9 Cable Assemblies Frequently Customized by the Project Department

Cable assemblies are unarguably one of the safest ways to keep your environment clean. With cable assemblies, your projects are sure to enjoy a hazard-free environment.

Cable assemblies ensure that the wires are put together as a single unit. There are innumerable advantages of the cable assemblies, and one notable benefit is that it aids in transmitting signals and helps keep the wires orderly.

Cloom Tech possesses a professional team in custom cable assembly, and we specialize in many types of custom cable assemblies. Our project department provides high-tech personalized services that meet your every desire. 

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1.Custom Ribbon Cable Assembly

With the aid of different connectors, the right tools, and expertise in place, Cloom tech provides the correct type of services to aid you all the way. The project department of Cloom Tech has various machinery and tools to ensure you get nothing but the best custom ribbon cable services.

Our custom ribbon cable assembly includes:

54 IDC cable series

0 IDC cable series

27 DIC cable series

Read IDC DIP cable series

IDC connector series

Connectors ribbon cable parallel

2.Custom FFC Cable Assembly

FFC is an acronym for Flexible Flat Cables. They are instrumental and play a significant role in connecting your iPhones to the circuit.

FFC cables are pretty similar to ribbon cables, but they are smaller versions. They use virtually every gadget you make use of, and that includes phones, laptops, tablets, and other appliances, including automobiles.

If you desire to get insightful tips on getting your custom-made FFC cable assembly, your go-to company is Cloom Tech. Customizing FFC cables are essential for organizations and individuals, and the use of custom FFC cable assembly makes sure that you use your cable for whatever you deem suitable.

That is because they help to maximize cost and also bring about compelling electrical performances.

A technician holding the flexible flat cable in a workshop

3.Custom over-molded Cable Assembly

Have you ever heard of an over-molded cable assembly? That may come as a surprise to you, but in reality, such cables exist and are still very much in use.

Over-molded cable assembly is necessary for protecting your cable and making it durable for use. This cable assembly type helps to protect the wires from harsh and unpleasant environments.

It provides the cable assembly with the ability to withstand shock and still function well without experiencing hitches or termination at any point. At Cloom Tech, the project department pays attention to the material it uses for over-molding and the design of the assembly.

Molds are always expensive to create, but the project department ensures that cost doesn’t limit making good over-molding designs.

MCCB molded case circuit breaker electric

4.Cable AssembliesCustom Power Cable Assembly

Power cable assembly is necessary for transmitting. When considering custom power cable assembly, you must understand the type of power cable you need.

Custom power cables can either be low or high voltage, and USB is a primary source of transmitting low energies. They are seemingly crucial in connecting computer peripherals to personal computers. Examples of computer peripherals include keyboards, printers, digital cameras, and so on.

The suitable type of custom power cable assembly for high voltages is that it consists of two electrical appliances held together by a sheath. These types of power cables are very efficient in a very harsh environment.

Turquoise power cable isolated on white

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5.Cable AssembliesCustom Coaxial Cable Assembly

Cloom Tech assists with the development, design, and product manufacturing of custom coaxial cable assembly.

The project department ensures that the custom coaxial cable assembly is flexible and easy to perform the needs of our numerous clients all over the globe.

This custom coaxial cable assembly makes use of compatible connectors that aids its usage and ensures that the client derives optimum satisfaction from its use.

Additionally, the project department of Cloom Tech ensures that the custom coaxial cable assembly test to ascertain its readiness for use.

A 3D coaxial cable section isolated on white

6.Cable AssembliesCustom SAE Cable Assembly

What is exactly is the SAE cable assembly meant for? That is a question that borders on so many hearts. While this may seem unnecessary, you must acquire the proper knowledge.

SAE cables are very effective for charging batteries for vehicles and other automobiles. The SAE cable helps to improve the quality of services as required by engineers. It makes use of various connectors that helps to connect batteries alongside other devices.

Building the custom SAE cable assembly requires a lot of effort and carefully considers the importance of its use. For this reason, the project department of Cloom Tech ensures that it helps engineers and organizations get maximum satisfaction from the use of the custom SAE cable assembly.

