make use of ribbon cable assembly.

Furthermore, a ribbon cable assembly is also relevant for connecting equipment such as medical equipment, test equipment, print head, and consumer electronic products.

They are also very relevant for various components such as computers and printers. More so, multiple industries make use of ribbon cables. The diversity of ribbon cable is such that quite many commercial sectors make use of it for various purposes.

 A majority of electrical products make use of ribbon cable because of the simplicity of its design and its size. The beauty of the ribbon cable assembly is that even the aviation industries and automobile industries build their various products using ribbon cable assembly.

Interestingly, ribbon cable assembly plays a significant role in the various industries and helps to produce outstanding works and projects.

An image of a blue parallel multiwire ribbon cable

5. Ribbon Cable Assembly Connectors

These connectors are usually very compatible with IDC termination. There are varied types of ribbon cable connectors and their various applications as well. Some of these connectors include:

The BT 224 connector: This is otherwise known as the IDC connector. This connector type comes in various standards, such as BS 9525- Foo23, DIN 41651, and the last but the least, MIL-C- 83505. These connector standards of the BT 224 connector type are suitable with ATA cables.

The D- subminiature connector: This is a unique type of ribbon cable connector. It is not as common as the crimp connector type. This connector type is suitable for various ports of printers and serial ports.

The DIN 41612 connector: This is mostly suitable for electrical suppliers that work in harmony — Euro card bus, Future bus, NU bus, and so on.

PCB transition headers: PCB is an acronym for the printed circuit boards. It is a reliable and cost-effective way of linking various applications to PCB. This connector type helps to connect the wire and secure it to the board.

More so, it works both ways and performs dual application.

DIL headers: These connector types work well with two PCB headers. In the same vein, they work with the DIL socket to produce a workable socket and plug.

An image of an old IDE computer

6. Factors That Affect Ribbon Cable Assembly

Are there factors that affect the ribbon cable assembly? Of course, certain elements are likely to affect the performance of your ribbon cable assembly. So, you must pay heed to these factors and understand how to go about the ribbon cable assembly.

The type of construction of the ribbon cable assembly is most likely to affect its performance. To get the best use of ribbon cable assembly that is pertinent that you make use of good quality to construct the cable assembly.

It is impossible to get optimum results from the use of ribbon cable assembly when you make use of inferior material.

Another factor is the firmness of the cable assembly. When you want to make use of your ribbon cable assembly, it is important that you securely place the wires and make it firm. It is firm; that you are certain of using the ribbon cable assembly with little or no risk attached to it.

It doesn’t suggest that the cable becomes too tight. When the cable assembly becomes too close, it also poses some dangers, and this may be disastrous. In some cases, it amounts to the inability of the ribbon cable assembly to function properly or as expected.

Another factor that affects the performance of the ribbon cable assembly is the type of material you make use of in its production.

Hence, it is important to understand the material that is suitable for high temperatures and the ones that are not. An understanding of the various elements will assure you of getting nothing but the best in the use of the ribbon cable assembly.

An image of a flexed printed circuit board

7. Any Disadvantages?

The question that you are very likely going to ask is, “Are there any disadvantages in the use of ribbon cable assembly?” Well, it is near impossible to come across a product that bears only advantages without any form of disadvantage attached to it.

The ribbon cable assembly is almost an exception considering its numerous advantages, especially its flexibility and the ability to function well in a given space.

There are no proven disadvantages to the use of a ribbon cable assembly. So long as you understand the material type to make use of and the suitable environment of its use, there are no disadvantages to its use. Additionally, it is also important to understand the situation that works best with the ribbon cable assembly.

An image of colored multi wire parallel connector detail


Ribbon cable assembly is one of the easiest cable assemblies to get. They are very simple and easy to make use of when you possess the right understanding of its use.

To get the best from the use of the ribbon cable assembly that is safe to get good material and make use of the right connectors. How do you determine the factors responsible for a proper ribbon cable assembly?

CLOOM Tech is readily available to lead you through the process of discovering the type of material to make use of and how to go about it.

Additionally, if you require assistance with the ribbon cable assembly, CLOOM Tech is one of the few tech organizations that offer topnotch tech services. You are certainly sure to get good services with CLOOM Tech.

What are you waiting for? Contact us for further enquires and assistance.

9 Tips to Avoid Hiring an Inexperienced Custom Wire Harness Assembly Manufacturer

Colorful cable harness prepared assembly gray
Cables are one of the most common things in the electronic and communication industry. But you cannot always depend on general cables for critical and demanding applications. At times, you will need a cable built from scratch. Or, you may need help with an application, and the stock cables will not work. In that case, you need custom cables to match your needs and usage. But do you know which cable to use? Do you know that you can get custom cables manufactured as per your need?. If you want to meet your unique cabling needs, it is essential to go for custom cables. Here is all about how you can choose the right one.
Colorful cable harness prepared assembly gray

1.The Services of Good Custom Cable Assembly Manufacturers

Good custom harness assembly manufacturers are notable for delivering topnotch services and quality-centered products. To this effect, you need to look out for specific services a company offers before settling for them.

A custom wire harness is essential in that it saves space and ensures that you easily identify individual wires. So, to ensure that you get nothing short of your expectations, make sure to make your choice appropriately.

Some of the services include:

  • Measurement of wires to determine the appropriate length
  • Crimping and cutting wires
  • Sleeving the cables to use
  • Soldering the needed wires
  • Assembling all cables into the connectors

These services always embed in every proper custom wiring harness manufacturer. If you discover that the organization you intend to favor does not offer any of these services, consult another!

Process manufacturing wiring harnesses

2.Responsibilities of a Proper Cable Harness Assembly Manufacturer

It is not enough to look out for the services offered by the custom cable assembly manufacturer. You also need to recognize the responsibilities of such organizations. When you fail to identify the duties and duties of the organization, you are bound to accept whatever they offer even when it is not suitable.

So, what are the responsibilities of a custom wiring harness manufacturer? The answer is quite easy. Their responsibilities are:

Trained staff: The attitude of the members of a team in an organization determines the type of results you expect from such an organization. That implies that when a custom wiring harness manufacturer experienced personnel, you are sure about getting the right kind of effects and vice versa.

The wealth of experience: How long has the company been in existence? The answer determines if the company possesses the type of strength that guarantees you a perfect job or not. In the same vein, the number of years a company has been in existence doesn’t in any way reveal their capability in handling your job. So, do an adequate survey and ask the necessary questions to avoid an unpleasant business relationship.

Innovation and skills: It is necessary to consider the place of skills when choosing a custom wire harness manufacturer. Specific skills are a prerequisite for proper results. Don’t settle for less except you arrive at what you are looking out for.

Ability to deliver results at the right time: Time is of the essence, and this is especially true in a business relationship. Any manufacturer that fails to acknowledge the place of time in your business dealings may not provide an optimum result. So, pay attention to the attitude of the custom wire harness manufacturer when making your decision.

