5 Keys Areas Determine Why the Custom Cable Assembly Need Jacketed

Why do project teams need to invest in custom cable assembly with jacketed cables? Are there any benefits of the cable assemblies with jacketed lines for the efficiency of the project? These are some common questions that we face with almost every custom order.

CLOOM Tech manufactures custom cable assemblies with jacketed cables for industrial and commercial teams. After analyzing the general problems regarding the safety of the wires. Here are five practical benefits of using jacketed lines for custom cable assemblies.

Twisted pair cable with a shield structure

Twisted pair cable with a shield structure

1. Jacketed Cables Make the Assembly Tougher

The applications of the power cables can vary depending upon the use case. Industrial power cables have to face continuous exposure to oils and chemicals. Likewise, automotive and heavy machinery power cables meet high temperatures. These variable factors demand custom cable assemblies that can offer an uninterrupted power supply despite all harsh conditions.

For instance, standard power cables have a thin

the protective layer that is vulnerable to any chemical contact and use of force. The cable jackets increase the resistance against any factor that can be harmful to the internal wires of the cable assembly. In the case of any mishap, the jacketed cables can resist the variation. If things are getting out of hand, the protective cable jackets will provide you enough time windows that you will be able to control the mishap.

Power cable with jackets for electrical connection

Power cable with jackets for electrical connection

The short circuit chances are almost negligible for the cable assemblies with jacketed cables. For the material of the cable jackets, our custom services can provide you all kinds of the custom selection range. From shrinkable tubing and looms to wraps for the cable jacketing, we are open to offering custom cable assemblies according to your project specifications.

2.Increased Flexibility of the Custom Cable Assembly Applications

The extended protection of the custom cable assembly allows the teams to use the groups in all scenarios. The inner components of the cable are safe from all the harmful external factors, so there is no question about the safety of the wires.

There are several situations where non-jacketed cables prove insufficient. Like in projects where high temperature is involved, regular cable coating will meltdown, and the meltdown of the wires can cause a short circuit that can be lethal. So, the main point is, you can surpass the limitations of complex situations and projects. A small investment in custom cable assemblies with jacketed cables can help you to scale your business in a better way.

Different types of jacketed cables for different applications

Different types of jacketed cables for various applications

Thanks to the sleek cable assemblies, you can still use these cables in small spaces despite the extended protective layers. The custom design offers the flexibility of fulfilling the project specifications, and the added layer of protection provides enhanced safety. The type of cable jackets can also vary depending upon the situation and the project environment. Our custom cable assemblies are available for industrial and commercial use so. You don’t need to worry about these matters. Hence, you have limitless opportunities for cable installation in any environment.

Here are some significant scopes of installation of the custom cable assemblies with jacketed cables:

  • Installation the wall cavity
  • Between the floors
  • Machinery with high temperature
  • Office or commercial environment
  • Automotive industry
  • Heavy machinery units

3. Custom Cable Assembly–Withstand Any Use Case

The material of the cable jackets is variable according to the use. Sometimes, we receive custom orders for the cable assemblies, using an exceptional approach. Simple non-jacketed cables are meant to be suitable for simple home appliances and shops. For the environments where lines have to face harsh conditions, only jacketed cables can meet your specifications.

Cables with shielding in zoomed view

Cables with shielding in zoomed view

We don’t use the same type of material for all custom cable assemblies. For instance, if a medical facility contacts our team for custom cable assemblies with jacketed cables, here are things that we consider:

  • Is the cable assembly for the equipment?
  • Where are they going to use the cable assemblies?
  • Is there any possible exposure to harmful medications and chemicals?
  • Are they going to sterilize the devices with cable assemblies?

If the medical facility needs cable assemblies for the sterilizers, then the jacket’s material must have the power to withstand sterilization. The requirements can be complex in some cases where non-jacketed cables don’t seem like a good choice. If you need cable assemblies that are usable at high temperatures but flexible too, what will you do?

In that case, you don’t need to do anything as CLOOM Tech has a custom solution for every scenario. We will opt for the material that has high resistance against temperature yet is flexible. Not only do teams get what they want, but our custom cable assemblies can offer performance beyond their expectations.

4.Secured And Safe Application

Aside from everything else, an additional sense of safety is the main thing that makes the jacketed cables beneficial for use. At some point, teams might think that they can get the job done with standard threads. To some extent, this approach can be accurate, and you might achieve the goals, but what about safety? Are you considering the other factors that can affect the cable soon?

Case 1:

Your project demands cable assemblies that are adjustable as per the project specifications. So, you decided to choose the standard non-jacketed cable assemblies. The job will be complete with the traditional cables, but can these cables survive at high temperatures?

Case 2:

You wanted cable assemblies that could withstand high temperatures. The standard cables claim to have high fire resistance, so you bought those cables. You saved the inner components from the fire, but what about the requirements? Are these cables flexible to meet the project specifications?

The jacket of cable protecting the internal components

The jacket of cable protecting the internal components

Hence, the custom cable assemblies with jacketed cables offer flexibility and safety according to international standards. From fire to the chemical, the jacketed lines are the defensive shield against external factors that can damage the cables. External factors like chemicals and fire can cause damage, short circuits, and corrosion without the jacketed lines.

5.Aesthetics Value

This benefit of the cable assemblies with jacketed cables is related to commercial use. In an industrial project, cable cosmetics are essential, but offices cannot compromise on this point. From the aesthetic point of view, the jackets can be of a brand color to match the color scheme of your office or the production plant. There are some materials available for custom cable assemblies with jacketed cables in dull or matte finishes.

Depending on the needs of the teams, we offer different types of cable. The internal component can have some imperfection during the manufacturing so, an additional layer of custom jackets can make it look perfect. In most cases, projects demand the installation of the cable assemblies nearby.

Such installations can be critical for the maintained teams. Having different colors for the cable jackets makes the appearance better and helps distinguish assemblies. The easy recognition with the custom cable assemblies can increase the response time of the technicians.

CLOOM Tech custom cable assembly manufacturing

CLOOM Tech is the leading custom cable assembly manufacturer in China. We offer custom services to local and international companies for commercial and industrial projects. Our scope of custom cable assemblies and wiring harnesses covers the needs of the automotive industry, military installation, heavy industry, and commercial projects.

The jacket of cable protecting the internal components

Colored electrical cables and wires

Our engineers and designers work closely with the clients to develop an exact custom product as per the specifications. With quality products and the most affordable custom cable assembly manufacturing, we have earned this reputation in the least possible time. We have what it takes to meet the market standards with several successful mega projects in our business portfolio.


Custom cable assemblies with jacketed cables have many applications and benefits. You are investing in the aesthetics and the safety of the environment. For some industries, using jacketed wires is not an option but a necessity. If you are ready to scale your business with the custom cable assemblies, start the collaboration with the CLOOM Tech team right now.

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