12 Things to Ask Custom Cable Manufacturers Before Purchasing

We know that custom cables are better for your project than the cables you will find at the store. We’ve previously discussed the benefits of custom options and how they end up being more affordable in the long run despite often costing more initially.

If you ever scan the market, you will find that many sellers offer custom cable. While all manufacturers claim to be the best, the truth is that they’re not made equal.

In this article, we have covered the twelve questions you must ask custom cable manufacturers to gauge their efficiency and understand if they’re worth a try or not.

Close-up detail of electrical power cables

Close-up detail of electrical power cables

#1 For How Long Have You Been in The Custom Cable Manufacturers Industry

electrical tester wires tying cables bolt

electrical tester wires tying cables bolt

That should be your first question, as it will help you know about the provider. Most people suggest that you choose a firm that has been working for a good few years since many of us equate the quality experience, but that may not always be true.

Some new providers can be excellent. Still, experience does come into play when you’re ordering a complex job.

Moreover, there appears to be a trade-off. Experienced companies tend to charge more for what they bring to the table. On the other hand, new companies may offer lower rates because they want to grow and work with more clients.

The decision is yours. If you think your job is complicated, choose someone with experience in handling similar work. Otherwise, you can opt for a new firm if it offers other benefits, such as lower quotes.

#2 What Kind of Payment Options Do You Offer

electrical tester wires tying cables bolt

using mobile smartphone online payment

Assuming you will be dealing online, you will have to make payments using one of the many available tools, such as PayPal, Skrill, and credit cards. All these options have perks, and some may be more costly than others.

Credit cards, for example, levy an additional charge of 3% when you make international payments, which can run into thousands when you’re making huge payments. On the other hand, there may also be currency conversion fees.

Other options, in some cases, may turn out to be cheaper. Hence, it’s essential to ask this question because it can make a lot of difference to how much you’ll end up paying at the end of the day.

#3 Do You Offer Any Warranties or Guarantees?

large copper power cable

large copper power cable

This pointer will keep you safe in case things go wrong. Warranties help you stay assured that you’ll be covered if the company fails to make good on the promise, so inquire about this factor and be aware of all relevant conditions.
For example, the warranty/guarantee may go void if you request a refund after a certain period. Go through the document that explains these terms and conditions.

Moreover, it is pretty standard for no warranties in this industry. If such is the case, you can opt to get a demo or prototype and then give a bulk order once you’re satisfied with what you got.

#4 What Kind of Timeline Do You Provide?

multicolored computer cable

multicolored computer cable

We know that most companies need wires to install in products to create an end-product for the market. If the shipment is delayed, the entire order can get delayed putting the whole business at risk. Since deadlines are essential, being clear about this factor will ensure you get your hands on the product right when you need it.

Cable manufacturers will generally provide you with a timeline that’s often negotiable. Also, you may have to pay more if you opt for a very short deadline.

#5 What Materials Will You Use?

Electrician technician at work prepares the cable

The electrician technician at work prepares the cable.

The quality will largely depend on the materials used to clarify this factor from the beginning. Consider sending your specifics to the manufacturer. Some sellers entertain such requests and let buyers decide what material to use during manufacturing.

#6 Cable Manufacturers–What Kind of Companies Do You Work With?

Control panel wiring

Control panel wiring

Wires are used worldwide, from the health industry to the manufacturing industry. Different companies have different requirements, and working with a manufacturer with experience in the same niche is best to understand and deliver what you need quickly.

#7 Cable Manufacturers–Can You Share Your Portfolio and Client Details?

measure the current power of electrical components

measure the current power of electrical components

This question is linked to the previous question, so consider asking them together for clarity. Some manufacturers will have these details on the official website under the portfolio or testimonial section. Hence you may not have to ask this one. However, there’s no harm if you cannot find such information on the web.

The company will most probably share the names, but they may not give out other information as that may be confidential.

#8 Cable Manufacturers–What Is Your Medium of Communication?

electrical installation network cable system

electrical installation network cable system

Communication is essential whether you’re giving a big or small order, especially when you have never met your supplier in a face-to-face meeting.

Ask them how they communicate and do they prefer emails or phone calls, or the traditional fax method. Believe it or not, some companies still stick to it.

You can use this information to determine if they’re in sync with your business. In addition, working hours need to be paid attention to because if you are in the US working with a company in China or Australia, the difference can be over 10 hours.

It is best to choose a provider that offers 24/7 support, not to change your schedule to discuss with an agent.

#9 Are You a Licensed and Registered Custom Cable Manufacturer?

Once again, this information will usually be available on the website, but if it isn’t, you can inquire. Never make the mistake of choosing a company that isn’t registered or licensed because such firms are usually spam and fail to deliver.

Moreover, do not trust blindfold what they tell you. Make it a point to do your research and verify the information. It may be a good idea to go to the official website of the licensing body and verify the license so that you can rest assured you’re in safe hands.

#10 Cable Manufacturers–Do You Offer International Shipping?

International cable shipping

International cable shipping

What’s the point of speaking to an agent for hours and negotiating everything to realize they do not deliver in your country of residence? So, be clear about this point if you’re working with an off-shore firm.

#11 Cable Manufacturers–Are There Any Extra Charges?

Custom cable manufacturers may add additional charges for services such as expedited shipping. These charges can cost a fortune and make the gig more expensive than you originally envisioned. So, emphasize this point and insist on getting a full and final quote to know exactly how much you’ll have to pay.

#12 Cable Manufacturers–Do You Offer Discounts?

Discount offers

Discount offers CLOOM

Some companies offer discounted rates when you give bulk orders or promise to return for more work. However, some companies are stringent about prices and work on fixed rates. Add this question when you inquire about extra charges.


That is all you need to know about selecting custom cable manufacturers. Remember that the key lies in knowing what you’re looking for, carefully communicating your requirements, and asking questions to ensure they can at least meet – if not exceed – your expectations.

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