Pricing: Pay attention to price when considering a manufacturer to consult. The pricing is of utmost importance as it is unfair to go bankrupt in a bid to get custom cable services. Pricing is important but does not always settle for cheap services, except you are sure of getting good quality. But, in all, decide for prices that are reasonable and wouldn’t cost you any harm.

Quality of services and products: To avoid running to different manufacture now and then, ensure you consult an organization that is reliable and offers services of good quality. The quality of services an organization provides also involves aftersales services.

The facility of the organization: Does the manufacturer possess the type of facility needed to build your design? Go for only manufacturers you know maintain the facility to help you develop your wire harness.

Colorful wire harness connector housing

3.Identifying Fake Cable Harness Assembly Company

There are always signs that help you distinguish between what is real and what is not. Sometimes, you don’t see it because you choose not to. Some of the ways of identifying fake cable harness Assembly Company are:

  • Extremely cheap services
  • Poorly structured website/ Unknown website
  • Inattentiveness to details
  • Strength of staff

4.The Effect of Poor Custom Cable

There are numerous unpleasant effects of settling for poor custom cables. Poor custom cables are very harmful to the environment. Asides from the fact that they are a waste of time and limited resources, poor custom cables are also one of the easiest ways of exposing the environment to hazards and dangers, which may result in loss of lives and properties.

Cable harness loom connector

5.Inefficiency Poor Expectation

When the custom wire harness manufacturer is inefficient, the outcome is a poor expectation of results. That is, when the manufacturer is unable to produce efficiency in building the custom wire harness, you saddled with the responsibility of bearing your losses. That is why it is paramount you avoid inefficient manufacturers. You would not only be saving resources but also save time and minimize losses.

Inefficiency results in a lot of mistakes and also goes against your expectations. Nonetheless, all of it can avoid when you learn to remember this point as one of the nine crucial points to avoid hiring an inexperienced custom wire harness manufacturer.

A wire harness connect electronically

6.Issues Associated With Waste

A proper assembly company manufacturer minimizes waste at all costs. But, an inexperienced manufacturer pays little attention to waste, and this affects production as well.

As the individual who hopes to get appropriate services, you are saddled with the losses when you hire an inexperienced manufacturer who is ignorant of the disadvantages of wasting limited resources and time. Any manufacturer who doesn’t value time and is unaware of time is not capable of handling your designs.

There are specific steps that manufacturers take to minimize waste. Any manufacturer who is not aware of this is always bound to waste your resources and may most likely not build your right type of design.

7.Delay in Achieving Results

It is always considered a wise decision to do appropriate research when settling for a manufacturer. Some manufacturers are only after your money and do not pay attention to deadlines.

You wouldn’t want to be in a position where you hire a manufacturer who doesn’t respect agreements and would always give excuses rather than deliver results.

Computer cable harness

8.Environmental Damage and Possible Risks

Wire harness requires a lot of work and a great deal of patience. That is because it usually involves lots of individuals’ wires that held together to create accessibility and to make it easy to manage.

That reveals that there are lots of dangers that are associated with wire harness. This danger always heightened when you contact a new wire harness company manufacture to help you build your wire harness.

You do not only put your limited resources at stake by contacting an inexperienced manufacturer but the environment as a whole. All of this is efficiently manage when you reach the right type of manufacturer.

Wire harness

9.Consult The Very Best

Nothing does it better than settling for the best. That means you do not pay attention to cost when making decisions on whom to contact. That presupposes that your priority should revolve around quality and appropriateness.

CLOOM Tech guarantees all of the very best services as long as custom wire harness is your desire. With CLOOM Tech, you are assured of excellent services alongside topnotch services and a long-lasting effect as well.

CLOOM Tech takes into consideration your desires and ensures that your designs come out just the way you expect it.

Interestingly, we pay attention to information and details and provide results on or before the deadline.

An electric device


The only way to get the best is to settle for the best. CLOOM Tech guarantees the right services at an affordable cost as well.

New wire harness company manufactures are ignorant of your needs but only interested in your resources.

Rather than patronize inexperienced wire harness company manufacturers, consult CLOOM Tech for all your wire harness related needs and get the very best.

7 Official Resource for Custom Wiring Harness Assembly

Process of manufacturing the wiring harnesses for vehicle

We have been providing Custom Wiring Harness Assembly to the local Chinese market and international clients. For the highest satisfaction rate, we have a dedicated team for every project at CLOOM Tech. No matter what is the size of your company or shipment, CLOOM Tech will meet your Custom Wiring Harness Assembly needs ideally.

We are not only focused on selling our services, but we want to empower our customers too. CLOOM Tech experts have posted a lot of blogs about different services and tips. In this article, we are going to talk about the top resources that you need to know about your equipment development.

Process of manufacturing the wiring harnesses for vehicle

1. Custom Wiring Harness Assembly Famous Terminologies

If you want to know more about professionals dealing with different vendors, you need to understand the essential terms of this field. Here are have refined some original words and their definitions.

AWG: It is the short form of American Wire Gage. This concept is the standard parameter in America for designing and manufacturing the wire diameter.

Bellmouth: For the smooth entrance of the wire strands, there are raised portions at the start or end. This raised portion makes sure the wire remains undamaged during the insertion or exit of the wire strands.

Bird caging: Some wire strands may separate from the usual layout of the wire. These separated wire strands are bird cages.  

Braid: It is the tinned or bare metallic wire that we use in heavy equipment for the grounding of the current. It is also there as the extra layer of protection in conductor or cable.

Cable: The proper layout of different insulators in the form of parallel or twisted configuration is the cable.

Cable Assembly: A cable with attached connectors and plugs is the cable assembly. Cable assemblies make the job easier and more efficient.

Conductor: A conductor is an insulated wire that is there to carry current in different equipment. 

Crimp: The final configuration of the terminal barrel

Here are some other important terms that you need to know about Custom Wiring Harness Assembly:

  • Insulation crimp
  • Jacket
  • Polarization
  • Strain relief
  • Terminal relief
  • Tubing
  • Wire ties

2. CLOOM Tech Resource Guide for Custom Wiring Harness Assembly

Before choosing Custom Wiring Harness Assembly vendors, you need to go through the official resource guide for the buyers. This buyer guide has all the information and resources that can be helpful in your own Custom Wiring Harness Assembly.

Assemble wire harness, electrical wire

If you find all of these things complicated and want a helping hand, we suggest contacting CLOOM Tech right now. Our team offers Custom Wiring Harness Assembly services for all levels of industries in different sectors of life.

Instead of focusing on these side products, you need to focus on your services so you can satisfy your clients. To make things better for you, we have designed this guide so you can get a better idea that what you are jumping into.

