8 Ways to Avoid Damage to Custom Cable Harness Assembly

Have you ordered a custom wiring harness assembly solution for your business? Wondering what the best way to set it up is? Cable harness assembly incorporates different cable assemblies, and the cable assembly market is growing in size every year.

You need to protect cable harness assemblies from external damage. You are wondering how to avoid damage to it? In this post, we cover all you need to know about the protection of cable harness assemblies.

Custom cable harness design

Alt – Custom cable harness design

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1.Ensure You Snap the Enclosures Together

It helps you snap it together or apart, time and again, as you need. When you snap enclosures together, they remain solid and accessible.

This kind of enclosure is essential to first-timers on cable harness assemblies. The reason is that the section gives an easy time for repair and maintenance.

Custom designs for cable harness assembly

Alt – Custom designs for cable harness assembly

Moreover, cable harness assemblies need servicing often. Thus, it is essential even to a person who may have owned them before.

Professionals get it easy to locate faulty areas within the cable harness assemblies, and it, in turn, makes the servicing work easy.

2.Ensure You Screw Together the Enclosures

If you want to protect the enclosure from others, it’s a great way to go about it. When you screw the sections together, you limit unauthorized access to the cables.

It helps when the cables are in an area where people can come in touch with it. The enclosure does a double job. One, it offers protection from unwanted communications, and two, the section gives easy access to electricians for servicing.

Cable harness assemblies remain safe and secure from interruption by third parties. This type of enclosure system ensures that access to servicing is easy, which makes it the best kind to rely on.

3.Try for Ultrasonic Welding

You get even better protection, and it is tamper-proof. Among the many enclosures available, ultrasonic is the strongest, and it binds the cable to ensure that access is only limited to breaking the square.

This type of enclosure is ideal for unpredictable and volatile environments, and it offers total protection from external stimulus and thus remains strong.

It is costly to service this type of enclosure but worth most protection. It is ideal for cable harness assemblies, which do not often need servicing.

Ultrasonic welding enclosure remains the perfect choice for the most excellent protection.

Know the right welding for your needs

Alt – Know the proper welding for your needs

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4.Cable Harness AssemblyAvoid Compression

It can lead to compression failure in cables or else. Too much compression exerts excess pressure on insulation can cause compression failure.

It happens when the pressure contorts the insulation, and it’s what stops it from functioning. The best method to detect shorts arising from this effect is through a high voltage test.

The more the cable insulation is softer, the more it is susceptible to compression effect.

Rodents attack on cables harness assemblies is also standard, and it is more to areas where the cable passes in places where rodents are likely to be. It is an example of a food store and bushy environment.

Use non-lethal chemicals to control rodents’ attacks. It is a protection method that uses repellents, and the repellents can ensure that cable assemblies are safe from rodents.

Adding repellents into the outer sheath of the cable covering during manufacturing helps.

These ingredients have a lifespan of up to 15 years. The odor is not detectable by humans’ sense of smell but is detectable by rodents.

The combination of bitter taste and foul odor keeps the rodents away from gnawing the cables.

Use the right wiring connector

Alt – Use the suitable wiring connector

5.Cable Harness AssemblyUse Other Chemicals

At times, you may have to use lethal chemicals, and the rodent issue becomes tiresome. Also, sometimes you may want to look at it for environmental reasons.

Lethal chemicals are a risk to pets and children who may consume the poison bait. Plus, they are not environmentally friendly, and it’s not easy to dispose of. It is why we do not encourage the use of lethal chemicals here.

Lethal poisoning affects even animals that feed on dead carcasses from fatal poisoning, and it is not environmentally sound. Avoid it if you can.

6.Cable Harness AssemblyCreate An Armor

It is a bit expensive, and you may want to armor the tapes together. The extra material means that workers might find it challenging to work with the cables.

Armored cables are ideal in environments where physical damage is prone. It includes industrial plants where maintenance activities can interfere with wires.

Adding armor to cables helps them to last long and resist abrasion. For example, you can have lines that pass underground need armor. On the flip side, it means that maintenance workers might find it challenging to fix. For one, they have to look to remove the armor. Or, may have to look at fixing issues with the armor on. In either case, it can get complex.

It helps avoid breakage when maintenance execution plants dig the cables out. In such events, lines without armor may break and lead to an electric shock.

Cables with armor are thick and heavy to handle, but they may be the only best solutions in some situations. Adding armor to both power and signal cables is possible.

7.Cable Harness AssemblyAvoid Kinks

If kinking happens, straighten it out. Proper maintenance is essential, and a reasonable material build ensures that you have fewer kinks to worry about.

Kinks are not as bad in the beginning. Everything will look fine, and transmission continues uninterrupted.

When kinks cause a break in the wires or interfere, they can cause a network error or power cut. It is thus suitable to straighten up any curls around your cables.

When using soft insulation material, you need to find strong material built that will resist kinks. It will help you be safe from a power cut and network interruptions.

Avoid wiring kinks

Alt -Avoid wiring kinks

8.Cable Harness AssemblyLook to Avoid Sharp Edges

Ensure you screw in the end caps tight. Avoid any sharp edges at the end. Sharp edges appear top in the causes of damage to cables.

It occurs during installation. Sharp edges, for example, screws, bolts, cable tray ends, and many others, are dangerous.

Sharp edges may cause abrasion of the external sheath of a cable, causing a groove. Grooves may cause the wires to split, and the track can cause the wire to break with time.

It may happen long after installation. Breaks resulting from grooves in the cables are hard to locate.

They may be time-consuming. Electricians follow the whole cable checking for any possibility of a groove.


These simple tips can ensure your custom cable harness assembly stays safe, and they promise wholesome protection to your cable harness assembly.

It is good to consider these tips before buying your cable harness assembly. These tips will influence your decision on the type of cables that suits your needs. Remember that fixing a faulty cable line is costly.

We can help you provide the best custom harness assembly design. Talk to us to know more about how we can help you. With our state-of-the-art laboratories, you can be sure of excellent quality. And our custom offerings ensure you get what you need.

Suffering from a power cut and network interruption is a risk. Don’t let it happen. Talk to us to know more about how we can help.

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Enjoy a free sample worth UP TO $100!
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