Cable assembly contract manufacturers: Why Choosing the Right Wiring Harness Manufacturer Is Crucial.

Wire harness makers are businesses that assemble wires and cables for use in a product. And there are a lot of benefits of outsourcing harness production. However, picking a manufacturer is more complicated than ever. Today, we will offer advice on finding reliable cable assembly contract manufacturers.

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What are Contract Manufacturers?

When a company outsources the production of its goods or components to another manufacturer or turnkey supplier, they are said to have collaborated with a contract manufacturer (CM). It means you are outsourcing your work in this sense.

A copacker, also known as a contract packager, is a contract manufacturer who provides packaging services. Name-brand corporations are responsible for research and development, product design, and marketing, while contract manufacturers are responsible for production.

The vast majority of turnkey providers focus on production. However, some can also assist with design and customization. Several turnkey providers focus solely on one component (such as memory chips) or one procedure (e.g., plastic molding).

Packing of Wire Harness

Packing of Wire Harness

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Benefits of Wire Harness Outsourcing

Here are a few benefits of outsourcing wire harness manufacturing.

Vast Expertise

An experienced wire harness manufacturer has been making harnesses and assemblies for years. The manufacturer has become an authority on wire harnesses thanks to their extensive experience in the field. If you build with your production team, you might be missing out on a valuable experience. It will also use your company’s resources.

We recommend employing professionals for wire manufacturing in the most fool-proof manner. In addition, you’d have the time to concentrate on strengthening weaknesses in your company.

Low Cost of production

Reduced manufacturing costs are necessary for any company considering entering the wire harness manufacturing market. Do it yourself, and you’ll have to pay for everything from salaries and benefits to renting and office supplies. Costs will rise, customers will look elsewhere, and you’ll lose sales.

Outsourcing lowers overhead and high labor and production costs in a low-cost country. Your product will have lower prices, allowing you to attract more customers. Your wire harness will be a quality product, even though its production and labor costs will be lower.

Efficient Production Capabilities

In today’s world of intense rivalry, effective means of production have never been more crucial. Product shortages and other inventory problems are inevitable results of inefficient production. If you see an unexpected uptick in product demand, this could be catastrophic for your company.

However, when you outsource, you work with factories that already have the equipment and personnel in place to mass-produce wire harnesses. This guarantees you’ll never run out of stock and always have a supply of things available. As a result, you will be able to meet your client’s needs even if the demand for wire harnesses skyrockets suddenly.

Raw Material Sourcing in Cheap

A wire harness manufacturer can find better prices on raw materials in low-cost places like China. It may be simpler for manufacturers to get raw materials at discounted rates. In the production of harnesses in large quantities,  the savings are then passed on to you, the client, in large quantities production of harnesses.

Greater Business Investments

The greatest benefit of outsourcing wire harness from a maker is the company’s freedom to deal with whatever manufacturers best suit its needs. You can engage with many suppliers if you need wire harnesses with varying specifications.

Moreover, you can also select two different manufacturers for different styles of design is possible. Investing in the many machines needed to manufacture the various designs would be financially impractical. Choose a more adaptable strategy, such as collaborating with various manufacturers who already possess the necessary resources to fulfill your specific requests.

Cable assembly contract manufacturers: 
 Wire harness terminal connectors

Wire harness terminal connectors

What Your CM Needs for the Wire Harness Manufacturing Process

Pegs on a panel indicate where the harness splits off in different directions or where you will attach the connectors. This way, they may plan the harness to fit the user perfectly. For the most part, you’ll be the one specifying these measurements, and contract makers are accustomed to receiving a wide variety of data. Information can take any number of forms, from handwritten notes to a set of intricate 3D CAD models and beyond.

However, like with any manufactured good, fewer issues may arise during assembly if you give thorough documentation and accurate specifications. Here is some piece of information your contract manufacturer will need.

  • Images of the connecting pins in great detail.
  • Detailed diagrams of your wiring (cable drawing), including each connector’s wires, colors, nets, and pin assignments.
  • Specification of the bill of materials, including part numbers.
  • Tolerances, directions, and assembly labels are all included in the assembly drawing.
  • Test requirements for the completed harness.
Cable assembly contract manufacturers: 
 Checking the wire harness on the control desk

Checking the wire harness on the control desk

Contract Manufacturing Process to Build Your Wire Harness

Given the specifications, your contract manufacturer follows a standard procedure while creating your wire harness.

Design Review

Your CM will first conduct a design review by checking the bill of materials and other required paperwork. Additionally, they will determine whether or not the items you’ve chosen are the most advantageous in terms of price, availability, and overall performance. In that case, they’ll start looking for replacements.

Material Preparation

After the bill of materials has been established, the CM will order the necessary parts and supplies to build and test the harness.

Assembly Documentation

Concurrently with the purchase process, the CM will develop assembly documentation for the factory floor based on your input, including step-by-step construction instructions, visuals, and testing protocols. And the CM will make an assembly panel with the required pegs.

Harness Production

Construction of the wire harness can now begin. The assembly specialists will measure and cut the cable to length and then arrange it on the panel following the blueprints. Ultimately, they will tie the wire bundles, install the connectors, and fix labels over them.

Quality Analysis

After they assemble the wiring harness, they put it through the continuity test. And if the appropriate system is there, it will verify the quality of the harness’s construction and labels and see how well it fits.

Cable assembly contract manufacturers: 
 Production room of wire harness manufacture

Production room of wire harness manufacture

How to Qualify a Wire Harness Manufacturer to Ensure a Successful Contract

You can decide on a manufacturer after making sure of the following information.

Cable assembly contract manufacturers: Equipment

To cut costs, look for a business that uses technology you don’t already possess. The equipment will allow for more uniformity in wire cutting and dielectric removal. Hence, improved quality can serve as a marketing tool to attract customers.

Cable assembly contract manufacturers: Delivery Lead Times

At each order, you need to see how quickly you need your items delivered or how quickly your customers need you to deliver their products. Your new producer must guarantee that they can meet your production needs within a particular time frame if you want to continue working with them. Here, you can consider a few strategies, such as

  • Kan-Ban systems,
  • Blanket orders,
  • buffer numbers,
  • and consignment inventory

Many suppliers consider them for certain clients who require consistently fast delivery.

Cable assembly contract manufacturers: ISO 9001 Standards

ISO 9001 is a quality management system developed by the International Organization for Standardization to help businesses of all sizes implement a systematic approach to improving their operations via continuous improvement.

For instance, if you undergo a quarterly ISO audit of compliance, the auditor will analyze all the reported faults. They will ask for evidence of the steps you took to prevent them from happening again. Moreover, they will want to see your safety handbook and proof that you’ve taken steps to make the workplace safer for everyone. Also, they’ll want to know about any changes you’ve made to the rest of your operations to increase efficiency or better serve your customers.

Obtaining ISO 9001 certification is not the end goal; rather, it is a never-ending struggle to maintain approval as a quality business that shows quarterly improvement (on paper).

Cable assembly contract manufacturers: Their cable assembly solution

See their past production category to make sure of the level of quality. And ask whether they have the assembly capability to deal with cable types following. 

flat ribbon cable

jacketed cable

coaxial cable assemblies

battery cable assemblies

electronic cable assemblies

custom electrical cable

ConclusionWhile making your wire harness assemblies, outsourcing it to the experts is still a better approach. That way, you will save time and money and spend it on other departments of your company. Cloom has established itself as a leading cable assembly manufacturer, designing, developing, and producing custom cable assemblies.

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