3. Vital Parts and Components of Custom Wiring Harness Assembly

Before reaching the prototype stage of your own Custom Wiring Harness Assembly process, you need to understand the essential elements and parts. You need different parts and components from different vendors.

pieces of varying custom wiring harness assemblies

Contacting different vendors and suppliers can be a hectic process. Dealing with so many suppliers and vendors is not an easy job, and it involves a lot of frustration. When you work closely with your component and part suppliers, you can prevent several issues and problems. This guide about components and parts supplier offers stronger relationships with your sellers and customers.

4. Top Vendors for Custom Wire Harness Assembly Parts

The dedicated team at CLOOM Tech spent hours refining this list of top vendors for custom wiring harness assembly parts. If you are new to the Custom Wiring Harness Assembly market, you need to have these suppliers on your contact list. 


Digi-Key is one of the top vendors for the Custom Wiring Harness Assembly parts and components. For the maximum efficiency and best rates for Custom Wiring Harness Assembly parts and components, you can rely on the services of Digi-Key. We highly recommend the services of Digi-Key for international clients. If you are willing to hire their services, contact them if they are serving your region.

Your vendor needs to be professional and trust-worthy. While dealing with your clients, you will face different tight deadlines, and at that stage, you need an efficient vendor. If you have found a reliable vendor for the parts, you can enjoy the smooth relationships with your sellers and buyers. We have dealt with Digi-Key several times, and their team has always been quick and responsive to our queries.

This company is serving the electric market since 1972. They are offering a wide range of electronic components to the local and international clients. No matter what are your requirements and needs, their team will be helpful at every stage.


This company is also on the list of trusted sellers and suppliers for Custom Wiring Harness Assembly parts and components. They are famous for the production of electrical connectors. Here are some essential services offered by ELECDIRECT for the market:

  • Lighting
  • Automotive connectors
  • Automation products
  • Automation controls
  • Wire management products
  • Industrial connectors

Mouser Electronics

This company is famous for introducing new technologies and products to the market. Their research and development team is working on the goals and satisfaction of the clients. Their primary products are semiconductors and other standard electric components.

They also offer the state of the art distribution centers. They take their dealings very seriously, and that’s why their customer relations are strong. They have almost 600000 customers in more than 200 countries all over the world. Their ordering process is too pure, and it will take only 15 minutes to deliver the same-day shipment.


You can say this platform as Google for searching the Custom Wiring Harness Assembly components suppliers. You can search for almost any product here, and you can use this platform to compare the prices from different suppliers too.

This platform is equally useful for engineers and buyers. The usability of the platform enables both parties to analyze market trends and products.

5.Tools to Design Custom Wiring Harness Assembly Design

You need different tools and instruments to design Custom Wiring Harness Assembly. To save money and get the best results out of your investment, you need to know the exact mechanisms and equipment that you are going to buy. Here are some essential tools that you need for Custom Wiring Harness Assembly production.

  1. Crimping tools
  2. Pneumatic crimping tools

6. Global Tools Provider

To get the best results, you need to invest in the best tools. If you want the best and advanced tools for Custom Wiring Harness Assembly production, MOLEX is a trusted name in the market. They have state of the art tools for the Custom Wiring Harness Assembly process. It is an international tool production company with billions of dollars’ worth.

7.Safety Standards For Custom Wiring Harness Assemblies

To avoid legal complexity and problem, you need to get certifications for your Custom Wiring Harness Assembly production setup. These standards ensure that you meet the criteria of producing your own Custom Wiring Harness Assembly. If you want to avoid all of these legal complexities and problems, we encourage you to contact CLOOM Tech for Custom Wiring Harness Assembly.

regulations and standard in the industry

Underwriters Laboratory

They are the pioneers in safety and scientific research all over the world. You need to get certification from this agency, and they will make sure that your production unit is meeting all the safety protocols. If you are buying Custom Wiring Harness Assembly parts from any other seller, you can contact UL to test the products for you.

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Custom Wiring Harness Assemblies by CLOOM Tech

If you find all of these steps and standards too complicated, you can contact CLOOM Tech to take care of your needs. From analyzing your project needs to come up with perfect solutions and products, the CLOOM Tech team is always the best choice for all industries.

Dealing with CLOOM Tech is extremely easy as we have a dedicated team of experts to take care of your needs. If you are not sure about your Custom Wiring Harness Assembly needs, you can contact us anytime. Our team will analyze your project to come up with customized products and solutions. With the highest success rate and affordable services, we are one of the top Custom Wiring Harness Assembly manufacturers.


This resource guide is refined after research and analyzing the market. You can refer to this guideline anytime if you are planning on setting up your production unit. Dealing with so many contacts can be hectic for companies with limited resources. To boost up your production unit capacity, we recommend contacting professional custom wiring cable assembly manufacturers and suppliers.

The 7 Differences Between Cable Assembly and Wire Harness

cable and wire

People often mistakenly use the terms cable assembly and wire harness for each other. That is because many think that these two terms refer to the same product. However, as it turns out, these two products are entirely different from each other.

Cable assembly and wire harness are similar to each other only in terms of their usage. They both conduct electric power or transmit signals from one point to another. Moreover, their primary function is also similar – to protect and organize wires. However, we use cable assembly and wire harness for entirely different purposes.

Let’s take a closer look at the differences between these two products.

cable and wire

1. What is the Basic Difference Between Wire and Cable?

Often, people get confused between these two basic terms. In short, a wire is a single strand of an electric conductor. It is usually bare, but sometimes appears twisted. There are some wires which contain multiple strands for more flexibility. However, these strands always remain in electrical contact with each other. Thus, it acts as a single conductor. Also, wires with a coating of an insulating layer or light-colored PVC are available.

On the contrary, a cable is a bundle of two or more wires. It consists of multiple individually insulated wires within a protective sheath. These insulated conductors run parallel, bonded, or twist together into one casing. The number of cables present in a cable can range from 2 to 100, sometimes even more. Usually, there will be a protective covering around the wires present in a cable. A cable has an inner sheath, armoring, and an outer sheath to ensure optimum protection. In general, most cables contain a positive wire, a neutral wire, and a grounding wire.

Manufacturers use materials such as aluminum or copper to make wires and cables.

Colorful wire harness

2. What Are The Wire Harness and Cable Assembly?

The wire harness is a protective sleeve and sheath covering a bundle of wires or cables.  A wire harness can combine hundreds of cables in a highly organized manner, connect with the help of ties, tape, laces, or a combination of all three.  Wire harness arranges the wires not to let them interfere with the electrical system. It also keeps the cables apart to avoid unnecessary interaction or circuit coupling. Wire harness ensures the maximum utilization of space in limited areas.