The SAE cable assembly uses male and female connectors, so it is common to refer to hermaphrodite. So, creating it requires a whole lot of attention as it involves a lot of details.

3D rendering EV charger SAE

7.Custom Waterproof Cable Assemblies

Everyone who uses custom cable assemblies realizes that not all situations are conducive for cables, and some environments may likely affect the performance of lines.

With Cloom Tech, you are sure of getting custom waterproof cable assemblies that function in various environments and yet provide the correct type of result.

To achieve this, we make use of the correct type of technology that makes this possible. By so doing, you are sure of getting the right kind of results and little obstruction in using cables.

Waterproof protection connection underwater

8.Custom Shielded Cable Assembly

Shielded wires are, no doubt, an essential type of cable type, and their protective features set them apart from the other cable types. The shielded cable is significant because it helps protect the environment from unnecessary electrical noise and interference.

Additionally, it makes your workplace very conducive to your work operations. Therefore, it is right to say that shielded cables play an essential role in your workplace.

Interestingly, shielded cables also function as the receiver, and they can receive signals from other cable types and thereby generate Electromagnetic interference with the aid of your office floor.

Quite a several large industries encounter issues in the work environment as a result. Any company that makes use of large equipment and machinery needs custom shielded cable assembly. This cable assembly type helps to prevent the industries and their floors from the impact of noise.

The reason some companies experience a lot of noise is that they make use of unshielded cable assembly. The unshielded cable assembly cannot perform help to prevent noise interference like the shielded cable assembly. Sadly, the noise not only affects work productivity but also the health of the workers as well.

For this reason, shielded cables are necessary for companies and teams. But, the question is, how does your project get a suitable custom shielded cable assembly right?

Common knowledge of the custom shielded cable assembly is that it requires a lot of attentiveness. The ability of the cable type to withstand noise and protect the environment from hazards involves a lot of effort to build.

When building a custom shielded cable assembly, there are questions that you need to answer? What type of company requires the custom shielded cable assembly? Which type of custom cable assembly is best for the company?

There are three types of the shielded cable assembly. They include; the braided shield, the foiled shield and, the spiral shield. Before you decide about building or settling for custom-covered cable assemblies, make up your mind on the type that suits your preference.

Fiber optic cable braided armored shield

9. Cable AssembliesCustom Wiring Harnesses

Wiring harnesses are all-important for companies, and the advantages of the wiring harnesses are numerous. Every company uses wires for its electrical system, and these wires sometimes constitute a mess, especially when they are not orderly.

The wiring harness is responsible for transmitting electrical currents to the various electrical systems. Thus, multiple cables or wires are put in place with the aid of a strap or electronic tape.

Just like the various industries that use wiring harnesses specialize in multiple products and services, their usage of wiring harnesses also differs.

To this effect, there are various uses of wiring harnesses. So, when creating/building a custom wiring harness, this factor is taken into consideration. Another factor is the differences in preferences, design, and the environment at large.

Companies that make use of wiring harnesses also make use of various electrical equipment. So, it is pertinent to look at the multiple factors responsible for a good custom wiring harness in building custom wiring harnesses.

A significant advantage of the wiring harness is that it saves time for the company. The energy and resources that the company may use to get various points for an electrical system invest in getting the wiring harness that performs multiple functions.

In building the custom wiring harness, it is sacrosanct that you pay attention to design. The design of the wiring harness must be in place, and the choice of innovation that the company makes serves as a guide for cutting the material and constructing the custom cable.

As every custom cable requires, you also need to answer questions on the type of wiring harness you prefer. Every company possesses its uniqueness and choice. So, it is essential that, as a purchasing manager, you understand the nature of the wiring harness that best suits your style.

Colorful wire harnesses plastic connectors


The importance of customized cable services cannot be over-emphasized. While many organizations claim to be well-versed in providing custom cable services, none can measure up to Cloom Tech.

The project department of Cloom Tech ensures that it provides the necessary tools and equipment that are crucial in building your custom cables.

More so, if you need a custom cable service, Cloom Tech provides top-notch services in some specialized cable-related services areas. Should you be worried about how to get the best deal? Contact Cloom Tech today!

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