An image of a 16-way grey ribbon cable

Ribbon Cable –The Ultimate Guide You Need to Know

Are you tired of making the wrong choice of ribbon cables? Do you know the difference between a ribbon cable and a flexible flat cable? A lot of times, these cables appear quite confusing to individuals who find it difficult

Multi-Core Cable

Multi-Core Cable: Things You Need To Know

There are different reasons to love multi-core cable. For one, they are extremely efficient. Unlike traditional cables that come with a single core, multi-core cables have several ones. If a cable of one particular type has more cores than you

Shielded Cable

Shielded Cable: Things You Need To Know

Electrical cable contain one or more insulated conductors. These are often a conductive layer, a shielded wire or a screened cable surround it. These wires help in securing the safety of electrical wires that run through your house or property.

Power Cable

Power Cable –The Ultimate Guide You Need to Know

Virtually, if not all environment makes use of power cable, how many homes or work environment functions well without the aid of electricity? The answer is NONE. For an electrical expert, it is easy to identify the different power cables and

Medical cable assembly

Medical Cable Assembly Frequently Asked Questions

Medical cable assemblies are conventional all around the world to connect medical appliances. You will find them in labs, clinics, hospitals, etc. Despite their popularity, not everyone knows about the use of medical cable assembly or the technique behind it. 

Coaxial Cable

Coaxial Cable – The Guide to Choosing The Right Type

Have you ever nurtured the thoughts that all cables perform the same function? Well, that is not true! Coaxial cables are an integral part of electrical connections. They are used for connection in the homes, outdoors and even telecommunication industries.

Shielded Cable VS Unshielded Cable

Shielded Cable VS Unshielded Cable: Which one do you need?

Do you hope for the proper transmission of data with little or no external interference? Shielded vs unshielded cables are essential for different situations. Hence, it is important to understand the environment that requires which kind of cables. The truth

Crimper, Cable and Connectors

Assembled VS Molded Cable Assembly–What You Need to Know

Choosing the correct cable requires careful consideration, whether molded or assembled vs custom-cable assembly; insulation, conductors, and sheathing are different areas you must visit. All these choices make or mar the performance and durability of your finished cable. Even the

Cable Overmolding

Cable Overmolding — All You Need to Know

Over-molding is now the most evolved form of wiring available. The Over-molding cable add aesthetic value to the cables which the medical industry requires. While many haven’t thought of over-molded cables before, today, they are becoming more and more popular.

Computer Cable Types

Computer Cable Types – The Ultimate Guide You Need to Know

Have you ever walked into a store to purchase computer cables? These cables get very confusing when you have little knowledge of the computer cable types you fancy. But it doesn’t rule out the fact that these computer cables make homes, offices,


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