Cable assembly is a group of cables covered by an extra protective sleeve/sheath. These wires can be either stranded or braided. Examples of cable assemblies include power, Ethernet, and antenna cables. The function of cable assembly also is to organize wires and cables. However, there is a marked difference in the materials used in these two products. Let’s look at that in detail.

wiring harness used in the building

3.  What Are The Differences in The Makeup of Cable Assembly And Wire Harness?

The material of the covers of both products is similar but differs in its toughness.

Wire harness will have a protective sheath made of thermoplastic or thermoset material. That will be sufficient to provide essential protection to the wires from shock or corrosion. The wires and cables have the necessary insulation of plastic or rubber coating them. However, these wires and cables generally have low resistance. You can use gauges to measure these wires. As the capacity of the indicator increases, the size of the indicator will decrease. Ironically, thicker wires are at more risk of damage than thinner wires.

Meanwhile, cable assembly provides added strength and endurance to its wires and cables. It has a stress-resistant coating and uses more robust material for added protection, covers functions both as a protective shield and an insulator. Manufacturers use vinyl, thermoplastic rubber, or shrink-wrapped thermoplastic to make this cover. Moreover, the cable assembly contains numerous fillers such as nylon or Kevlar. Additionally, it will also have connections and terminations within it.

Manufacturers customize cable assemblies according to its particular environment of use. They are mostly manufactured by hand due to their intricate nature. Today, you can select cable assemblies of different sizes, shapes, and even colors.

Wire harness for electronic

4.  Where Do We Use Cable Assembly or Wire Harness? Why?

Wire harnesses form an unavoidable part of most devices and machines today. These include products such as computer, television, and refrigerator. Most of the household products or tools make use of wire harnesses. That is because most of these products already come with a protective shell. That removes the need for added protection from the wire harness. Moreover, a wire harness is also present in most automobiles, from cars to airplanes.

Cable assembly is for use in harsh climatic conditions or extreme temperature variations. Heavy industries generally make use of cable assemblies for their manufacturing processes; they protect external factors from the electric flow in its wires or cables. For instance, they can save technicians from many health and electrical hazards.

Industries such as medical, military, aerospace, security, and construction extensively use cable assembly. Also, cable assemblies are more accessible to route than wire harnesses. Thus, they are the most suitable for high-speed data transfers.

Most machines and products make use of an extensive collection of wires and cables. If we stretch out these wires, they can extend to kilometers. That is why binding and securing them together becomes crucial in any product. That will not only optimize the use of space but also protect the wires from damage or shock. Thus, both wire harness and cable assembly play a significant part in our day to day life.

Custom Wiring Harness By Cloom Tech

5.  What Are The Differences in the Cost of Wire Harness and Cable Assembly?

The wire harness is a cost-effective solution to organize electric cables and wires better. It doesn’t focus on providing added protection to its wires and cables. Thus, it costs less compared to the cable assembly. Moreover, it generally has a smaller volume compared to the cable assembly. That means they require a lesser amount of material and effort. That is also an essential factor in the reduced cost of the wire harness.

However, the cost of the cable assembly is reasonable due to the added protection it provides. Therefore, before choosing these products, validate their value with your purpose.

Coils of electrical wires for installation in cars

6. Are you Looking for Indoor or Outdoor Usage?

It is essential to understand the area of use before choosing these products.

Wire harness can only provide minimal protection for the wires. It cannot protect them from extreme temperatures or friction with each other. Its only purpose is to organize wires and cables efficiently. Therefore, a wire harness is more suitable for indoor usage.

In contrast, the cable assembly is the best choice for outdoor use. That is due to its high resistance to external factors. It provides sufficient protection from external factors such as heat, dust, and moisture. It also protects the wires and cables from friction, compression, corrosion, and so on. You can choose a cable assembly of any size or shape according to your particular needs. The format will depend on the area where you intend to use it and other environmental factors.   

Manufacturing of the custom wiring harness

7.  What Are The Connections Available For Cable Assembly and Wire Harness?

If your cable requirement is not very extensive, you can make do with wire harness. It is also cheaper and more straightforward than making use of cable assembly here.

The wire harness is a better option if the connector has multiple branches. For instance, a PC power cable uses wire harness instead of a cable assembly.  That is because it has various departments that connect to the hard drive, motherboard, and LED.

However, in a cable assembly, you can sheath and mold connectors easily. They will enhance the level of protection provided for the wire and cables. These connectors are usually present on each end of the cable. If you need to connect two PCBs, the cable assembly is your best option.

The flipside to cable assembly is that it often has a substantial and bulky built. That makes it hard to use in many situations. On the contrary, a wire harness is light and compact. That makes it very easy and convenient to use.  

Both wire harness and cable assembly make installation possible within lesser time. With these products, you don’t have to install each wire and cable individually anymore.

Colorful wire harness and connector housing


Cable assembly and wire harness are similar to each other in terms of their function. However, their purpose of use and environment is entirely different. You can use both for convenient organization of wires and cables in your project. But it is crucial that you choose between both these according to your specific needs.

If you need only a low-cost solution for organizing your electric system, go for wire harness. However, if high-quality protection is your priority, go for cable assembly instead. For a successful electrical system, choose between these two products after careful consideration. Selecting a cable assembly or wire harness rightly is sure to give you a successful outcome.

We can help you put together a cable assembly for your project. Talk to us today!

12 Benefits of Opting for Custom Cable Assembly

Cable assembly

Many businesses opt for custom cable assembly due to its many benefits. However, most businesses end up choosing the wrong company, and in the end, they do not get to enjoy all the benefits of opting for custom cable assembly. Contact CLOOM Tech, make sure not to make this mistake so that you have nothing to worry about.

If you aren’t sure yet, then check out these 12 reasons why custom cable assembly may be the right option for you.

Cable assembly

#1 Custom Cable Assembly Gives Better Control Over the Process

Bare cables

Customization is all about getting what you want. When you opt for custom cable assembly, you keep control in your hand and can control how things to do.

Your only responsibility will be to choose the right custom cable manufacturer and transparently provide all your requirements so that there are no issues later on.

#2 Custom Cable Makes it Easier to Scale Production

Worker assembling cable

When it comes to custom assembly, the sky’s the limit. Most companies put no cap on the number of products they can produce. You can order what you need, and the products will be delivered to you by the deadline, for as long as you choose a provider who is reliable and able to meet the given timeline.

Not all manufacturers are reliable though, hence be careful and choose to work with a company you can trust.

#3 Custom Cable Company Helps You Reduce Cost

Wire panel

It may sound like an odd benefit to some since most custom products cost more than the typical product found on the market, but when you look at the broader picture, you will realize that customer cable assembly can help you save money in the long-run.

When you get what you want, there will be less wastage of time and resources since nothing will go to waste. Plus, you will not have to request changes, which will save time. After all, when it comes to business, time is money. Every second count, and choosing a custom assembly can help you keep it.

You will be able to use this time elsewhere, which will eventually help your bottom line.

#4 Custom Cable Manufacturers Gives You Get Higher Quality

Wire panel

Quality should always be a top priority when it comes to a cable assembly. If you study the market, you will see that there are different options out there, some good in quality and some not so good.

You can opt for a traditional assembly design or choose a custom option that makes everything easier to manage.  

#5 Custom Options Lower Risk of Issues

Clean wires

This one is a no brainer. People choose customization because it gives them greater control over what they want. You must consider custom cable assembly since doing so will reduce the risk of issues that may appear later on.

Possible issues include poor quality grouping, tangled wires, wrong color selection, etc. These may sound like small issues, but they can lead to massive losses since there are often legal requirements involved.

Based on where your project is or what kind of cables you are assembling, the project you may need to follow a particular pre-requisite. If not, then your project may end up in hot water. Hence, opt for custom assembly to ensure your project stay away from problems.

#6 Custom Wire Assembly is Suitable for Testing


If your project want to introduce a new concept in terms of assembly, then you can opt for a custom solution to know how it works before you go full-blown with the idea. Doing so will give you a better understanding of how things will work and if anything needs to change before you invest more money into what you want to introduce in your business.

Other than this, customer assembly is also to use if you are taking care of a small project or test project that requires cables. Since testing is usually to do for a short while, it is essential to keep the wires separately. The custom cable assembly can come in very handy here as it will not only make it easier to differentiate between cables. But it will also let you remove or add wiring as and when needed without causing any difficulty to any other appliance or system.

That ensures that there is no disturbance, and everyone can work in peace.

#7 Custom Cable Assembly Manufacturers Helps You Save Time

Connecting wires

We’ve mentioned this point earlier, but this one deserves a separate heading because time is one of the most critical assets.

Custom cable assembly helps save time in a lot of ways, especially when it is time to add or remove wiring. If a wire malfunctions, you can identify it and then perform the changes needed to ensure the system continues to work like it expects to.

Attaining such results can be very difficult without customization, which is why many businesses opt for customization not only when it comes to cable assembly but also cables.

#8 Custom Made Design Look Very Good

Checking wires

Aesthetics are essential. You cannot leave your project looking like a mess since a large number of people will judge your business based on how it looks. It is why it is essential to pay attention to the cables.

We might be heading towards a wireless future, but you cannot neglect the importance of wires – at least for now – since almost all major equipment requires wiring to operate and process data.

Even if we get rid of wires tomorrow, it may be not very easy to eradicate wires without compromising on efficiency ultimately. Hence, your only option is to stick to custom cable assembly so that the project continues to look neat and inviting.

#9 Custom Cable Makes Management Easier

Wire management

With custom cable assembly, management will be a piece of cake since you will not have to worry about untangling wires now and then. Things will be marked and sorted, and less time and effort will be needed to perform maintenance or changes.

#10 Custom Cable and Wire Assembly Improves Performance

Wire performance


While there is no science backing this claim, experience tells us that custom wire assembly can have a positive impact on overall performance.

As mentioned earlier, it will help save time, and your team will have more free hours to concentrate on other duties, which may result in higher efficiency.

Plus, it may make your employees happier and more loyal since they prefer to work in an office that is tech-friendly and inviting. It’s a win-win situation.

#11 Custom Wires Can Be Good For Solving Solution

Cut wire

If you want to give a unique theme to your project, primarily based on your logo or overall marketing design, then you will need the help of custom cable assembly that can give the cable the design. And custom assembly can turn out to be quite a reliable solution.

#12 Quality Assurance Becomes Easier With Custom Cable Assembly

Wire management

Customization means you will get what you want, order, and pay for. As a result, there will be no risk of quality issues, and your QA team will not have to waste hours during or after installation to ensure quality standards are to match.

Benefits Custom Cable Assembly: Conclusion

Custom wiring process

It is all that you need to know about custom cable assembly benefits. Get in touch with a company that can meet your project expectations to ensure you get what you are looking for. You will not be able to enjoy the benefits explained above if you do not choose the right company to perform the job for your project.

7 Reasons You Need To Go For Custom Wire Harness Manufacturers

wiring harness

The wiring harness market is growing at a fast pace, especially in North America. As a business looking for a custom wire harness system, accuracy is the primary goal. For this, every little detail count. Choosing the right wire harness manufacturers is more important than you think. It is crucial to ensure the safety and durability of the system.

If you choose a manufacturer without considering all the factors, it might give you a poor result. Unlike other companies, wire harnessing manufacturers need to follow these standards. Otherwise, it can compromise the safety of both the product and the user.

Let’s take a brief look at the things to keep in mind while choosing the right wire harness manufacturer.

wiring harness

1. Accurate Testing System

The manufacturer needs to conduct rigorous testing on the cables and wire harness assemblies. That is necessary for every order. Performing both visual and electrical inspection can prevent any errors in the future. That will also ensure greater accuracy of the system.

Ensure that the company has the experience and ability for the testing before you order. They should also have the necessary testing equipment for physical and electrical testing.

Here, the company can make use of pre-programmed test boards. They can program these test boards with the electrical requirements of the project.  It will enable them to test the parts of the wire harness in groups or components. That will contribute significantly to create a safer and reliable final product.

The company should also be able to show the test reports of all the electronic wire harness made by them.

These are some of the tests manufacturers use:

  • Hipot Test

Hipot Test/high potential test for checking isolation. Alternatively known as Dielectric Withstand Test, it checks for excellent isolation. It ensures that there is no flow of current from one point to another. This high-voltage test can detect crushed insulation, braided shielding, and stray wire strands.

  • Continuity Test

Contrary to the Hipot test, the Continuity Test ensures the flow of current from one point to another. Also, they make sure that each wire hooks up or connects corresponding to its original design.

  1. Quality Control

Before you order, make sure the company has a stringent quality control system in place.  The manufacturer should only offer products of superior quality. Furthermore, make sure to check the following in a wiring harness:

  • Continuity
  • Correct labeling
  • Proper crimps

The crimp should never break the insulation. Instead, it should completely wrap around and support the insulation. Furthermore, it should not expose an opening bigger than 45 degrees.

  • Correct Wire Gauge  

The most appropriate wire gauge for your assemblies depends on the qualities of the wire. These qualities include the length and resistance of the cable. Moreover, identifying the right measure for your wiring is a rather complicated process. That will depend on the purpose and nuances of your final product. Interestingly, the bigger the size of the wire, the smaller the gauge becomes.

Choosing a larger gauge size has its merits, for it significantly lowers the energy costs. However, this means that your product will be more expensive. It is due to the more considerable amount of conductor material you need for its build. Besides, this might only be useful up to a certain point.

In the same note, opting for very small conductors might also make the assembly costlier. It is due to its intricate extrusion process. The right choice is to find the perfect gauge suitable for your wiring harness system.

Also, make sure to carry out the following:

  • Pull test – tug lightly at the wire ends at the point where they meet the connectors. That is to ensure that the wires are correctly attached.
  • Broken wires test
  • Check for damaged wires or insulation

Insulation should not have punctures or tabs penetrating the cables. Also, check if the insulation reveals wires – a sure sign of damage. Broken insulation is a grave matter as it can cause severe safety hazards.

Moreover, as it is very hard to detect damaged wires beneath insulation, you need to be extra careful. Check carefully for any scrapes, nicks, or other such damages in the cable.

Custom Wiring Harness

2. Different Types Of Wire Terminals 

The shape and size of the wire terminal will depend on the size of the screw and wire. Additionally, determine whether you need an insulated or non-insulated wire terminal for your project. Insulation acts as a non-conductor by providing a layer of added protection. It protects the wire from elements such as water, heat, and cold.  

If you do not need added protection, you can go for a non-insulated terminal – a cheaper option.

You can choose from various types of terminals. For instance, you can go for a ring, hook, fork, and bullet.

  • Ring terminals:
  • Round-edged terminal for easy attachment of a stud or screw.
  • Hook Terminals: Open-ended terminals that are available in both insulated or non-insulated options.
  • Fork/Spade Terminals: Open-ended terminals for easy attachment or removal from the screw. You can choose from insulated or non-insulated ones.
  • Bullet Terminals: This terminal creates a secure, stable, and high-quality connection. They can easily connect with both male and open-ended female connectors.
  • Quick-disconnect Terminals: These terminals can easily and securely connect and disconnect with wires.

3. Types Of Terminal Insulation 

Insulated terminals come in both partially insulated and fully insulated types. Partially insulated terminals are generally used on ring and fork terminals. They prevent wires from shorting or crossing. Meanwhile, fully covered terminals on quick connect/disconnect terminals prevent contact between wires. However, for non-insulated terminals soldering or crimping them in place is necessary.

4. Check The Colors – Get The Wire Colors You Need

The wires are color-coded for better organization and easy identification. The color codes used in wire harness manufacturing is as follows:

  • Black – Positive/Hot
  • White – Negative/Common
  • Green – Ground
  • Red – Secondary Line – Positive/Hot
  • Blue, Brown, Yellow – Use these colors to connect one point to another. You can choose between these three colors based on your personal preference.

Electrical Wires

5. Customization – Customize Wire Harness According To Your Needs

 Ensure the company is capable of creating a reliable, high-quality wire harness assembly. The product should suit your project’s specific electrical requirements perfectly. That includes the size and thickness of the wire and materials that you need. Design requirements, such as insulation, are also necessary. In most companies, wire harness manufacturing is a manual process. It is because manual production is more cost-effective than automation in this case. Manufacturers cater to customized orders that require highly specialized products in small quantities. Therefore, manufacturing by hand is the best option. They should also test and retest these customized harnesses to ensure its reliability.

Wiring harness6. Straps – Using The Right Wire Strap

Straps secure both sides of the harness at the points where the wiring splits into two. There are different kinds of straps available such as ground strap and bonding strap. Bonding straps create an electrical flow between two points. Meanwhile, ground straps provide a ground potential to ensure protection from electrostatic discharge. The latter will protect the device from short-circuiting.

Wiring Harness Supplier

7. Wiring Approval – Is It UL Certified? 

Make sure the company has a safety certification from UL, CSA International, or ETL. UL tests and certifies the safety and function of wires and cables based on rigid standards. These certifications mean that the company complies with international and industry-wide standards. They also have to upgrade their training processes regularly according to these regulations. They offer the highest standards and best practices for the wire harnessing industry.

Sometimes the customer may not have specific requirements. In that case, the manufacturers generally follow the standardized IPC A-620 certification. It is the widely accepted industry standard for wire harness installation and fabrication.

Wiring Harness & Cable


If you carefully consider all the above factors, you can ensure a safe and smart purchase for your project. Selecting the right manufacturer will surely save your money and time. But it is also crucial for the most important factor – your safety. Invest some time to align your needs with the wire harness manufacturer.

Talk to us to help you. Our customizable wire harness options will suit your needs better. Plus, you will love the accurate custom wire harnessing assembly system for sure.

7 Important Things To Expect From Custom Cable Assembly Manufacturer

Custom Cable Assembly

While choosing the economical and quality Custom Cable Assembly manufacturer, you must have a clear understanding of the ordered product. In most of the cases, the companies and buyers cannot get on the same page, and that creates conflicts between them.
To make the Custom Cable Assembly buying process easier for our clients, CLOOM Tech has created a detailed guideline. The guideline about Custom Cable Assembly discusses the critical questions and queries that you can ask from your manufacturer. At CLOOM Tech, we have a wide range of products, including custom wiring harness and Custom Cable Assembly.
Here are some essential questions that you can ask for a clear understanding and quality of the product.

Custom Cable Assembly

1. Knowing The Benefits Of The Custom Cable Assembly

For the complicated and complex wiring plans, standard cable assembly solution does not seem to be useful. For better arrangements and maintenance of the project, you have to invest in Custom Cable Assembly. Now, it’s time to go in details of the benefits of the Custom Cable Assembly for your project.

Custom Cable Assembly

Here are some benefits of having Custom Cable Assembly in your toolkit:


CLOOM Tech is famous for delivering the Custom Cable Assembly according to the specifications of the project. The offered products are extraordinarily customized and precise according to your project needs.

Exact Quantity

With Custom Cable Assembly, you have to spend money on a precise number of cables that you need for your project. Even after the completion of the project, you don’t have to deal with extra wire, and there will be no wastage of the money.

Introduce Flexibility

Standard cable assemblies come with the typical length. If you have a project where you want custom length for the appliance, Custom Cable Assembly seems like the only option left. You can make the assembly more flexible as per the needs of the project.

Electrician worker checking

Quality Assurance

We deliver every product after a proper testing process. When you are buying quality Custom Cable Assembly, we will make sure that you get the best suitable product for your project.

Higher Performance

Due to strict quality assurance tests and more top build quality, Custom Cable Assembly performs better than standard cables assemblies. Custom Cable Assembly products last longer than standard cables, so you are also going to get better ROI.  

2. What Material Do The Manufacturers Use For The Production?

Once you have chosen the right Custom Cable Assembly manufacturer for your project, it’s time to analyze the quality of the product. Different suppliers use different manufacturing processes and materials. You must be aware of the materials used in jacketing and insulation.

At CLOOM Tech, we keep your satisfaction, and safety is our priority. When it comes to the quality of the products and security of the project, we are second to none. Custom Cable Assembly by CLOOM Tech is suitable for sensitive and complex applications, too, like the medical industry.  

3. What Is The Shipment Process Of The Custom Cable Assembly?

We are not only dealing with the Chinese market, but we have international clients too. While dealing with international clients, we get a lot of queries about the shipment process. We thought to make it clear for our valuable clients and readers.

Manufacturing of thecustom cable assembly

A professional Custom Cable Assembly supplier must value your investment. So, we try our best to ship your order with proper care and precautions. Custom Cable Assembly products are fragile, and we don’t want to deliver tangled wires to our valuable buyers. Don’t forget to discuss the shipment details with your supplier. If the supplier is offering the products by air, then the packaging must be according to the air company requirements. In case of shipment by sea, the Custom Cable Assembly packaging must be hard enough to take the beating during the delivery. Always focus on discussing things with your supplier than may create conflicts after the delivery.

4. What Are The Essential Components Of The Custom Cable Assembly?

You are not going to get a simple long wire in Custom Cable Assembly. Cable assemblies can be complex and complicated, you should have proper knowledge of the product. When you know the details of the product, the supplier may not trick you into something wrong. You can read the articles about Custom Cable Assembly services by CLOOM Tech for more information. Your Custom Cable Assembly supplier must specify what types of products you are going to get.

If you are not sure about your requirements and project needs, contact CLOOM Tech right now. We offer professional consultancy services for our clients. Our engineers and expert can analyze your project to come up with better products.

5. How Do The Manufacturers Do The Custom Cable Assembly Labeling?

Without proper labeling, there is no benefit of using Custom Cable Assembly. The basic purpose of using Custom Cable Assembly in your project is to introduce flexibility and ease. Without proper labeling, you may end up connecting the wrong wires. At CLOOM Tech, we always focus on the professional labeling of wire. This not only saves the buyer’s time but also makes the installation easier.  

Custom cable assembly labeling

In case of wrong connection due to poor labeling, you can hurt yourself. Custom Cable Assembly labeling must be every client’s major concern. Cable assemblies are a vital part of your project, and you should not take things lightly. Choosing the right Custom Cable Assembly manufacturer may seem like a hectic process. With CLOOM Tech, you don’t need to invest your energy in these things. We deliver properly labeled products so you can enjoy peace of mind while working with us.

If you ever feel that you are new to the Custom Cable Assembly market, this detailed article can help you a lot. Before making any decision, we encourage you to read this article once. We have covered everything that the professional buyer must know.  

6. What Kind Of Quality Assurance Tests Does The Manufacturer Have?

You are investing the handsome amount in Custom Cable Assembly, and the safety of the project depends upon these components. Quality assurance is the first thing that you must search for in any Custom Cable Assembly supplier. If you are dealing with the supplier for the first time, make sure that you know how they test their products.

Ask Custom Cable Assembly manufacturer about their testing labs and how do they test the assemblies. A strict testing process must ensure that the delivered product is ready to perform under any circumstances. At CLOOM Tech, we have the state of the art testing labs. We have served hundreds of local and international clients. Due to our quality Custom Cable Assembly product and higher standards, we are always their first pick. General quality assurance includes:

  1. Advanced Life Testing Labs
  2. Crimp Compacting Ratios vs. Pull Testing

These tests make sure that you are going to get the best and most suitable products for your project. Custom Cable Assemblies by CLOOM Tech deliver high performance under all circumstances.

7. What Kind Of Cable Jackets Do We Use For Custom Cable Assembly?

Cable jacketing is an important component of the Custom Cable Assemblies. The insulated cable assemblies come with jackets to protect the wires against any kind of damage. In case of heated wires, these jackets can offer an extra layer of protection for your project.

You can ask about the jacketing material and how these jackets are going to serve your purpose. Do they have testing labs to assure the resistance of the jackets against cracks and damages?

Where To Buy Custom Cable Assembly?

Now, you are good to go for the final purchase. We have covered everything regarding Custom Cable Assembly that you need to know. These questions can help you with choosing the right Custom Cable Assembly and supplier for your project.

Custom cable assembly by CLOOM Tech

If you are not sure where to buy Custom Cable Assemblies, we welcome you to CLOOM Tech. We are a team of experienced engineers and manufacturing experts with advanced R&D labs. CLOOM Tech is offering a wide range of quality customized products for local and international clients.  

Our marketing team analyzes the market to come up with the best pricing strategies. After a complete analysis, we have come up with the lowest price tags in the whole market. We aim to deliver high-quality products at the most reasonable prices for our clients. CLOOM Tech has served hundreds of reputed firms and industries with custom wiring harness services and Custom Cable Assemblies.


While you are searching for the perfect Custom Cable Assembly manufacturer for your project, you can keep these questions in mind. We have tried our best to deliver quality information to our readers. If you want transparent dealings and quality products for your project, we would love to serve you with our services.

If you have any questions regarding Custom Cable Assembly, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We are always here to help. If you have any queries, drop us a message and our experts will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

10 Details To Be Aware Of When Looking For A Custom Wiring Harness Supplier

Custom wiring harness supplier

Finding professional resources in the market is necessary for the success of any project. From engineers to the wiring suppliers, every person must be cooperative and professional. If you are looking for a professional wiring supplier for customized harnesses and cable assemblies, you need to consider some essential points. There must be some questions that you must ask from the supplier.

If you have started a mega or small project that involves electric cables and wires, this article is for you. At CLOOM Tech, we strive to educate the community about the right products and services. Along with our top-quality wiring harnesses and cable assemblies, we offer informative blogs too. You need to focus on these given details before finalizing the deal with your wiring supplier.

1.Check Custom Wiring Harness Supplier’s Portfolio

Have you considered the top wiring suppliers in your area? Have you gone through their online sites and profiles? Once you have chosen the top wiring suppliers, the next step is to visit their official websites. Most of the professional wiring suppliers have their blogs and websites. You can see the details of their previous projects in the portfolio section. If some wiring supplier has worked with multinational companies and offering reasonable prices, you can go for that one.

If you don’t find the details of their previous projects, you can email them to ask for their portfolio. Having an eye on the portfolio can give you a sense of trust and reliability. If you visit the official website of CLOOM Tech, you will find complete details of our previous projects and how we have provided services to mega projects and multinational companies.

2. Range of the Custom Wiring Harness Services

If you want to make things easier and smooth, always prefer a supplier that offers all the services under the same platform. Every project requires a long list of products that include some customized products too. If you hire different suppliers for each product, you may have to pay a lot more.

Having many suppliers is not only going to cost more, but it is going to be difficult dealing with so many suppliers. If your supplier is offering all primary customized services and products, you are good to go with that. Always choose a wiring supplier that can meet all of your electric services needs and requirements.

3.Custom Wiring Harness Market Reputation

Would you like to hire a wiring supplier that is notorious for low-quality products and items? No one would ever want to work with such a supplier. So, do some online research and read the reviews of the previous customers. Most of the wiring suppliers have their Facebook pages, so visit them. If you have any queries, you can ask the supplier and must go through the review section on their page.

In the review section, most of the buyers provide real-time experiences so you can get an idea that what you are jumping into. Always prefer a reputed seller or supplier that has a strong client base in the market.

4.Customized Products of Wiring Harness

If you are working on a mega project in any sector, you are going to need customized products for your project. In most of the industries, machines and appliances need customized electric accessories. You can quickly get typical products from the market, but when it comes to personalized products, you don’t have a lot of choices in that case.

Every wiring supplier does not offer customized products. Before hiring any wiring supplier for your project, analyze the plan for customized products. If you are going to need custom wiring harnesses or custom cable assemblies, choose a supplier that offers these services. CLOOM Tech is famous for its custom wiring harnesses and cable assemblies in the local and national level market. We have provided our services for several mega projects in different sectors of life.

5.The Budget of Custom Wiring Harness

The budget is always going to the main factor for the choice of the right wiring supplier. Either you are looking for a local wiring supplier or an international manufacturer; make sure that they meet your budget restrictions. Before signing the final deal with a supplier, let them know about your requirements. If they offer a free quote, don’t forget to ask for a free quote. Once you have quotes from major suppliers, compare the prices.

Higher prices don’t guarantee higher quality. If you are offered the same products from different wiring suppliers, always compare the quality of the products and the prices. To avoid any conflict in the future, you must discuss the budget with the supplier.

6. Custom Highly Product Quality Wiring Harness

Electric appliances and components must be of high quality. A small issue in a circuit can cause significant damage to the overall project. So, before anything, make sure that the supplier has quality products. If the quality is as per international standards, paying some extra money is also the right choice.

If the quality of the product is poor, but the prices are attractive, don’t fall for that trap. There is nothing more important than your safety and security of your project. Having low-quality components and products can cost you a fortune if it does not work well. Instead of choosing products and items based on price, always select the products according to the quality. If you have to pay some extra money for quality products, it is good to deal with.

7.Quality Testing

Most of the international and local wiring suppliers have strict rules and regulations for quality check. If you are choosing a wiring supplier, make sure that they have proper quality checks. CLOOM Tech has state of the art labs and research teams to test every product at our factory. To ensure the client’s satisfaction and quality of the product, we follow all international safety rules and standards.

8.Research and Development

Outdated products and accessories may fail after a few months or years. If you want long term results, go for a wiring supplier that has up to date labs to come up with better products. If you are still using expired materials and products for your project, how can you be sure about the quality and safety of your project?

9.Production Capacity

A local or small wiring supplier may be the right choice if you have a small project to deal with. When it comes to requirements for mega projects, you have to be careful about the supplier. If the production capacity of the supplier is not enough to meet your needs, you may end up with delayed deliveries.

Clearly state your requirements and needs to the supplier and ask if they can deliver the desired results. If the production capacity is not enough as per your requirements, you can move to the next option on the list. CLOOM Tech can meet the custom requirements of any level of the project. If you want our team to analyze your custom wiring needs, we welcome you to CLOOM Tech. We offer consultancy services too for mega projects.

10.Customer Services

In today’s market, customer satisfaction matters a lot. If you don’t have an active team to deal with customers, you may not deliver the best services to your clients. You may want to discuss the details of your project with the supplier, and if there is not active customer support, you may not have that opportunity. So, see if the wiring supplier has customer support and how they are treating the clients.


We discussed all the essential things that you need to consider before hiring a wiring supplier for your project. If you can find a perfect fit as per your needs and requirements, that would be great. CLOOM Tech is one of the leading names in the Chinese market.

CLOOM Tech is offering a wide range of custom products for small and large industries and businesses. If you need a professional wiring supplier to take care of your project at a reasonable price, CLOOM Tech will be more than happy to offer the services.

8 Tips for Custom Wiring Harnesses From a 10-year Veteran Engineer

Wire Harness

With over ten years in the tech industry, engineers have put together the necessary information to help you custom wiring harnesses for your project.

What are the essential tips to aid you through this journey? Our veteran engineer with over ten year’s hands-on experience on the field provides the tips that serve as a guide to help you go about it the right way.

Wire Harness

1. Purchase customized wiring harness from a trusted company

The quest to cut costs may do you more harm than good. It is necessary to minimize costs whenever the opportunity avails itself.

Yet, be careful about how you cut costs. In purchasing the tools and materials, you require for your wiring harnesses, make certain that you buy items from a trusted supplier. That is important to ensure that you get the best quality for the wiring harnesses you want to build for your project.

Supplier of Customized Wire Harness

2. Pay attention to the materials

The material you make use of for building the custom wiring harnesses varies form one person to the next. That means that in creating your design, the type of material you make use of depends on what your project requires.

It is erroneous to make use of materials without understanding its applications. When making use of materials, the most common materials that are almost indispensable are wires and sheathing.

The sheathing helps to protect the wires and keeps them safe and away from undue exposure. The quality of the material determines the durability and efficiency of the custom wiring harness.

Custom Wiring Harness for Your Project

3. The appropriate connectors

Connectors are essential for building custom wiring harnesses. You wouldn’t want to end up with the wrong result. Something as little as a faulty connector mars the whole process and constitutes problems for you in the long run.

Wire Harnesses Plastic Connectors

4. Choose wires and terminals carefull

The wrong cables and terminals also cause poor performance or failure in the ability of the custom harnesses to function in the right way.Terminals

5. Always crimp your wire harnesses

Crimping is an important part of the process. There are lots of benefits when making use of crimping on your job.

Ironically, there are some unfounded tales about crimping and the negative effect it reflects on your wiring harnesses. Well, all of that negativity you heard is far from the truth.

Crimping helps to keep your insulation in place and prevents it from breaking apart.

Wiring Harness Crimping

6. Pay attention to the insulation

There is no excuse for environmental hazards or disasters. You are to stay safe when using the custom wiring harness for your project.

For this reason, ensure you observe the insulation closely. The insulation needs to be free from any puncturing of any kind. Be certain that there is no puncturing at any point close to the where the tabs close to the wires are located.

Custom service

7. Crimped wires and insulation must be at the right place

The insulation and flush wires need to be in a compatible for you to achieve the result you hope for.

Suffice to say, the crimped wires and insulation possess a lot in common. So, both material needs to be in a position that reveals their suitability and compatibility.

Custom Wire Harness in China

8. Use the right technique

Getting the right materials and tools is not enough to give a good result. That implies that if people fail to follow the correct technique for the wiring harnesses, they will not get the right result.

For the custom wiring harnesses, ensure cut the wires into the appropriate length. Also, remember to crimp your terminal safely to both ends. That helps to keep the wire in place.

Test the wires to make certain that they are functioning properly and do not forget to put the connector housings as well.

Manufacturing Wiring Harnesses


These tips from a veteran engineer with over ten years’ experience. You can do this to help you with your custom harness wiring needs for your project.


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